Saint Germain ~ Ascension is YOU April 20, 2014 through Méline Lafont

Conveyed through Méline Lafont

Picture by Méline in Merlins Cave, April 2014

Méline: I was writing about Ascension a few days ago from my I AM Presence perspective when after a few lines I felt my Masculine Self coming through. And so Saint Germain has spoken.

Greetings my dear friends,

Please do know that Ascension is not an event that is happening on a certain day or a specific date, like for example a birthday party that is taking place on a certain date and that if you are too late on this party that you cannot participate in its joy of the moment, or that if it is even possible to be too late for it.

Ascension is not an event that can be postponed or something that could not go through, for it is an ongoing process that takes place every single day, every single second of your existence. It is your cells, your being, your every now moment of change and integration, realization, growth, insights.

Ascension is taking place within you every now moment of your existence, it is in laughter, it is in joy, it is in bliss, it is in love, it is in meditation, participation in love, it is Self Love, acceptance, allowance, inner knowing, wisdom, freedom, expansion, it is all of the beauty within you reflected on the outside of the world. It is the knowing of, and the realization that you ARE GOD, that you are Divine, that you are consciousness, that you are All That Is. It is the embracing of all of your multifaceted features and the being that you are in the now and in all of your existence.

Ascension is liberty, respect, your inner temple and sun into this being. It is all that you have dreamed of and yearned for and it is YOU. So as YOU are every day, every now moment in this existence, as you ARE existence and consciousness… it is YOU that you yearn for from the heart and so that makes your Ascension in its entire being. BE your Ascension by Being, and Ascension will be every now moment. It will never be too late nor will it ever be postponed nor canceled for it is always YOU as YOU are infinite and existing. If you see that Ascension is you, you are already free.

Free yourself from the slavery of thoughts and limitations that you have set for yourself and there you will meet your Ascension and come to the realization that you have always been ascending, every single now moment. You want it too fast, you want it tangible with proof; it is an outside affirmation which on the same token you affirm to be outside of yourself for you search it not within you. How can we prove something to be, if everything you seek for to be already IS?! It is already in you and it is you! How must we prove this to Be if it is you and you are a living being of consciousness!? Does that not prove enough my friends?! That you exist and that if you exist, Ascension exists.

Do not let yourself be distracted by the waiting position of others to come and do it for you. There is no such thing my friends. There is only being and everything else that comes not from being is distraction, is separation and is learning through fractals and experience, which is action and separation. Action is splitting the core into a fractal to experience the flow of this action, which we call an expression and experience. Which is fine, of course. It is there to teach you and to bring you back to where you came from in the first place.

My friends, allow the core of your being to be that what it is you seek. Give it your love and the attention you need, for it is all in there and no place else. All the beauty on Earth and the outside reality are wonderful teachers and provide experiences. Enjoy those but do not get entrapped in them or you become those. See through the mirror of yourself what it is that makes you the one that you are in the now, what it is that you are so eagerly searching for and the answer will lead you the way to the point where you need to start over in a whole other way, to look at it from a different perspective. Learn and teach, know and BE.

We are in the midst of Ascension and it is an ongoing flow, not a one day event of such sorts. It is the flow of your growth and Being so allow, sit back on your own ride and trust your inner Self wholeheartedly. You grow every day and this is what makes Ascension so tangible in your reality. No one can do it for you as you are the ONLY one who can instigate and lead your own Ascension process.

It is my heartfelt desire to once again stress the fact that it is about Self mastery of the you within you and that it is those who you call us, the Ascended Masters, Galactic family, Archangels and so on, that will assist in what you bring forth and create from within: from the being that you are. As without your own beingness and creation there is no change or assistance to be done from our part in the Heavenly realms. It is you that bring the changes from within through being and it is us that assist you in the realization of what you bring forth.

You can see it as a Magical spell that you bring forth after mastering and learning your Magician skills, and it is us sprinkling the magical dust to make it happen even stronger after you spoke your spell. The magical dust can be compared to all of the portal activations, sun template activations, cosmic light and encodings, Solar Flares, cosmic events through alignments and shifting, all orchestrated with us/ by us and by the Source of All that Is. Change is within you as it starts from you and from nowhere else. Do not sit and wait for events to take place and take matters into your own hands by being the Master that you ARE.

Quantum consciousness is a major key in this all and it is ready for those who have achieved a certain level of Self mastery, which implies a certain consciousness and a knowingness of “Is-ness”. There can only be “delays”, “cancellations” or whatever you wish to name it by creating this yourself through taking this for your reality. When you feel that Ascension is not happening, it means that you do not see it within yourself and so you do not sense this and certainly do not see it reflected in your outer reality.

Look more into that area of yourself and think about it; is it truly another outside Source that is stopping YOUR ascension process? Let us leave it with these last words, it will be an already enough hectic ride for many and my heartfelt Love and compassion for you all is what I wish to convey to you all, for it is out of tremendous Love that I bring this message to you. I wish for you to see this now and to look deeper within you.

My Love, Grace and infinite compassion, Saint Germain

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Cleansing – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn May 19, 2013


My child, you should clean yourself more. I don’t mean your body hygiene with this but your energetic hygiene. It isn’t enough to shower each day or to bathe. It is very important that you clean your aura, your energetic field. Use the emeraldgreen flame of my beloved son, the Archangel Raphael. Let the light flow through all your bodies and your aura and cleanse all and take all with it that is obsolete or negative. You can also use the violet flame of my beloved St. Germain, it will just transmute all into love; use plainly first the green and then the violet flame and namely daily. You not only care for a clean aura with this but you also prevent at the same time the development of diseases. A “dirty” aura will lead in the long run infallibly to the forming of diseases. With the cleansing of your energetic field you can but protect yourself from that. Your wellbeing is very deep in my heart, my child, so please use the two flames daily. You will soon feel even better then. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Reinigung – Die Göttliche Mutter durch Isabel Henn 19.Mai 2013


Mein Kind, Du solltest dich mehr reinigen. Damit meine ich nicht deine Körperhygiene, sondern deine energetische Hygiene. Es reicht nicht aus jeden Tag zu duschen oder zu baden. Sehr wichtig ist es, daß Du deine Aura, dein Energiefeld, säuberst. Nutze die smaragdgrüne Flamme meines geliebten Sohnes, des Erzengels Raphael. Laß das Licht durch all deine Körper und Aura fließen und alles reinigen und mitnehmen, was verbraucht oder negativ ist. Du kannst auch die violette Flamme meines geliebten St. Germain nutzen, sie wandelt gleich alles in Liebe um; nutze einfach erst die grüne, dann die violette Flamme und zwar täglich. Du sorgst damit nicht nur für eine saubere Aura, sondern beugst auch gleichzeitig der Entstehung von Krankheiten vor. Eine “schmutzige” Aura führt auf Dauer unweigerlich zur Bildung von Krankheiten. Mit der Reinigung deines Energiefeldes kannst Du dich jedoch davor schützen. Dein Wohlergehen liegt mir sehr am Herzen, mein Kind, also nutze bitte die beiden Flammen täglich. Du wirst dich bald noch wohler fühlen. ~

Deine Göttliche Mutter

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APR 14 2013 Saint Germain ~ Nesara: As you know, all new pairs of shoes have to be walked in before they feel comfortable ~ As channeled by Méline Lafont


 Copyright ©  by Méline Lafont: picture from New Zealand

Received on April 10, 2013

My dear ones, my friends and family, my old chelas and most especially my beautiful souls. It is once more with much delight and a substantial amount of Love that I come to share my pure energy and my essence with all of you. I am joyful and rightfully so. There are some things in the works that I very much look forward to and of which I am very proud. I am proud because it deals with certain things which are already known and going on in the higher dimensions and which will now begin their manifestation in your world of the 5th Dimension.

A lot of preparations went into this and it certainly required lots of patience and trust of all of you but we have succeeded and now it’s on its way! I am referring to a most significant project called Nesara. Everything pertaining to Nesara will now begin to take its first babysteps in its toddler’s shoes. As you know, all new pairs of shoes have to be walked in before they feel comfortable and so it is with Nesara. You have to get used to new situations. It is like crossing a small girder : you have to compose yourself and find your balance before crossing it.

This refers also to Nesara and the first steps have now been taken, it is just that we are talking about toddler’s shoes and like a toddler each step has to be taken very carefully. Although it may not be entirely obvious to you all, Nesara is an ongoing matter and everything pertaining to it will become more evident to all of you. As is generally known, Disclosure is a part of Nesara, as Nesara is way more than just the funds. Nesara also has to do with your freedom and your self-enrichment into a much higher world and dito consciousness.

The issues on which you have toiled for many years and to which I devoted myself for decennia, all come together now as the preparations are as good as done and the phase of manifestation can begin. We have reached a more acceptable timeframe and a higher degree of consciousness for us to take the first steps. Rest assured that all those steps will appear imminently thanks to the awakenings that are currently happening on a global scale.

Trust and perseverence are now of the utmost importance to persist herein, as all your positive contributions will empower this whole project. Mistrust and doubts will jeopardize, endanger and even delay this project. Doubts arise by always clinging onto the outer world in search of confirmations and evidences, whereas that which is shifting in your hearts doesn’t yet fully reflect in your current outer world. This outer world is still in creation with lower thoughts and with attempts at destroying things, so obviously it is not there that you will find your new creations nor love, hence not everything in your outer world can yet be reflected. That’s why I say to all of you : feel and find it all inside of you, there it is noticeable.

Everything that you create from your essence comes from the heart and everything that is still going on on your world is a direct result of the new creations that are emerging. Every birth entails some pains, and so does this one. All the chaos that is still rampant on your world has been predicted a while back to each of you. Therefore we kept on stressing the fact to remain centered and balanced! That’s the only reason why we kept on focussing on this and not just to sound like a broken record.

It is essential to persist with your heart creations as by doing so they will really break through the chaos and paradise will get reestablished on your world. Many shifts have already taken place for each and everyone of you and still continue on shifting, but from a collective point of view there is still much work to be done. You already have come so far so please don’t give up now that we’ve reached the most decisive and crucial stages. The awakening of every soul counts and despite the fact that already countless souls are aware of their essence and mission, we gladly see everyone of you reach this level.

The current chaos and warmongering result from the lower thoughtforms as well as from the collective cleansing in the release of old and karmic patterns. Everything has to be fully cleansed and released before the new can be born in your reality, a fact that is commonly known. Be aware, my friends, that everything evolves one step at the time and it really is no sinecure what you are accomplishing! But you do it nonetheless, you persevere and there is a certain basis of trust to persist despite the pressure and the obstacles.

You have already broken through into the 5th Dimension, a fact that causes some difficulty for the collective to find their way through this heightened collective consciousness. The Ascension pioneers pave the way and absorb the blows all the while when the newly awakened ones try to contribute their part wherever they can. The still dormant souls are the worst off these days as they still cling to the old 3rd Dimensional world, a world that actually no longer exists. On a collective level these souls still linger in a 4th Dimension, which operates as a passageway to the 5th Dimension, and also in this case the changeover for these souls is very difficult to grasp and come to terms with.

Make it easy on them just by being there for them and comfort them. Shower your Love and befriend them, give them your trust and support. Remember how hard the transition has been for all of you?! For them it is even worse because many among them really have no clue as to the new world. That’s why it is important to give them the opportunity and to not proceed too quickly lest we could lose many incarnations by wanting to go too fast. We may not forget that the physical as well as the mental body are under a lot of strain and that these two bodies determine in part your current life.

When the mental and the physical are weak there’s little chance that they can transform into a lightbody in a strong and healthy way. Ultimately, to transform is what we really yearn for and I know all too well how this is done and what can be expected from it. Do not underestimate the whole process, my dear ones! Despite the hard transition it is fantastic to see what you all have achieved so far! Be convinced that this already is a great deal and that nothing escapes your energies.

Together we are going to persevere and send love to everything and everyone around us, so that this all can manifest in a much easier way in your reality, which is the 5th. Have faith in the Nesara project and in Disclosure, it will all benefit you greatly and it will take place when the collective hearts are ready for it. And that is what is transpiring now and, as a lot has already taken place and is occuring behind closed doors, it can happen in any moment of the NOW.

Be prepared, be at ease and most of all be Love.

I Am Saint Germain.

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Saint Germain ~ At present the Earth is about to shut down the 3D habits and energies in such harmonious way as possible ~ Channeled by Méline Lafont 19/03/2013



Received on March 17, 2013

Beloved ones, I am here today to clarify some things not only about recent events but also about events which are to soon manifest on your Earth. A lot of hard work has been accomplished behind closed doors so to speak resulting in a possible great event or shift relating to, amongst other issues, your banking systems and a whole lot more. As always we ask you to release all concepts of time and all expectations in these matters as this attitude would not be helpful but would rather obstruct the smooth flow of energies which are due to take place.

At present you should learn, once and for all, to be timeless and to accept and work from the Now moment. As has been stated in my previous message, a lot is taking place and this is becoming more and more obvious also to the media. All this will lead to such a climax that the truth will set in and seep through your media sources. It can no longer remain hidden as everything is unfolding on a global scale and is hence felt by everyone, including the still dormant souls. There is no way back and it can no longer be blocked.

Have an unshakable trust in the Divine process of Ascension because it is a large part of  All That Is. It all boils down to recognizing, exploring and accepting your Divine Self in all freedom and Love. It is your right and your Being and absolutely nothing can stop you when you have chosen this from the bottom of your heart. Nothing can block the Divine Force of Ascension and liberation; this force will bring you further along in your evolution and your experiences in the Light.

Only time can somewhat hinder and delay this because there still exists an outspoken focus on dates and timeframes. It is HIGH time to only dwell in the NOW moment and from there to just keep on creating. If you are unsure what this Now moment is all about I advise you to isolate yourself in a quiet moment and to close your eyes. Listen to the beating of your heart and to your breathing, get a feel of enrichment when in contact with your inner Self in the heart and be one within your heart. You have just experienced the NOW moment and it feels good, unbounded and limitless.

All of you are limitless and this is also the case in your daily lives. There is nothing that in principle could block or prohibit you from being yourself. There are only distractions and attempts to keep it all in check and to restrain it. But I can assure you, beloved ones, that we are now far beyond that fact since enrichment and enlightenment are in the process of manifesting themselves on the Earth. Too many souls have awakened so that this kind of limited life on Earth is no longer accepted nor approved of. Your hearts are now wide open and expect, even demand only Love and harmony. Enlightenment is now the order of the day and we see this come to pass ever so swiftly.

We are aware that, from your point of view, this does not seem to be so but know that Gaia has set her first footsteps in the 5th Dimension in many energetic locations spread all over the Earth. Certain countries and locations already exist in the 5th Dimension depending on the consciousness of the collective population.  Other countries still exist in the 3rd Dimension and most countries exist in the 4th Dimension. It all depends on the state of consciousness. That state of consciousness is in its own right also dependent not only on how far someone has grown in his evolution and awakening, or to the degree of integration of the Light but most of all to the extent that the person works from his heart and not from his mind (through the brain).

The intellect is an important asset in daily life on the 3rd Dimension but the heart knows and feels everything. The brain is incapable of feeling, it can only perceive what it sees, and what it sees is just the illusion of this world. The new world is merely a heightened state of Being associated with higher frequencies and energies of the Light and of the heart. Your heart is the center of “All That Is” in your own Being.

A rather intense pressure will be felt there where humanity still exists in the lower frequency of the 3rd Dimension as the timelines converge whereafter time in itself will disappear and the upcoming spring equinox will play an important part in this. Prepare yourself for souls and locations still dwelling in the 3rd Dimension. If you find yourself in a location with this lower frequency but you are aware of all that is unfolding and you have duly reached a higher level of consciousness, than nothing can go wrong. So you don’t have to worry one bit.Those who dwell in the heart will always find themselves in a harmonious way and will escape the chaos, it will not affect you at all. That’s why I advise you to always remain grounded and to center yourself in your heart. You will be in dire need of this help and assistance these days and weeks and we count on all of you.

The locations and hearts dwelling in the 4th Dimensional state receive a huge opportunity to greatly further their awakening and bringing it that much closer to the full Ascension into the 5th Dimension. Also in this case it all depends on how you are dealing with all this in the NOW moment and how your actions, thoughts and feelings all originate from your heart. At this specific point in time there is a great gradation of 4D thoughts about to convert into a higher state of your Being and is bringing you ever so quietly to your 5th Dimensional state of consciousness and inner Self.

Congratulations are in order if you have already evolved this far, for although there is only a small number that can truly call themselves the pioneers of the 5th Dimensional World, that small number is working tirelessly on those three  different dimensions and even beyond those three.

At present the Earth is about to shut down the 3D habits and energies in such harmonious way as is possible for humanity so that the transition can occur in a most loving way. Humanity must now proceed lifting themselves into an even higher frequency and expand this as much as possible into a global manifestation. As seen from an energetic level, nowadays 50% is now dwelling in a 5th Dimension and by that I mean the Earth and her frequency ranges on a global, countrywise level, Her embodiment. Humanity, on the contrary, dwells at about 35% in a 4th Dimensional setting as to her consciousness and incarnations, whereas a small 25% has already shifted into the 5th Dimensional consciousness and even beyond. All the rest is still stuck in the world of illusion and are consequently dwelling in 3D.

Be aware that these percentages reflect how everything evolves presently, giving you a clear picture in an attempt to outline a general overview of how far Ascension has progressed. Much will depend on the upcoming changes and on the energies emanating from the intense Spring Equinox how the collective consciousness will evolve and accept who they truly are and what is about to unfold.

Most of all, be loving towards each other and look forward to a wonderful opportunity to get a beautiful prospect and a personal enrichment. The spring equinox will enable us to once more bring a lot to the forefront and to manifest it. Everything is an opportunity, a chance and a beautiful experience, one way or the other. You will never miss it, you will never fall short of experiencing whatever energy. Everything is free and available for everyone, nobody is left behind as everyone and everything are One.

Have complete faith in yourself and in your inner world. I urge you these days close to the equinox to amply meditate and to focus on your inner self, on your heart and on all the beautiful things you would like to see fulfilled.

I AM Saint Germain and I stand by your side.

I AM that I AM.

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Saint Germain ~ Be cautious and peaceful my beloveds, for you are entering a most exciting time amidst a climax of changes ~ channeled by Méline Lafont March 12, 2013


Received by Méline Lafont on March 12, 2013

Greetings to all of you, beloved hearts. Let’s talk today about the coming spring equinox and the upcoming summer months that are just around the corner. We in the higher Lightworld do not work with the notion of time or with timelines as you do, we just stick to the feeling of the NOW moment as well as to Earthly events to determine in what phase of Ascension you have arrived. We don’t use clocks nor dates to know how far we have evolved and we are aware when the time for us has come for the next wave of renewal, as everything really lingers in the Now moment. Hence this precursor, this explanation to once again duly clarify for you that nothing is time-based and that everything just is!

Once more we have arrived at a pivotal point in your timeframe which will enable countless transformations, shifts, renewals and Ascensions to unfold in your Earthly reality. The current reality, in which our Beloved Earth dwells, has in the meantime shifted already into the first layers of the 5th Dimension, in which specific groups of humanity have acceded, joining Gaia’s new state and Being. Accept this as a fact as it is obvious to see and to know it. But give yourself the opportunity and remain in a state of tranquility to really integrate this process and realize it fully before giving up too soon or criticizing that nothing has changed and everything remains the same, as this is no longer the case, far from it!

Take a closer look around you and observe what has transpired on your world : do you see the same scenes as compared to a few years ago or even some weeks ago? Look closely and compare when necessary with reports or stories from a long while ago. What do you see? What do you feel? Don’t you see that there really is a difference in perception as well as a different heartfeeling? Do you not feel that you have transformed into a new Self who wasn’t that pronounced earlier on or even present altogether? Do you feel the changes occurring in your inner self as well as in your outer reality? Ask yourselves these questions and observe closely within, feel it properly because through inner feelings you will get the answers more swiftly than through your outer reality.

Take a look at the banks and their systems getting into trouble and failing, governments that can no longer make progress with or without each other, the pope who is no longer able to stand his ground, the queen of England who is no longer in control of her assets nor her finances, power structures disappearing, fraudulous schemes being divulged and even engineered events coming to light which have provoked all kinds of drama’s in the past …. and I can continue on for a long time, dear hearts! What I am talking about here has unfolded and happened on your world in less than a month. Isn’t it marvellous what has been accomplished?! Isn’t this more than enough to become aware that much is transpiring thanks in part to your awakenings and your creations? These are fabulous things that are unfolding my beloveds, behold the beauty of it all and become aware from your heart that you all have accomplished this just by working and awakening from the heart.

Nothing is as it used to be and everything will continue evolving and coming to a great climax where even more shall be accomplished, even more will shift, even more will come to light on many levels : not just on the banksystems, on the governments but also on the level of the oceans and of Gaia, furthermore there will be many shifts on a Galactic level. Be cautious and peaceful my beloveds, for you are entering a most exciting time amidst a climax of changes.

Energetically seize the opportunity contained in the spring equinox and the summer solstice and consider this time as an acclimatizing time wherein the adjustments to the new 5th dimensional energies for your physical body become a fact and in which all of you will enter as the renewed and redeemed Self. You will feel more liberated than ever before because it is simply the road that you will now follow, freeing you in the process of all the illusions which were taken for granted for so long. This is a holographic world, my beloved ones, especially created for these kinds of lessons and experiments. You cannot experience duality on a higher level and our thanks go out to dearest Gaia as She has enabled this for the whole of humanity, in which you are incarnated.

Gaia deserves her rightful place back with us in the higher World and so do you! We all form one big family and soulgroup working together to accomplish this task and who will truly conclude it together. Duality is now in the process of disintegrating and that is a fact! However, do not put a date on it, nor an expectation as there is no time, there is only the Now! More and more people are becoming aware that it is their expectations and their human inclination to see this all change in a day and a night and that is impossible. Everything needs time, everything evolves along certain processes including the Divine … it is that way with everything : a birth is a process, a death is also a process, change and clarifications require time and phases, everything is a continuous process and that’s the reason why I want to amphasize the fact that you must really release all notions of time, no longer living by them!

Live from day to day as if there is no tomorrow and place, do and see everything happening in the now moment in which you find yourself.  Everything that is really going on in your world will be felt more intensely for you are one with us and with your timeless being; a state and a higher dimensional Being. When you release everything than there can be no more feelings of expectation and you are more open for the real that can be felt and shared. There is so much shifting going on, dear people, really a lot which I guarantee because I am actively involved, I am at the helm of the wheel!

I have already accomplished much work and I keep on delivering together with all the Galactic civilizations, the Masters and Archangels as well as the Brethren of the inner Earth. I vouch for that! Besides, many hearts already feel and know it for a fact, so don’t be disappointed that not everything is the way you expected it to be, for this is an expectation and all too often expectations only lead to disappointments. Release the energy and Be, feel and remain pervious : it is so wonderful to be truly free in All That Is without any expectations nor judgments : everything just is, including you!

Give yourself the right to evolve and to live in this Now moment and take into account  the reality that you already have made it; it is just that this has to be accepted, felt and regarded as such , it has to be truly known. Shifts are now taking place on a high level so to enable you all to evolve further in a more peaceful way. All this not only to Ascend together harmoniously into your new being, together with Mother Earth but also t simultaneaously recognize and know your Galactic Self as well as your family of the Light. This is a lot to take in and it is all taking place and happening inside of yourselves and since your inner world is the place from where everything starts, so will everything be reflected in your outer reality. BUT you have to release how you think this reflection will show up in your reality.

With much Love and friendship I remain definitely with all of you in the NOW and with lots of gratitude and respect, I greet you fully continuing to believe in you all. Be strong and audacious in the NOW and let yourself flow along confidently with these new and powerful energies of the spring equinox and the summer solstice for you will truly be amazed and enlightened. Remain in your own truth at all times and always operate from your heart!

I AM that I AM

 Saint Germain

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Méline Lafont ~ A message from Saint Germain and the Pleiadians ~ 28 February 2013

 love en light

As channeled by Méline Lafont on 28 February 2013

The Pleiadians

Hello sweet ones, we come forward for you today to share you this short message:

Our planets and worlds are stars, suns and a sort of gas planets.  There is no material thing, all is energy even food is, we live on  Prana and Love. We create formations and forms with energy and thoughts.  Light is our nurturing and Love is our force of being.  We are multidimensional beings and we serve for and out of Love.  We bring humanity hope and we see to it that everything is going as planned; which is a successful completion of this current Ascension process.  We will serve Humanity and Gaia further along your path together as long as Humanity is willing to have this cooperation.

We have secret bases in your inner Earth and on your land, as well as stations above your planet.  We are here to bring our Love and compassion, to bring your knowledge back, the knowledge you have always known but have kept inside of you.  We are reconnecting and therefore activating all of your galactic aspects so that the world can wake up and the working together is a fact.  We are all here, with thousands of other civilizations to bring this plan of ascension into fruition together with you all.

We are your Galactic Higher Selves and therefore we are reaching out to you all and we are becoming one again.  When becoming one is a fact, our presence will be known as we exist in your reality and becoming one with our and your Galactic Self means sharing the same timeline and reality of us, your Galactic family and Self.

We wish to see you all moving behind the veil of Illusion, to see and meet us; you, yourself!  and feel the joy of you and us becoming one again; one big family!  Time for this is upon you as you find yourself close to your encounter with us and recognition of yourself.  When your personal time for your own Disclosure is at hand, embrace the fact that you are becoming your Galactic Self again and spread you loving energies to others, it will inspire them to do the same.  We are with you, we are you and you are us.  The loving Pleiadians.

Saint Germain

Greetings beloveds, I AM Saint Germain your beloved warrior and Master of Light.  Thank you for being here with us and my beloved Méline.  She asked me if I wanted to share a short message with you all and of course I, Saint Germain, never say no to such opportunity to be able and reach out to all of you.  I Love you all so deeply my beloved friends, brothers and sisters and my former chelas of Light.

You are now at a point that your Chela Self is now becoming a Master being so I speak to you now as my friends, companions of Light, my family and my beloved ones.  It is my great pleasure to be with you all in this Now and to be at service for all of you.  I am working very hard this time on Earth, and movement is now occurring.  I will not rest my case as long as freedom and abundance are not in force upon your planet, beloved Gaia.

We are reaching a great and magnificent thing here on Earth and like I already said not too long ago through this scribe, that during the month of February there would be much turmoil.  The ball is rolling now and the poker game is on!  They try but it is all bluffing now and the poker game is about to end for them and they will loose.

Victory is upon us all and with this I mean the victory of Light!  It is already amongst us, it’s just the case that everyone needs to see the same: that we are achieving full freedom.  I, Saint Germain, bless you all with my wonderful flame of purity, it is all yours and so is my Love for you.  My pleasure, Saint Germain.

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Feb 19 2013 Saint Germain through Méline Lafont ~You are being led to a point where the return to your inner self is the only possible solution


 19th of February 2013

Greetings my beloved brothers, be welcome. As you can see, a great transposition of the Light is now in the process of manifesting itself. It brings everything to light what has to be lighted up, what has to be touched and coped with. Everything that requires change implies some kind of adjustment for your physical vessels. At this present moment in time there is a great possibility and a window of opportunity has opened that will lead you to your own truth, to your own Being and to your own potential.

Gradually it will become more and more obvious just how far those potentials reach and how much the Love you feel for one another has grown. More than ever before there is an interconnection and a cooperation and your hearts merge with each other. A great revolt is on the verge of breaking out in some countries and continents through natural phenomena or through human impacts. The obsolete and negative patterns are powerless; they are no longer fed by countless souls on Earth. They loose their credibility and are justly viewed as an illusion.


These are the times for which you all incarnated and it is the most enriching time ever! Why? Well, my dearest friends, has there ever been such a strain on the old structures as there is nowadays? No, not ever.There is no other explanation for this phenomenon than you, yourselves. All of you have brought this thus far now and you have succeeded that everything, really everything, will reverse once and for all and turn until the most desirable and enlightened position has duly been reached.

Mother Earth courageously and powerfully takes care of Her part and each of you jumps in with your own projects, your goals and your missions. Your hearts, your intentions and your own Ascension NOW give rise to all of this.  The incoming energies together with our assistance in enlightening all of you, only empower what you are achieving originally. There is no single soul on Earth who does not participate on this project : the dark as well as the Light have their intent and goal. This will become clear for all of you in a future NOW moment.

An intense shift is now occurring at this moment on and around the Earth. She has been brought out of Her comfortable axis so as to enable the renewals. There’s no reason to panic whatsoever, I think it has become quite obvious for all of you now that nothing disastrous can or may happen. The collective hearts and the collective consciousness of all humanity have reached such a high level that disasters can no longer occur and this is thanks to all of you : to the Lightworkers, to our incarnations and to aspects thereof, to the galactic incarnations and to countless others who are incarnated now to perform their part of assistance.

Massive events will come to pass one after the other leading up to even greater global awakenings. There can only be one, fully guaranteed endresult to which I pledge myself and that is : enlightenment, ascension and freedom. Many projects are now crammed as it were to get your attention, and a lot of them are already in active mode.

Be fully aware, my beloved friends, that everything and I really do mean everything comes out of your hearts and your creations and nothing can deprive you of your power of creation and of Love. You are Love so how could you be deprived of that what you are. It is just that this has been hidden for a very long time but not anymore! Now that you are aware of where you are, you have come together and joined hands to change the timeline of reality, to bring the past to the NOW moment and to appreciate each other’s openness and Love and to do something with that.

I am so proud of how this past month and the half of this month have smoothly been integrated in your world. It is very intense and difficult but I have faith that everything is well. Beloved ones, do have faith also, you are up to the task and you deserve it. There is nothing that I would wish for all of you than what is now being made possible and it’s well on its way, it is already in active mode.

There is one other thing I feel is important to share and that is that, in the course of the next months, you could be truly amazed about everything that will disconnect from each other and what that will effectuate. Keep an eye on your hearts for they are the true guides in everything. Be careful with predictions and just observe how everything works out. Don’t be tempted to fill it all in beforehand as it simply cannot be filled in ; there is only the moment of NOW and the state of Being.

Be NOW and Be Love, just be yourself. With lots of Love and a heart filled to overflowing, I send you my utter respect and gratitude for everything. Hold on as this is a very important month and year! Everything builds up to a more intense experience where nothing, absolutely nothing, will be able to resist. Everything goes and must go through the whirlwind of change in order to bring renewal: you yourself also go through this whirlwind by actively working on your inner self. You are being led to a point where the return to your inner self is the only possible solution.

How you all can work on this, has been reported numerous times and it seems unnecessary to keep on repeating it. You are now fully aware what’s in store for you after the many preparations and integrations. These will continue occurring since you constantly change into infinity. Nothing is fixed and everything is energy, and energy is a constant change in structure, light, intensity and life…

Allow your beautiful energies to unfold into what you want to become, what you want to achieve or what you want to be. You are beautiful, you are an energy of light, you are life and you are yourself : you are this exceptional and beautiful aspect of Love. Be extremely tolerant of each other in the coming days ; everyone suffers from the magnetic shifts and from the solar outbursts. Everything comes to a seriously high ebb, so be careful  not to “burn” yourself and keep a low profile in your hearts to recover and integrate all of this. It is very important that you have an inner peace and acceptation, certainly not confusion or anxiety. An inner peace will help you to acclimate to a more pleasant environment, that’s the point where we are going; keep this in mind at all times.

I am Master Saint Germain, full of love and respect for all of you, I will answer your Love now with a heartfelt THANK YOU and with the most sincere and loving intentions. I stand by your side and I am always active in my contributions to all of you for it is my heartfelt wish to again unite us all as one family.

I Am that I Am

Saint Germain


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Saint Germain ~ The sightings of your current heart are overwhelming ~As channeled by Méline Lafont ~ January 31, 2013




As channeled by Méline Lafont  

31 January – 1 February 2013

Precious beings of Light, my friends and brothers/sisters of heart. What a magnificent movement of Light is taking place here on Earth and beyond.  This movement is astonishing to behold and it is occurring within you all: within your hearts and also within your minds.  Let me thank you for it, as I AM deeply moved by this.

Little by little and step by step these creations of Love are now unfolding themselves within you all to be fully manifested in your own personal time and space.  You all are flourishing like beautiful flowers, becoming these roses of Love.  These flourishing flowers are all of you!! One by one and day by day, we of the Light are gaining more and more space on your precious Gaia, and in the minds and hearts of your precious Selves.

The current movement of Light and the current state of consciousness have never ever been so high like they are at present.  Not even the Atlantian, Lemurian or the Mayan cultures which were so high in enlightenment back then, cannot be compared to this present global movement in awakening.  Simply because this is a global awakening and not a culture or the awakening of a continent like it was in Atlantis.  This time the awakening takes place on a Global scale, and therefore Ascension is here for all of you dear souls out there, together with beloved GAIA!

There is no escape from the movement of Light, as it washes away all the old patterns and brings in renewing like a ‘refresh button’ , bringing you to the expansion of your own True Light.  There is no escape from Love, since Love is all there is and Love is all that is!  There can only be true compassion when Love fills the joyful heart.

All is and stays respected in all ways!  There will never exist fear again in your selves, as the heart is not choosing for this type of creation anymore.  The balancing of the heart is proceeding gently as we speak, reaching a harmonic balance of the yin and the yang, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, so it might stay so for infinity.  The Masculine energies have done their work for the last 13.000 years or so and now the time for these beautiful and refined Feminine energies, have come to bring you all the process of purification on Earth and in yourselves.

Let these Divine Feminine energies refine yourself into this blissful state of being that you are, into this pure and Loved Self.  It is this Divine power of Light, this pure and strong beauty of Love, and the wisdom of you all that will bring the new way of Life.

This new way of life is bringing the birth of Purity and unity consciousness ; the Oneness!  It is your inner heart which is speaking the language of Love again and is bringing forth Divine wisdom, the language of Light and compassion.  Vortexes of Light are created and Light codes are planted in the collective forms of you all.  It is about forming this Oneness, this “All That Is” into your reality again .

You all have these inside of you, these vortexes of Light, these patterns of Light; each and everyone of you!  You are integrating the Highest form of yourselves and of your God selves; Presences of Divine Light.  There is so much beauty in this world that has not been seen yet.  The outer world  and its complexities, is seemingly attracting your attention  more than your own inner beauty and world of creation.  The latter is being ignored; you are ignoring yourself !  Do understand that You are the walking beauties on this Earth my dearly beloveds!  There is NO greater thing than your true Inner Spark of Divine Love.  This Inner Spark is your God Presence and it is the birth flame of the Mother Father God Presence of Light, and this is in each and everyone of your dear hearts.

It is time to stop searching outside of yourselves, for the true beauty cannot be found outside of you, when it is actually yourself; your inner heart. The physical eye cannot reflect true beauty if the inner beauty is not felt or seen through the inner eye .  It is a misunderstanding to only look through- and only make use of your physical eyes, for they cannot reflect or absorb what your true beauty is all about.. It is all about you, my dear friends.. You are the ones who are this world, this creation, this beauty, this Light, this Love and beauty of God.  There is no other world than you.

Once you have duly accepted your true and beautiful selves, a huge step will be taken within the expansion of your True selves, shining into this beauty and into Light.  There is not much more to do than to accept at this time that you are of Light and that you are a co-creator God of Light wishing for an understanding with each other, for a cooperation and harmonic way of living, for a new world where everything and everyone is ONE again, for the freedom of your being; which is limitless, and most of all for the expansion of your true selves.

There is no greater world than your inner world of which you are a part and where you are the lead figure in creation.  There is no other world taking over this old one, than your own inner world.  It is what you make of it yourselves.  This is the key Ladies and Gentlemen, that you are this New world; nothing outside of you is, my dear friends.  And I entrust you all with this new world, I trust all of you to make something good out of this all, for yourselves and for others around you by bringing your true Love to others, by being the Light that you are and by supporting others in doing the same.  You might support others in doing the same for their own reality, by being there for them when times are difficult to do so, when tracks are lost and faith has gone.

There is no greater responsibility than this , and I entrust you ALL with this.  That is how much faith I have in all of you , into your hands and hearts of creation.  That is how much I believe in you all and how much I truly and deeply Love you all.  That is my Love and support to you all and it is my pleasure and honor to be with you all during this time of manifestation and during this beautiful Golden age: my powerful Aquarian Age.

Let’s all focus ourselves now more deeply on this current phase of Ascension, let’s roll the dice and take a leap in faith.  It is all going wonderfully, even if the outer world is not presenting itself like this, you may trust me that it is going beautifully and all is going in the exact way as it has to go.  This all to make sure that all of you will be able to take advantage of the chances you need, during this important time of Ascension.

Now, integrate and absorb this message and energies well, my beautiful brothers and sisters of Light, as these next few steps will now be taken more quickly and will become more intensive again, just as your previous year has been.   Only this time it will be on manifestations, creations and not so much on integration again.   It will be about true planned matters becoming your reality if You do so and if You choose so.

With this, I leave you all to absorb this message and while doing so, I will stand by you all providing you all some Light if things are not clear for you to understand.  Always at your service and with all of my Love.

I AM that I AM

Master Saint Germain

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Saint Germain to Me: About NESARA and the World Trust Fund by Méline Lafont January 3, 2013



(I neverfelt the urge to share things about Nesara because it never interested me personally, neither not talking about it with Saint Germain in my private space.  But because some are asking me about it, I agreed to do one channeling only about this subject.  Love, Méline♥)

M: Can you give me some insights as to your Trust Fund and Nesara? Are these for real and is the World Trust Fund a part of Nesara?

SG: Of course, you may inquire about those issues and it will be my pleasure to reply. The World Trust Fund is something that is, albeit it slowly, emerging on your current world. It has to do with returning to Humanity, as a kind of recompensation,  of the funds that have ever been taken from them but which were rightfully theirs. This Trust Fund has been established under my supervision and will remain solely under my supervision as long as the funds haven’t been released. I will be the one who will make the decisions in this regard and I wil decide when it will all come to pass.  This ‘when’ has been a long time coming ; there have been resistances and difficulties along the way, but I always considered the life and freedom of every soul as my top priority. First I had to be sure that everything and everyone remained unharmed and that they get the chance to experience a beneficial payment of that fund. This fund is not a fairy tale but a fact : the fund contains gold of immeasurable value which rightfully belongs to humanity. Once all greed and sources of evil have been fully removed  it will be safe again to return these funds to their rightful owners : the whole of humanity.
I will decide on the subject when this will happen : I cannot determine in advance when exactly this will be, all I can say is that it will be determined in a mere second of  your time. This time must be exactly right and the possibility is now increasingly becoming a probability as the sources of evil and the dark forces are as good as eradicated now. All in all there is a lot at stake and your safety is my top priority in this moment! Rest assured and have faith : you will certainly have the experience of this in these times of your incarnation.

We have moved very close now to a breakthrough of NESARA. By the way, NESARA is far more than just the World Trust Fund which in itself is only a part of NESARA. In general, NESARA is the freedom of humanity, the rediscovery of yourself, of your abilities, of your perceptions and of your connections with your Galactic Self and your family, which in itself has to do with Disclosure, NESARA also refers to having faith in yourself and in each other, in the perfect society in Love and Harmony. NESARA also implies a more refined and Higher Technology and a broader scale of scientific and spiritual knowledge. All this and more pertains to NESARA and it is the birthright of every human being! Hence my presence alongside you and the reason why I return it all to humanity.

This is also a global process for which I have worked for a very long time : many steps have gone awry in the past but with the removal of the most hazardous darkness, the way shall be cleared for this. I do not give any dates nor even a timeframe but let me ascertain you that it all draws nearer and that the first steps of this process have already been taken. President Obama plays a major role in this and with each passing day he gets more power to bring these issues to fruition. You have to confide in this president as he is the one that might get the job done, he works tirelessly to bring it forward; he is my ally in the matter of NESARA and in so much more and he knows all too well what is in store for him.

The last hidden veils have to be removed now before the playing field can be leveled, in consultation with the Collective of Humanity and than a big hope will well up in your hearts. Humanity is doing a great job of cleaning up the redundant rubbish, the latter referring to the personal, as well as the old collective patterns and even in these issues I ask you to give it time : you are actively involved in this and the finishing line of this is in sight.

I am fully aware that you had to wait a long time for this : but rest assured that I pursue the same goals as your hearts do ; but I also take you into account and that is why I have to be absolutely certain that the collective hearts are co-creating this in all safety and in all freedom. This freedom has now begun and gradually will take on its own forms, so you may absolutely expect the breaking through of NESARA and that part known as the World Trust Fund will also get its turn. However, I must insist that you let go of all timeframes in this regards and to release all expectations because that attitude can counteract my efforts when every soul independently places his/her own manifestations and expectations of a possible timeframe on this! This can only lead to differences and setbacks. Only create in the NOW, without expectation and just BE and feel Love.  I put my whole Being into this project as I love you all so very much and I so long to see your hearts fully liberated… This too is my goal and my mission to which I gladly give my soul. So trust me completely : Saint Germain knows what he is doing for the well-being of all of you! Feel free to give your support to me for this whole project by being faithful and remaining positive, keeping in mind that you assist me by letting go and by being and experiencing yourself in each NOW moment. It is just a matter of simply being and releasing. It will come to pass and when you take afore-mentioned advice to heart you assist me greatly.A word of warning as to the so-called ‘Pre-Nesara funds’ as there is no such thing as an application in advance and certainly not by means of filling in a form which requests you hand over all your personal data. By filling in that form you put yourself in a vulnerable, weak position by putting your cards on the table for the dark ones to see. Such things do not pertain to my NESARA : it is a misleading project! So be extremely cautious! NESARA will come to pass for every individual on the exact same time : there are no favourites and you are not required to introduce yourself. We know all too well who you are in your Presences and everyone will receive their rightful part in all freedom and this will be so for all of you and only through me! I am the supervisor of the NESARA project and I guard it wholeheartedly. Take good care of each other and be present on Earth in your Light and in your Love; form the necessary groups, take the necessary steps and get on with your mission! With much Love I greet you all.

I AM that I AM
Saint Germain
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