Stars, planets and motherships – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn February 26, 2014


(Translated from original language german)

My child, have you ever asked yourself if these stars that you see twinkling in the sky so glorious at night are actually all stars? Many really are, also planets that are there, like Venus or Jupiter, who are so nice big and bright. They are but so close to Earth. Others, however, are motherships from your diverse stellar families. Especially the big motherships are shining so bright that they look like stars. They are living beings with a soul and a high consciousness. They consist to a large part of pure energy that is changing and manifesting as the beings that live on them just need or wish.

The big motherships like my own, the Mesime, that means the ‘Light of God’, have their own habitats and in this sense are already like a small or larger planet. They supply the beings that live on and in them with all that is necessary and they can use it for thousands of years and even longer to travel around the various universes.

But also the stars and planets are living beings with their own consciousness. So is Gaia, whom you sometimes lovingly call Mother Earth a wonderful soul with a high consciousness. She provides you with everything you need for your life and your existence. Your body is made ​​out of the materials making up her own body. She gives you food, water, air and shelter. Please be also lovingly in your interaction with her. Be careful with your ‘mother’. You help her with this to recover from a long abuse. The lesser Gaia will have to let go of negative and low energies and this ultimately comes to your own good.

Do you understand that, my child? Your Earth, my beautiful daughter, is not a dead rock covered with a lot of water, but a loving wonderful soul. Esteem and love her. This is my request to you, my beloved child. ~

Your Divine Mother

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