The Carla And Ross Reiki Scholarship by Reiki Doc

Ross and I are deeply committed to furthering the access to Reiki for all citizens of Gaia.

We have started a Reiki Scholarship, with a portion of the proceeds of this bracelet–to help with the fund.

This bracelet (and matching earrings!) are hand-made with love by Reiki Master Linda Dunn of New Hampshire, and was designed with her by Ross and me.

To order, please contact Linda at

The bead size is available in small (as shown) and large, and the pieces are custom made to order. You can select from elastic, magnetic clasp, and silver lobster clasp. The stones are smoky quartz and rhodocrosite, and two beads of pure silver.

In addition, we accept individual donations.  If you donate above and beyond the bracelet, your name will be added to our donors list in chronological order:

  1. Johnlee Garrison
  2. Linda Dunn
  3. Ross and Carla
For transparency, we will always display the total in the fund HERE:
  • thirty-six dollars Plus materials and time donated by Linda, Ross and Carla
The goal is to reach a base with enough interest to perpetuate enough to make Reiki Education partial and full scholarships possible worldwide. Initially the selection will by by a small group of evaluators, and will be both merit and need-based.
To increase the base size, I am considering auction of original art by me with the new Archangel Healing Keys and Reiki Symbols, one symbol at a time, to the highest bidder. I also may auction off other personal items as well.
Thank you for your interest in the Reiki Scholarship.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla