Sananda: You Are An Aspect of Creator ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ March 4, 2013




Greetings my dear Soul Beings, keepers of the Christ Consciousness in your very being. I am Sananda at your service, as you are also, to all Beings on Earth and beyond.

It is time to re-orient yourselves into your new Reality, my dear ones. I say re-orient because of course as you know, you are already, as you have always been, magnificent Souls of God Consciousness, of the Divine Consciousness of Creator of All That Is. You are just realizing that identity, and also manifesting that identity, into your Reality more and more as you receive the new energies and re-orient yourselves into what you have always been.

The time is Now to fully orient and experience that essential part of you, dear ones, in everything you do, think and say, for you are the Masters of your Universe, the creators of your Soul’s experiences, as you know already.

The expansion of your energies to date has been immense and you are integrating the incoming energies nicely. We have seen such progress with you as you allow and surrender to receiving the new energies and engulf them and integrate them in each moment.

It is truly a beautiful sight to see, as we observe your pulsing energies glimmer and sparkle as they expand and adapt to the new milieu of energies being presented to you as we speak. Harken to what is being offered, receive what is being offered, with full and present abandon.

My dear Souls, the time is nigh to throw away your concerns with where you are going and to be present with the ride, with the full impact of the ride and the insurgence of Pure Light Energies being offered to you.

I take you in my stride and in my heart and guide you to your new illustrious beginnings, in progress now, the beginnings of what really has always been there for you, but just hidden. You are being exposed more fully to it dear ones: to the Divine totality of your very Being, so majestic and full of the Divine Essence of Creator that your Soul is made of, as it integrates with your physical being and becomes one with it.

Take a moment now to ponder this, dear ones: Do you know that your Soul’s energies are part and parcel of Creator? Do you know that your Soul’s energies are becoming more and more available and accessible and present as you allow and surrender to the new energies being made available to you for your immediate taking and integration? Are you truly and essentially aware of that? Are you open to this Truth? Are you open to this Reality? Are you open to the wonders it will bring you as you accept and allow it to manifest within your very Being?

I trust that many of you are. And I trust that you are also becoming acclimated to it all as if you are trying on a new suit of clothing. It may feel strange at first, but lo and behold, it soon becomes a comfortable part of you.

My dear ones, if you could see yourselves from our perspective, you would be astounded. For now you may be too close, as to “not see the forest for the trees”, to coin a phrase, but that will change as well and your orientation will be much different, much more encompassing and expansive as is our orientation, for you are just like us, and it just takes awareness to develop for it to be more apparent.

For now, suffice to say that you are coming along superbly and it will just take patience and acceptance of the process, for you are well on your way to completion of this next phase of ascension, well on your way to discovering your True Selves, your beautiful Souls, unique unto themselves but also so connected and part of Source.

Can you feel it? Are you beginning to feel it? Are you allowing yourselves to accept it? Excellent!

My dear souls, I congratulate you on coming this far, and I commend you for continuing on this unprecedented journey of ascending in your physical bodies, of coming back to your True Selves as angels and messengers and aspects of Creator,  as we in the Celestial Realm are aspects; we are just waiting for you to fully realize it.

I bid you adieu for now. You have my complete and undying respect and adoration and of course support, as I am always at your service.

I Am Sananda

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Double Celebratory Message from Yeshua and Sananda ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ December 12 and 13, 2012


Note from Fran: The following is Yeshua’s Celebratory Message given to me in the late afternoon of 12-12-12, meant to be Part One of a Double Celebratory Message; Part Two, Sananda’s Message of today, 12-13-12, follows Yeshua’s message below. Enjoy! Many Blessings!


Yeshua.lightfilledworld11Celebratory Message from Yeshua on 12-12-12: A Light Filled World


Greetings and salutations to all my beloveds! Today, 12-12-12, marked a glorious day in your history, in your development and in your hearts  – and in our hearts, dear ones. You have accomplished so much. Your embarkment on this ascension journey is well underway now, dear ones. You have crossed the threshold of all thresholds. The Light is shining ever brighter and untold adjustments have been made in your Light Bodies, in Gaia’s Light Body and in sacred Unity Consciousness.

Rejoice, dear ones. You are doing beautifully. Please keep up this progress and your meditations, for you are making great headway and more is afoot. The Bliss you are feeling and experiencing is just going to magnify and amplify, dear ones. There are no limits to the depths you can and will feel and experience.

Much expansion has already taken place in your Light Bodies, DNA and frequencies. You are setting precedent for an explosion and a great building of energies from here on out. No one will be left untouched.

Make how you have lived today, with your meditations and absorption and spreading of the Light, of connecting with Gaia and with your fellow Beings, be your new way of life from here on out –  your magnificent life from here on out, as it is proving to be so the more you encompass this sacred Unity Consciousness, this sacred melding of your higher self, monad and all dimensions of your Being, and your connection with the Divine Mother, Mother Earth and all Humanity, including your Galactic sisters and brothers – all Beings of the Multi-verses.

Your expansion was foretold and designed to perfection. Your unfolding of it is testimony to your great courage and to your great Hearts, and to your Divine connection that you are dusting off and polishing as we speak. The brightness is breathtaking from our standpoint; it is exhilarating – it is blissful for us as well. We are so proud of and encouraged by your progress and tenacity in the face of great odds.

Dear beloveds, your journey with ascension has opened you up in many ways and in a way it is just beginning. There is no stopping you from reaching such great heights, from creating a New Earth that is a showcase for all the galaxies.

Your work and journey is beginning in a new way now, as you see what you are capable of, of what you have already created. You are building on that and are being immersed in such a Light-filled world. Maybe you never thought you would get here, but dear friends you are doing it, and the wattage is just increasing and amplifying minute by minute, day by day, as you lift yourselves and your World to new heights.

Beloveds, don’t stop now; continue on in this fashion, with this precedent that you have set from today. You will not be sorry, and you will say to us: ”I am so glad I mustered my courage and my Light to join you in the Higher Realms and it is a glorious sight to see!”

You see, we never doubted you would get there, even if you did sometimes along the way. But be assured, you have set the precedent and set the tone for a glorious Light-Filled World, capable of lifting even the most stubborn of souls to a better place.

That is the mission you embraced, and you are doing it well, dear friends. Our hearts cry tears of joy at the progress you have made, and feel such joy and delight in seeing you grasp new levels of Bliss, Joy, Harmony, and Unity Consciousness as you are dedicating yourselves to living in a world of complete loving connectedness to your fellow Beings and with Earth.

You were chosen well for this endeavor and you are doing magnificently. You will see that very shortly, my dear friends, my dear sisters and brothers of the Light.

Take a brief rest and then renew your journey in the same vein as today. So much Joy awaits you, dear Ones.

Your loving brother,Yeshua




Sananda.Magnificent2Sananda’s Celebratory Message for 12-12-12:  You Are Magnificent Beyond Words ~ 12-13-12


Greetings, I am Sananda, here to welcome you and commend you for a successful merging of the energies of 12-12-12. All around the World and also other Universes, there was a massive expansion and igniting of the Light and no place or person was unaffected.

There was a massive and potent quickening of particles of Light and thus the Mother Earth has risen significantly in vibration. You will be happy to know that many individuals raised their vibration significantly as well. There was quite a shift in overall perspective in many hearts and so the world as you knew it is not the same. It is substantially lighter and contains a new orientation towards Unity Consciousness.

You can thank yourselves for this change, as there were many dedicated individuals meditating and contributing to a major shift, the effects of which will take a short while to be fully apparent and manifest. All around your World, many are being awakened to the Truth that you are part of a large network working in concert and harmony to create a world of Abundance, Peace and Cooperation for the greater good of all.

You are magnificent beyond words and I salute you, my dear friends, for a job well done. Please continue along this vein. We of the Celestial and Galactic Realms are in awe of you. You are reaching heights you were not completely aware you could reach.

Now, further work begins for you to maintain this level of frequency you have achieved. You will be receiving a series of downloads and energy upgrades here on out increasing in intensity and culminating in a shift of gigantic proportions. It is imperative that you strive to abide steadfastly by your spiritual practices as well as abiding by your regime of eating pure and live vegetables and fruits, plant proteins, and plenty of purified or distilled water, programmed with a blessing.

Right now, those desiring and intending to ascend are advised to dedicate their all and their focus on their own ascension, to Gaia’s ascension and to the overall ascension of Humanity. You are well on your way to that purpose.

My dear beloveds, you are well on your way to leaving duality behind you once and for all and to enjoying a new state of continued Bliss, Harmony and constant reaches into a new world of untold possibilities.

Although you all are at different, and perfect for you, stages of the ascension process, as a collective you have reached a major milestone in illuminated and substantial Reality that is being created to serve the well-being of the Whole, part and parcel to the Truth that you are all One.

My dear beloveds, seekers of the Truth, you have successfully rearranged your World to be one bent on serving the greater good of all, and towards the creation of a world without war, poverty or conflict. What a massive undertaking, and only time will tell You how successful you are at this. For from our World, we already see it is True. We are guiding you in the manifestation of this and you have our immense gratitude for this huge undertaking on your parts.

May you all experience a building Joy and Happiness in the coming days. Allow your Hearts to take it in and accept it as your birthright, dear ones. For the time has come for you to fully enjoy and immerse in this new State of Being for you and for all.

Make this your continued vow and intent and let nothing stand in your way to full acceptance of it with the knowledge of your complete worthiness of it. You have been working towards this a very long time… It is time now to fully take it in, dear ones. Surrender completely to that Lighted part of you that is clamoring to emerge fully and unabashedly and you will be astounded at the elation you will feel.

I leave you now with these thoughts and sincere sentiments, my amazing bringers of the Light and Truth!

I Am Sananda, always at your service.


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Sananda. ~ “Make No Mistake, You Shall Be Called Into Service.” ~ By, Bella Capozzi. December 9, 2012.

149397_153864464744876_100003639712110_197117_165012420_nNo matter your age, your profession, your current circumstances in life… make no mistake, you shall be called into service.  By way of your ministrations, you shall heal.  Through your words, you shall impart knowledge.  Your presence shall serve to awaken the lost and the seeking.  In the course of your work, you shall be one who enters into a darkened room and, like a beacon, suffuses it with the Light.  By virtue of your existence, you bring hope, peace and the quiet promise of a kinder, more compassionate world.  They shall look for you in days to come, these gentle souls.  Be to them the stars which brighten their darkened skies; be as the sun, rising up to illuminate the path they walk, to light their way.  Your presence here is that of a living, breathing significator of the dawning of the new age, and in due time they shall grow to recognize you as such.    These times are charged with promise.  All is aglow with possibility.

You are the Placeholders and the Wayshowers.  It is your responsibility to guide and to teach by example.  Select your words with great care, as the spoken word wields the power to either uplift or tear down.  Be cautious.  Think before you speak and act, lest you wound your Brother, be it deliberate or unintentional.  Exercise compassion and discernment and goodness.  Decide only with your heart.

Worry not that you might miss hearing the call when it comes, and that you shall miss your golden opportunity to be of service.  Worry not, as such a thing is impossible.  The timing of your activation is a Divine one and was predetermined prior to your birth.  In a manner of speaking, you are hard-wired to receive it.  There is nothing which you need to do, and no particular training which you need to undertake.  It is already done.  You were born ready.  Dispense with any fears you have, that you may not be up to the task.  This is your ego speaking, so silence it with loving kindness and send it off  to be healed.  Do as you normally do, be who you are and go where you would go.  The call shall come, regardless.  Do nothing other than to keep an open heart and mind, and an ear tuned in to your inner voice.  Then await your calling.


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Sananda ~ You Are Making Great Leaps in Consciousness ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ December 2, 2012



Greetings, dear travelers to higher dimensions and beyond. What you partake in is monumental, a feat cherished and honored by all of us in the Galactic and Celestial Realms.

What you do from here on out is indicative of your next level of attainment. You have built up to now quite a foundation for yourselves and it just gets more full and embodied for you. You are treading on grounds that you were once very unfamiliar with, but lo and behold, you settle into them quite nicely, dear ones.

Herein lies the rub. It is important not to have expectations that bind you. It is important to surrender to and be at this new level you are at, without putting so much pressure on yourselves. You see, expansion is about allowing, not trying. Expansion is about accepting and not judging or scrutinizing the effects or your progress.

You are all expanding beautifully as you accept the Light given to you with such grace as you are doing. The beauty in it is immense the more you let go and receive. The joy builds even to a point of tears of gratitude. The bliss is immense, if you just allow yourselves to experience it however it comes to you.

Pay attention to the signs around you. Many of you are seeing repeating number sequences. These are indications of your progress and that you are being protected and guided. Letting go has never been easy for you beautiful Beings while you have experienced this seemingly long stint with duality. It instead has invited you to hold on too much. Your ego had been in full play with that. All that is changing, as you form new habits and ways of being.

My dear friends, I will let you in on a little secret. You have always been wired to let go and Be. That was your birthright. Just think of it as having been covered up with an apparatus or operating system designed to allow you to live in the world of duality as you experimented with all the aspects of that world.

Taking down that apparatus is easier than you think. Choose to honor your essence, your Divine essence that is whole and pure and full of Light and Love, which does not need to be controlled or managed or evaluated in the old manner of thinking that you have been so used to in the past.

You indeed have come so far with letting go of the old, and yes, there are still vestiges of the old to be released, and yes, it may seem endless, but the final barrage of them serve only to clear them faster. It is not indicative of how it will always be, even though it may feel like all this releasing is going to go on and on.

Imagine and project out that you are in a fog that is just on the edge of clearing and revealing beautiful clear scenery just around the bend. It will delight you, as you finally feel yourselves passing through the last wisps and the full view of your higher way of being is revealed. Don’t let the remaining fog discourage you. It just shows you are almost there. It may feel sometimes like you are experiencing the darkness before the dawn, but in that comes even more shift for you.

Take the time to depart from your normal routine more and get a taste of the timeless, limitless expanse of experience that you will soon find yourselves in more and more. Tap into that ability that is being uncovered for you more and more as you leave behind all the restrictions you have placed upon yourselves as to how you have been living your lives heretofore.

There is hope in the leaving of old patterns and routines to be replaced by new ones that feed your feeling of Love and Contentment and Joy. You are uncovering your abilities to experience the Now Moment with abandon, as if this is the only moment you have, and in this very moment allow yourselves to feel the full spectrum of Joy and Bliss you were born into many eons ago. That ability is there just below the surface, peeking out for you to experience in full glory.

Take those moments and cherish them and elongate them and expand them with pure Light and Joy and Love and feel what it will be like living fully and forever in the higher dimensions. You know how to do it, dear ones; now just allow yourselves to. All those duties and worries and fears and obligations are illusions to be replaced with a light-filled knowing that you are a piece of Creator, loved and cherished and protected beyond all measure.

I leave you now to chew on these tidbits of Truth. Allow yourselves to absorb them and give yourselves enormous credit for the great leaps you are making in consciousness.

I Am Sananda, at your service always.

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Sananda ~ Take Heart in Your Many Abilities ~As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ November 26, 2012



Hello, dear ones, Light of the Universes. I come before you today to bring you wonderful tidings again. Much has transpired in your world as of this moment. Since the last portal openings of November, you have reached a point of awakening that has made a huge opening in the Cosmic Register and thus allowing much more possibility for shift in consciousness as you approach the next portal of 12-12-12. With much delight we relay this to you from the Spiritual and Galactic Realms.

Take heart in knowing that you have achieved so much in so little time and as the momentum increases, so does your opportunity to leap to new heights unequaled ever in your history. Take Heart, dear ones, for that is how you are doing it, and how you are achieving it – with your Hearts.

From now until the next portal opening of 12-12-12, it is crucial that you take heed of your progress and to take heed of what you still need to clear. It is like spring cleaning; throw out everything that you have no need for, even those things you think you do, but on a closer second look, is that something you really need or are able to bring into the higher dimensions and densities? If the fabric is not made of Love, or Compassion, or what would support the good of all, throw it out. Put it in a Light-lined container and lovingly discard it, leaving space for more Love and Light to enter your lives.

You are getting quite adept at this. It just requires you to keep looking deeper and deeper at your life and at your heart to see what is still there that represents fear or competition, or separateness. You know by now that that is all illusion and it isn’t going to be sustained in the higher dimensions. Step on over to your new way of living, in a huge field of Love that has no bounds for Abundance, Love and Compassion for all. Take it in stride and immerse yourselves totally into it, dear ones.

You are making great strides in the transformation of your Light Bodies. The pace is increasing as we speak. Allow yourselves to put that as a priority in your lives. It will require more adjustment in your daily lives and schedules, but it will be well worth it. You are in the “big leagues” now, so to speak – “no-holds- barred”, as they say. The sky is the limit as to how high you can go from this moment forward, so give it your all, give it all your attention, and give it all your Love for yourself and others.

Pay attention to your dreams more than ever; take stock in your visions for New Earth and for your new lives. Flesh them out as much as possible and watch them unfold. That is the Reality, not what you hear and see around you that still corresponds to duality.

Dear beloveds, you are getting so close. You are making great strides. There is no time to be “on the fence”.  Choose Abundance, choose Joy, choose Love, choose Compassion; choose looking at life through the lens of possibilities and miracles. Partake in your visions as if they are already happening. Choose that perspective and view from now on.

I don’t have to tell you that this is not easy, but my friends, you have really gotten through the toughest part. Your uniting together over and over in meditations and visualizations has pushed you to the top; continuing on in that vein and manner will solidify you in the higher realms.

You are treading the edge of greatness, and you always had it in you; we have always seen it in you. You have turned the corner in realizing this greatness, this Divine nature that is capable of so many more things than you could imagine. Take heart in your many abilities. Take a moment to congratulate yourselves and then get back on the train that is speeding along to your Ascension, with renewed vigor and determination to surpass all dreams.

You are forever and always in our sights and in our hearts and in our arms of protection, dear ones. We are making the last leg of your travels with you. Take Heart in that.

I Am Sananda, always at your service.

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Sananda ~ Hold the Light and Go Forth ~ As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ November 21, 2012



Hello, my dear Beings of Light, holders of Truth. This day marks one of many that herald a new era. You have entered a place of peace in your hearts and it is reflected outward for many to see and feel in a palpable way. Abide by your deep desire for Peace and it shall be so.

You are forging a new life on Earth, dear ones, and no one can tell you differently. Take stock of your progress, for it is immense. Your dreams and meditations have expanded the capacity of your world to hold more Light and to hold more Love and you are sparkling like jewels and glistening like new growth of vegetation after a cleansing rainfall.

The time is nigh for you to dream bigger and go deeper in your meditations to enjoy the New Earth that is enfolding Now. Yes, dear ones, Now. For you are co-creating it and it is magnificent to see.

Hold forth your banners of Truth, dear ones, for you have reached your destination of High ideals and implementation of them in your daily lives. Much is waiting to still come to fruition but rest assured that you have reached a point of no return. The Light has returned to its glory of long ago and is building as we speak.

You are the ones that have made this possible and so much more awaits your eyes to see and your hearts to sense. Imagine a lotus flower blossoming in time-lapse photography. See it in your hearts and see it in others’ hearts and everywhere on Earth. That is what the opening of your hearts look like as we view you.

You have allowed yourselves to open magnificently with these new energies pouring in and so it is necessary now, dear ones, to allow it even further. Allow your hearts to encompass miles and miles of territory; allow your energy fields to encompass miles and miles of territory. Be comfortable in it. Be content in it. Get used to it. The continuing influx of energy will just expand your capacity for that if you just allow it. Accept it and hold it and allow it to transform you without reservation.

Yes, you are approaching a time of immense expansion, almost like you feel as if you are liquid; liquid light that has no barriers within or without you. Feel it and settle into it and rejoice in the joy it gives you, in the bliss it gives you. It is your new state of being and it is becoming more real to you as each moment passes.

Readiness is key as the light influx increases. Are you ready? Have you looked honestly at the fears and issues and beliefs you still need to address and let go? More opportunity to do that is upon you. Feel yourself getting lighter with each notion you let go of that no longer serves you, that no longer matches the higher dimensional focus you are entertaining more and more.

Right now you can be in 5th Dimension with just the focus of your thoughts in that milieu, with just the feeling in your heart that you are there, dear ones. You are there with every feeling and thought that is love-based and hope-based, and with surrendering to the knowing that you are that Divine spark coming home.

My precious Beings of Light, seekers of the new way, you are almost there. Abide by your knowing in the still of your heart that tells you that you are an expanded Divine Being of Creator, making it possible for all to experience that Truth in these wondrous times here on Earth.

You are beginning to “See the Light” as they say. It has just opened up into a new window of understanding for you. So revel in it and bask in it and let it grow even more as you put yourself even further into the Reality of Heaven here on Earth, as you hold the Light and go forth.

You are making such a difference, it is hard for you to see or imagine it, but take it from us in the Spiritual Realm: You have achieved wondrous progress. Stand ready to achieve so much more, for you are “on a roll”, as they say.

I am Sananda, always at your service.

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Sananda ~ An Explosion of Love ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ November 8, 2012



Greetings, beloveds, Beings of the Light that you are.

The time has come for you to see just exactly what you are made of. You often get glimpses and in these changing times, it is becoming more apparent to you. You are becoming again that immense ball of Light that permeated so much within and around you so many eons ago.

Yes, dear ones, the stage is being set for you to emerge as your True Selves in all ways and at all times. It will be astounding to you, for you so far have just had a glimpse of it, and I must say some more than others, but that will all even out as more and more come on-line.

There is thus to be an explosion revealing everyone’s true make-up that has been and is being precipitated by the raising of the frequencies and by the raising of your consciousness. It has been and is contagious, as you know, and for this we give our assistance. For everyone who asks our assistance in the raising of their light quotient and understanding, there are many more that are affected just by that act.

You all are so capable of this new venture that is beginning anew with the next portal opening of 11-11, which is widening as we speak. The stakes are raised, so to speak, and the stage is set for a unifying event not ever revealed or experienced before.

This is due to the tipping point having been reached and so the light quotient stands to be tripled as the days go on. You most likely feel the quickening in energy and the rising need to pay attention to where your focus is, dear ones.

We see some of you still struggling with letting go of old patterns, but you are well on your way to their completion and being out of your life for good. As long as your intention is to focus on your Heart and your Love for yourselves and others, you needn’t worry about your ascension. You can relax and enjoy the process. You can feel yourselves expanding, knowing that you have made and are making a huge difference in the well-being of Mother Earth and of its inhabitants.

You can rest assured that it will be easier from now on to hold to your intentions because of all the support from on high and from the fact that you have completed a new phase in your development.

You have entered a period of acceleration in your maintenance and building of your frequencies that only requires you to let go of expectations and anticipation of your progress, and to hold fast to your visions for the New Earth as if they are already happening in this moment.  

Live in it now, work in it now, look around you and see it now and that will commence your actions to match the vision. You are so capable of putting aside the last vestiges of duality and to live in the new higher dimensions, which are being revealed to you now.

What I am saying is to allow yourselves to get caught up in this new wave, this potent yet gentle wave of new beginnings. The time is now and the necessary ingredients are Love, of course, and also an unyielding focus on what you are seeing and feeling when you join in and meld with others’ hearts bent on establishing once and for all a world of Love, Peace, and Abundance for all.

Let this be your focus and let this be your every breath. Yes, do the unifying meditations to this effect on 11-11 but align yourselves now and forever on in this mindset, or for a better image, Heart-set. You will experience an explosion of color, light and euphoria that you have yet to experience.

Until we speak again,

I am Sananda, at your ever-loving service.

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Sananda and Mira of the Pleiadian High Council ~ Your Ascent with the Light is Building ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ October 8, 2012

Sananda and Mira of the Pleiadian High Council:

Hello Dear Ones. We come before you today to give you more news of your enlightenment.

So much is being said and touted about the energy downloads of late, and indeed an increase is building as we speak. So much is there for you to absorb and welcome. Please welcome it now with your full hearts, dear ones.

Never in your history has this much Light been offered to you and you are receiving it well. It may be taking some adjustments in your lifestyles and your energy, but it is so well worth it. For this is the beginning of so much you could never have imagined was possible.

It was portended to be so and you are now in the midst of an opening of proportions requiring an acceptance and a trust that you are well into being able to handle with much grace.

Take some moments now to consider your progress. Look into your hearts, dear beloveds. What is shining there? Are you feeling the energies of yourselves as well as others? Are you feeling the energies of the Universe? Are you feeling and sensing the Love that is building throughout all mankind, throughout all the Universes? Excellent. You are beginning to sense the Oneness of hearts and minds of all Creation.

Imagine if you will that the pulsing of energy you are now feeling penetrate your cells and bodies, physical and light bodies alike, is the heartbeat of All-That-Is. Feel the rhythm, feel the power, feel the symmetry, the synchronicity and the wondrous sensation of the expansion of Light within and around you.

Make this your Reality from now on, this new perspective that is building within you, as the Light and Love pervades your cells and bodies. You are experiencing an epiphany and a symphony of wondrous sounds and colors so vivid and intoxicating. Dance with it, flow with it and consider it your norm from now on.

Allow yourselves to take in and integrate more and more Light and Love into your cells over the coming days. Imagine that you have no limits to what your cells can hold, and open them up like loving arms waiting to accept a pure and innocent baby so full of promise and potential for a glorious new life. Don’t hold back; accept this new life fully, this new life that is being made possible by your acceptance and full embrace of your destined ascension.

Please take care to monitor your energy levels and your physical stamina during these days of opening. It may take some adjustment of your expectations of yourself to allow for the Light to fully integrate. It is well worth it. You may find your priorities have changed and your goals different for yourself. It is all a part of your transformation.

Now more than ever, we have not left your side as you navigate this climb of your ascension, and while it is not really always clear to you what is happening, you are welcoming a new you, which of course is not really new, for it is the true you, emerging and integrating, finally allowed to shine brighter than ever.

Nurture this new you and get to know it as you continue on your journey of enlightenment. Savor the nuances and new thoughts and feelings that go with it. Spend even more time in quiet and meditation to allow this new you to blossom and grow. You are almost there, dear ones. We are waiting to greet you.

Your abiding friends in peace and love,

I am Sananda, with Mira of the Pleiadian High Council. We salute you and commend you on your progress and are always by your side for assistance.

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Sananda and Mira of the Pleiadian High Council ~ Bring Yourselves Higher ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ September 23, 2012


Sananda and Mira of the Pleiadian High Council:


Hello, dearly beloveds, we come before you today with more help in embracing your ascension process. We are your guides, and the work is up to you.

We wish to speak to you today of the increments you are indeed achieving in the raising of your frequencies moment by moment. There are many things that enhance it and there are many things that can deter from it.

Consider now what your focus is in the moment, dear Ones. Where does your focus lie right now? Is it what you would label as a loved-based thought? Is it clouded by concerns for survival or residue from still lingering fears and limiting beliefs of your true essence?

You are not your experiences. You are not your fears. You are not what the media tries to indoctrinate you with as the norm. You are so much more than that, dear Ones.

Be that pulse of energy you feel within, what you feel building within you as you pay more attention to your heart’s thoughts and your heart’s desires.

That connects you with the Divine essence of everyone. Yes, it brings you to the new consciousness of New Earth, not what was the old framework or vestiges of what you are successfully breaking away from.

The mind-sets of what you used to rely on as your identity and as your reality are crumbling. Don’t give them any more thought or energy. Break away, dear Ones and you shall emerge more solidly into the new paradigm.

It is like taking a simple step over into the Reality you are creating. It is what you give your focus to. It is what you allow yourself to experience from now on.

There will be a series of opportunities from now on when the energies will be most optimal to raise your frequencies to what will match the 5th dimensional frequencies that you will soon be swimming in regularly.

As you keep stepping up your frequency, you will become more and more acclimated to this higher, lighter dimension. It will require you to now look at what you are doing to enhance that way of Being or not.

Are you doing what is conducive to allowing the higher frequencies to thrive and survive within you? Each moment is a choice to be completely in and within Love for yourselves and others, or to be distracted by old thought patterns and modes of thinking that have nothing to do with your new life.

Pay attention to the remaining beliefs you are holding on to, to the remaining old thought patterns and fears that still linger. Watch them, observe them, welcome them and accept them as a part of you, something that once served a purpose, and illuminate them and see the gift in them, and then watch as they become encased with Light and Love and become transmuted. Feel the relief and release as you let go of those energies to be replaced by the higher perspective of them.

Feel this new energy within you thus expand, and focus on this Lightness of Being. Let this be your new norm until you feel the need to welcome heavier energy to emerge and release in the same way as before.

As we have said, there will be intervals of opportunities, portals if you will, when the energies are most optimal for the lifting from these heavier energies. They correspond with your dates of 10.10, 11.11, and 12.12. Each can be seen as a step-up like an elevator leading to your Ascension.

The jumps will become deeper and higher, so that is why it is necessary for you to from now on pay attention to your priorities. Choose activities and thoughts that will lead you to the higher frequencies and discard one-by-one those thoughts and activities that just keep you still dropped down in what you were used to doing in your 3rd dimensional world.

Please mark our words carefully, and allow yourselves to continue soaring into the higher vibration of Love in, within, and around you. It is the only place that will bring you forward to Ascension.

We are forever by your side and at your service.

I am Sananda, with Mira of the Pleiadian High Council and Earth Council.


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Sananda ~ Be Your New Selves ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ September 20, 2012



Hello Dear Ones. I am Sananda, here to give you a message of Love and encouragement on your next leg of the journey toward enlightenment.

Much has transpired, much is in the ethers and a new day is dawning for Humanity.

You are all so precious and capable. You are bringing the energies forth with such power and creation. You are to be commended. New Earth is at your fingertips.

I don’t have to tell you that it has not been an easy road. But what road that leads to such treasures ever is?

You are magnificent creatures already. What awaits you just around the corner will reveal so much more of what you are that you will be astounded.

Pay attention to your energy more than ever, to your Light Bodies. From our perspective, we see them glowing. You are attending to them well.  Your attention needs to be stepped up a notch. If you neglect rest or proper nourishment, you will not reach the optimum you can achieve.

Now more than ever it is necessary to breathe Light and Love into your cells as you envision them expanding and glowing and transforming to the new prototype for your new vehicle for Ascension. It will become more and more necessary to keep allowing this transformation with a feeling of Joy and Gratitude, dear Ones. You are making history with the emergence of your new Being.

We know balance is always a challenge, especially when juggling your duties as Lightworkers to help others in the 3rd dimensional realm.  But you have been equipped with what is required to achieve this. Stepping up your time in meditation will help and staying with light, pure, high vibrational fruits and vegetables and filtered, pure water will help.

You may be finding it difficult to “keep up” with the feeling of time racing. You may find it necessary to drop things you once thought were necessary and concentrate each moment on what resonates and serves the greater humanity for the greater good.

But most of all, thinking from a standpoint of what will benefit you yourself in Ascension is the key. From that comes the benefit of all. With this you are lifting up others; with this you are lifting up the planet, and you get ever closer to your sisters and brothers in the Celestial and Galactic Realm.

By all means, pay attention to day-to-day needs for you and your loved ones in the physical realm, but please also pay equal attention to observing and feeding your Light Bodies. They will carry you forward to Ascension.

Are you having memories of your early days in duality? Are you having memories of your Divine glory before that? Are you feeling as if you are lifting up, yet being more grounded and connected with Mother Earth? This is good. You are beginning to try out your newfound wings of a new Being not ever seen or experienced before. You are in the making, yet you are also coming back to what you once were before your fall into duality, yet with new faculties and properties.

Keep paying attention to your physical bodies, as they support your Light Bodies, and marvel in the wonder of what you are becoming, of what you are, dear Ones, magnificent Beings of the Light, the spark of the Divine, as you make your way home.

I am Sananda, and I am forever at your service, with all my Love.

As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included. (Blog) (Website)