Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn – Animal Consciousness: The Benevolent Nature of Cats & Dogs

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Metatron Channel

Animal Consciousness: The Benevolent Nature of Cats & Dogs

The Sacred Felidae

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings Masters ! I am Metatron Lord of Light, and I embrace you in this moment. With me are the energies and presence of the Angelic Realm, the Ascended Masters of the Cosmic Council of Light, and those benevolent Beings of the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance. We welcome you, each of you here, in a ‘Now’ moment of unconditional love.

Dear Ones, with the understanding that you are here for learning, we tell you that the ‘University of Polarity Earth’ is specifically designed for the evolution of the human soul. The curriculum and venue of Polarity Earth, of the educational process is in fact a version of the Omni-Earth that is created and co created in Divine Intelligence. It is a purposed illusion, it is created by purposed thought, and cannot be destroyed. Consider that. That does not mean you do not have responsibilities in the care of Earth and its supporting Kingdoms, for indeed that is part of the learning process.

The purpose of the EarthPlane is your soul evolution. The Earth supports that mission, by Divine plan, by agreement, and all of the Kingdoms of Earth are part of that. Accordingly we tell you that there are versions of other Beings that are of Divine Intelligence that are here to support you in your purpose here.

These include Master Beings from many realms. Some make visitations here to support you, and chosen of these come in full avatar consciousness. But be aware that there are versions of benevolent Master Beings that have by agreement chosen to manifest in various step-down forms to support humanity.

Those of the Animal Kingdom on the Earth, are here to support you. Part of that process involves their expression on the EarthPlane in ‘Group’ Consciousness. The deepest dimensions of the animal self exist not at the level of the individual but of the entire species , and that highest level is not in duality lesson, per se.

And so we speak this gathering of the Sacred Felidae of Sirius A.

The Sacred Felidae and Canidae are incredible Beings that bring tremendous support to the Humanity.

The Felidae are Divine Intelligence, fully evolved, magnificently conscious in crystalline expression. They are members of both the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance, and of what may be termed the Niburian Mastery Council. Both of whom are benevolently involved in the up shift of the consciousness evolution of planets and planetary races who are prepared to graduate into the next level in their Ascension.

The Felidae

The Felidae, are a Feline species who originate on Sirius A. These are Beings that have entered the Earthplane since ancient times in specific roles and formats. The versions currently in physical form on the Earth-Plane are in what may be termed the Feline and Canine family. These physical formats on the EarthPlane are here to support you, and in their physical matrix are but a portion of the consciousness of their Sirian nature.

That is because the Felidae expression on the earth are in group soul format, and are not here to evolve as a species, but rather to support the earth and assist humanity in evolution. The greater part of their consciousness is above the level of the EarthPlane. The feline operate vastly in the ethereal or stealth antimatter realm.

Their full consciousness existed and manifested in LeMurian, Atlantean and early Egyptian eras.

The Masters of the Sacred Felidae were involved in the genetic engineering in the Temple of Purification (on Poseida) in Atlantis during the Golden Age of the Law of One. This was done in a very positive and benevolent manner, prior to such technology being tragically misused by the Aryan Sons of Belial in the sad demise of the final era of Atlantis.

The Felidae of Sirius A and Cetacean Sirian-B Masters are skilled at integrating spirit into physical matter. This in not only giving life-force to a physical form, but also in integrating higher chakric levels of consciousness within the physical matrix in Mer-Ka-Na level multi-dimensionality.

This ability to work with humanity in energetic terms involves activating higher chakras and higher crysto-light bodies. This higher level of consciousness is the Crystos Consciousness, and the Cetaceans are Crystalline Masters. Their renewed role on the earth includes assisting the shift-transition from the declining magnetic polarity grid to the evolving Crystalline Grid.

Question to Metatron: So are the Beings from Sirius B primarily aquatic, and the Beings from Sirius A Feline ?

Metatron Response: The habited realm circulating Sirius B is primarily aquatic and the Cetaceans, the Dolphin and Whale are aquatic. Yet also of a high enough consciousness to manifest form that can equally habituate within both aqueous realms and what would be termed land.

The life forms , of the sister star, Sirius A are different expressions than the Cetaceans. Sirius A enlivens Humanoid Life (Starseed) ), as well as the Sacred Starseed Felidae. These are all Beings of Divine Intelligence, that all have varied expressions supporting the Earthplane .

These all interact with your planet on many levels in myriad forms.

Question to Metatron: You have mentioned that only humans are in soul evolution on planet earth. Aren’t the dolphins and whales also in a high state of consciousness and evolution?

Metatron Response: The Sacred Cetaceans are indeed in a high state of evolution. But they are not on the earth to evolve. They are already evolved. So understand they are here on the earth to support the earth and assist mankind in so doing. The Cetacean are physically here to anchor the energy in the aquatic portions of the earth to enable the planetary balance and facilitate the shift from magnetic to crystalline.

The etheric, nonphysical, return of the ‘Golden Dolphin’ are the Sacred Cetaceans in full avatar Mastery directly assisting humanity to evolve into Crystalline Mer-Ka-Na field.

The Felidae are assisting humanity in physical manifestation, but have also assisted in etheric Mastery particularly in Atlantis, Central America and Egypt. But in the stepped down form, assist you in emotional and mental fields, and this is the primary topic of today’s discourse, that of the Felidae in expression of Feline and Canine.

Question to Metatron: I am intrigued by the information on the Felidae and Canidae. of Sirius- A. Are you speaking of cats and dogs? Can you expand on this?

Metatron Response: Certain breeds of what may be termed house cats and dogs, are indeed uniquely designed derivations of the Starseed Felidae. They perform specific roles in assisting humans. The ‘house’ versions of cats & domestic dogs are genetically engineered from the Golden Age of Atlantis.

The genetic engineering was benevolently done by the Sirian -Pleiadean Alliance and is an extremely helpful action, as stated to assist humanity as they became more densely ingrained in the Earth-Plane.

Now, what you term as canine and feline are of the same source, both are derivations of the Starseed Felidae. Cats and dogs are different physical forms of the same source.

The Felidae of Sirius A are a fully conscious crystalline being. They have melded into a group unity consciousness, yet still retain aspectual individual identities with the greater harmonic field. The Group Field chooses to assist humanity in your Universe and others.

Cats & Dogs

Both cats and dogs in this derivation are serving as benevolent energy giving assistants to humans, to their caretakers. Both have the capacity to meld their energy fields with the human and are uniquely capable of becoming personality fragments of their human caretakers. That is why certain of these can often begin to display the physical characteristics of their ‘owners’, although this particular aspect occurs more commonly with the canine.

The canine exudes an extreme loyalty and unconditional love. A dedication that energetically is received by the human, and can assist in many ways. The dogs ( and cats) become both companions , healers and protectors. The feline, the cat, is much more in the ethereal (antimatter) realm in its conscious field. That is why many past societies worshiped the Feline forms of Jaguar, Lion , Tiger and Puma.

These beings are extremely aware of thought forms of ethereal realms and offer a stealth strength and protection. The house cat is capable of tremendous protection for their caretakers from untoward thought forms and negative energies. Certain breeds of dogs have this ability as well, but it is expressed and enacted different.

Vibrational Healing

The purring of a cat is very beneficial in healing, repairing and protecting the human aura. The mystical aspect of cats has long been recognized, and ‘Temple Cats’ were used in many ancient societies as well as companions and allies of the shaman.

The Lupus, and other canine species such as the wolf have this ability as well. Both cats and dogs have capacity to sense and see in far greater dimensionality than the human eye. The therapy and service of cats and dogs in working with abused children, terminally ill patients, the depressed and elderly in nursing homes are examples area of significant pet therapy healing being more and more recognized. This will be expanded even further in the future.

Cats see above visible light, and can actually see the human auric field, the Human EMF, and all manner of energy emanations invisible to the human eye. The wide spectrum that cats perceive in light fields is quite amazing. Cats see in fields of both non physical matter and non matter . Dogs are more in the field of matter, and sense or feel these auric field and indeed are extremely capable of understanding the direct resonance of the human emotional field.

The service of ‘Seeing-Eye’ dogs with the blind is another area of service in which great bonds are created.

Unique Melding With Human Consciousness

The version of Felidae and Canidae that are cats and dogs are but a fragment of the full consciousness and energy spectrum of their Sirian aspects.

Yet this expression is specifically and purposefully designed to be so, for these beings can become so bonded with the humans they serve, that a unique third consciousness can succinctly evolve between the human and the ‘pet’, that is extremely beneficial to the evolvement of the human caretaker.

The earthen consciousness of the dogs and cats operates more on thought patterns with powerful instinctual triggers. Their designed (benevolent), divinely agreed DNA engineering is such that they have a unique and divinely purposed ability to become allied, programmed in a partnership with the human they are working with.

When this partnership occurs these beings are able to telepathically receive thought images sent by their caretaker. Just as human thought can program a living crystal, the same occurs, albeit in a different format, with dogs and cats. It may be termed as the formation of a personality aspect of the human within the cat or dog. The ‘pet’ then is capable of assisting the human in both physical and emotional ways. Providing comfort, energy, healing, companionship, detecting illness, sealing auric ruptures, and providing protection in physical and etheric realms.

Many humans have household pets in cats and dogs that help them work through blockages. One of the most common occurrences is that these Beings help you awaken your ability to express love. It is very easy to express and give affection to the household animal , and for many this is far easier than expressing love and kindness to other humans. Depending on the individual this blockage can occur for many reasons.

Very often as humans grow older, children move away and a spouse passes over, a seeming natural period of lonely isolation sets in. The interaction with the pet can awaken the flow of love through fond endearment. This very interaction awakens the very life force in the isolated caretaker, and an interplay that is very therapeutic occurs.

We tell you that there is far more design and intelligence in the willing participation of the Felidae and Canidae than is recognized.

The Third Field Between Humans and Pets

When this third consciousness through interaction is formed, it expands the field of both parties. It awakens within it characteristics that neither of the parties involved had prior. In other words, it expands, it stretches the emotional field awareness and indeed the third meld consciousness, and this reaches back into and changes the individual awareness of both. The pet opens up your ability to remain ‘positive’ in allowing you to express love, and you ‘teach’ it , in a manner of speaking, to channel the greater part of its divine Sirian consciousness in doing so.

Your willingness for the interaction allows it to achieve its specific purpose, and there is an important growth on both sides unique to the field created between the two of you. The ‘pet’ operated in group consciousness prior to the ‘melding blend with the human, and the individuality of it was formed in the bond with the human. Do you understand?

Question to Metatron: Are you saying that animals are not individual unless they blend with the human to form the ‘consciousness meld’ with humans?

AA-Metatron: In a manner of speaking, yes, that is what we are saying. But to be clear, we are not saying that animals do not have individual aspects before the meld. Each are incarnate in physical bodies, and are indeed subject to the gravitational characteristics, to some degree, that occur in the astrological influences in all life on the earth. But they operate fully and only in ‘group soul’ awareness, until the meld with humans(s) uniquely occurs. That interaction is succinct and builds a personal fragment capable of growing. But we are not saying that animals do not have a ‘group’ purpose without the meld.

The group purpose is transformed into a singular ‘service’ in the expanded field by means of the human interaction with the ‘group’ soul of the household pet as expressed in the individual cat or dog. It is therefore the human interaction that creates the individual field within the pet. So in a manner of speaking the animal has agreed to be benevolently ‘programmed in blend ‘ with the mental field, emotional field & personality of the human caretaker for higher purpose.

This is how the third field is created, and that third field is a fragment of the human consciousness that benefits both you see. Yet the primary purpose is to benefit is to the human, a service provided by the Felidae. But there is a choice to accept the human on the part of the Felidae, and when that is mutually accepted, the greater role of the Group Soul can be fed into the meld, and wisdom, protection and healing can be given from the ‘pet’ to the human. So understand this third meld is a conduit that is very far reaching, but occurs by agreement. .

The Atlanteans, LeMurians and Egyptians in particular, interacted with the Felidae in roles of guardianship and wisdom transfer. The Egyptian Temples contain many hieroglyphs depicting the Felidae, as having Feline heads and human torsos and limbs, complete with the ‘Solar Disc’ of enlightenment. The Sphinx is the reverse, the human head with the Feline body.

Question to Metatron: How exactly do ‘cats and dogs’ offer protection to humans? Is this by their greater awareness of other dimensions?

AA-Metatron: Yes, by specifically being much more in-tuned to other realms that are, as we have explained somewhat invisible to human physical senses.

The guardianship in the specific forms as described in ‘household or human interface versions’ of the Sirian Beings is performed in a beautiful manner, and that is through not only the detection of what may be termed ‘negative energies’ but by neutralizing those very untoward energies by powerful projections of benevolent loving energy vibrations that are orchestrated through the Sirian Felidae to the human. The Sirian being diagnoses exactly what is needed and channels the necessary vibration to assist the caretaker.

You do not always recognize that you induce auric fracturing when you become depressed or highly upset. These states form negative fields that open you to electrical attachments that are energetically draining.

When a cat ‘purrs’ the vibration is of a deep contentment, and the frequency within that vibration is very healing, capable of evaporating negative fields by neutralizing them. Likewise when dogs playful jump and run , often in joyous spins, they are, like the dolphin, forming energy vortexes capable of cleansing the energies, and offering a ‘channeled’ frequency that is extremely beneficial to the environ, not only removing negative vibrations but creating a shield to eliminate their re-entry.

When cats seem to ‘patrol’ the perimeter of a room, house or yard, they are also exuding an protective field.

We will tell you that the Felidae and the Canidae, the Feline and Canine, are from the same root source of Sirius A. Although their expressions on Sirius A are fully evolved. As we have told you the household versions of these Beings are in fact physical formats, genetically engineered by the Sirians to assist humanity in the ways we are herewith discussing.

Question to Metatron : To be clear, are you saying that cats and dogs are from the same Sirian source?

AA-Metatron: In the higher original source, yes. Both of the one crystalline fully evolve Mastery of Sirius A, the Felidae. Cats and dogs are the same source. On Sirius they are now Crystalline Light Beings, nonphysical from your perspective, appearing in Crystalline Light forms.

As we mentioned the Felidae have manifested in full Avatar Mastery at various times on your planet to assist you. The Felidae are masters of incorporating spirit into physicality and assisted in the original engineering of full strand DNA for mankind. Indeed the races of humanity contain Sirian Felidae aspects in their DNA, some more than others. The very athleticism and agility prevalent in some humans draws on this, to give one of many aspectual examples.

Question to Metatron : As an item of curiosity, if they are of the same Sirian source, why do dogs chase cats.

AA-Metatron: Dogs only chase cats until they catch them. At that point the tables usually turn, and quite quickly ! (Laugher) .

We will say that in a real sense, dogs and cats are inverses of the same frequency when expressed on the Earthplane. Generally speaking the Feline, the domesticated cats tend to be more introverted and the Canine , dogs, more external, or extroverted. Their frequencies are then inward in the former, outward in the latter, and naturally attract one another….not repulse. You will find that dogs and cats raised or living in the same household develop special loving bonds. This particularly occurs in an enhanced manner when the animals have had past sojourns in which the fragment of personalities with the humans form. As an example, the channel now houses 2 cats and 2 dogs. They work together and share a deep bond, and all 4 are aspects of the two human caretakers. We will also add that one of the dogs, the female, has been Feline in the past more often than Canine.

The Sacred Felidae in their Earth-Plane manifestation have retained the unique ability to operate simultaneously in inner and outer world projections much more than humans. At any one time in which you observe the physical material manifestation of a Felidae, they are equally conscious of being fully manifested simultaneously in other dimensional planes. Quite often they interact within the other realms, while present physically in this one.

Linear Filters of Consciousness

Although humans also simultaneously exist in other levels, humans in 3d cannot interpret the frequencies of the other realms in consistency or lucid clarity through the physical brain alone. The mind, which is the inner counterpart of the brain, can at times perceive the far greater dimensions of any given event through a crysto-electric burst of sudden intuition or comprehension that cannot be adequately described on a verbal level. The crystalline electrical impulses that are perceivable within your 3d system is merely a tiny fraction of the vast crysto-electrical system in the Cosmos, A human’s physical brain is, on its own, quite incapable of accurate perception or deciphering the frequencies above polarity. It is impossible in physical brain alone to even grasp the myriad complexity and dimension of the crysto-electrical potential and actuality as it exists. And although these are quite accessible in Mer-Ka-Na , via higher mind, non physical levels, are not accessed by the brain alone in the human, rather they must be developed in Mer-Ka-Na through mind.

So we tell you to keep in mind, pun intended, that the true origin, the eternal source and power of your Divine Intelligence and consciousness has never been rooted in the physical. Each and every human exists in other worlds, different realities and other dimensions, and the self that you call yourself is but a small portion of your entire identity. Because of the filters inherent to the physical brain, you are capable of focusing on the physical world around you, and it is that focus that enables you to eventually master the physical plane. We assure you that there is purpose in the filtering, for If the physical brain, with the ego personality were unscreened , and thus fully aware of the vast and constant barrage of telepathic communications that do impinge upon it, it would have a most difficult time retaining a sense of identity in linear perception.

It is because of the ego consciousness that you have a powerful identity awareness of the physical realm, for you are in physical with specific purpose. But we say again, it is not your true identity in the Cosmic over view.

While in physicality the human brain is simply not equipped in linear mode to be able to make sense of the signals coming in from higher dimensions. Your standard brain can’t read them. To the brain these impulses appear to be a chaotic mélange of disconnected flash images. The ego-personality brain based in linear time cannot perceive data that is not based upon sequential continuity of moments.

Interestingly, certain of the Animal Kingdom, particularly the Felidae, can.

So with this axiom that Felidae and certain Canidae do operate more effectively in other coinciding planes, we tell you that is precisely why these Beings were recognized by more aware societies as guardians. It is why a dog will bark, or a household cat will move in quick reaction to energies unseen by the human eye.

Your academics understand that there are spectrums of light. You also understand that the ‘average’ human is only capable of physical vision in the narrow spectrum termed ‘visible light’. The Felidae and certain Canidae are capable of seeing (and sensing) in a much wider sensory range. We tell you that physical matter also occurs in spectrum waves. So are there varying spectrums of matter.

Your system of physical reality on the Earth-Plane is not nearly as wide-reaching or complex in relative comparison with many others. The dimensions given to the narrow spectrum of physical matter barely hint at the prolific varieties of higher nonphysical dimensions.. You do not recognize as yet the nature of the nonphysical in your own Galaxy, much less the Cosmos. We tell you that Universes can exist within a molecule, and other versions of Earth validly coexist where you now sit to read these words.

The Animal Kingdom : Forgotten Teachers

These beings that in current terms would be considered of the ‘Animal Kingdom’ have taught humans far more than you presently recognize.

The Beings that you term Animals operate in great and greater intelligence, albeit it in a thought pattern matrix uniquely formatted to the natural aspect of the Earth-Plane.

On an aspectual and level far more comprehensive than you currently grasp, the Animal Kingdom are here by agreement to support humanity on many levels. Their understanding of the Earth-Plane as a University of Development for humanity is extended from and back to their Mastery Source.

Their mental format pattern in the earthly expression is such that humans are held somewhat blameless. Although humanity does have a huge responsibility to treat the Animal Kingdom with respect, the Animal Kingdom do not place guilt on humans. Their chosen mental format upon the Earth is formatted in such a manner that guilt is not an expression contained within it. Rather it is a pattern of instinct and benevolently capable of unconditional support.

One of the differences between the cat and dog expressions of the Felidae, are that dogs are more in the physical realm than cats. From and overview cats are far more etheric within the antimatter field, while dogs much more in matter. Dogs react more to the direct frequency of your emotions, whereas cats react more to vibration and light emanations. Dogs will feel and react to anger and guilt in a more tangible way than cats. Cats cannot experience guilt, and that detachment from human emotional waves is why cats may seem aloof.

Animal Totems

The Animal Kingdom have a more full, vast understanding and awareness of the other conscious kingdoms of the Earth, and have always had the ability to teach that to mankind. You have in current times largely forgotten, quite unfortunately, how much you learned from all of the Beings of the Animal-Kingdom. Humanity in campestral societies and cultures learned a great deal of medicine, of nutrition from watching animal behavior in interaction with the plant kingdom. Humanity observed carefully what plants to avoid, and which to cultivate. You learned survival techniques, and indeed social behavior by not only watching the animals, by directly communicating telepathically with them.

In earlier sojourns , formative epochs, mankind far more closely identified with and understood the intelligence and wisdom offered by the natural instinctual patterns of the Animal Kingdom, and recognized them as wise teachers. And as a result they identified with humanity , interacted with humanity to a truly remarkable degree.

The Animal Spirits or Totems recognized and honored as wisdom carriers by the Native Americans are examples of the higher group collective of their higher, off-planet consciousness etherically manifesting to assist mankind.

The knowledge and intuitive communication of the Animal Kingdom with the Elemental and Devic consciousness of the Living Earth, the Mineral, Fire and Air is a precise understanding that could be of great assistance, affording forward signals to humanity in this time of Earth changes.

Question to Metatron: You advised earlier that the Felidae Starseed are the consciousness source for both the earthen feline and canine species of animals. Do all animals on the EarthPlane originate from Sirius A, from the Starseed Felidae?

AA-Metatron: No. Sirius A is the source of humanoids and Felidae. Sirius B is the source of the Sacred Cetacean, dolphin and whale. Dolphin and whale are of the same source , the Cetacean, just as the feline and canine are of the same source , Starseed Felidae.

Sirius is not merely two binary stars in the Cosmos with circulating planets. It is a vibrational frequency of a realm that has achieved Crystalline Ascension. It is accordingly a sacred celestial resonance and way of being within a vastly expanded consciousness. Sirius is within all dimensions both physical and non-physical. The Stars of Sirius are portals or gateways to these other dimensions, and the Felidae, Hathor, Cetacean are here in varied matrixial expressions to assist humanity grow in awareness, to balance the Earth and find their way home. The Sirians offer are receivers and transmitters of this energy.

Other members of the Animal Kingdom in Earthen expression come from a multiplicity of sources. For example the horse is Arcturian in source.

The Animal-Kingdom have truly been your teachers, although they did not choose your ‘human’ evolution path, as we have said, the Animal Kingdom are not on the Earth to evolve in soul expansion, but rather to support the soul expansion of humanity. We assure you that mankind could not have moved forward as a species had it not been for the Beings of the Animal Kingdom. Indeed certain of the Animal Kingdom, such as the bovine and certain other species of the mammal and bird, are here by agreement to provide a food source for mankind. Does that surprise you that this occurs by agreement? And although it is not the topic at hand, the Plant Kingdom has also been a huge support to mankind.

Domesticated animals have benevolent purpose in choosing their earthen expressions. Those of the Feline and Canine have a unique role of interaction in the aspects of human companionship. This is by a higher sourced ‘service’ agreement .And we will add the enhanced ability to form the ‘personality meld’ in household pets derivations of the Felidae, is genetically enhanced.


Many humans find that they can interact more easily with ‘pets’ than they can with other humans. Pets don’t talk back. The feline and canine are particularly committed to assist humans in dealing with blockage, in dealing with isolation, particularly as humans become older and alone.

Both cats and dogs oft teach humans to learn to love again and to open their hearts. Dogs are tied to the human emotional field, cats to the human psychic plane/ mental field. The two of very different expressions of the Felidae, but both are focused on your assistance, both are uniquely capable of forming a fragmentation aspect of the caretakers personality.

When a human forms a personality fragmentation meld with a Felidae or Canidae, that succinct energy can uniquely evolve and often reincarnate, or re-attach within other lifetimes and within the same lifetime to continue to assist the owner. Thus a human may have the same energy essence of their cat or dog, over a span of 70 years, in several sequential cat or dog bodies.

For example, the two cats and one of the dogs that the channel is caretaker for in the present, were with him in different bodies as domesticated leopards in a past lifetime in Egypt.


In current times, it is considered fashionable in certain circles, to see mankind as the great greedy destructor of the Earth and its kingdoms, especially Animal, Plant Mineral .

It is likewise popular in some ‘New Age’ circles to see man as the arrogant taker who contaminates the earth, destroys the Natural Earth Kingdoms nature at the expense of future generations.

We insert here that a portion of this is true, and change is required. We do not condone humanity’s untoward and irresponsible action in this issue.

The point is that some who wish for the better, feel all is hopelessly lost, that change for the better will not come.

While unified determination to make change for the better is essential, the focusing on hopelessness must stop. That is the wrong application in creating the ‘New Earth’. Focusing on hopelessness & despair , creates hopeless despair.

So we offer you an insight of hope.

What we wish to point out is that the Earth the dyamic manifestation, at any given time of your thoughts. Humanity are ever the co creators of the Earth and Omni Earth in all of its probable realities.

We tell you, Dear Masters, the Earth is a magnificent & purposed illusion, that is absolutely created by thought.

Mankind en masse are, at the present time, unconscious of the fact that YOU are co creators of the Earth experience.

There are other versions of probable reality in holographic ‘time programs’ in which enlightened ‘Ascended’ humanity honor each other, the Earth and all of her kingdoms in beautiful harmony. Duality programming of the EarthPlane is intelligently and divinely planned. The ‘Trial and Error’ evolution of this experience takes into account the learning curve.

And that being said, we tell you that you cannot truly destroy the Earth.

You can and will create the Enlightened Earth by positive focus on its manifestation, not by focal despair that it has not yet occurred.

Nothing is taken from the Earth, or from any of the Earthen Kingdoms, Mineral, Plant and Animal, that is not fully agreed to, fully permitted in the linear reality drama hologram.

It rarely occurs to you that animal kingdom consciousness came into physicality and earthen form by choice, and that the consciousnesses of such animals had a willing choice in the agreement to support humanity, fully aware of the potentials of mans stages of ignorance as

humanity evolves.

In the not too distant future, humanity will come to realize , and not only honor the Animal Kingdom, but equally honor, acknowledge & indeed LOVE one another, and the beautiful Earth that nurtures you. It will occur. Create it as so !!!

I am Metatron, and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.

…And so it is


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An answer to your question – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn November 23, 2013


(Translated from original language german)

Actually, I had not planned to give another message through my scribe. She is very tired and exhausted and her body is close to give up. She ascended so many times and came back to Earth to help further; out of love to my children. Her own energy work in her country does the rest. Her body has difficulties to process the frequency differences and the density on earth anymore.

This morning however, she received only half awake the cry of my children. She heard telepathically the question of so many of you :

“Why are we on earth, oh Mother of all mothers of all mothers?”

I will be glad to answer you, my child.

You are first of all on earth to make wonderful experiences for me. This is the real meaning of your existence in Creation. Your life is meant to experience joy, happiness, security, peace, love and so much more. Also the, as you call it, negative experiences belong to this because in my very own dimension I can’t experience them; but everything belongs to it. For this I have given you the free will to create all sorts of events in order to make any experiences. You have by now much forgotten under the illusion – that you alone are creating the events of your life in order to collect all sorts of experiences. So many of you are still sleeping soundly in this illusion and believe their environment and other people are responsible for their experiences, including pain and suffering that they feel. But I tell you again, my beloved child, you alone, with your thoughts, words and deeds, are the creator of your life and fully responsible for it. This will become very soon much clearer for you. The fog of forgetfulness will dissolve also for you and great clarity will take it’s place. You’re so close, don’t give up.

You who are reading this, are a wayshower, a lighthouse, a Starseed or as well a loveworker. Or all together. You have another task: to let shine your glorious light and to share your wonderful love with my other children. Your job is, just through your being, to help those who are still asleep. You have nothing further to do for it. Your presence, your love and your light alone are sufficient for this purpose. Some of you, mostly Starseeds, serve also as a communicator between the dimensions. Telepathy is one of your innate skills that you brought with you from your planet of origin or stars. Others are gatekeepers who ensure that only humans with the necessary requirements can proceed through the gates into other dimensions. There are many different tasks. Many light beings have told you already in their messages further details about it. Go inside into your heart, my beloved child. Make contact with your Higher Self and you will learn more about your own task, your own mission.

I could say so much more, but my scribe is tired already. She is very dear and precious  and very very close to me. Both of us will be returning home soon, back to Sirius, a beautiful star with two suns. It is always daylight there and pleasantly warm. There, there are oceans, mountains, meadows and woods and we both, we long to see this all again.

I wrap you in my infinite, eternal love for you, my child. Be you sure, I am always close to you. Wherever you are. I see everything, hear everything and feel everything You see, hear and feel. You are a part of my Self, my essence, my love, and thus One with me. I love you, my beloved child. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Eine Antwort auf deine Frage – Die Göttliche Mutter durch Isabel Henn 23.November 2013


Eigentlich hatte ich nicht geplant eine weitere Botschaft durch meine Schreiberin zu geben. Sie ist sehr müde und erschöpft und ihr Körper ist nahe daran aufzugeben. Sie ist so viele Male aufgestiegen und wieder zur Erde zurück gegangen, um weiter zu helfen; aus Liebe zu meinen Kindern. Ihre eigene Energiearbeit in ihrem Land tut das Übrige dazu. Ihr Körper hat Schwierigkeiten die Frequenzunterschiede und die Dichte auf der Erde noch zu verarbeiten.

Heute Morgen jedoch erreichte sie im Dämmerschlaf der Ruf meiner Kinder. Sie hörte telepathisch die Frage so vieler von dir:

“Warum sind wir auf der Erde, oh Mutter aller Mütter aller Mütter?”

Ich will sie dir gerne beantworten, mein Kind.

Du bist zu aller Erst auf der Erde, um wunderbare Erfahrungen für mich zu machen. Dies ist der eigentliche Sinn deiner Existenz in der Schöpfung. Dein Leben ist gedacht Freude zu empfinden, Fröhlichkeit, Geborgenheit, Frieden, Liebe und so vieles mehr. Auch die, wie Du sie nennst, negativen Erfahrungen gehören dazu, denn in meiner mir eigenen Dimension kann ich diese nicht machen; aber alles gehört dazu. Dafür habe ich dir den freien Willen gegeben alle möglichen Ereignisse zu schaffen, um jedwede Erfahrungen machen zu können. Du hast inzwischen in der Illusion vieles vergessen –  dass Du alleine die Ereignisse deines Lebens erschaffst, um alle möglichen Erfahrungen sammeln zu können. So viele von dir schlafen noch tief und fest in dieser Illusion und glauben ihre Umgebung und andere Menschen seien für ihre Erfahrungen, auch Schmerzen und Leid, das sie empfinden, verantwortlich. Aber ich sage dir noch einmal, mein geliebtes Kind, Du alleine bist durch deine Gedanken, Worte und Taten der Schöpfer deines Lebens und voll dafür verantwortlich. Dies wird dir sehr bald deutlicher. Auch für dich wird der Nebel des Vergessens sich auflösen und große Klarheit wird an seine Stelle treten. Du bist so nahe, gib nicht auf.

Du, der Du dies liest, bist ein Wegweiser, ein Leuchtturm, eine Sternensaat oder auch ein Liebesarbeiter. Oder alles gemeinsam. Du hast eine weitere Aufgabe: dein herrliches Licht scheinen zu lassen und deine wundervolle Liebe mit meinen anderen Kindern zu teilen. Deine Aufgabe ist es, nur durch dein Dasein, denen zu helfen, die noch schlafen. Du musst dafür nichts weiter tun. Deine Anwesenheit, deine Liebe und dein Licht alleine reichen hierfür aus. Einige von dir, meistens Sternensaaten, dienen noch als Kommunikator zwischen den Dimensionen. Telepathie ist eine eurer angeborenen Fähigkeiten, die Ihr von euren Ursprungsplaneten oder Sternen mitgebracht habt. Andere sind Torhüter, die darauf achten, dass nur Menschen mit den dafür notwendigen Voraussetzungen durch die Tore in andere Dimensionen schreiten können. Es gibt noch viele verschiedene Aufgaben. Viele Lichtwesen haben dir bereits in ihren Botschaften näheres darüber gesagt. Geh nach innen in dein Herz, mein geliebtes Kind. Nimm Kontakt zu deinem Höheren Selbst auf und Du wirst noch mehr über deine dir eigene Aufgabe, deine Mission, erfahren.

Ich könnte noch so vieles sagen, aber meine Schreiberin ermüdet bereits. Sie ist mir lieb und teuer und steht mir sehr sehr nahe. Wir beide werden bald nach Hause zurückkehren, nach Sirius, einem wunderschönen Stern mit zwei Sonnen. Es ist immer Tag dort und schön angenehm warm. Es gibt Meere dort, Berge, Wiesen und Wälder und wir beide sehnen uns danach dies alles wieder zu sehen.

Ich hülle dich ein, mein Kind, in meine unendliche, ewige Liebe zu dir. Sei dir sicher, ich bin immer in deiner Nähe. Wo Du auch bist. Ich sehe alles, höre alles und fühle alles was Du siehst, hörst und fühlst. Du bist Teil meines Selbst, meiner Essenz, meiner Liebe und damit Eins mit mir. Ich liebe dich, mein geliebtes Kind. ~

Deine Göttliche Mutter

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Starseeds – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn October 25, 2013


(Translated from original language german)

My child, you are, like all human beings on earth, ultimately a Starseed (Starseed). Man as Such was created from genetic material from people of other planets and stars, and brought to Earth eons ago. Especially the Pleiadians and Sirians were decisively involved in this. A few ages ago this genetic material was refreshed and supplemented with selected features of humanoid beings. You see to it that you are not alone in the universe as a human being. This also explains your longing when you look at the starry sky at night. Your cells know that their origin is originally from outer space. There are old starseeds incarnating on earth since time immemorial, Starseeds incarnating for only a few thousands of years, or relatively young ones, which have few or just one single incarnation on earth. However, this says nothing about the age of the soul. One day you will unite with your stellan family again, and that day is fast approaching. You are loved, my child, from them and from me. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Sternensaaten – Die Göttliche Mutter durch Isabel Henn 25.Oktober 2013

23324_536337373051928_907460147_nMein Kind, Du bist, wie alle Menschen auf der Erde, letztendlich ein Starseed (Sternensaat). Der Mensch als Solches wurde aus Genmaterial von Menschen anderer Planeten und Sterne erschaffen und vor Äonen auf die Erde gebracht. Vor allem die Pleiadianer und Sirianer waren maßgeblich daran beteiligt. Vor einigen Zeitaltern wurde dieses Genmaterial aufgefrischt und mit ausgesuchten Eigenschaften humanoider Wesen ergänzt. Du siehst daran, dass Du als Mensch nicht alleine bist im Universum. Dies erklärt auch deine Sehnsucht, wenn Du nachts den Sternenhimmel anschaust. Deine Zellen wissen, dass ihre Herkunft ursprünglich aus dem Weltall stammt. Es gibt alte Sternensaaten, die seit Urzeiten auf der Erde inkarnieren, Starseeds, die erst seit ein paar Tausenden von Jahren inkarnieren oder relativ Junge, die nur wenige oder eine einzige Inkarnation auf der Erde haben. Dies sagt jedoch nichts aus über das Alter der Seele. Eines Tages wirst Du dich mit deiner stellaren Familie wieder vereinen, und dieser Tag rückt immer näher. Du wirst geliebt, mein Kind, von ihnen und von mir. ~

Deine Göttliche Mutter

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Update by Sheldan Nidle~12-18-12~…..countdown to first contact!

Many sacred individuals and their associated groups are coming together to create a new global society that will establish freedom, honor your full sovereignty, and ensure a humongous, universal prosperity! This time will transform you and allow you to manifest a most glorious future!

_UmmacDanWebinar200x200Ummac Dan

11 Caban, 5 Mol, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We return to report that much continues to happen on your world. Those in charge of bringing in the changes are preparing for the long-anticipated moment when this grand change will be given the celestial green light. Until that point, these sacred secret allies are finishing up any pertinent details that remain outstanding, under the watchful eyes of both our liaison personnel and Agartha’s. The dark cabalists are also preparing in their own way for the inevitable; they know full well that their vast tapestry of deception is shortly to be unveiled. One aspect is the fiction being spread around the world that some form of economic ‘recovery’ is underway. To the contrary, what is being kept closely under wraps is the truth of the monumental extent of the hidden debt that really exists and which ensures the demise of the present system. This massive liability cannot be ignored for much longer. We have therefore asked that the new financial system be in place and able to take over at a moment’s notice, and this has been done. Some last-minute details cannot be completed until Heaven gives us the go-ahead to begin the changes in government and the accompanying new financial system.

Our sacred allies are now equipped with various instruments of legal leverage, enabling them to effectively force the dark to desist and depart. And yet, in an effort to bolster their cover story that all is normal, some of your cabal leaders have hinted at constructive financial changes being proposed. Despite being fully aware of the extreme fragility of the immediate future, they persist in maintaining their fiction of ‘business as usual.’ However, this vaudeville performance will end once the date chosen by the Light arrives. As we await this sacred time, the dark is still able to ‘run’ the governmental system that has brought war to your nations so many times in the past. Rest assured that we are monitoring all such attempts presently being pursued. We continually remind the dark that we will forestall any large-scale conflagration from breaking out anywhere on the planet, especially the many trigger-points in the Middle East. Included in this are the various rogue nations sponsored by the dark, which are making efforts to destabilize your world. Our diplomatic corps is constantly making unannounced visits to those governments which obey the manipulative dictates of the cabal.

Maintaining a degree of stability on your world prior to the official announcements is another of our current activities. We know that the time for a formal disclosure is getting near and that your world must face the fact that major Earth changes have a scheduled time-slot. These are some of the reasons why the dark must soon be replaced with new governance which makes disclosure a major policy objective, and this we intend to ensure. As you know to your cost, your present governments are ruled by special interests that are unwilling to sanction a full and formal disclosure of our benevolent presence and indeed, this has been a major obstacle for us since the start of this mission in the early 1990s. Now we are at the point where those selected to legally replace top-level personnel in your controlled regimes can do so. In short, the time for the long-awaited massive changes is fast approaching. Our liaison personnel are preparing the announcements that will change your world and open the door for us to officially address you, thus beginning the countdown to first contact!

The moment when we make our announcements about first contact and full consciousness is the key to this entire mission. We have waited patiently for Heaven to instruct us to begin the formal direct contact with you. At that time we are going to introduce you to the Agarthans of Inner Earth and to your Ascended Masters. We will also begin the wide-ranging teachings concerning your true origins and history. When your individual Federation mentors land on your shores, you will start being prepared for your return to full consciousness. As we have often told you, all this is ready to go. All that is needed is the right conditions on Earth and a formal disclosure by your new governments. We know from our medical teams that you are more than ready for our various announcements, and once the prosperity kicks in the rest of the mission will go like clockwork. Another aspect that is more than ready to go is Gaia, who wishes to start the reconfiguration of her surface world. Then it will be time to create her brilliant new and pristine reality.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Dear Ones, the blessed treasury of Heaven is preparing to distribute its immense wealth to you! Long ago, we began a program to create a series of world trusts which were eventually to release their treasure to you, the world’s Lightworkers. The planned schedule for this was abruptly halted about 11 years ago when the dark sprang its evil scheme upon you, known as 9/11. These dark ones then proceeded with their global domination agenda by rolling out their fabricated wars in the Middle East and the Himalayas. Part of their infamous plot included the accumulation of a vast debt and the theft and misuse of some of the largess with which our good works had provided them. What they did not anticipate was that the sheer outrageousness of their greedy schemes would furnish us with the means to toss them legally into the dustbin of history, which is what we are now doing. Our sacred associates have drawn up accords with most nations of the world which pledge to end the onerous tyranny of the dark.

Now Clock

This process, dear Hearts, has taken longer than we desired. Nevertheless, that sacred moment has now arrived, and many exciting events are to happen. We are busy planning with our associates the final, divine thrust that is to stop the cabal in their tracks and allow us to propel them toward their just desserts. They will be replaced by persons who are well prepared to execute the schedule of bold plans that will produce a new economic system and new governance; in short, a new societal support system that is geared to producing the new You. This fully conscious individual will be able to apply their talents to transform Gaia by reuniting her surface and Inner Earth realms. You will also be able to graciously greet your spiritual and space cohorts, and be capable of joining them to create your new star-nation. It is indeed to be a wonderful, mind-expanding adventure!

Heaven has often talked to us about the grand mission that has been bequeathed to you. It involves the fact that this galaxy has been held hostage to a dark coalition called the Anchara Continuum since time immemorial. Its abysmal plan for total galactic dominion has only recently been abandoned, due to the Continuum’s decision to join the Light and sign the Treaty of Anchara nearly two decades ago. This present moment on your planet is to witness the last remaining remnant of this dark objective (your total subjugation) being laid to rest. It is your destiny to come into a new state of Beingness and take up a variety of sacred obligations, among which is to complete the transformation of the formerly dark star-nations into the Light. In this, you will be provided with numerous advisors who will assist us all to complete this noble undertaking successfully. We welcome this and look forward to aiding all of you in your return to full consciousness.

Today, we explained more of what is happening around you. Many sacred individuals and their associated groups are coming together to create a new global society that will establish freedom, honor your full sovereignty, and ensure a humongous, universal prosperity! This time will transform you and allow you to manifest a most glorious future! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

ET-FIRST CONTACT RADIO with Maria Isabel Henn from December 3, 2012

SaLusa gave me a short message for the listeners before the show. For a better understanding I will post his message here. I apologize if I am sometimes a bit hard to understand, english is not my first language and I was very nervous because it was my first live interview ever.

Esu meri means “Good day” in sirian. EnnKa is my sirian name.

Esu meri to all the listeners of the show. I greet you from my mothership Mesime. It is the largest and the flagship of the sirian fleet. We are far out in the orbit, because the ship is very big and a lot of different beings live here together with their families. It is like a big town and we can stay there for years.

It is my pleasure to speak to you shortly through my beloved EnnKa. We are engaged and will marry soon after Ascension. In that you can see, that we have also a family life and marriages and births like you on earth. But once in the higher Dimensions there is no death, we only change our bodies if we like to have another vessel for our soul. The bigger part of my crewmembers are Elves from Sirius, but there are also Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedans and Beings from other stars or planets from all over the universe.

We observe you from above and we rejoice in looking on the growing number of lights on your beautiful planet. There are only a few weeks left til Ascension and we are all very confident that a great number of your people will ascend. We are here to help you through the process and we are protecting you with our ships, so that nothing and nobody can disturb this big event. And these are not only my ships but from all members of the Galactic Federation of Light.

I really hope that we can land before Ascension, it would give me the opportunity to visit my beloved Twin Flame who I saw the last time over 50 years ago before she incarnated.

I am a human being like most of my crewmembers and we are not here to take over your planet as still some of you are believing, but only to help and assist. We do it in service to mankind and Gaia, out of our deep love to all that is.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I send you my love and hope to see you soon on your wonderful little blue planet that is becoming a wonderful little blue star.

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In Prime Creator’s realm every being has an equal right to live – SaLuSa through Isabel Henn November 20, 2012

As has been said many times, the re-elected President Obama is a man of the light. His election could be made with great success despite some incidents and irregularities by the opponent. It will not be long and he can carry out his true mission: to lead humanity to freedom and to build together with them a new society on 5D Earth.

As a Sirian he has prepared himself for this on my mothership during many years before his incarnation. He has all the knowledge and skills for this rather demanding task. In his re-election, the light has won a great success. It has paved the way for Disclosure, the conversion of the world’s governments and a new unified currency. After Disclosure, an event which is to be expected shortly, programs will be broadcast by your media, to share the truth about the dark forces, your history and religions. Some of the programs will serve humanity to prepare furthermore for Ascension and to educate and teach people who just woke up.

Disclosure will bring also the first landings in regions that are receptive to us. Other landings are planned thereafter, but we don’t want to threaten or frighten anyone. The presence of our ships in your skies will increase strong after Disclosure, even more than before, almost as a habituation effect for you and the people who have been completely overlooked us so far (in this part he smiled).

The Middle East is under our sharp observation. The Galactic Federation has deployed a number of ships which will prevent an escalation. They send love and light to the ground to calm down the situation. I ask you also to include this region in your meditations and to flood it in your visualizations with pink colored light. This is the color of love, the same light that we send out – only with love this region can be pacified. Imagine how the aircrafts return to their bases, with all their arms and ammunition on board, as people lay down their weapons and reach out their hands to their brothers and sisters to see peace, as the leaders shake hands with each other for peace. Send your love into these images and together with your love into the region. Unconditional love and light are the strongest and at the same time most peaceful weapons that exist throughout the universe.

You are all Creator Gods in the making and can now manifest faster than ever before. Use your skills together in global meditations, or alone. Together we can bring lasting peace to a region that has for millennia been a theater of war. Something that was impossible for so long, is now within reach. We will prevent a third world war, this is divine decree, but it is equally important to restore quietude there. Neither side can deny others the right to live there. The land is intended for all people, not to a particular race or religion. This idea of ​​separation must be released in order to allow the idea of ​​unity.

In Prime Creator’s realm every being has an equal right to live, regardless of background, race or appearance. There are no religions in higher developed societies, as all beings believe in the existence of Prime Creator and his all-encompassing love and live these all-encompassing love also.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and envelope you in my love, which is so all-encompassing and infinite as Prime Creator’s love for his creation. Together, we can make love the dominant power in this crisis and war-torn country.

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In Urschöpfers Reich hat jedes Wesen das gleiche Anrecht zu leben – SaLuSa durch Isabel Henn 20.November 2012

Wie bereits mehrfach gesagt wurde, ist der wiedergewählte Präsident Obama ein Mann des Lichts. Seine Wahl konnte trotz gewisser Vorkommnisse und Unregelmäßigkeiten seitens des Gegners mit großem Erfolg durchgeführt werden. Es wird nicht mehr lange dauern und er kann seine eigentliche Mission ausführen: die Menschheit in die Freiheit zu führen und gemeinsam mit ihnen die neue Gesellschaft auf der 5D-Erde aufzubauen.

Als Sirianer hat er sich viele Jahre vor seiner Inkarnation auf meinem Mutterschiff darauf vorbereitet. Er besitzt alles Wissen und alle Fähigkeiten für diese recht anspruchsvolle Aufgabe. In seiner Wiederwahl hat das Licht einen großen Erfolg errungen. Sie hat den Weg zu Disclosure, den Umbau der Regierungen weltweit und eine neue einheitliche Währung geebnet. Nach Disclosure, ein Ereignis, das in Kürze zu erwarten ist, werden Programme über eure Medien ausgestrahlt, die die Wahrheit über die dunklen Mächte, eure Geschichte und Religionen freigeben. Ein Teil der Programme dient dazu die Menschheit weiter auf den Aufstieg vorzubereiten, die gerade erwachten Menschen aufzuklären und zu unterrichten.

Disclosure bedeutet gleichfalls erste Landungen in Regionen, die uns gegenüber aufgeschlossen sind. Weitere Landungen sind geplant im Anschluß daran, aber wir wollen niemanden gefährden oder ängstigen. Die Präsenz unserer Schiffe an eurem Himmel wird nach Disclosure stark zunehmen, noch stärker als zuvor, quasi als Gewöhnungseffekt für euch und die Menschen, die uns bisher vollkommen übersehen haben (bei diesem Teil hat er gelächelt).

Der nahe Osten steht unter unserer scharfen Beobachtung. Die Galaktische Föderation hat zahlreiche Schiffe stationiert, die eine Eskalation verhindern sollen. Sie senden Licht und Liebe zum Boden um die Lage zu beruhigen. Ich bitte euch zusätzlich diese Region in eure Meditationen einzuschließen und in euren Visualisationen mit rosafarbigem Licht zu fluten. Dies ist die Farbe der Liebe, das gleiche Licht, das wir aussenden; nur mit Liebe kann diese Region befriedet werden. Stellt euch vor, wie die Flugzeuge zu ihren Basen zurückkehren, mit allen ihren Waffen und Munition an Bord; seht wie Menschen ihre Waffen niederlegen und ihren Brüdern und Schwestern die Hand zum Frieden reichen; wie die politischen Führer einander die Hand zum Frieden reichen. Sendet eure Liebe in diese Bilder hinein und zusammen mit eurer Liebe in die Region. Bedingungslose Liebe und Licht sind die stärksten und gleichzeitig friedlichsten Waffen, die es im ganzen Universum gibt.

Ihr seid alle Schöpfergötter im Werden und könnt nun schneller manifestieren als je zuvor. Nutzt eure Fähigkeiten vereint in globalen Meditationen oder alleine. Gemeinsam können wir dauerhaften Frieden in eine Region bringen, die seit Jahrtausenden Kriegsschauplatz ist. Etwas, das seit so langer Zeit unmöglich war, liegt nun in greifbarer Nähe. Einen dritten Weltkrieg werden wir verhindern,dies ist göttliches Dekret, aber es ist ebenso wichtig dort Ruhe einkehren zu lassen. Keine Seite kann der anderen das Recht absprechen dort zu wohnen. Das Land ist für alle Menschen gedacht, nicht für eine bestimmte Rasse oder Religion. Diese Gedanken der Trennung müssen losgelassen werden, um den Gedanken der Einheit zulassen zu können.

In Urschöpfers Reich hat jedes Wesen das gleiche Anrecht zu leben, unabhängig von seiner Herkunft, seiner Rasse oder seines Aussehens. Religionen gibt es in den höherentwickelten Gesellschaften nicht, da alle Wesen an Urschöpfers Existenz und allumfassende Liebe glauben und diese allumfassende Liebe auch leben.

Ich bin SaLuSa vom Sirius und hülle euch ein in meine Liebe, die so allumfassend und unendlich ist wie die Liebe Urschöpfers für seine Schöpfung. Gemeinsam können wir die Liebe zur vorherrschenden Macht in diesem krisen- und kriegsgeschüttelten Land werden lassen.

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Trust your body, it knows exactly what is good and appropriate for it – SaLuSa through Isabel Henn October 18, 2012

First, a quick update. After the last portal and the energies that came through, you’re in a short rest. The enormous energies need to be further processed by your body before the next burst of energy approaching, only a few more days until 21-10-12, another day for a portal opening. Therefore enjoy the short break and please rest enough.

The end of the year is now approaching fast, just over two months until the day of Ascension. I am aware that many of you still doubt this great event: it is irreversible. Ascension will take place, the delays in other areas can not prevent this. We work day and night with our allies in order to achieve at least still some of what you have been announced so many times. Also we have our timelines, we must follow. Disclosure is imminent, as is the redistribution of money and the introduction of a new single currency. Immediately following disclosure the first of our ships will land on specified places. These places are where people are open to us and are not afraid to meet us. Other landings will then follow.

But this is just a sideshow to make life easier and to make the transition to the new society easier and smoother. Your Ascension alone is the great goal that must be achieved. More and more people are awakening now due to the huge bursts of energy. Their light will help others to wake up, it’s a domino effect that can not be stopped. I know of your Domino Days, they have certain similarities with the wonderful process that is currently taking place on your Earth.

On my ship, I have a wonderful view of the earth, and every day I admire it more. More and more lights can be seen. I know that you will manage it, you are so close. Share your love and your light generously with each other. If you could only see what effect it triggers when you smile at another person or kindly wish another a good day. This person is maybe about to commit an act of desperation, but your smile gives him new courage and joy for life. Help each other through these turbulent times. As soon as we are allowed to land, we can assist you even more.

It is not difficult to ascend if you prepare yourselves accordingly. You know by now what this preparation contains: love, forgive, condemn not and the reduction of your unresolved karma. You make good progress already. I repeat it even more for the people who have only recently awakened. During Ascension itself, you will get all kinds of help, you are not alone in this all-important event. You have many helpers, and everyone knows exactly what to do.

Your bodies are now largely transformed into a crystalline body, even if barely visible changes can be seen. Rest and drink plenty of good clean water. Maybe you’ve already been able to find that your body just reacts declining to highly processed food. Therefore listen to what you feel. Trust your body, it knows exactly what is good and appropriate for it. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts. This is light, but energy-rich food that will do you good. Reduce your alcohol and coffee consumption, if it is possible, as the enjoyment of tobacco. These are more or less toxins that inflict damage to your bodies. Cleanse your body energetically with white or green light, along with the violet flame. This will allow you physically to ascend easier. Allow youselves small breaks during the day to process the daily stress. Your body and your soul will thank you. Just a little and you’ve done it.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and send my love and appreciation for the great achievements that you have made so far.

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