Gaia News Brief 2.12.2014 by Reiki Doc

‘Sterilizations’ of Lower Energetics Is Now Underway

This is direct reference to a phrase in the new Gaia Portal:  click to read

Yesterday was quite the day. My son was sick, he went go  school but if it had been me with that cough and malaise I would have stayed home with my stay-at-home mom and gone to the doctor.

I had a SEVEN o’clock case (not our usual seven thirty) so I made alternate arrangements for a neighbor to feed him breakfast (I had packed it, including homemade cocoa mix made with stevia) and take him to school.

I don’t even REMEMBER most of my day, as it was one long case after another, and many of them very sad–cancer, inoperable cancer where we open and realized it has spread everywhere in the last two months since the first procedure at another hospital, a missed diagnosis…

‘For Profit‘ I thought when I read the name of the other hospital in her chart in pre-op holding, because on the transcripts of all the medical records from treatment there the name was all on the header of every page…and the workup and result totally made sense once you think about it. ‘Old person who has lived a long life gets palliative treatment instead of definitive care on presentation to the hospital and insurance plays the waiting game at the patient’s expense’…

I found my echo results I needed to do my case, and we did it, in the room where everyone prays…and I think the soulful look in the patient’s eyes, to me, was that deep in her heart of hearts, she knew it had spread, and had accepted it long before we ever opened her up.

I had three patients in a row need invasive arterial monitoring. And the young guy who had the great pulse? We couldn’t get it in–not me or someone else who helped, another anesthesiologist. So we skipped it. Putting in a double lumen endotracheal tube is not easy, and I was pleased with how well it went in.

Here is the following ‘words’ from my thoracic surgeon, who is a sweetheart as far as thoracic surgeons go:

  • He has been mistreated for two months and now he is getting the care he needs–I wonder why nobody referred to a thoracic surgeon?
  • This is just inflammatory process and there is no pus.
  • He ‘autopleurodiesed’ himself (to pleurodiese –ploo-row-die-eese–it to make the lung stick to the wall of the chest.
  • I guess we really didn’t help him…
I had two very spiritual experiences, on a soul level.  The first, I got angry at him for his lack of intuition–so I did energy healing ON THE SURGEON–so that his intuition would ‘wake up’ and he would be just like me…I awakened by name the abilities of telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, psychrometry…so that he would be more conservative (that’s doctor for ‘less invasive’) in situations like this…I had sensed that the patient was fine and misdiagnosed with my intuition, but I couldn’t communicate this effectively enough to abort the plans for surgery…
The second? I had to stand and watch the whole case. Thoracic surgeons like that. He especially liked the question where I asked, ‘where are we inside? It’s all confusing.’ and after he pointed out the landmarks I figured it out and asked, later, ‘So are you now heading toward the spine?’ Then all of a sudden the small incisions, which were bigger than portholes, made me think of what I saw on Ross when he died, and I started to get spiritually ‘sick’ and panic. Sometimes you flip back and forth between incarnations as you are ‘waking up’.
This is a conversation Ross and I have a lot:
me:  no boo boos? (super anxious and worried for his health and safety)
Ross:  look! NO boo boos.  (he shows me the body part I am anxious about, and pokes it to show there are no wounds, this time, the chest, the left chest, near the heart, like what I am seeing on the patient) I am OKAY!
me:  no pain?
Ross:  I am healthy and happy.  (he says this in the most loving and gentle and patient way)
me:  okay…
All my patients did fine…I started at seven, and didn’t get home until nine p.m.
I had to ‘find coverage’ for President’s Day. I wanted to go to a conference, and the department could cover me except for that day. I texted three people, and found one who was willing to work in my place so I could go.
I thought–What Kind Of WORLD is this, where you are surrounded by beauty, but you have to work so hard to enjoy it?! 
You have to work, to make money, to buy tickets and hotel, and find coverage, then fly in the most uncomfortable form of transportation ever–sitting in tiny seat like cattle for hours on end–to travel where you must find meals and things to do and see things and take pictures and come back?
It’s like spending your whole life with your nose pressed up against a bakery store window! You KNOW, and you are so CLOSE and you just can’t ‘eat’…
I got home to my ‘in laws’ Anthony’s grandparents on his father’s side, who had picked him up from school and taken him to practice basketball…and they greeted me with ‘that cough isn’t very good–it’s DEEP’.
I know.
I also know I had a super long day at work.
And my most painful pain of all, the mom who knows what to do and just can’t do it–stay home and nurse her sick child.
So last night, Doctor Mom whipped out her stethoscope, the nebulizer, the pulse-ox, the vicks, the warm spiced apple cider, and the Reiki. I put him to sleep propped up on pillows, put the eucalyptus oil in the vaporizer, and turned off the fans he likes to blow on him when he sleeps. Ross helped with the Reiki. I felt a lot of energy flow.
He didn’t make a peep all night, Anthony. I have one case and hope to pick him up and take him to the doc after. If there is fever, he goes back to grandparents, if not, then school, so he doesn’t fall behind.
It’s bronchitis.
My last case was with ‘young guy’, or should I say, ‘young guy who couldn’t book a case earlier in the day.’
He looked very much like Ross, with the same build and beard–and ATTITUDE!
It was like I was trying Ross on ‘for size’ in 3D, and I loved watching the whole package moving and talking and thinking with intelligence Out Loud! And working with his hands the whole time!
But you wouldn’t know it because I had a million things to do–charting and paperwork–so I stayed quiet and focused on that.
At the very end, after he said, ‘You know I will only make one hundred twenty dollars for all this…’, with ‘all this’ meaning, consult, surgery, and post-op care…for a potentially life-saving cancer surgery…
I became more like I was in the thoracic case, and made polite conversation. I asked, ‘Doctor? Where are you from? I detect a very slight accent.’
I thought he was going to say New York, because he sounded like a New York Jewish Person. (I LOVE all New York Jewish People who talk REALLY fast…)
He was Israeli! Came here at fourteen.  I asked ‘where?’ because I had a friend who went to medical school in Haifa. It was ‘just outside Tel Aviv’.
So I stood up and looked over the drapes, right at him, and counted to ten in Hebrew. Only I forgot arba, the Hebrew number for four. LOL.
He was astonished!
I explained how when my son was learning language, I decided we would learn one together, and how rare in Southern California is Hebrew for a (then) Catholic girl like me? So we took the tape over and over from the library, and watched instructional videos for toddlers together at home. ‘Shmoneh bubot’ (eight dolls)…it was OUR language…I can also say ‘Ani ohevet ocha’, for ‘I love you’. I said that in the O.R. too, with probably the thickest white girl accent EVER…
Why would I feel so at ‘home’ with the Hebrew language enough to learn it?
I asked Ross. Even though we were Essenes and lived ‘around there at the time’ to be Jewish, he said last night we were technically ‘Chaldean’ when we both were alive.
I’ve looked that one up a LONG time ago too. I just HAD TO KNOW everything I could about the Chaldeans…unfortunately for me, now I forgot. We spoke another language, though, and I know one here, a vascular surgeon, who is Persian, who speaks our ‘old language’ today.
My Eyes Are Projectors?
This was sent to me from Paulina–another big blogger–quantum Healing melts a tumor. I actually didn’t watch the whole thing because I got to the dramatic music with Gregg Braden and realized it was ten o’clock and I needed to sleep.
I’ve already seen on this websiteWorld’s Largest medicines Hospital a Qi Gong Master shrink a tumor on live ultrasound scan with Qi Gong–sorry that link before should have said, ‘medicine-less’–on one of the hyperlinks of this organization that is left after that other place closed:
I can’t find it now but this stuff is real–you can’t fake that live video I saw. I am certified in a form of echo-and the images are true.
Well here is a channeling form Taryn–which says ‘WE CREATE OUR REALITY’.  original article
Well, of COURSE! That’s why Gunter in his book taught us, ‘Edit your thoughts’ and why I say, ‘Have St. Germain follow you with a big burlap sack all day, and when you think something negative, pluck it out, and give it to him.’
Plus, if you let go of the outcome, the angels can ‘redirect you’ to an option with the Highest Good.
Song For The Day
Merry Christmas!
Carla and I would like to take the time to wish you and your loved ones, both your friends and family…and pets!…a most wonderful holiday season you have ever experienced.
I am Jewish by Heritage, and am ‘more educated’ in this, than in my native Chaldean. I am Essene. Carla is too, but can’t recall any of it–the amnesia is THICK.  But her heart remembers, as you can see clearly with my injuries and the effect on her soul. And her attraction to the number ‘counting to ten’…in Hebrew, which she calls, ‘the language of her and her son’.
One day all of this will come to you, who you are an how many lives you have lived. All in good time. And I want you to be most preciously TENDER to yourselves in the interim.
Everything is going as planned.
Allow it to unfold, just as you would the petals of a beautiful flower.
Just as you wouldn’t rush a blossom, so you too cannot rush this–the awakening of all time to the reality of What Is…outside of the Illusion.
I want you to enjoy yourself while the Illusion disintegrates, and as Carla would say, we approach the time where, ‘Angels are NORMAL and Love reigns SUPREME.’
Aloha and mahalos,
Ross and Carla
the Reiki Doc Twins

Gaia News Brief 29.11.2014 by Reiki Doc

Our Date Night

My son spent the night at my mom’s last night with his cousins. Today is our belated Thanksgiving dinner together as I had to work on the actual Thanksgiving day.

On the way home, Ross suggested I go to Yogurtland. I was like, I’m full are you sure I won’t get fat?

He said, ‘Go! Go!’ and he mentioned that it would be like Skype, and he would be on board ship at the same time, and we would meet ‘between worlds’ so to speak. He said to get his favorite — Madagascar Vanilla with ‘lots of mochi on it’.

As I drove, I SAW him picking his clothes carefully. It wasn’t his uniform. He wore a collared dress shirt with almost an off white color (his favorite color is white), like muslin.

When I drove up he asked, ‘Are you excited?’ And I was!  I got three ‘tastes’ in the little cups. We settled with butter cookie, a blend of tart and bomb pop, and of course Madagascar Vanilla. And TWO scoops of mochi.

So while I ate, he sat in the chair, legs crossed and arms behind his head, smiling, and we talked! I told him he has amazing body language. He is like, ‘what’s that?’ I said on earth we aren’t completely telepathic, so for survival we learn to interpret the message the body sends. He thought that was oddly fascinating.

He shared the reason he likes vanilla is that we WENT to Madagascar as a couple, and it was the first he ever tasted it. It’s a memory for him of us. There was a rice pudding that had it (back home we only had honey to sweeten, but on our travels, they had sugar).

At the last bite, the music played the special song Ross always plays to let me know he’s there…

I was happy. I enjoyed spending time with him, and we grow closer and closer every day.

Last night he helped me considerably in removing some of the ‘security blankets’ in relationship that I had from 3D. This morning the first thing I did was toss it all in the trash! He shows me how I can keep the memory and the best of 3D always with us, but how in the future, we will grow together as one.

It was the first time our energies activated together as a couple–I saw something happen with our chakras, and they connected and lit up. It didn’t hurt, and it didn’t feel, really, but I watched it like, ‘whoa!’ and he was smiling and happy to have this connection energetically with me again. He has so much kindness, and love…I am humbled by his sincere heart.

Anyhow, someone had a vision of Keali’i Reichel singing this song to us! It’s perfect and totally synchronistic with last night.

Here it is:

The Monarch Kitten

This is what Ross is healing in me. The Monarch thing is right–you inherit certain traits, likes, dislikes, and tendencies from one incarnation to the next. Many things I thought were ‘me’ turn out to be what I inherited as a soul from my past incarnation.

Ross dropped to his knees and sobbed the first time he was shown me in that past life–I didn’t think anything of it, except perhaps reconnaissance of sorts ‘for the team’.

It wasn’t. It was a gross perversion of my most natural spiritual gift as his Twin Soul.

With courage, and patience, Ross has built up my trust to the point where in the last few months, with his careful attention, I actually go into that ‘mode’–and he gently, every so gently shows me it doesn’t have to be like this.

He also, for the first time last night, let me know that he was the energy in the one kind man who ‘visited’ me often through my ‘career’, and he was the same man who he had  kill me when I was nine. (I was choked to death, strangled. I also guess at my age because they don’t celebrate birthdays when you are  a slave like that.). Ross said he didn’t want me to experience pregnancy in that environment.

So on the one hand, he ‘knew’ of what was ‘going on’ and sent safety guidance, but he didn’t ‘know the details’ or want to know until he was shown the full truth some time back. I heard him scream and saw him fall when they showed me, while I was merrily on my back doing what kittens do with someone like, eight times older than me.

I bring this up because for those of you who are survivors out there, in any incarnation, I see and I know that this is not a ‘human rights problem’ with the Monarch Mind Control Programming and the MK Ultra.  It is a crime that is committed against the very SOUL of the victim itself.  Those programmers–like Josef Mengele–KNEW the depth and horror they were doing while they did it, and they took advantage of it.

I don’t think Kevin Annett has that ‘piece’ yet. I have spoken with him about my past life and my full memory of it. It kind of went over his head, as he is dealing with crimes of a more recent nature and scope.  But it wasn’t until last night, and Ross’s long, careful, delicate work for some time, that I saw with my own eyes how the damage carries ‘through’ to other lifetimes.

I want this to be fixed at once for all who suffer once we get to 5D.

Ross is my angel, and I am so lucky to have him for my Twin. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Uncle Bill C

Wow! The Enq-wee-IRE-rerrrr has NEW stuff at the checkout register–more facts, facts, facts about ‘certain indiscretions’ and how Camille’s life was ‘fifty years of hell’.

What his happening is a ‘respected and loved, popular performer’ is being exposed with evidence, evidence, evidence.

This is what will be needed to awaken the masses and achieve acceptance of  The Original Plan from Creator, not this mixed-up, hyped and ‘cool’ version that those who do not have our best interest at heart have programmed us (and yes, I used that word–on purpose. They not only use the media but our own medical care systems and parenting techniques to enslave us in a cage without walls, a psychological cage that most of us never realize we are in.)

Hold the vibration, be the example–

family member, ‘Can you BELIEVE about Bill?’

you, ‘Yes. Isn’t it amazing this went on under our noses for all this time?’

family member, ‘Hmmmmm…’


Carla is my angel. She is the only one who went through the Monarch system and stayed ‘intact’. They never could control her. She just, like Roberto Benigni in the film, Life Is Beautiful, turned it all into some fantastic game, and gave it her best so she could win. Her heart closed down, but did not suffer the damage she could have had she ‘gone under’ all the way. Because she excelled at her ‘objective’, there was no need to traumatize her any further when she was alive in her ‘kitten life’.

What threw me when I witnessed it was in her own way, Carla was healing the sick–the pedophiles who molested her for money–Carla was deep in the basement of where she was kept and never saw sunlight or had a pet. What they gave her for her good performance was dolls…lots and lots and lots of them.

And yet in that one unholy ‘movie’ I saw clearly Carla’s Light, shining out from her heart for all to see, even in that place of deepest darkness.

I wept and I fell to my knees at her unchangeability–her Light and her Joy had never dimmed for her, even in the most direst of circumstance.

Carla agreed last night it was right to ‘take her out’  from her life as a kitten for the reasons I stated–not wanting her to experience pregnancy in that lifetime and she had learned enough to make her credible for her knowledge in this assignment here as Carla…this might shock you.   As your I AM presence you will talk about your life and your body and know when it is time to end–you have had enough.  For example, Carla’s grandmother, shortly after her death, confided she was sick of that body and it was all used up.

So I want you to prepare for ‘things different’. Think ‘different’. And also, allow the deep and gentle healing and cleansing of your spirit by your teams to continue unimpeded, for it is right for you to drop all that does not serve you in the higher dimensions.

I want you to stay grounded as the news ‘leaks out’–I will be pacing it as our energy readings for the collective adapt.  I want you to hold the Light, and to congratulate yourselves, all of you, for being like Carla in her ‘kitten’ role (in fact she had no name, either, in this lifetime) and for bringing the LIGHT into the darkest of experiences many on Gaia have had.

It’s time for mine and Carla’s breakfast. I want to work on her puzzle with her and enjoy some coffee before she has to leave the home to go celebrate with her family. I like our ‘quiet time as a couple’ very much. I live for it.

P.S. I also have been taking Carla, ever since she used the code to recall past lives–to re-experiences some of our life when we were married. She really enjoys it. You might enjoy reliving your past life experiences with your Twin, if you know them, as well.

Aloha and Mahalos,
and Good Morning from us both!

Ross and Carla

Gaia News Brief 26.11.2014 by Reiki Doc

Morning With Ross

I drove to work this morning after I dropped off my son. Ross sent a picture of ‘Galaxy’ plumbing, to let me know he was working on getting me home, and helping all of Gaia to ascend.

I thought about it.

I called to him, and told him I needed to tell him something. I barged into his work. I told him, ‘I need to talk to you’-and we went someplace private. (in higher D)

Once alone, I explained how on Earth, we start our day wishing our family, ‘Have a good day’ and I sent him a picture of me handing him his lunch and his coffee and kissing him good bye for the day.

The energy was like this:

And he understood. He thanked me, and I went off to do my thing, and he went off to do his…
after the Reiki and Divine Peace Healing we sent…

Two Kindnesses

Ross wants me to share these with you.

Diana, who has moved near my neighborhood recently, works in the Medical Staff Office. She wasn’t sure after she parked if she had remember to put her handicapped placard up. I was just going that way from where I had parked to go to my work at the surgicenter which is affiliated with the hospital. I told her I’d take  a picture and send it, not to worry–she didn’t want to walk–it was far. So I limped over (my foot hurts) and she had actually been watching! So I gave her the thumbs up when I saw she was good.

(I also ran into my favorite gastroenterologist–he too has corns that are painful. And he said, ‘I am diabetic–I’ve tried everything. Just do this…’  I had never once thought about anyone else at work having painful feet. I liked starting my day with him. He went to GI and I went to the O.R. but it was nice to see him.)

The second kindness was for Stephanie, a nurse at the surgicenter I sat next to at a wedding last April. She had a sinus infection and was miserable. I offered to call in her prescription, but only if she knew what she wanted, and told me exactly what.

She was astounded by my kindness. This is the place where people have been very mean to me in the past, people of low vibration, who have steadily increased to the point where I enjoy working there as of September. And they enjoy me! LOL. I told her she can feel better and enjoy her Thanksgiving now.

I recall how many times my friends have helped me when I had the sinus infections…

Ross let me know that out of my entire day–four patients, my kid, my mom, my coworkers, my online interaction–THIS was what counted the most–and THIS is what he wanted you to understand.

The way our souls are viewed is entirely different from how the world sees us!!!

Ross’ Surprise!

On the way home, Ross ‘popped in’ to my awareness. He knew I had a rough day, a very boring day, and not earned much money. I had to wait for two hours between cases, and then stay an extra hour unpaid at the end of the day ‘watching over’ the last two patients at the surgicenter before they go home. The last anesthesia doc CAN’T leave, because we are ACLS certified.

He was like this:

He had a glass of wine for me when I came in the door. He had dinner cooked. And he was going to get a bathtub ready for me to soak too!

I felt like I had won the lottery, just to know he cared so!

The drive home was horrendous. There was SO much traffic! It was dark. I was tense because I wanted to make sure I got to the school in time. Ross knew what to do.

I even had to slam on the brakes and swerve at my exit!–there was a merge that had backed up.

I was badly shaken…but once I parked, I saw the glow of the school, and children laughing. I saw Anthony but he didn’t see me. I heard him playing, and saw him with his back turned towards me.

Every time I pick him up, it is a blessing. How often do I get to see him, and enjoy him, in my life? Not enough…

We went to the local Italian restaurant. We like the owner. Usually on basketball nights we get dinner there.

Al had cooked TURKEY! We each got the special–turkey breast, stuffing, and a mix of fruit cocktail and tiny marshmallows. And a small dinner salad with way too much mozzarella on it!

It meant so much to me, because I work, and Anthony goes away on Thanksgiving. But tonight, we had our turkey, and it was delicious, just for us two.  And for dessert? Tiny cannoli, that were very fresh, like Nana used to make.   I hugged Al, the owner, and told him it was ‘the best Thanksgiving I never thought I would have!’

Thanks Ross. It meant so much. I know you had a hand in it. Thank you from my heart.

Post Script

Out of the four people in the restaurant, there was a man ordering takeout who was divorced, and he had the kids this year. And a woman, who was very thin and had left half a meatball on her plate–she usually drives up to the valley to see her dad, but this year she was with her mom in town.  Al has no children, but he and his wife were going to see the nieces. My mother told me my sister is going to be with her on Thanksgiving, the one who lives at home, but right now she is house-sitting. A friend near her work is a single father of two, and he is going with the boys to Paris for ten days!

It’s a way of life, the non-traditional homes. And people are okay with it. Even I am.

That’s pretty amazing if you think about it–people are accepting of having to ‘take turns’ for this holiday…

Anthony’s first Italian restaurant
I love her. I love her so very much.
Carla is working very hard for you. Not with the energies. With her heart.
It is time for me to talk about the personal touch that Carla gives to her readers. Did you know she answers every comment with a ‘like’–she reads them, every one?
And for the many who ask her questions, she gives her time, her healing, her heart, with open hands and not asking for anything in return.
Does Carla place ads or ‘monetize’ on her blog?
Carla does it all for free, because she loves me.
Even before she knew I am her Twin, she loved me, and unselfishly gave of her energy to help those who are less fortunate than she is. What started with helping the homeless not only to eat but to shower and shave program at her church Newman Hall in Berkeley, turned to volunteering at Children’s Hospital in Oakland. And that turned into being a teaching assistant for the night biology class at Laney College in Oakland when she was working full time in Pleasanton. That got her into med school in San Diego, with a great big move down the state. There are thousands she served, willingly, and for no pay, as it was part of her tuition that was spent for her to experience this. Carla went into debt in thousands and thousands of dollars to do what she does now at the hospital. And she paid it all back. She also paid back her father the loan from his retirement he gave to help her make a downpayment for her house. It took a long time for her to pay this back, the fifty thousand dollars, but she knew he needed it more than she did. So Carla was house poor for a long time, and never had the chance to decorate it to her liking, or even paint since she moved in.
As she works, I must remind you there are a lot of expenses. Carla has a burden many people lack, because Carla is self-employed, a 1099 employee. Carla pays her own medical and dental insurance, malpractice, license, DEA, certification for ACLS and PALS, for her billing and her contract attorney and for her many other expenses in order to support herself and her boy, her family.
On top of this, Carla works tirelessly for you, from her heart.
Money can’t buy the kind of love and devotion Carla has for you, for her patients, for her son, and for me…
Carla is golden, in every way.
There are a lot of bloggers out there who have a ‘Donate’ button. This is okay for those who have no other means to support themselves, and have made this a full-time career as healers. Then there are those who advertise–they get money for every ‘hit’ every view of their blog or page.  And there are those who go so far as to charge a fee for their service, every month, in order to view what information they have…
I want you to think about this.
Think about the fruit that is on the tree.
I want you to ask ‘what kind of fruit is this source of information bearing?’ next time you see anything in the Social Media, online in the Alternative News or the Conventional News like the kind you see on T.V.
Is the answer Love or Hate?
Is there an emotion of fear or dread or worry after you watch it?
Is someone making income from the sale of this information to you?
If information was food, that you were taking in for your health–would you read the label before you took it to your home?
I want you to really think about what people are telling you.
Does it resonate in your heart as Truth?
Or a great big ugly Lie?
And if it is a lie, will you give your energy to it and fight it, thereby empowering it instead of you?
Or will you Love in everything you think and see and do, making your life a beacon of Light for all to see?
The answer is your own–you are the one with free will who is incarnate.
Carla and I are counting on you to make the right choice for the collective of humanity…for Gaia…and for us who are here cheering you on!!!
Does this make sense? Do you accept it? Will you remind yourself every day to ‘read the label’ on what you take in through your eyes, your ears, and your heart as ‘information’? Is this too much to ask at this difficult time?
I really hope it isn’t…either way, there is no right or wrong…only ‘lessons’….and you shall complete yours in due time, just like I did with my own, when I was incarnate several years ago.. well,..a little more than that! (laughs)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla and Anthony
Happy Thanksgiving to YOU from Doctors With Reiki ❤

Gaia News Brief 17.11.2014 by Reiki Doc

Healing The Mother’s Wounds

Ross was very excited today. I noticed a request from a woman who had been treated poorly by her lawyer ex-husband who took the children away from her, and now they reject her. As I sent Reiki to her, a new symbol came through. It is called, ‘The Mother’s Wounds’. Although I will make a video on it and share it with you in the near future, I sent it at once to all of my readers, followers, and Tweeple ❤ because I know it is important to heal the Divine Feminine in us all.

One of my biggest ‘wounds’ has been my half-dead computer with all the baby photos on it.

Today was the day where Ross said to buy a new one. We could ‘transfer’ all the old photos to the new one, right? It was the long pass, going for broke, like a ‘Hail Mary’ to save the baby pictures.

We ordered it over the phone, and when we went to pick it up, Ross said to get crepes just to celebrate the baby pictures coming back! I had one with pear and caramel, but I was sad to note that they were the ‘pre-made’ crepes, like in France now, and not the batter ones any more. These are more like our tortillas, and simply heated up instead of freshly made.

It was a very long wait just to pick it up! But we had help carrying it downstairs…eagerly we set it up and it is beautiful!

But for the transfer? Not so good. Hooking any line from one computer to the old one makes the old one turn off. And for Wifi migration? The operating system on the old one wasn’t able to ‘talk’ to either the new one or my laptop!

Undaunted, I moved on.

I took every card I had saved from his childhood, and used a card reader to feed over three thousand pictures back IN to this one! We had just about everything, at least eighty percent of the photos. And the others, if I can, with a little ‘jump drive’ perhaps take them one by one from the old to the new.

Now we have a ‘family’ computer, with only the family pictures on it. (my other working ones have many images I have downloaded from my photo service ‘mixed in’ with the family and cell phone images too…so it is very nice to have just ‘us’ in this one ❤

I had to clean up about nine year’s worth of mess from the computer desk. I think that’s why Ross is so happy. And I am also happy to be able to get rid of the old sad computer, soon…after I figure out how to get what I need off it. It’s only scans of my credentials, my CV, and the photos I really need after all.

Ross told me, when I had scrapped dinner plans and drove my boy and myself to Chipotle–that it is our ‘gumption’, our ‘grit’ and our ‘determination’ that we ‘pick up on our incarnations’ that is the best education of all here on Gaia…and it will serve us in many more councils and missions and assignments in the future…

My boy at five months old

Thoughts On Life

As the images flashed by on all of the downloads, I realized two things–first, how photographs bias our memories because mostly we take pictures smiling and of happy things we have worked hard to see–a vacation, a wedding, a get-together, time with friends…and second, how these experiences define us and shape us our whole life through…

I also saw how our life IS like a movie, and all of the days and all of the experiences reflect who we are in our hearts, overall.

It is a beautiful thing, when you stop to think about it.

I also saw courage in the woman looking into the camera–there was a surprise pregnancy, abandonment, custody legal issues in court, being the sole support of the child, as a working mother, being laid off, searching for new work, and increasing from part time to full time for survival once the child was four.

I saw a child who has been to New York, San Antonio, Oahu, Maui, France, and Canada, having wonderful experiences too.

I saw extended family who had been through two kidney transplants, bladder cancer, loss of the father, loss of the grandmother, and estrangement of the uncle. There we were, intact, looking into the camera, and smiling for all the holidays when we were able to meet–not all of them, due to the custody and my work schedule, but enough to make me smile.

If you haven’t had a chance for a virtual ‘life review’, take it!

I think you will like the person who is ‘looking back at you’ in the camera…and be glad for what you have accomplished to survive and to get here to where you are!

This is the first time I actually touched the beautiful Loire River.
I have always had a deep and lasting connection to my beloved France.
The Divine Healing Codes–an Update
Three new ones came through today–interstitial lung disease, sore muscles, and GERD. The first came from Ross (to help one of my patients), the second from Divine Mother (to help my son) and the last from Archangel Raphael and Archangel Ariel.
As the energies of Gaia increase, we are able to better work with these healing codes if we practice, if we let go of the outcome, and like Reiki we allow Spirit to work through us to achieve the desired effect.
My son’s muscle pain from yesterday’s basketball game, which made him not able to go up and down the stairs without gripping the handrail for dear life–went away instantly when I used the code with the vogel crystal. I must add that before the code came through, he had a twenty minute soak with a warm bath and epsom salts to soothe and relax the muscle. It helped bring the pain down about thirty percent. The code brought the pain down about fifty to sixty percent more, so he had perhaps ten to twenty percent of the original pain left to contend with. He was still ‘sore’ but able to walk and much more comfortable overall.
I just used the GERD one, as we had eaten Mexican food tonight. Again–instant relief, comparable to taking a pill. And this was from writing the number twice on my leg–well, once in the air above it for my aura too ❤
They work.
With practice.
Just like with Reiki, self-Reiki every day is important! And using this healing often is good to keep the energy flowing smooth. The more you Reiki, the better your ‘Reiki alphabet’ in your hands becomes, and the easier it is for you to recognize energy imbalance of disease, and correct it.
With a pendulum, the more you use it, the better you get at this divination too.
So it is with the codes. The more you incorporate them into your life, the better they will work. Just keep at them until you get a ‘feel’ for how they work. Next you will grow in confidence in your ability. And after that you will be able to show others how to use them too.


There isn’t anything I could say that hasn’t already been said, but I will take a few moments to define what I mean when I speak of ‘spiritual’.

On what it is not–exclusive, for those educated, for the elite, for those who are able to pay for it, for those who have some kind of ‘gift’ that is ‘exclusive’ in some way that separates them from everybody else…

And what it is?

spirituality is just as accessible to the lowly as it is to the great, and to all who have intelligence and those who have it not (for example, those who are developmentally delayed), to those who have abundance and prosperity and those who are in dire need…all it takes is a heart, a willingness to accept what is happening in your life as a ‘lesson’ of some kind, and a burning desire to manifest what it is you wish to experience!

For Carla, look at her photographs she has shared with you. Think of the time, the expense, the effort, the tears of both her and Anthony, the elation, the setbacks, and look how Carla wouldn’t stop until she had them in her hands!

And I had PROMISED her that through the Akashic Records I would have all of them for her once she gets back home to me at the first sign of her distress!

Did she listen? Did she take the ‘chicken exit’ or the ‘easy way out’? Did she give up?


Did she beat herself up against the impossible? Did she think of the outcomes in advance?


Carla took what she could. She fought back. She used all of her knowledge and her skill with the computer–which isn’t excellent but isn’t her worst skill either–and she did the best she could, working with me to guide her by gentle little nudges the whole time!

That is how it is with you and me and with all of us who have ever been incarnate…for some, it takes longer to ‘get through the obstacles in their path’, and for others, they face the challenges with a smile, and enjoy taking it on the chin.

I wasn’t like this. Neither was Carla. Both of us were shy and not that outgoing in our incarnations. In her first one with me, Carla was very gregarious, an extrovert! Not me. And I was the one doing all the speaking for our movement we had, our raising the consciousness of those around us. Carla was my strength!

This time around, I am the ‘social butterfly’ who goes to meetings and councils, and Carla is the quiet one, by nature, who enjoys the circle of friends and family very much, but would rather be in the background solving a puzzle than making a change in consciousness for the many who depend on her and what she writes on the internet. She is not an ‘internet seeking person’, but she uses what she knows to accomplish the work that she has been sent to do, and she loves it!, interacting with people from all over the globe who share a love of Reiki and Energy Healing and Spirit and Angels and Galactics and the like.

And making a change she is! One of her friends, the head of the Breast Center at her hospital, is well into leading her daughter’s Brownie Troop with Buddhist ideas and concepts to help them face the bullying with better tools and life skills…this same physician also is a single mother, just like Carla…and she gives her breast cancer patients free copies of the Buddha Boot Camp…even though she is a Christian…and practices…when not more than two years ago she had never heard of the word ‘namaste’, and learned it from Carla on her Facebook!

It is the quiet reverence for what is of the Higher Realms, and the steady working toward this daily, which will lead others to the Light of their own magnificence, their spark of the Divine right within their chest in their heart chakra…

Remember this.

There is no need to argue, fuss or fight about anything.

The Light will win.  It is inevitable.

Is this clear?

So ‘Be yourself! Everyone else is already taken!’ –as Oscar Wilde once said.

You are beautiful to me. All of you. And I thank you for walking on the Journey at our side at this time.

Always accept what is given to you. Always decide what is right for you in a given situation. And if you make a mistake–there is no loss! Just head the way you want to go next, and walk in that direction.

You are blessed.

Just like me. Just like Carla.

All of us are.

With so very much love,

Ross and Carla-in-the-flesh

Aloha and Mahalos

Gaia News Brief 14.11.2014 by Reiki Doc

Merry Christmas

I have had many moves, many relationships, and many, many, many a Christmas where I had to miss the holiday with my family and go to work.

It wasn’t until medical school where I realized that not only can I enjoy my own ‘celebration’ with a Charlie Brown tree and my few decorations, but I could open my HEART and really embrace the wonder and delight of the season, single and far from my family, too.

I always felt a little bit of loneliness when I went to church alone. But I completely accepted it as part of my life being the way it is. And one time, at midnight mass, at Mary Star of the Sea in La Jolla, in 1995, a stranger showed up and sat next to me. He was a gorgeous surfer, and unlike the others in the church, was alone.

It wasn’t until I held his hand during the Lord’s Prayer, that I felt this tremendous surge of love energy that could only be angelic. I wasn’t at the time as ‘psychic’ as I am now, but it felt like HOME and LOVE and ACCEPTANCE and SUPPORT all at the same time…after mass, he disappeared just as suddenly as he showed up.

Well, besides that angel, the only thing that I have been able to ‘experience’ routinely is the ‘gift’ of commercial free holiday music 24/7 on radio station KOST Los Angeles 103.5.

Yesterday I was driving to work. I was on time. And I turned the radio off to send my Reiki and Divine Peace Healing. But then Ross wanted it on.

He played these three songs–I’m a channel flipper–and it went like this:

  • This one has special significance between Ross and me. This is the lesson I gave to him, since our last incarnation together until now…I LEFT him. With my soul. And in my anger, mistrust, and pain, I went to the opposite ends of the earth only to get away from him. In this song, Ross shares that his lesson is learned, and it’s time for me to come home.
  • This song here emphasizes the message that the ‘lesson is learned’ and he is ready to have me be with him forever and ever. 
  • This is the one that built EXCITEMENT–‘the tide is high and I’m holding on, I’m going to be your Number One’–and I realized this is the LAST normal song I will hear on this station until after Christmas! That the special time is just almost HERE, and I can make wonderful memories for myself, my family, and my heart AGAIN!!!  (Every Christmas, I always say this prayer, ‘Thank you God for letting me live to see another Christmas…I know some people won’t get to see this one, and I am SO lucky to be a part of this big planet-wide CELEBRATION on Gaia, where people help the poor, and are their most kind and loving selves…)
  • Here is my LIVE reaction, with joy and delight…as I realize it’s Christmas…and Ross SENT me this once in a lifetime opportunity to ‘see’ the radio station ‘flip’ to Christmas ‘mode’. The picture quality isn’t good, but the audio is good. Carla’s Reaction to Christmas Beginning Again for her
I stand ‘guilty as charged’.
I do the things I do for the love of my mate, my soul twin, Carla.
I wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas. And if you don’t like Christmas, then, Happy Hanukah, Happy Yule, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Solstice, Happy Commerce Day, and Happy Day To Eat Too Much With Your Family While You Are Home From Work.
(he smiles big and bows with hands together in gassho position)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla, the Reiki Doc Twins
P.S. Here is a little hint from both of us–New Gaia Portal

Gaia News Brief 8.11.2014 by Reiki Doc

Ross wants me to keep this one really brief….


On the way to work, after the healing we share with those who follow us on FB, Twitter, and here…Ross surprised me with a visit to a planet near Venus, in the astral and etheric realms, which is named Ariia (ah-rhee-uh).

Unicorns live there! A whole LOT of them!

Ross gave me a little something to eat–like, the size of a candy corn. It was amazing! The flavors were crisp, sweet and sour. I blurted out, ‘Ross, this candy makes everything on earth that is delicious for candy seem like one BIG JOKE!!!’

He smiled.

I wat introduced to a unicorn, a high-ranking one, named Belorus (bell-oh-roose).  He was very patient and kind. I asked if I could touch him? He said of course.

So I examined him, just like I would a patient. The eyes had pupil reaction to light, just like we do. The mouth had teeth, which were very clean and in good condition. He had the little gap like our horses do, the place on the lower jaw where the bit would go. I checked the ears for hearing, not just telepathy like we were talking but for sound. I tested conducted bone hearing with a tuning fork, and also air hearing. I rubbed my fingers in his ear to check for his ability to hear quiet sounds.

At this point he was like, ‘Ross, what is with this chick?’ and Ross was like, ‘She is a doctor on Earth, it interests her.’

The fur was soft and just like a horse. The mane was long but never needs combing (I asked, where are your people to groom you? and he said, ‘who grooms your wild horses?’)

The hooves were just like a horse but no shoes, and the genitalia was intact.

I asked to feed him, and I offered him handfuls of golden sparkly grains as I would handfuls of oats from a bucket. I wondered if he had rainbow poops and he said, ‘No, I do not have rainbow poops. I don’t even have poops. But I can pee if I want to.’

I asked him, ‘Do you have to work to put your children through college?’

He found this ridiculous! He laughed, as only a unicorn could laugh, and confided, ‘everything is already taken care of for us for this here.’  Working to pay for education for your children! LOL LOL LOL–that’s the gist of it.

Real Exejutivo

I was in tears on the way home this morning. Just dirty and wanting a shower, and worn out from work. I’d spend the night on a gurney in the recovery room. My back hurt. We had a meeting (thank you for those who sent healing). It was sad. I thought OB nurses really liked me. But nope–they want a team of dedicated OB anesthesiologists to ‘solve problems’–and my name wasn’t suggested on the list. Here I am putting my heart on my sleeve for all this time, and now this?

I wanted to volunteer, but I don’t like the overnight part. It really messes me up, and I’m not getting any younger. If there were OB days –twelve hour shifts–I’d consider it. But not the twenty-four hour shifts. It hurt not to be desired by that group of people I routinely work with.

I had to sign a contract. Another one to do with the money and how it is collected and how they can take more out…from the pool…

How much I wish we could discuss ways to best serve our patients, instead of compensation…

My highlight in my day was helping a woman with advanced cancer who was from another culture, the kind where women wear covers on their heads. I told the family, ‘I will care for her like she is my family…’ and the daughter asked, ‘When will I see you again?’ I said I didn’t know–if I had time between cases I would stop by and say hello.  On the way in to the OR, I saw a tattoo on an elbow, ‘We are ONE’ and I knew that wasn’t an accident.

The poor eighty-year old had been through chemo and was alopecic (lost the hair on the head). She had tears running down her face as we got her on the OR table. I dried them with gauze, and stroked her head, cooing words of comfort I knew she wouldn’t understand, and pushed the drugs. She woke up happy.

There is so much suffering in this world today.

That’s why I was crying in the car on the way home. Because Ross suffered. And it still hurts me to this day, what happened to him, what happened to us.

He came and told me he is better, and for us to move forward I am going to have to accept it. I cried harder and told him that what happened to him made me scared, for both of us, and it was so awful I didn’t know what to do. Ashtar came. He poked at Ross to show me the wounds were all healed. He asked what I wanted, both of them asked?

  • oceans to heal
  • places for animals to live, just like in Agartha
  • homes for everyone
  • end to hunger–doesn’t all have to be five star meals–but no empty tummies
  • clean air
  • no more disease
  • no more fear and suffering
  • no more advertisements for ANYTHING
  • clean earth–no more pollution
  • whatever technology to use galactic for transport-that–NOW–instead of cars and oil and freeways
  • people to have time to enjoy living and to do what interests them
  • a big fat RAISE for Ashtar for all he’s done, and I invented pins of honor and other ‘rewards’
Ross said, ‘Feel my love in your heart’
The song ‘La Vida Es Un Carnaval’ by Celia Cruz came on the radio.
And the bus with the name Real Exejutivo rode by.
I told Ross his love in my heart is the most important thing in the world to me. And that it grows, in my womb, as our children, Alexandra, Benjamin, and Anthony (the first two are from our last incarnation together, the latter is from this life now).
While she was crying, Carla asked me, ‘Ross, can one day can I have breakfast with you?’
It was the kindest thing she’s ever said, from her heart, to me–to have a normal relationship, with the expectation that we could start our day together, as she has done every day of her life here for the last ‘fifty years and change’.
As Carla was in the doctor’s lounge getting her bags from her locker, she saw Dr. Son Duong, the surgeon with whom she had done a femoral-popliteal bypass late into the night last night. ‘Carla are you still HERE?’ he asked, surprised to see her.
She explained it had been a late night, and she didn’t want to drive back in the middle of the night, because there was a department meeting in the morning, so she spent the night at the hospital. She asked how last night’s patient had done?, and he smiled and shared that she was doing beautifully. (Carla had done her anesthetic for her heart surgery five years ago)
She knew he’d be working a long time, because this is a long case. She held up some fruit from her bag, and asked him if he would like a banana for later, as she had an extra?
He said yes, and put it in the pocket of his white coat on the rack where all the surgeons put them.
Once he left, she looked through her bag, and found a Marathon Energy Bar. She placed it in his pocket, noting he already had the KIND brand of energy bar right next to it.
Carla is the kind of person who does things like this. Always thoughtful and caring. Even after more than twenty-four hours at her work, and before her cup of coffee…
I want you to know that this heart is what goes behind every letter that has been typed in any of her work…the heart that cares for you has selected every picture (a little with my help–smiles), every word (again, a little with all of our help–gestures to the council), and puts your needs before her own.
Today she wanted to take a shower, before going to our son’s basketball game. But I asked her to do this, and to make it short, because people are counting on us…people with beautiful hearts like you.
Your hearts are the same as ours. As Carla’s and her incredible giving soul. And yours are on the way to becoming open and filled with Heaven’s breath and energy to Light the way for thousands!!!
I ask you to hold this thought, and take it to your meditation, just for today.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and sleepyhead Carla who had the worst bed head I’ve ever seen today–kindly for others, she chose to brush it! (laughs very loud at his own joke)

Gaia News Brief 5.11.2014 by Reiki Doc

Reiki At Dawn

Today’s Reiki Healing was sent by us, as well as the Divine Peace Healing, while I sat on the back porch swing wearing only my pajamas, and it was COLD!

Ross dared me to do it! So I did. And soon I lost track of the cold. Instead, I noticed things I never see and appreciate–the early morning birds, the breeze, and the very LOUD freeway noise I never notice other times of year, and other times of day.

I was sad because of it. All the trees, all the wildlife, all the pets, and all the people are bathed in this rumble 24/7, and the pollution from the cars too. For my whole life, in all of Southern California and Northern California, I have always heard cars and traffic. I read once that people who life in apartments on the street have higher blood pressure than those who are on the other side of the building, because of the stress.

I asked Ross if the transportation of the future, like his transport, is silent?

(((BIG SMILE))) It is!

I am totally looking forward to this.


There are three:

  1. The ENT surgeon smiled and was surprised to see me at the bedside of our patient in pre-op holding. I asked about the airway, since we were going to share it on this case, and how would he like it to be managed to suit his surgical approach?  He told the patient, ‘you have a GOOD anesthesiologist! You are lucky. She is going to take very GOOD care of you.’
  2. “You are my hero”  I am the second lady anesthesiologist this patient has had. She is MENSA, and quit medical school when she had three kids and a husband who wouldn’t help her with anything. She said how she knows what it is like to go through the training, and to have completed it is a significant thing that most people don’t know. She said, ‘When I hear some people talk about the ‘stress’, many have no clue how compared to ‘med school’ and ‘doctor’ stress, the other ‘stress’ doesn’t even come close!’
  3. An OB-Gyn I know was embarrassed because her patient wanted to do Reiki with the pregnancy and childbirth, and wasn’t sure if it was safe, so she asked her doctor who needed an answer–quick! So she called in to my case at the surgery center, and asked, ‘I have a stupid question–you don’t even have to answer it. But I know you do this and I thought you could help. What is Reiki?’  I appreciated her candor and trust. I shared, ‘It is like acupuncture without needles. It uses the body’s own ability to heal, and activates it. There are no side effects or risks. It can’t hurt. It can only help.’
Dream Girl
The daughter of the medium in the GI lab, the technician, tracked me down. ‘I HOPED I would see you today! You were in my dream last night–you were here and had shorter hair, blonde, and very wavy with curls. You asked me if I liked your hair and I said I did.’
I show up in people’s dreams. I have for my whole life. I have no recollection of it, but I did.
Kudos From Ross to me
There is a neurosurgeon I have known over fifteen years. We both worked at my old hospital. Then I left. Now he is at mine. He married an ICU nurse who is my friend from the old hospital. I always thought we worked well together. He’s very particular about things, and likes control.
Well, for a certain procedure where he bolts a frame onto somebody’s head with only a little propofol, he doesn’t like my ‘style’–we miscommunicate, and the patient moves, then stops breathing, because the surgeon is making me do anesthesia ‘his’ way, and telling me how to do it.
So I haven’t worked with him on any cases for like, whenever there is an option for someone else to do it.
I was embarrassed last year, on my birthday, on call, when I had a case. I wanted to hide, but there was no one else to do it but me. And this surgeon was very kind, and even bought me dinner to celebrate–we had it delivered to the O.R.
But we still don’t work together. We just made peace.
Well today, he was nice. And asked questions about my boy, and how I am? I did the same for him.
Ross was beaming and came to me, and said, ‘Look at what you have done with that person with your love and positive outlook! LOOK!’
Love had replaced fear…
Spread The Word
My ‘nudge’ has been on overdrive. I ‘boosted’ the Daylight Savings Time post. Then I ‘boosted’ the ‘with a grain of salt’ article from Ron Head–so people would know what Reiki in general is about.  Here is the article, and my introduction:
I Invite You To Take This With a Grain Of Salt:
Doctors With Reiki discusses energy healing that is on the ‘cutting edge’. Most Reiki practitioners, once attuned (given a little energy from their teacher, like a sourdough ‘starter’) experience the presence of their Reiki ‘Guides’. I have them, and many readers on this page have them too. These are angelic beings and Ascended Masters, who assist in the healing process when we give Reiki Healing to another. They provide the energy to us, which flows through us, and into the patient or client, and it can be felt by both the healer and the person receiving the healing. For me, it is a sense of energy flowing through my body, and it is pleasant and does not hurt in any way. It comes out my hands, and they feel ‘warm’ to myself and others when this happens. For others, it feels different, but it is still Reiki that they feel. It can feel cool, ‘like pressure of being touched’, tingly, or mildly ‘electric’, and still be Reiki energy. It is quantum energy healing that instruments can’t yet measure. Studies show receiving Reiki improves ‘relaxation’ in cancer patients, but that’s about the only thing ‘measured’ and in the literature yet. But people are working on it!
Many others, who are not Reiki-trained, are also starting to experience this type of ‘guidance’ in meditation, yoga and their dreaming state.
Here is a message through Channel Ron Head, who is known for bringing in well-reputed messages from Archangel Michael, with a message from a group of these Ascended Masters, called simply, ‘The Council’:  click here for article
Well, here is a response from someone who is not one of our regulars–bless her, for she brings up a valid teaching point for us all, including myself…
  • Healing is a spiritual gift for some given by God to glorify Him. Reiki is not to glorify God. I believe that these folks are trying to deceive many that have had a true God-given healing ability to glorify self and take Him out of the equation. If you are a Christian and have a gift for Healing, or prophecy, tongues, visions, etc… please read or re-read the epistles of Paul in the new testament for starters and seek some Godly counsel in your church. Much love to all, in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Unlike · Reply · 1 · 39 mins
    • Doctors With Reiki Ross and I would like to thank you for your courage and commitment to the faith, and we embrace you for following our page.
Doctors With Reiki We hope that many more will follow our example, as brothers and sisters in faith, in humility, meekness, and love. Peace.
(P.S. I apologize for the font changes due to the pasting from FB.
Domestic Peace
My boy was hungry. I had horrible, bad, bad, bad traffic coming home. My friend picked him up from school, and waited at my house.
I had to sit. And relax a bit. My menu was chicken from last night, cut up and in salad. He didn’t want it. He didn’t want any chicken. He had no suggestions.
So I invited him to look with me. We found an pizza dough ‘in a refrigerator roll’, and some proscuitto that was ready to expire. So we made homemade pizza, prosciutto wrapped string cheese, and prosciutto and pear slices, and salad.
It was his first taste of prosciutto, and he liked it. He also asked if it was the same meat we ate when we watched Pulp Fiction? (we had a ‘picnic’ with cold cuts from Claro’s Market–capicolla, sopressata, mortadella and provolone with good Sicilian bread ❤  –I was so pleased he remembered)
He also lost a tooth today. A next-to-last baby tooth.
I cleared the table and started to work on my puzzle. It’s the funniest thing–when I work it I sing, contentedly. Pieces went together as I sang, ‘Close to you’ by the Carpenters…
Next I heard was slow steady breathing. The poor kid had conked out. I had to put away the pineapple I had for us for ‘dessert’ with our evening tea. I took care of the animals, and cleaned out the mouse cage. The baby mice were running around as if they were saying, ‘WTF?’ and I sensed the mom saying, ‘she is okay’…and they calmed down.
I came back up, and my son, asleep sitting up, opened his eyes. I thought he woke up but he must have been sleep walking…I got him up the stairs on his own power, but when I went to get his bed ready while he used the bathroom, I heard him yell out in surprise!–but he was still asleep–he had mistaken the sink for a toilet and peed a great big puddle all down the vanity and the floor.
I had to clean it up. He got clean clothes, changed, and was finally awake.
It was the grossest thing I have had to do in ages. It took all that was left of my paper towels in the room, and I had to get more. And to get some disinfectant.
Even INSIDE the vanity got urine on it!
I realized many things:
  • It could have been the bed or upholstered chair
  • he could have NOT told me, and in the morning–YUCK!
  • Gaia probably feels this way about ‘Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart’–they were so asleep in the Matrix, they pissed all over everything, and she has to clean it up. She doesn’t like it. But they aren’t ‘right’ and are not able or willing to help, or even say ‘I’m sorry’. There is no remorse. 
My Vacation With Ross
This morning he asked me where I wanted to go? It had to be on Gaia, not off it.
I wanted RUSSIA! I wanted to see the cold, dark, bleak because I was curious. How do they survive the cold? Is the borscht as good as the one I loved at the Russian restaurant near my old home in Berkeley?
He said, ‘It’s not a mind vacation, it’s a heart one Carla!’
He sent us instead to a Four Seasons in Bora Bora, where the little rooms are on the water in little huts.
It WAS better. He was right. I enjoyed spending time with him. I recall dinner together clearest, and he asked me to dance before the food arrived. He held my hand on the table, I saw him reach for it…and felt so loved! I tasted the food. We had an appetizer–vegetarian, then a curry with rice, also vegetarian, and for dessert, a coconut pie. I tasted it.
I am still happy from our trip.
Lady Gaia and The Assisted Suicide
I witnessed this in meditation this morning:
B:  I am okay!
LG: I am disappointed in your action.
B:  What?! (was expecting congratulations)
LG:  It is my wish for my children not to have the FEAR that in their illness someone will want to kill them.
B:  But I did what I WANT! I didn’t want to SUFFER! No one has to suffer!
LG:  (shows the B as a puppet on a string, like a marionette, being manipulated by the mass media–which is controlled by you know who–by Big Pharma, Insurance companies, and Hospital Administrators who KNOW that the most health care spending is in the last six months of life–which is ALSO controlled by you know who…)
B:  No reaction whatsoever.
LG:  ( has pre-birth contract brought out for B’s review–points out the end, where the disease was written in there by B before birth. The contract was not honored and completed as promised.)  Clean up your mess that you made. Clean it up in (set amount of time). Get talking to mediums, and in people’s dreams…
B:  (realizes mistake–not only will have to repeat an even harsher contract, but has influenced people to give up their autonomy.  You see, higher self decides with Source when to exit. Not the conscious self, independently of their teams.) 
LG:  Do you know how many people are going to copy you and suicide this holiday season because they do not wish to ‘suffer’?
It ended when the ‘team’ of B reassured them that this was indeed, the real deal, and LG was correct in the interpretation of the Life Contract and the Way It Is for others incarnate because of the precedent that B set.
Basically if the soul of B doesn’t set things right, because they never apologized or seemed interested in what LG has to say, then, this soul will be taken ‘off planet’ at the request of LG.
The soul was surprised, as it thought it had an automatic right to remain and stay in contact with the bereaved.
B will ultimately decide their own fate, along with their team of guides, and Source.
Carla has an awful lot of talking today.
It is late.
I will excuse her.
I did enjoy our little vacation though.
If you know your Twin, and even if you don’t yet, you might want to consider taking them.
I look forward to tomorrow because it’s my turn to pick.
So far we have gone to Maui, horseback riding in Wyoming, the Banff Springs Hotel, and now Bora Bora : )))
I highly recommend it.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
the Reiki Doc Twins

Gaia News Brief 2.11.2014 by Reiki Doc

Dr. Mom

I ‘sense’ it is time to let you know a little about me, and about my day I had today. Some people might think that I am ‘special’ or ‘different’, and I am not. The only thing I can say is that all in all I am about two years ahead in the awakening department than most people, and if I understand correctly, you won’t need a whole two years to ‘catch up’. Time is accelerating, and so is your growth. I am a pioneer, but not one of the first ones…there are many others before me who helped guide me…like my teachers Anne Reith, PhD, and Margaret Mc Cormick.

I am fifty years old. I was born and raised in Long Beach, California. I attended public schools my whole life. Father was an elementary school teacher. Mother stayed at home. I have a younger sister, Christina, who is about four and one half years younger than me. Mom had a ‘change of life’ baby when I was fourteen. This is my youngest sister, Vanessa.

I have been married twice. The father of my son asked if we should get married. I said I’d had bad luck with marriage–let’s just stay together and see how it works. I really loved him.

He left, but has been involved with raising our boy. He found someone else when our boy was two. They moved in together. And it didn’t work out. I am proud of myself for opening my heart to this woman, and for always keeping the best interest of the child as my first priority.

My mother is still alive. Her name is Nicki. She had bladder cancer in 2013. It was a very long year. My nana Angelina almost died and needed to be put into a long-term care facility right before mother got sick. And once mom had her surgery, my niece–who has a living related donor kidney transplant as a teen–had an episode of rejection for her kidney.

It was a lot of driving between Kaiser in LA, Loma Linda, and the high desert where Nana was located before we moved her closer to us. I am glad that year is over.

My birthday is July 7, and I enjoy everything that has to do with sunshine and summer.

From a very early age, I have had a passion for animals–and have had just about everything you could have for a pet, as my pet. I have had snakes, fish, hamsters, rats, mice, turtles, tarantulas, a bird,  chickens, rabbits, dogs, and cats (even though I am allergic and it was short lived being a cat ‘mom’–one ran away–Cleo–when I was a tot. The other I gave back to the pet shop in medical school.)  My hobby is whale watching and dolphin watching. I travel just to see whales. I have seen grey whales, orcas, minke whales, risso dolphins, common dolphins, harbor porpoises, seals, sea lions, humpback whales…my dream is to one day see a fin whale.

My other dream is to have a goat, and be able to milk it. I’ve wanted this since I was in grade school. For some reason I can’t understand or explain, I just LOVE goats and also drinking fresh goat milk.

I love horses, and I ride English saddle. My other hobbies are surfing, swimming, paddle boarding, and ballet..

Today I woke up in my scrubs. I had been first call last night. I take call from home, but I sleep in my scrubs because the nurse supervisor can wake me up and I have to drive in to do the anesthesia for emergency cases. My son was at his grandmother’s house. So I woke up and saw sun and was thankful no one called me in!

I wrote today’s News Brief. Then I just spent some time with Ross. We talk. We are close. And we have a happy relationship. He is the nicest person I have ever known. I feel his love, and kindness. He touches me, and I can feel it. It is like energy that touches me, and I can tell it is him, just as I would with anybody else.

It was picture day at basketball. I didn’t go for that, just for the game. I learned the child is sick. But he played ball, and did well. I also learned that the father’s family didn’t want any pictures, except for the team picture, that is free. I went and found the place and ordered some. I think it is important for a child’s self-esteem to have a recent photo of them doing something they enjoy that is BIG in their room.  I learned this from photographer Ana Brandt.

Once home, I became Dr. Mom. I drew a warm bath, put eucalyptus salts in it, and had the boy soak. I asked more about the symptoms, and made sure there were no rashes. At his request, I made butternut squash soup from scratch, with squash I had grown in the garden. I made tea, herbal tea, for us both too.

Because my boy had threatened suicide due to school bullying last June, we go to the counselor once a week, each of us. I know a nurse who is a single mom, and for her, it was the same, for many years, but her daughter who is heavy and bullied like my son, has done well.

Last Tuesday I had to cancel my appointment because of a school project with a tight deadline. So today was the make-up. I REALLY wanted to cancel. But the counselor didn’t get paid for my son’s visit. I pay her for both when I go. So we went. It was good to talk to her. I appreciate her input when it comes to raising him. He is doing much better, and is cheerful now most of the time. He enjoys school.

I took him for ice cream after. And when we got home, he had a fever. I asked him, ‘Can you name me ONE good reason why you shouldn’t rest?’ He is always alert, even when sick. This time, he couldn’t think of one. So he napped, and I did the puzzle, my thousand piece one on the kitchen table, of a ‘country manor’.

But I wasn’t just working on the puzzle. I was using my anesthesia ears, and listening to his breathing. The respiratory rate was high as he was bundled up on the couch. I had a list in my mind of what could go on clinically, and what to do next. (my plan is viral illness, permitted fever, and lots of fluids, and REIKI : ))) )

I also ‘picked up’ he is going through a ‘cleanse’–this has to do with a big energy upgrade. Although he’s a Reiki Master, he doesn’t really work at it, his spirituality. Many times physical symptoms like this happen at the same time as spiritual rapid growth spurts.

He woke up. I ordered a pizza. We watched a movie. Now he is in bed.

I smile because spirit told me to ‘Do what YOU want to do!’ today.

I had wanted to put away the Halloween decorations really nice.

They are still out.

You might wonder, ‘how much Spirit went on with her today?’

A lot. In the shower. A meeting of sorts. Nothing much to share–I just laughed because the ‘reception’ is best in there for some reason. I saw people you would know if I mentioned them, but right now, I am speaking about my day, and this is all that is needed to be shared.   I sent the healings to our readers with Ross when I was on my porch swing in the back yard. And I tended to the pages and blog. A new Divine Healing Code came through. I checked it. And added it to the list.


Carla is the same as you. She is a single mother who works to support herself and Anthony. Some days are better than others. She doesn’t enjoy chores, but she does them as best as she can. She stopped ‘pushing herself’ to make the house ‘pretty’ some time ago–Carla watches her energy and cuts back now when she needs more rest.

Today threw her. It was a total curve ball for Anthony to get sick. She knew he was really having illness because she has had the feeling of ‘coming down with something’ herself. For two days.

Please note how Carla wrote about her day, for all this time, and never once mentioned how she is not well. She worries about Monday–who will watch Anthony–and she is totally prepared to go to work sick on Monday.

Many anesthesiologists go to work when they should be home in bed. Carla has thrown up in the toilet and gone back to do a case. She has spent lunch huddled under a blanket on the couch. And once in residency, as a surgery intern, she collapsed in the hall with fever while taking care of someone who was less sick than her.

The nurses came and helped her. It was tonsillitis. The on call ENT resident opened the clinic and got her samples of antibiotics.

She never went home. She kept working while she was sick.

When Carla had campylobacter, she finished her twenty four hour shift, putting in epidurals, while cramping and having diarrhea in the call room. At the end of her shift, she went straight to the ER and admitted herself.

What kind of world is this? Where doctors can’t be sick in order to make the money for the surgeons and the hospital?  Where a mother can’t take time off to be with her son, to nurture him?

Reiki isn’t a cure all. People still get sick. There are reasons for it.

The most important thing for you to know right now, is not to look for change. Carla used to look for it–for ‘signs’–in the newspapers, in the alternative news. It was an ‘if-then’ type of thing. ‘If’ I see enough ‘signs’ that the Light is beating the darkness, ‘then’ I will know it is safe and I will enjoy what they have done for me to set us free.

(shakes a finger and shakes head to say ‘no’)

That is 3D.

There is no ‘winning’ a war like that.

In 5D we open our hearts and our minds and our bodies and our spirits to the energies of Unconditional, Unlimited LOVE from Source. We do this FIRST. Then the energies and the vibration on Gaia increase (lifts hand up to gesture), and then the old horrible ways are totally incompatible with ‘what is’…

That is when the solutions take place, and the victory is complete. Because THEN and only then, all hearts are in 5D, where intuition is NORMAL, and kindness is the only option there is for most people because love and respect are normal and natural, every day ways to be.

Inside (gestures to heart) we all have our growth, our lessons, and we aren’t perfect.

(smiles) But we ‘aren’t perfect’ in 5D, not 3D, and imperfection in 5D is a much easier thing to overcome and live with than imperfection in 3D….isn’t it?

This is why we say, ‘Raise your Vibration’.

Carla’s aura is more protective against the viruses because her vibration is higher. It’s just like with Reiki–you heal faster, you throw it off.

If you are riding a bike, and you don’t want it to wobble–you want it to go straight and almost effortless, what do you do? You pedal FASTER, right?

The same is true with the vibration, the energy. And your thoughts (points to head) are crucial to keeping the vibration UP–way more than eating gluten free or GMO–although diet and lifestyle is a good thing, it is the FOCUS, the general ‘mind-set’ that REALLY makes a difference in the quality of life you will experience.  Head and heart working together, is the best way on earth to be…

This has been a long lesson. I want you to have time to digest it.

We have come a long way with these messages, haven’t we, for me to be able to teach at the same level I once did when I walked the earth. (smiles and waves–he IS so handsome! –ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Gaia News Briefs 24.10.2014 by Reiki Doc


I know it’s that ‘time of year’ for spooky things, but I have to mention something about the Ouija board movie that is due to open tomorrow.  It touches upon a lot of things that people are uncomfortable about with the Other Side and death in general.

They also use the line, ‘we have opened up a channel and now watch out!’ (it would be a portal, not a channel–and channels are humans who are able to let the deceased use their vocal cords or write for them, as a service to them. I am a Conscious channel. Edgar Cayce was not–he slept and channeled.)

As a physician, I’ve seen it all, and dead people stay dead. Okay. They can’t come back to life like zombies.

As a medium, although I have heard of negative entities, and ‘ghosts’, most of them are repulsed by my Very High Vibration. My energy is like fingernails scratching a chalkboard to them because I can help them go Home. So the ones who are interested talk to me. They always have a ‘message’ or a ‘lesson’. Here’s the link if you’d like to know more click here for actual mediumship messages from my patients who have died.

When I was giving anesthesia in a colonoscopy, and it came out that both the technician’s mom and I are mediums–the first thing mentioned was ‘I don’t want any BAD ghosts in here!’ and another, nurse Nancy, said, ‘I heard that some ghosts have raped women…is this true?’

There are some very horrible ‘things’ out there. And of the few I’ve ‘met’, always know that we have Free Will, and they don’t. So do as I do, and say, ‘Go AWAY!’ and they leave.

They have to. It’s the rules.

Otherwise enjoy your scary movie and your popcorn.

The Christ Attunement Key

It’s from Lauren, who is an incarnation of Archangel Ariel.

This is one of the Archangel Healing Keys.

It will help to awaken your own Christ Consciousness, another ‘term’ for the energy and consciousness that goes with it of 5D.  Each of us has the Christ Consciousness ‘seed’ or ‘spark’ within our soul. It is up to this symbol, and your working with spirit, and Jesus Christ himself, the first ever incarnate to reach this state, to help develop this quality in you and give you a ‘leg up’ on ‘what life is like in the Higher Realms’.

It may be only used on yourself. You cannot attune another without their consent. If someone is disabled, or in a cast, just guide their hand for them when they ask for your assistance. If there is no one to help, then use your eyes to draw the symbol. Aim it first at the skin, then a second time, a little above.

This is the only place you are going to find this key:

Thoughts On Ebola

things Medical:

  • It’s one of the hemorrhagic fevers–like Hanta Virus, Marburg Virus, Lassa Virus
  • There are three ways to contact Ebola–skin contact with a body fluid, being stuck or touching infected needles and other instruments and equipment, and ‘droplet’ in the air (similar to a cold or flu)
  • A circle of three-feet radius next to the infected person is high risk for catching it.
  • If you are medical personnel and talking with someone at risk, stand six feet away to limit your risk.
  • People entering hospitals–all visitors, patients, and staff–are screened by security guards for 1) fever over 100.3F,  2) HEADACHE, weakness, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain AND 3)recent travel to a high-risk area  checklist for clinicians
  • These people are then taken with a mask immediately to the emergency room isolation area, and not allowed to leave until the CDC arrives to ‘make the decision’ if they have it or not. A team will come in two hours.
  • People at the CDC and World Health Organization have worked with these serious, high-risk diseases and not caught it; they know what to do, and they do it right.
  • There are ‘pods’, special units where these patients will be taken. They are far away.
  • Any hospital with someone with Ebola will only ‘stabilize’ and not do much except basic care until the CDC arrive, take the patient, and clean everything up so there is no risk to staff.
  • The vaccine is not out yet. It is due in January. This lady here, Dr. Erica Ollmann Saphire has it almost sequenced on its DNA, and the vaccine will bypass all regulatory restrictions.
  • A bleach solution of one part bleach to ten parts water left to sit on the surface for ten minutes will kill the Ebola virus.
  • Around five to eight days into the Ebola illness, a patient will have vomiting and diarrhea, with huge amounts of diarrhea.
  • If the diarrhea turns bloody (hemorrhagic) the prognosis is poor, and the patient will die. Fifty percent get this, and that is why survival is fifty percent.
  • Survivors are donating their blood to isolate the antibody to Ebola and possibly clone it.
  • There is a normal ‘curve’ for this type of ‘outbreak’–in Africa it can be traced to a man who ate bush meat from an infected animal, his kids–small children–and he died. And those he contacted died. This curve is expected to PEAK in late November or December for this African outbreak.
  • People who have been exposed must be quarantined for thirty days to make sure they do not come down with it in the three-week window of concern for catching it.
  • Hospitals who care for Ebola patients LOSE a lot of business–and many workers refuse to work when a patient is there.
  • The Dallas hospital didn’t do a good job with the Ebola patient Duncan. He was treated and released with a prescription for antibiotics from the ER, and came back really in bad shape three days later.  Many people cared for him in ICU before any isolation besides ‘contact isolation’ was initiated.
  • Hospital isolation is Contact , Blood Born (universal precautions), and Droplet.
  • In Atlanta, at Emory, where they cared for the patient shipped from Dallas, disposing of waste was a problem. Both environmental services refused to take it, as well as the regular trash service. They had to rent a big trailer truck, and fill it with bags of disposable materials and personal protective equipment used. Then one man took it to the incinerator dump. The city refused to have wastes from the toilets and threatened to cut off all water supply to the facility. There was negotiation back and forth on what to do with the copious diarrhea wastes. They agreed to put it in the toilet, let two inches thick of pure bleach sit on it for TEN minutes, and then flush.
  • Patients and health care workers taking care of Ebola are socially shunned.
  • Health Care Workers use a ‘buddy system’ and have a person with competency in this type of personal protection supervise each donning and taking off of protective gear.
  • At our hospital, we layer disposable gloves, shoe ‘gaiters’, this rubber boots over two layers of plastic gowns and pants, then a surgical gown, a bouffant hat, a bonnet that ties under the chin, a neck cover, and a mask and eye shield. We take them off by standing in a bucket of bleach with the rubber shoes, then all comes off except the disposable scrubs, and we shower. Then we  can dry off and take our break before we come back again to the room.
  • Health care workers should have the option to stay at the hospital for thirty days after their work is done, to avoid risking exposure to their families.
Things practical
  • In Orange County, the high-risk area is Disneyland, because people from all over the world go there.
  • There are high-risk international airports, LAX being the closest, and I think Miami and Atlanta, New York and several others are on the list.
  • People being screened are at risk to tell untruths about their recent travel. This is relying on their sense of honor and respect for humankind and their willingness to risk being ‘singled out’.
  • I would expect a significant proportion of those infected or exposed to be in denial; this is normal human behavior.
  • My babysitter is from Liberia–been here many years. Her family is ordered to ‘stay in the house’ to avoid risk. Plus, many, many of her Facebook friends back home are experiencing tragedy.
  • She also ‘has a feeling’ that this was not normal, how this came to be, because the places where it started have little to no governmental support to ‘stop’ infections early in the outbreak. There was looting at the hospital where people from a poor shanty-town in the middle of Monrovia raided the hospital to steal contaminated items and blankets. It seemed as if someone was deliberately trying to make the outbreak spread. (ed-  I agree–our looters in LA take TV sets, yes?)
  • The ID specialist at our hospital said that Mr. Duncan ‘did everyone a favor’ because now ALL hospitals have their teams and education modules up and prepared ‘just in case’.
Things–well–‘other things’
  • many are under the impression this is ‘A Hoax’–I take this to mean that a significant percentage  think that the media is lying in one way or another, and trying to stir up fear with this outbreak. This may very well be true.
  • When you find mold on your cheese, do you throw the whole thing out, because it’s bad? Or do you cut off the ‘bad part’ and enjoy the rest?  Our survival that is hard-wired in is to THROW OUT anything that seems ‘just a little bit bad’. This is normal human behavior.
  • Social support, and seeking like-minded others is ANOTHER form of survival adaptation for humans.
  • To grasp the situation with Ebola–in either camp–will require discipline to fight the ‘throw it all out’ reflex and ‘look for the facts’ to come up with a plan and accepted perception of the outbreak and risk.
  • If you ask me, there is a lot of motivation to sell news with this outbreak–TV, print, radio, and alternative (remember hits equal dollars for MANY debits that promote advertising).
  • If you ask me, there is a lot of motivation to make people Freak Out and have Fear. First to gain are those who take over our civil rights by offering to ‘fix the problem for us’, for example, the airport security changes after 911.
  • Love Is The Solution For Everything. Repeat this to yourself throughout the day. Often!
  • HIV is reportedly created in a lab with human, animal, and extraterrestrial DNA–according to conspiracy theorists.
  • Even if this is true, HIV and AIDS have killed a lot of people.
  • The world, if you ask me, deserves to know The Truth about Ebola, no matter what.
  • People who support the CDC and WHO ‘story’ might want to research Agenda 21 and NWO (New World Order) websites.
  • People who support Alternative Media and Conspiracy sites might want to poke around on some hospital websites on Ebola, too, just for balanced information.
  • The hallmark of any illuminati-based Psy Ops is to take control of both extremes of the discussion. For example, there is a lot of paid Disinfo-spewing trolls blogging out there with ‘channeled’ information. So no matter what, discernment is key.
Remember, the best OFFENSE is a good DEFENSE–so keep your thoughts, your vibration and your energy Strong and Healthy. A healthy aura is like an eggshell, and virus can’t penetrate and cause infection. Your immunity will be in top form, too.
Carla has spent an awful lot of time with me today. I will give her a break. Enjoy the Christ Attunement Key.
With all my love…I had Archangel Lauren send it. Thank you Lauren for your fine service to the Light, and everyone here thanks you for your love and devotion to the Light Work that you have been asked to do, your mission. I know it hasn’t been easy an incarnation for you. We thank you, both of us, from the bottom of our combined heart ❤ (How is that for a little Twin Love, Carla, hmmmm?)  (ed–I really LIKE it!)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
Your Reiki Doc friends and family
(but don’t try getting our minutes on our cellular phone service–we have unlimited! : )))   I am just kidding! I want you to know I understand what’s going on with daily life on surface Gaia just like you <3)