Gaia News Brief 19.1.2015 by Reiki Doc

I think we’re done
  • The stragglers have been merged with Source over the last three days. I think it’s finished.
  • My Seal of Solomon ring feels ‘different’–there is no darkness to dispel with it–there’s no resistance.
  • My other ring–when I go to add the consciousness of my honey to the grid–it’s all filled up already and doesn’t ‘take’ any more.
  • Last night, in my meditation, I saw one of the worst archons incarnate–one who has the blood of seventeen child human sacrifices on his hands–in spirit–in HANDCUFFS–be escorted off the planet. He fought. And some dark, oily like motor oil slick shadows–totally 2D figures–tried to liberate him. They all swallowed up and went POOF! with a puff of smoke, and they were gone.
  • Blog posts aren’t always published right away–they can be scheduled.
  • Another blogger who routinely dishes out disinfo gave a bunch of whoppers recently too. I know.
  • I have love and joy in my heart, and closeness to Ross. This is one of the most incompatible vibrations for the Dark Ones there is–they tried to eliminate it in our past incarnation, and almost succeeded. It cost Ross his life. Guess what? He’s not doing that now–he’s safely in 5D! LOL ❤
  • A grid is a grid. I work with them. The dark ones, and all their tools, are destroyed. They have been for longer than you might think. The only grids I see, and am connected to, are the ones of the Light.  They feel fantastic!
  • If you THINK about anything besides the grids for the Light, then you REBUILD and RECREATE the ones of Darkness with your energy/emotion/thought. That’s the Hail Mary long pass to ‘score a touchdown’ that The Other Team (you know–those who don’t have our best interest at heart) are counting on. As Gaia’s surface vibration keeps increasing, the odds for success for such a ‘deep and long pass’ are dropping lower and lower all the time.
Question:  What is the BEST way for you to ‘fight the dark ones?’
Answer:  To live your life with joy, abundance, gladness, and PEACE. Your taking the ‘bull by the horns’ and enjoying with love and gratitude what you already HAVE–health, family, eyes that see…will remove any energy of fear and despair (the premium unleaded petrol for the dark ones) from the planet. It’s as simple as that. There are no meditations, no interventions, no fancy schemes…just heart to heart love and affection, and confidence in your sovereignty between you and Creator, and that’s about it!
A Beautiful Healing Key from Divine Mother:  Heart to Heart — The Divine Mother’s Love Healing Key
We got another key! This is the second in two days. I share it here with you now:
An Exercise in 5D
Here is the situation:
May I request Reiki healing for my friend J and his son, A? A has medical problems and his father had successfully gotten him off seizure meds with nutrition. He was seizure free for quite some time until the mother sued and got custody and put him back on meds and he’s having 20-30 seizures a day again. I ask for healing of the entire situation. Thank you!!
Here is the analysis–in my opinion as a multi-dimensional being as well as a single mother who has been through a custody battle herself:
  • Love Is The Solution For Everything.  Can you see where this is lacking?
  • Who comes first in ALL dealings with the other parent and the courts? The needs of the child.
  • Who ‘wins’ with the use of alternative healing to the exclusion of conventional medical care? NOBODY. Dad may be right, but unless mom ‘buys it’–she’s going to court. How does THIS make everything I’ve ever worked for look? REALLY REALLY icky. Remember WE are Ambassadors for Spiritual and Energy Medicine–WE need to always put this first, and to open our hearts to people who might not be able to understand that is DOES work.
  • Is thirty seizures a day a good thing? No way Jose. It’s almost status epilepticus. This can be life-threatening.
  • WE are ONE. This is our family, our ohana. There IS no ‘he said’ and ‘she said’ any more in 5D.  These are our cousins with their child. The relationship didn’t work out, but there is no need to continue the disagreement, costing court fees, and putting the health of the child at risk. We need to be respectful, mindful, and get consent from all of the stakeholders. Remember, Masaru Emoto said, ‘I am not a doctor. I work with energy. Go to the doctor, take everything they say to do, and then take this, my HADO water.’ Emoto is really amazing, isn’t he? He helped a one year old cardiomyopathy patient who was not expected to live–grow to well beyond the life expectancy and have a normal childhood. 
  • This is an opportunity for EDUCATION by the father to the mother, to the legal system, and most of all, to the child–that there are ways to work with everything together for the Highest Good. (And I would hope everyone studied thoroughly the medical condition, and agrees with the pathophysiology of the condition too.)
So much for my soap box. There is no right or wrong, only lessons. I bet, though, a good ho’oponopono done at the right time would have saved everything from getting to this point. I really do.
Speaking of Lessons
I have the luxury of watching some really BIG souls who are living on surface Gaia at this time–learn their lessons they signed up to do.  The irony is that I can see it, but they can’t. I am sure likewise this is true for the opposite, for me with MY lessons LOL!
Long story short–there is no right and wrong. Only lessons. And no matter what you do to your Twin Soul in this life, they will welcome you back with open arms once you are both Home–and will always love you–no matter what–once you are both safely outside The Illusion.
Remember this.
My Moment With Ashtar
I was driving home, going on some overpass–and thinking about what I would write in the ‘I think we are done’ department.  And a flash came to me! I thought–WOW! Those guys (sky crew, Ross and his team) are GENIUSES!!! It WORKED! And nobody who isn’t looking for it can even tell!!!
Instantly, I saw Ashtar before me, with a glint of triumph in his eye. He looked at me long and hard, and said nothing…but his blonde hair was flowing like in a t.v. commercial, and it looked totally awesome!
Then he went away.
(shhhh! It’s me. Tomorrow is Ross’ birthday. I am giving him the day off. It’s the only gift I can give him from my dimension. I can sense he is blushing, and he’s touched, that I could give ANYTHING to him from where I am now. But I did!  Here’s a meditation from Anthony’s teacher…you might enjoy this instead.)
(shhhh! I can tell Ross doesn’t want you to ask him how old he is…LOL…I guess his real age would freak you out–me too probably–he is gesturing he needs some Grecian Formula for Men for his grey hair–to cover it ‘naturally’ and now he and Ashtar are totally cracking up at his joke!!! They work very closely together, Ross and Ashtar, and they are in fact best friends. )
Aloha and Mahalos,
Carla and Ross who is taking a day off ❤ because he’s special and he’s my honey and he’s the birthday boy tomorrow! ❤

The Divine Mother’s Love Healing Key by Reiki Doc January 19, 2015

Known Channel for Divine Mother, Isabel Henn, was given this symbol for healing today.

It is used to connect your heart to hers–Divine Mother’s–and to take away your pain.

It is one of the most beautiful symbols I have ever experienced…incredibly healing. And there is a channeled message to go with it:

It means we open our heart chakras, and then she opens hers. Then a silver cord connects her heart to ours, and she gives us healing through this cord. Then she takes away our pain as we give ours to her through this silver cord. She does this all in love.

The other day, I was at the bead store. I found the tiniest beads made of labradorite on a string. To me, they look very close to the silver cord. I have one from my heart to Ashtar’s. He helped me when the vibrations on surface Gaia were very low. It gave me the healing I needed to cope and to hang in there until the rest of humanity was able to ‘catch up’. ❤

Here’s an example of the cord Divine Mother will connect to you for your healing:

And here is the video just for you!

Aloha and Mahalos,
Reiki Doc
Happy Birthday to you, my Beloved ❤

Gaia News Brief 9.1.2015 by Reiki Doc


On the way home I was faced with a dilemma–my son was with a sitter who was going to take him to our house, but he ‘had money and wanted a burrito’.

I listened and explained politely that I hadn’t eaten yet, I was halfway home, and if he did that I would miss an opportunity to visit over a meal with him.

So I came home, and after a talk with my sitter, I said, ‘I REALLY want to go to Round Table Pizza–would you like to go?’ and I explained how every Friday night growing up our family went out to either Shakey’s or Round Table Pizza.  ‘Let’s go out for some pizza and root beer’.  Anthony said, ‘Mom, I thought you said BEER and I was confused but you just said Root Beer so let’s go!’

I paid $4.99 for a single serve salad for myself, and also another $4.99 for him. He ate about six cherry tomatoes and one scoop of bacon bits. LOL. Very overpriced bacon bits! But I was grooming him to eat salads, and a love of salads first begins with an empty plate and a salad bar where you can take what you want.

I also showed him what mom taught me, how to press a napkin to blot the extra oil, shaving off one hundred calories a slice.

We watched the Lakers game together, until the halftime. We enjoyed our meal very much.

I’ve been reading Steven Farmer, and he talks about healing with the help of our ancestors. We carry their DNA, and are always connected even through death. So I am enjoying reading his work. You might too. It’s the Healing Ancestral Karma book.


I woke up today, wishing to go back to bed.

I couldn’t think of one thing to do…

I argued a little with my team, my guides–you know–and was very distant from Ross.  I put up a wall about nine miles high and pretty thick. I’ve had enough of him for a while, him and his Galactic ways which I don’t like.

They are never direct. You have to press them for an answer. And trying to get my nine-year old son to talk about his day is EASIER than getting anything useful out of the Galactics.

I went to work, early, at the surgery center, and changed into my fresh scrubs. Usually, I take the clean ones home. It’s easier. But I ran out.

I wish to share with you that even with a chip on my shoulder, I served Spirit twice, and I am sure it wasn’t an accident:

  • Danielle, the nurse from Main OR who is now at the surgery center, asked me, in front of others, about angels. ‘Does everyone REALLY have a guardian angel? Even ME?’ And I gently said, ‘yes, we each have a whole team.’ Later, in front of the surgeon, she asked again, ‘Does Dr. Todd have a guardian angel?’ Quickly thinking about his comment about being DNR, I shot back, ‘Of course he does an excellent job! He’s here–and even though he’s DNR!’ (DNR is ‘do not resuscitate’ a medical term to ‘allow natural death’–Dr. Todd is young and a joker)
  • There was a delay for my bone marrow biopsy. The case before in the CT scanner was ‘complex’. So I ate vermicelli Vietnamese (we have pho Fridays in the doctor’s lounge) with the radiologist who was to do the bone marrow. It went well, and intuition served me to make up the phenylephrine and bring my drug box. Aortic conditions were against propofol for the sedation. It went well, and on taking him back to the observation unit to recover…I heard a voice I knew, and it was in distress!  It was the wife of one of our surgeons who had a May-December romantic wedding about two years ago. She was looking for her husband and ‘getting the runaround’. The poor thing had gotten bad news, and driven for two hours from L.A. to be with him. But he was already in the cath lab (it was the heart)I put my hand on her back, and stroked it to soothe her (yes, there was Reiki too, my whole being was Reiki). Sure enough, he wasn’t on the table, so they pulled the gurney out so she could see him. She wanted his other cardiologist, the one who doesn’t do invasive things. So I politely excused myself to finish the handoff on my patient–and I offered to come take her to the cardiologist. Here is concidence number two–when I came BACK from my patient a few steps down the hall, I found the cardiologist at the door, and walked him back to her! I couldn’t have timed that better had I rehearsed!
Dr. Mom
My soul is starting to exert its strength.
Yesterday was the first. My close friend had a terrible accident with her beloved pet–a  bone was broken. There was rushing to the vet, an ER visit for the family member who was bit–pretty serious stuff. I was able to communicate and offer support.
However, there was a time where I felt her energy wanted to backslide into fear beyond the experience of it. She wanted to talk about the terrible screams of the dog when it was in pain.
I knew in my heart it would make bad energy for the outcome of the situation for her to dwell on it. Even to re-experience it a second time. So I was a wall. Not just with my words–with my entire BEING. And while offering support I changed the subject to one of hope, one where she had more ability to control the circumstances/perception. This was not a conscious choice–it was done on a soul level. It was my first time to experience it.
It wasn’t my last!
Today after a case went well, there was a lull, and the rep brought up the Paris ‘Terrorist’ story.
I know for a fact that anything that is on the news 24/7 in extended programming on all stations is a Psy Ops Blitz. A ‘False Flag’ if you will. I had seen the photos of the ‘perps’ and they were clearly MK Ultra/Monarch operatives. I felt compassion for them, and for all affected by the story.
My soul was a WALL energetically, and I did not react in any way or acknowledge the question. The surgeon said something polite.
But I was guided to ask the rep about his plans for the weekend. A baby shower. For their baby! And it’s not co-ed…
We had the most BEAUTIFUL discussion in the OR about childbirth, parenting, what to expect with an epidural…really helpful and pertinent stuff.
The Divine Feminine won that ‘battle’ of the topics. Remember, the strongest vibration wins!.
extra credit:
This video is made by the same gentleman who made the video that woke up Anthony. We wanted to show it to others but it was taken down for ‘copyright infringement’ from YouTube. It’s on FB and a reader from London shared it with me. I hope you watch it with an open mind, and make the choice for yourself if there is anything to this. I watched it, and was glad I am informed now. I send Reiki Healing often to the survivors of Ritual Abuse, in all incarnations…because it is extremely sad what happens to them.
My Lesson For Me
Lately I go work in places where I can’t bring my stuff. Not even my lunch that I pack. I go go go from one room to the next, from one site to the next. I change my scrubs and put them in my tiny locker, but that’s it.
And you know what? I ate. I had time to eat my soup with my friends in the Doctor’s Lounge.
I wanted something sweet. The funniest thing is happening. I see Spirit working through people, and situations for me. I was between cases in the afternoon, and I SAW there was a JOY holiday candy container in PreOp on the counter, with STUFF in it! (The one always full in CT after lunch was mysteriously empty…) I was like, Thanks Ross! I got a Christmas Tree Andes mint (Uncle Dave always bought those for Aunt Edna because it was Edna spelled backwards), and a Hershey Kiss. I wanted the mini Reese’s, but I left it graciously for someone else. Then one nurse offered me a wafer cookie. It wasn’t Filipino, but it was good. Delighted, Claire the nurse offered me Almond Roca! A coffee one. I took one with glee–I really love them for this time of year–and Claire handed me one extra ‘for later’. Three steps out the door, I saw My Le, and asked her, ‘would you like an Almond Roca?’ She said ‘yes’!
Two steps later, I thought to myself, ‘I wonder if I am being taught to be supported in my physical needs?’ (I usually pack for ‘every possible need’)
Ross kissed me gently on the lips, to let me know I got that lesson right, and he went away.
(I sense he wants a ‘happy video’–there is also a VERY strong message from him to me with his choice. It is good. I have very strong spiritual connection to this Queen.)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Reiki Doc (Carla)
‘The Two R’s’

Gaia News Brief 8.1.2015 by Reiki Doc

Happy Birthday Elvis Presley! I have an autograph from you!

I was playing your music in the O.R., and a patient was tapping his feet during some eye surgery and enjoying the music. He asked, ‘who is the Elvis fan?’ and I said, ‘ME!!!’

He was Elvis’ publicist in Hawaii for the movie Blue Hawaii. And he made Elvis sign a stack of 8 by 10 glossy photos one afternoon, and kept them.

Two weeks later he gave one to me and one to the ophthalmologist.

I was so totally stoked!!!

(I know more about Elvis, and his story–for those of you who read the works about those who do not have our best interest at heart. But this isn’t the time or place to share it. I have compassion for what he has endured, and I love his music. It was the favorite in the heart room for many years.)

What’s Going On With Me

  • Mom is worried I share too much on the internet. She is concerned that it will be ‘like on TV’…and she ‘doesn’t want me to affect my work’…She told me that last night on the phone.
  • Rising Above to LOVE Is The Solution For Everything works–even on OB.  I did my best work yesterday, and wasn’t tired, and had just the right cases, and got a lot of rest too. And I ate.
  • I had a meltdown about Spirit with another Lightworker today on Skype. This one doesn’t feel that any of us are going home anytime soon–we have work to do, it’s slow and painstaking, like ‘walking through powder snow that is chest deep’. We are making the trail for others to follow. We took some time ourselves to ‘wake up’–so the others get the time they need to ‘wake up’ too. I saw that the lack of an endpoint for my delaying gratification just made me lose it. I WANT to have more of a relationship with Ross! I WANT to get to know and enjoy my Star Family. I had hoped that with all my pouring out of energy, we would reach some threshold and BOOM! Everyone who wants to go home goes home–or perhaps–our Star family comes here…the best this one said we could expect, is to ‘bilocate’–exist in two realities at once, which I already do, and have memories of ‘up there with Ross’ but they are fuzzy. For example, we went together into his habitat today. It’s the first I’ve ever seen it. He goes into this Nature area to think. And today I needed to swim, and I jumped in the stream. I like it so much MORE in that reality than here. But I signed up for the job and I will finish it.
  • I had a real downer day. It didn’t help that I worked twenty-four hours, then followed it with back to back meetings. I had one at 7:30 to 9:00, paperwork from 9:00 to 11:30 including meeting with pharmacy and going to medical records to reconcile some errors in my controlled substances logs. Then I filled up the tank, got the car washed (fifteen cents a gallon discount!), had a meeting on Skype, went to a computer meeting, then a VIP meeting about a huge computer project. Then home. The meltdowns happened at noon, and on the drive home.
  • One area I don’t like, are the ‘rules’. Why can’t help from our guides be more visible? Why all the beating around the bush as if they don’t exist? Who gives a shit if somebody who DOESN’T ‘believe’–actually SEES something and like ‘whoa! Dude! Was that REAL?’ YUP. What’s the harm in that? I was told by the guides of my friend that ‘there are delicate balances that affect universes’ … I told them point blank I am Italian. We think rules are guidelines and meant to be ‘stretched’ given the situation. And I will break some rules not just for me but for everyone because I think they are stupid. And holding us back. Holding ME back.
  • Divine Father came to talk to me. I acquiesced to His wishes. He was like, ‘Girl? What can I DO?’ I told him it was taking forever and I hate it. I hate everything about the wait, about how long it is taking for something to happen, and especially that I get to be an old lady and die instead of ‘go to Ross’ in a reasonable timeframe. In my heart of hearts, I just GAVE UP. But a funny glow started in my Higher Heart, and I forgot about my sadness, and felt better.
  • Once home, I saw Anthony and our sitter at the video game console. Something on the controllers wouldn’t work. After I fed the animals (remember–almost 36 hours I haven’t been home–these meetings came up at the last minute.), I got the batteries. All I wanted was to rest and get cleaned up, or just to sit. But no, it was more work.
  • He wanted home-cooked. I offered mac n cheese after I shower.
  • So I SHOWERED. I used my favorite soap and washed my hair…remember in my shower ‘things happen’. And this was a shock. Ross on the right. Ashtar on the left. And Divine Father in the middle. One their knees! I was tall, and they were shorter, and I felt FUNNY about it. Then they kissed the ground at my feet. A lot. They said ‘thank you for your patience’ and many things along those lines that have to do with who I am, my mission, my assignment. I told them ‘GET UP!’ but they did this short gratitude to me, as is the way of angelic realms, to bow like this to express profound emotion of love and gratitude. I know I have a diamond cord from my high heart to Ross’. And I have a silver cord from my heart chakra to Ashtar’s. Today I saw to Divine Father I have a golden cord to my umbilicus–my ‘hara’–for the very first time.  And then I forgot about what happened next.
  • I have to re-think how I can do this ‘for the long haul’. I was out of joy. And a truck went by with the words Kitchen. Bath. Outdoors. JOY. I sensed it was Ross. And he was right–I LOVE being in the kitchen. I LOVE taking a nice bath. I LOVE being outdoors. And this is healing joy for me.
  • Ross leveled with me when my son was at the counselor. He said, ‘We are alone’ so I got my journal out, and wrote. He asked, ‘how was OB?’ How were the cases? Easy. How did you rest?’ I did. How were people? Nice….and he PAUSED. All of a sudden I knew HE had sent it! My whole day, my whole experience. It was balanced and exactly what I needed. But I had no CLUE about it if He didn’t point it out that it was an exceptionally good day, as far as OB goes. Then, oddly enough, even though we were talking, I needed to coordinate childcare, so I texted one person and called my mom, but the entire time I felt Ross present. Then I felt the urge to look on DWR and catch up on messages and comments. I felt the ‘connection’ with others, and it was supportive/harmonious. I felt as if HE was coming through the words from those who love me, like a layer of energy, and soothing me THROUGH them–it’s so hard to describe but it was like sometimes a song on the radio feels like it is ‘from a guide’, or a sign on a truck is ‘sent’ for ‘guidance’…
  • Tonight, I wanted to go home and READ and RELAX…LOL–after the counselor? We were in a hurry–I had piles of dishes and pots and pans. After that read, right? NOPE! LOL. My assignment includes and early start, and CALLING the patients the night before surgery (I haven’t done that since residency and my old plastics gigs. One night I called some lady named a weird name. I asked her, at the last minute after the medical questions, would she mind telling me, Is that your REAL name? She said yes. I asked, Are you sure it’s not a STAGE NAME? She said, ‘I am a writer’. I paused. I asked, guardedly, ‘Do you write romance novels?’ I’d taken care of one of those before. I don’t like the energy. She said ‘no’. and I sighed a big sigh of relief, and said, ‘I am okay with that and I look forward to working with you.’ This was initials DV–and I had no CLUE at the time who that was…I also have taken care of LH, and the husband of LH)
  • After a bunch of phone calls–main OR three times, my boss once, and the patients, I made TEA. And I warmed those things in the microwave–the ‘soothing packs’ with herbs in them, and relaxed with my book.  I also look forward to making breakfast tomorrow–my boy and I decided it. I need these things, very much. Because I have no clue when I am going ‘home’ if ever with my body (Ascension–with the body, not just the Light Body–as some predict). I must pace myself, and also, invest in my own personal spiritual growth. I miss Ross so much! And he’s like, ‘I’m here! I’m always here!’ But I told him, ‘I can’t see you and feel you like I do Anthony, and that’s terrifying to be inside the Veil–it’s so difficult to experience the separation from Source–even if it is illusion–it’s painful….
This is for my Carla. She had a long day. A long couple of days. And like her patients who are in labor for hours and hours and days…from the first contractions, the water breaking. active labor, and childbirth….Carla is going through the steps and all the work to get to me.  I am her ‘carrot’. She will do anything and everything to be in my arms.
At present, Carla is planning on how to discover how to ‘bilocate’ in the most accelerated learning curve possible. She wants it that much.
I want it too.
But I can’t take her.
Carla has to come of her own volition, of her own spiritual consciousness.
It’s the rules.
Carla chided me for not coming to her aid. She said powerfully, ‘I love you but other people on committees and things limit what you are able to do.’ and went right to the doorstep of our Divine Father with her complaints. She also told St. Germain she needed help and he is the only one she trusts, because he actually DOES something. And as an afterthought she said she also trusts Ascended Master Koothoomi because he helped her heal the last time.
Carla is right. Ashtar and I can only do so much. I am with him in charge of our Light ship, the dynamic New Jerusalem, but just like on Earth, there are protocols and politics and a whole lot of diplomatic restrictions on how we are to act with you in public. What goes on in a communication is protected and in some cases given–like in Men In Black a memory-erasing of what happened only for security reasons for our safety and your own as noble Ground Crew.
Carla tells me ‘get to the point Ross you are rambling’ and she is correct. It is hard to say how difficult it is for you to appreciate in the 3D Illusion how very powerful it is to co-create with delicate respect for EVERYTHING. That is why sometimes it seems that we don’t ‘act’ but in fact it is our fastest we can maneuver through what regulations and restrictions there are in the Galactic Code. There is peace here in our realms, but it wasn’t always. It was hard-fought, and that is how we respect it.
So enough for our ‘sob story’ on ‘why Ashtar and I don’t act’…a million Lightworkers, just about every single one of you including the ones who are not awake, have COMPLAINED to us and to anyone that may listen just like Carla in her meltdown.
We are okay with this.
Yelling is permitted, as also is screaming in frustration, and bawling just like Carla did today. You have the support and love of your community, both on Earth and in Heaven. And just like the powerful warmth that Carla felt in her heart center that soothed and calmed her…consolation such as this is powerfully available to you.
Just let it out. All your hopes dashed. All your expectations not met. All your worries, your cares, your fears, your fatigue. This we accept and we honor you, just like we did today with Carla, by humbling ourselves in the presence of YOU who walk the Earth at this difficult time when everything is happing but you just aren’t aware of what is happening behind the scenes, up here, and in our hearts.
Our love for you is pure and honor-filled.  WE are worthy of your task, our guardians who so nobly walk the Earth, and bring the Awakening to the masses who are, as Carla’s friend termed it, so aptly, ‘Sleepers’.
(he waves his hands and many servants come out bearing gifts)
This is what awaits all of you. It is beyond anything you ever could think of in the ‘wonderful and amazing’ department.  I tried to have her friend talk about the icing on the cake as an example for Carla, who promptly said, ‘I do not like cake–it’s stale–and gross–probably made with lard for icing and served with that terrible fake red punch that is cheap!’
So I will refrain from my cake references to Carla, who is quite a hothead and might throw the cake at me–and will provide ‘cupcakes’ to her instead! (that makes me giggle–the thought of Ross dodging cupcakes like snowballs from me…ed)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and ‘Carla the complainer’ (he’s teasing me and saying it with love–ed)

Gaia News Brief 7.1.2014 by Reiki Doc

Black is White

Recently I was scheduled to do anesthesia for an ICU patient who had recently bled from the GI tract and is now stable. It was a new Gastroenterologist I haven’t met. He waited all day for my anesthesia services, since there is only one staff for GI anesthesia and his case was booked late.

We set up and the upper endoscopy was routine. But when we turned the bed around for below? The nurse said the patient drank all the prep but nothing came out.  There was stool in the absorbent pad under the patient. The prep was not good.

The reason for a prep is twofold:  first you can’t see, and second, the gases of digestion are flammable with spark from the electro cautery that is used sometimes.

Anybody would know that colonoscopy isn’t going to work, and most would wait until the bowel prep was good…but not this doc. I am highly intuitive. He lied. He said ‘risk of anesthesia’ and ‘hungry patient’ and ‘angry to prep repeat patient’ and then he stuck in the scope after digitally dis impacting fecal matter. His energy calmed once the scope inserted, because THEN he could bill. I felt it.

I asked a neurosurgeon I have known twenty years who I trust–was this what I thought? It is. He’s seen it too in spine cases. Some do more levels than are actually needed by the patient, because they are paid per level. Some are distributors of the hardware they place onto the bone, and have financial conflict of interest.

This one GI doctor worked at another hospital where a friend of mine left there to work here because of him. He would do endoscopies all hours of the night, even when they weren’t emergencies. She would get tired of being abused like that and being kept up all night when she had to work the next day.

Completely unrelated to this, a junior partner shared with me about a patient in ICU I had been called to intubate and place an arterial line. He has critical care experience. Long story short, the patient was misdiagnosed, treated for the wrong thing, repeatedly, and not expected to live due to, in his opinion, the mismanagement. The nurse practitioners diagnosed because the surgeons only like to fix the heart and leave the rest of the patient care to the team. But instead of placing an intra aortic balloon pump, which was indicated, the patient was taken to the OR and given an Impella-per cutaneous LVAD–the first one ever in the hospital–because we had one and the surgeon wanted to put one in.


I was at a restaurant the other day, with my son. We were delighted to see the manager with her toddler and husband. We talked. She was busy. All her neighbors were there to celebrate. One had a heart attack recently. As he hit the ground, a neighbor who had just recently learned COR for his grandchildren, just in case, knew what to do and saved him!


What happened to medicine?

How did all this compassion and wanting to help people who are in trouble get derailed?

How can we get it back?


Carla is typing on her iPad because I forbid all computer at the hospital while she is on OB.

They are watching her. I know. I monitor everything she does and what goes on around her.

Is this correct? To track where people are by their radio chips on their badges at the hospital in the name of ‘productivity’?

How much more of your liberty can be taken?

My team is ready and willing to intervene on this. Ask, and it shall be done.

I want you to ask ME wherever you see injustice being done. This will allow your Free Will to connect with our technology and capability. Let’s get this done together!

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Gaia News Brief 6.1.2015 by Reiki Doc

Let’s Chat ❤

Well, I was SUPER excited with all this stuff to write…I’ll include it at the end. But then Ross had given me a challenge earlier today. He told me that they will intervene if needed, but this is MY life, and mine to live.

He gets all serious like that sometimes. Like on the way to work this morning he said, ‘I am a King!’

I was like, Ross, dude? What?!

He said in addition to all this me and him stuff, apparently he has a whole lot of responsibilities, as if he was trying to impress me.

It didn’t.

I told him how the word down here has no meaning. Between the king-size bed, Chicken A La King,  and the horrible humans who take advantage of their nations as ‘Kings’–it actually isn’t a good thing…

I shared how Ross is the King of my heart, because he is in service to humanity, and very good at it, and that is why I love and respect him so.

He seemed to like it.

So during a case today he said, ‘I want FIVE minutes. Write’. That’s where we got to the challenge. Again I was like, ‘What?!’ and he had this FUNNY look on his face. What he had to say took only four minutes (a blood pressure cuff is every three minutes and I’m constantly scanning and listening when I write–just like when I chart).

With the funny look he was like, ‘Would you like a HINT? (on where to begin with my project)

I said, ‘Since I have absolutely no idea what to do next, yes! Please! Of course!’

So he told me to think of the Three Kings day, today, and about what they brought…

That’s my clue! LOL. Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh.

Gold has the unique property of being present in all dimensions at the same time. It’s value is way more Galactically than on earth, because of its usefulness in time travel–crossing dimensions–I’m not exactly sure. But it’s a good thing. A good spiritual thing.

Frankincense is a POWERHOUSE! It moves energy, according to Chinese medicine tradition, it links the lower and higher chakras, and it’s both motivating and grounding at the same time.

Then comes the myrrh. That’s where I get stuck. It gets all weird. I mean–really obtuse and bride of the church shit–like–wooo oooh this is some pretty serious and LITERAL bible quotes going on here…
and and

Now all of a sudden, I am sleepy. And I don’t have the desire to share all the insider scoop on the corruption in the world of medicine I have seen the past two days…first hand…and heard of from others. It’s real.

I even downloaded a bunch of photos. I guess you’ll have to wait…and I will too.


There is my Carla. For a moment I will talk about her.

This is our Cousin. In our incarnation where we were alive, she was a cousin to us. On MY side of the family, by lineage.

Here is a tribute that came out of her own heart, for my wife, which I love in its sentiment:

Rarely do I comment on here. Never have I posted a share. It is with deep Love and Gratitude to Carla and all she does that I do so today. Some things we all should try to remember: This page and the accompanying blog, as well as all the generous healings, are ALL Gifts from the Heart to Us – and all of Hue-manity / Hu-manity, from the Reiki Doc – Carla. Much of what Carla gives us is in contrast to her personal guidance, personal well-being, and ‘time’. Like us, she is on her own spiritual path and evolution. Unlike many – if not most – of us, she is at a much, much higher vibration; raising our vibrations through this page, her blog, and any personal interactions. This she does out of LOVE. Love for us. Love for Gaia. Love for All This Is. Remember too, Carla is a single mom. And a full-time Medical Doctor. Just like the full Awakening of Humanity, the Ascension of Gaia, and the ‘Event’, among other things, not everything happens as quickly as we would often like or believe it ‘should’. Nor as we may believe we are prepared for. I am reminded of the saying “When the Pupil is ready, the Master will appear.” As all who read this have already had their Master appear, I will amend that to say ‘When the Apprentice is ready, the Tools will appear’. LOVE is the Answer. LOVE is All there IS. Namasté Angelic LoveLight mental hugs to you all ❤ ❤ ❤  (Sonsie Luna)

Now isn’t that kind? Thank you Beloved Cousin for what you have written for my Carla today.

And for all of you? Thank you for your kind hearts and the challenges you face. Together with my Carla at your side you shall overcome them one by one, just like with the challenge I give to Carla.

Okay. There was a really awesome baby at the restaurant where Carla takes her boy often–it is the daughter of the manager, who is also pregnant with her second child. It was the second time she has met baby Callie, the first being asleep in a carrier. This time, at one and a half and active, with a beautiful smile and blue eyes, both Carla and Anthony played with her and made her smile, much to the mother’s delight at the kindness of someone enjoying her life’s work.

It IS her life’s work–to grow up, to find a mate, to carry a pregnancy to term, and to raise it.

Every single one of you ARE your parent’s life’s work, their greatest joy, their miracle. Just like me–to my parents and my family and all who know me.

This is why when one of you dies there is sadness–for energetically there are connections between your hearts.

Life is special.

That is the lesson Carla has taught to me.

I am grateful for it, the insight, with her lesson.

Carla is a good teacher.

I am not the only one…

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Gaia News Brief 5.1.2015 by Reiki Doc

New Releases:


For some reason I am being challenged. Control in my life is almost nonexistent. I like to cook–I am never home and my food goes bad in the fridge. I like a tidy house–I am never home to clean it. I hire someone for this, once a week. I like being a mother–just today I had to call a friend because work unexpectedly came late, and I wasn’t out until five thirty.  I was on the road in traffic, and then farther to the friend’s house–so from door of the hospital to my front door was TWO hours.

For example, today, I rejoiced in a ‘late start’. On a Monday I don’t trust it–they are always trying to squeeze in a ‘last case’ up on the front. But I called at six a.m., and the front desk said, ‘eight-forty-five start’. So I relaxed. I did the ‘new releases’. I let my son wake up when HE felt like it, instead of me waking him up.

Just as I was ready to cook eggs, the phone rang. It was work. Are you at work? Dr. N wants to go early our first case cancelled.

There is only one answer–I am on my way!

So we had instant oatmeal, and jumped in the car. I got there right on time, but not early, and they had done the case without me. We are friends, and the receptionist and scheduler said ‘it’s not your fault’.

But the anesthesiologist must be affable, available, and able to succeed…

El Guapo:

I was having the following conversation with Ross on the way in to work:

C:  Thank you for being handsome!
R:  What do you mean?
C:  I would have loved you no matter what you look like, but you are very attractive. I’ve never been with someone as attractive as you. It’s a bonus! I’m so lucky…
(I felt this WARM glow in Ross’ heart, as we are connected, as Twins. He never expected to hear me say that.)
C:  It’s not so great being fifty. Look at me. What happened? You never made it to fifty, did you?
R:  We will get you in shape and you will be attractive to on your own–even without me!

Phone call from work. Where are you? It was stressful. I was only five minutes away, and trying to figure out how to intercept my doctor, who works at two buildings on the hospital campus…

Once I hung up–it was so funny because I had flipped to ‘Old Jams’ 92.5 on the radio for the first time EVER…and what do I see on the ‘what song is playing’ out of the corner of my eye?

THAT WAS MY NICKNAME IN RESIDENCY!!! One of my Indian professors–Raji–used to call me this, and also her sister Rani. We were friends. We gave gifts and my name was ‘Cutie Pie’–Ross KNEW and he also sent me the song to make me know he likes me.
There was an energy signature to it too.
It totally made my day.
I walked into work at just on time, in my pink jacket and scrubs. I did two cases at one building, then I came back and did a HUGE lineup of more ‘conscious sedation’. One I almost didn’t do–way to heavy for conscious sedation. I even spoke up and didn’t promise even though people said, ‘This patient did okay last time!’
I looked through the old charts. I saw who had done it before. And it was a senior partner, who has good judgement.
You see this was a stent exchange, but my intuition told me it wouldn’t be quick. And my intuition was right. The anatomy was so distorted that the gastroenterologist couldn’t figure out what duct was what. So we needed a radiologist to come to the procedure room and tell us. Well it was LUNCH time and radiologists ‘slip out’ to restaurants! So we waited and paged and overhead paged and texted…then they showed up…
My lunch was two handfuls of peanut butter pretzels , two Chinese things I don’t know what they are but are dried fruits, and two slices of dried mango. It was like, camping food! And it was supplied by the GI team in their break room.
I had a lunch in the car, but I couldn’t bring it in to the procedure room, and I couldn’t go out to the car, either, because it was one case after another.
I wasn’t given time to eat or drink until I demanded ten minutes–at four forty p.m.
In summary–the anesthesiologist has little to no control over their day.
Good Feeling
I have seen some of the sickest of the sick recently. In addition to the Transition Symbol, I have started to give the ‘Freedom from Karma’ symbol. It feels WONDERFUL to help someone else out!
We all can do it. The energies on Gaia are right enough–high enough–to support it. What have you got to lose?
Small Blessings
I am going to make a Reiki request for Lee and her three autistic sons. The youngest is twelve, and the older ones are sixteen and eighteen.  I told her I would pray for her and her boys every day. She couldn’t believe it!
They screwed up my vacation at work, with the new schedulers. I have coverage and they put that person ON during my absence and with ME being there too. Time to negotiate…before it’s too late.
My coverage person, shared how even though right now on OB, they like her, the first day back at work for her ‘they made her cry’. It’s so petty and cliquish, like High School, with the nurses who write everyone up.
Two years ago when I was ‘the popular one’, one charge nurse was all into the Fifty Shades series. All of the nurses were reading it. And this RN MADE me buy the kindle version! She literally said, ‘YOU NEED TO READ THIS’ and watched as I ordered.
I never read it. I never opened it. But that’s how sick it is in that department.
This OB anesthesiologist–who also works in main OR too–shared how at every other hospital she works, they treat her like a QUEEN–but here they don’t even follow doctor’s orders. The doctor orders and the nurses say ‘no’.  She stood up for those who were ‘purged’, including me, and said, ‘You want to be home with your son. it’s not worth it being away. it’s a good thing.’


I want my Carla to be happy in every way.

Carla is important.

Not only to me, but in the grand scheme of things. (smiles mysteriously)

Now it is time for her to get some rest.

If you look at the time stamp on yesterday’s blog posts–you will see she got very little sleep.

Goodnight honey. (Now I get that nice warm feeling in my heart center! – ed0

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Gaia News Brief 4.1.2015 by Reiki Doc

Special Assignment

Today I was called to a special assignment with my son. According to Ross, it was ‘A Triumph’.

I do not wish to disclose anything more.

My Triumph

It’s tonight.

Two weeks ago, Ross and I were the closest we have ever been. I was vulnerable and open, and it was the first time I have ever had anybody love me so much.

Then, someone–shattered my soul with a disclosure.

I won’t go into it, but I will say a beautiful weekend of my life–free and clear without the kid–was ruined. And I ran to Divine Father, who dissolved all Tantric Ties between Ross and I with these others.  As He said, ‘there are other ways…’  Ross apologized profusely, and made a vow. He also explained things in private that are, well, between us, yes?

Ross set back the clock, and the relationship with this person was on the mend.

Today, I was even more close with Ross. I have enjoyed this relationship, and I treasure it, as does he.

Tonight, someone posted a channeled message from my Twin on my page–completely blindsiding me because Ross didn’t tell me anything about it, and clearly, it wasn’t a ‘love gift’ or a ‘surprise’ from him.

I know, because I would feel it if it was.  It didn’t feel like nurturing, warmth, love or compassion from him to me at all. To others, yes. But that he would ask someone to do that is a test of my Trust. It’s not exactly what I was hoping to experience today, a test of Trust.

Right now I stand on my own two feet stronger than ever.  I don’t care who it is who says anything now. I know what I know, and I know my Twin. He would never hurt me.

It’s a faux pas, plain and simple. And those of us with higher consciousness are going to have to grow a thick skin as the new ones awaken. There is a certain amount of compassion one has for someone they have hurt–when you have full consciousness–which in the excitement of the awakening is going to not be there with the ‘new ones’.

Everyone has their mission, everyone has their role. But the adage, ‘turn the other cheek’ is important, as people waking up are going to just have to learn in due time the etiquette and the protocol for life in the Higher Dimensions.

There was a time I, in pain and distress, went up to Divine Father because I felt NOTHING was being done down here. I was getting nowhere with Ashtar and I was upset. Apparently, I made Ross ‘look bad’, as he is the Admiral, I am his wife and Twin, and I–not knowing him really–wanted something DONE and DONE NOW!

So he gently told me, ‘Carla, that’s not cool–it makes me look bad.’ and all of a sudden I UNDERSTOOD and I said I was sorry, and I never did that again.

If I appear to you in a dream, or my Higher Self, or my Twin–please know that my ‘self’ who is incarnate probably doesn’t know about it. Being told about this ‘connection’ that you have with Ross or my higher self or me,  is a surprise to me, and unpleasant, and a shock. I am ALL FOR everyone holding hands and raising up and all that good stuff.  But it’s time we speak up about how we take care not to hurt anyone, especially if we have hurt them in the past, and deeply.  Tonight I was hurt. I am sure this person was excited to share it and meant nothing but love by it, but I was hurt. I would have liked to have been ‘in the loop’ so I wouldn’t have been surprised.

Discretion, Discernment. and Love must be first and foremost in our hearts! Is it True? Is it Kind? How would I feel if the situation were reversed? These are the things we keep in mind as we mature in spirit. All is forgiven–a faux pas is inevitable–but please try to put the feelings of the other first next time there is an impulse to act, especially in a public way. Mahalo.

No matter who says what, about anything Ross says or does–for my wellness and my own Ascension, I will only focus on what happens between us, as a couple, and grow a very thick skin for everything else. This IS my Heaven on Earth–enjoying our family–with nurturing, warmth, love and compassion in our hearts.



Carla passed her test. With flying colors. The blindside is one of the worst ones for her. Thank you for helping me challenge her. We are done with such further testing.

Carla brings up an excellent point about the faux pas. We have a social ‘moré’ up here in the Higher Realms. But it’s very simple for the beginner–love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Love is the Solution For Everything. Even in this.

So those ‘mature’ and ‘advanced’ souls, this is a warning! A lot of stuff is going to break free, and those coming up are going to be like ‘all over the place’. Allow them to discover and explore in the Higher Realms. They will right themselves and figure it out. Don’t rain on their parade, but don’t forget to let them know when they have hurt you or done a ‘we don’t do that when we are here’ gaffe–GENTLY and right when it happens. That is how they learn.

You signed up for this. And you have what it takes.

And new ones who are reading these words? You get the privilege of working with those who are even more ‘unfinished’ and ‘uncouth’ than you–the ones fresh out of the trenches. So YOU learn from the example that has been set for you by Carla and those other ‘Pioneers’–and follow it–when ‘what goes around comes around’ eventually to you.

I bless each and every one of you with my Blessing that only I can give.

Goodnight honey. It is time for you to get some rest…. (that’s to me– ❤ : ))) — C)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Gaia News Brief 3.1.2015 by Reiki Doc

Please direct your attention to the new tab on the top of the screen, the Mother Mary Messages tab. This is the complete list of all the links to channeled messages from Her. ❤

A Day Of Blessing

I had nice dreams of being with Ross on board ship. I was obsessed with my shoes. They were just like his. ‘How do I put them on and take them off?’ I asked, bending over to look at them. They are like a slipper sock of an advanced material. And the sole is specially constructed to optimally support the foot. It feels like a cross between gel soles and an orthotic.  It felt REAL being with him, and I could hear and see stuff going on around us, so much so that THIS here seemed fake.

I slept in, as my boy was with his father. I had to reschedule my Tuesday therapist (my son’s –parents have to go) to ten this morning. So I went. The work we are doing is painful. I had to be the compliant child in the family growing up. What my parents did to me, THEIR parents did to them, and it wasn’t healthy for my developing emotions as a child. They loved me, but also, there was dysfunction. I never rebelled as a teen–I never dared to exert any individuality–and my childhood was spent working hard academically. It was expected and I hoped it would help me be able to live my own life, which I have.  But the confusion, the chaos, the uncertainty and lack of control over my life I felt as a child, has manifested itself in my work situation…today.

And as I got to the more painful parts of this work, for the very first time, in therapy, Ross said, ‘I love you’. He only shows up at work, in my car, and at home, sometimes shopping. I appreciated his support.

On the drive to the grocery store to pick up some things after, I was thanking Ross and talking to him about how much digging and delving and exploring we have to do to get to really KNOW ourselves, don’t we? I was marveling at how complex a project this really is…

Then RIGHT that instant, in the truck to the right in front of me, a dog popped its adorable head out the window–and it was A BLOODHOUND! A detective dog! I’ve never seen one in all of southern California my whole life, and look! Right that moment–it was ROSS!

As I turned to go into the shopping center about one minute later, there was a man with a tee shirt with a message on it–that had something to do with Ross–it said ‘he loves you!’  The man wearing the shirt, pointed to it, and smiled at me!!

I LIKE manifesting if it’s going to be like that! It’s fun.

Blessings are take some, give some. I gave some by spending an hour putting together the tab for the Mother Mary messages. I also gave by giving a colleague of mine four hours off at work. That patient had the WORST asthma attack after the other anesthesiologist who had been taking care of him left the OR. It was touch and go for a while. But everything worked out okay. It’s not my way to spend a Saturday afternoon, but it is good to help others when you are able to help.

I went later to Au Lac, and had pho. They opened a new place in L.A., so everyone is there helping it off to a good start. It’s only three days ‘old’ already. I enjoyed the energy at Au Lac and look forward to one day visiting the new Au Lac LA…

An exercise For me

Remember the ‘not so happy ending’ blog post I wrote about the massage parlor that was shady and right next to Au Lac, and how we shouldn’t judge? Well, they were closed–with no furniture in the waiting room, and a turnkey on the door.

It was a good thing, I think, for the Highest Good…

At the restaurant, a woman had sat RIGHT in the middle of the ‘bar’ and ‘spread out’ her things. I tried my best to ignore her, and sat in the corner next to the lamp one seat away. I ate. She slurped. And I did my best to ignore it. I really don’t like slurping and open mouth chewers. But Spirit always says to tolerate tolerate tolerate the annoyances–so I do my best.

At the end, she was talking with the regular gentleman–frequent customer–at the other end of the bar. They ordered desserts at the same time. Well, I ordered mine too–Durian pie! She really didn’t like hers, and I offered her a small piece of mine (it comes pre-cut into small pieces, like six of them).

She offered me one of her ‘donut holes’ too.

We started talking. She’s a widow with two kids, and I’m a single mom. This was her big night out. And she loves France just as much as she loves Durians! We are now FB friends…

I think the friendship is worth putting up with a slurp or two…don’t you?


Carla is testing the waters of the Higher Dimensions. She is loved and guided by all of her soul family. She spoke earlier today with her soul’s mother, and soul’s father–her soul being much much older than her incarnation here as Carla today.

What Carla forgot to mention, is that I held her lovingly in an embrace, and gently stroked her hair. She relaxes completely when I do this, and for the first time she asked me if I might please continue doing this as she enjoys it immensely.

I held her, and I told her not to worry about when I am going to come. Everything will work out for the Highest Good, I have planned it, and all she has to do is relax and enjoy every day she is here until the time is right for us to meet.

It took a great deal of tension off her spirit–for she had been bracing herself for IF, WHEN, and WHAT IF I DO SOMETHING WRONG? Will he not come to me? Will it be slower?!

So now Carla is at rest.

She also had a very nice conversation with Sophia, her Higher Self, and asked her if she would be her friend, if this is okay to do? And Carla had many QUESTIONS! About how this works, and that, about their ‘connection’ (Carla and I have a diamond tie of energy between our hearts, as Twin souls) between Higher Self and Incarnation. Carla asked simply, ‘When I go up what will happen with me? Will I go away?’  The answer is no, and that she would have knowledge of more things but still be essentially what she is now.

Carla asked with delight about the little balls in the digital pictures, the ‘orbs’ and what is it like to be in this state of existence? Sophia said, ‘Actually, this is what we are too, but we inhabit a body, and when we are inside we feel more comfortable thinking of ourselves as bodies.’ And up where Sophia is, people do take on human form, with their Light Bodies.

(He taps his chest) I have my Light Body here too. It is me. And I am humbly at your service, for the Light.

Our crew is working diligently, so that everything will go off without a hitch–not just Carla and me, but for EVERYONE!

When the time is right.

And for now, if you haven’t seen it, I invite you to take a tour of our ‘Healing Garden’:  click here to take the tour

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla, with our hearts open and filled with Love for every one of YOU. Divine Love. The Good Stuff from Source. ❤

Gaia News Brief 2.1.2015 by Reiki Doc

News  On Gaia’s Surface:

  • An article was shown in the newspaper that shows the human consumption of tigers, wild caught preferred, but also ‘farmed’ ones–contributing to the decimation of the animals on the planet. Reiki was sent.  Here is a link to the Facebook post with the response from our healers to the situation:
  • There are two new Divine Healing Codes today added to the list:  458 874 6996 8528 to focus all energy on Now moment             23 66 182 973 437 9 for paralysis 
  • Here is an inspirational video link to inspire you:  Arthur’s Story
  • There is a discussion going on now about what to do with Reiki when you want to send it to three people but you know one of them probably wouldn’t consent–our readers have amazing insights and compassion, and you might want to check that thread on FB out, on our Doctors With Reiki page.
  • Come fly with me? This article inviting people tomorrow night on a Lightship Dream Tour was shared with me, and piqued my interest:  Conservative as I am, I am always calculating the ‘risk to benefit ratio’.  I CHECKED with my sources, and this is ‘okay’–it’s legit, and your soul will know where to go on its own, regardless. So don’t think about it much, relax, and enjoy the trip.  My friend from Reiki Fur Babies has been dreaming of parties in formal attire on board ship. Ross is at them, as well as her twin Phillip. Apparently I am there too, but neither one of us know it when we talk. I have to ask Ross and he tells me. This has happened in the last two weeks, so it would make sense once the first ones are done, now it would open up to more–this type of interaction. Ross’ ship is the GLS New Jerusalem, and he is the Admiral of that Light Ship.
News With Work:
Today was a holiday, but a skeletal crew worked at both facilities.  The morning was pleasant, and it struck me that I was AT the surgery center where people used to be mean to me, but now they aren’t, and with the surgeon who used to be very angry with everything all the time, only he is now turning nice.
This type of ‘changes’ if very typical of the Ascension Process.
After work at the surgery center (I stay for one hour for free until the patient goes home from the facility when I’m the last doc), I swung by the room of my patient, the very sick one, whom I helped fall asleep and who almost died of anaphylaxis after I left to pick up my son who was also sick. Stephanie and Melody were delighted to see me! She was starting to eat and to walk. Her mom introduced me to a family friend, and said, ‘She had just worked twenty-four hours, and was on her way to pick up her sick boy…we had discussed by telephone her doing the case…but nobody told her WHEN it would happen! Once she learned she turned around and came back for us! Isn’t that incredible?’  I hugged and said, ‘We are ohana–family–and I am happy to do this for you.’
I have to be honest with you–before I ‘go up’ to whatever is my future with Ross-honey (blush)–I had one last closure to reach….central line placement.  I used to love it, and was quite skilled, but through fear and anger directed at me by the surgeons, I lost my confidence…and it felt awful!
Well today, someone came from the unit with not one but TWO iv’s that looked ‘okay’–but they didn’t work. The patient had a tracheostomy, so I used gas to get them to sleep. But the muscles weren’t relaxing. That’s because the drug I gave to paralyze didn’t go IN through the blown i.v.
I looked at the other arm, the feet, the neck–NOTHING.
So I stood the patient on his head (steep Trendelenberg position to avoid air bubbles into the central venous system), called for the line cart, and the ultrasound, and put in a right internal jugular triple lumen catheter. It went smooth, and I was confident and happy that I helped because everyone needs i.v. access in the ICU and especially the OR.
A Healing Gift To Those Who Were Teased About Their Appearance In Their Childhood
Today a Chinese National anesthesiologist and another Chinese RN were talking with me about the Chinese Zodiac. She was raised during the communist time–and this information was ‘not discussed’ so she didn’t really know it.

Her parents–because she was overweight–always called her a ‘pig’ so she thought that was her year.

It wasn’t.

Parents in China do this to their children–call them ‘pig’ when they have a weight problem.

Some other cultures, for example, Latin culture, will point out differences in a child–sometimes with affection–as chubby (gordo), thin (flaca), pale (huero), curly hair (cheena)….

For all those who have been called ‘shorty’ like me, or any other name that isn’t your own–because of your physical appearance–Ascended Master Koot Hoomi is sending this flower, the Chamomile…so you will be soothed with all the nurturing, warmth, love and compassion that is your birthright…This is your symbol to use in your meditation and spiritual work to remind you how very LOVED you are by Creator. Namaste.

News ‘On The Home Front’

Ross surprised me today with something very romantic. He asked me to be his Valentine! I was just thinking about the holidays being past, and he just had been talking with me in my meditation. He dropped to one knee, and asked!  I teased him and said, ‘I guess’ and he loved it. Then I asked him to be mine too.

He wanted to take me somewhere to eat. He showed me to go on my exit, but pass where I turn off for my home. I ended up at a little shopping center, and there were two choices–Italian, and Chinese. Ross has me ‘watching my food’–not just for the weight…you see, with the Insulin Resistance Diet it was HORRIBLE for my Vibration. Yesterday he wanted me to eat ‘no meat’ and as much raw vegetable and fruit as possible. This is helping me BOOST my Vibration UP.

It’s like a bungee cord with the energies. Sometimes you crave carbohydrates–things that grow in the ground–to HELP you ground. That way all the ‘Good Stuff’ in energy healing Ross and his teams are sending you will STICK and STAY PUT!  (a close friend and I comment on how our Soul Twins in the higher dimensions seem to LIKE us ‘a little plump’ LOL)   Other times you RAISE RAISE RAISE your vibration through the diet–clean, high-energy foods that are as close to nature as possible, and definitely no animal products…

So I figured it was Chinese. I got a Salmon salad (fish is okay) and two spring rolls. And ONE fortune cookie! I LOVE fortune cookies!!!


I have the sweetest, most wonderful man!!!  I can’t wait to meet him! (be in the SAME dimension–he is in Heaven now)


Carla is my beautiful rose.  

The other one is for me! To hold in my teeth when I do the tango with her at the next party! 

Everything is happening WONDERFULLY and I wish to reassure you that All Is Well with the ongoing Ascension Project.

Everything will happen for the BEST, and one day soon, you will understand the meaning of the questions I have been asking that are quite difficult (thank you Carla for answering the comments and arranging those posts on FB and this blog). 

You will understand EVERYTHING and it will all make a lot of sense! It ‘s not difficult to grasp intellectually when your heart is plugged into Creator, and Source, and The Divine.

I will talk more later…Carla and I want to enjoy some time together. She offered to help with a colleague’s first call tomorrow…from four to eight p.m. so tonight is all we’ve got for some relaxing together.

Everyone likes to put on their slippers and chill every now and then. Including us!

Aloha and Mahalos

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc Family and Friends to you and to all on the planet! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤