Bella And The Council Of The Venus Ray: The Gifting Of Your Own Creations, Energies And Activations. By, Bella Capozzi. November 29, 2012.


~ It’s funny how these messages can sometimes pop up at the most unexpected times.  I actually had no plans to write today, but instead had allotted the entire day to beginning my very lengthy list of Holiday projects (which I still plan to do, as I’m currently in the middle of the very messy making of “sugar-scrub cubes” and homemade soaps, as part of my gift baskets, this year.)  I took a break to do some breathwork and a short vortex meditation, and to my surprise the happy voices of my Council came spiraling down to speak with me.  I guess they weren’t too keen on being left out of all of the fun.  It doesn’t seem to matter that they are comfortably ensconsed back home on a Mothership the size of Manhattan and that I’m slogging along down here in the trenches.  There are times when it seems like it’s not just their energy that’s here in the room with me, but they themselves in physicality.  They want to communicate fairly often and seem to truly desire to be a part of what’s going on here on Earth.  Our primary roles are as artists, communicators and creators.  Like me, the feminine is their expressions of choice.  And I suppose that like all girls, be they Sirian, Human, Pleiadian (or in my case, a mixture of the latter two) – there is never a shortage of things to say.  I’m kind of excited about the topic they came in to discuss with me right now, because it’s something we can all do to make a difference.  It’s very hands-on.  We can actually see it!

~ Sybra is a Sirian, and is the elder of our Council.  She is the more intense of the group, and if you have read any of the other messages I’ve written, it’s pretty easy to tell when it is she who has taken the lead.  In no uncertain terms, and in an energetic tone that I know to mean “listen up-I’m serious”, she explained that I am no longer to just write what they are saying to me.  I have to start contributing also, which explains the title up above.  Sybra goes on to explain that we are all in throes of an enormous upgrade, both in the clearing of our communication channels and physically, by way of the upgrading and activation of our dormant DNA.  With this DNA activation, our bodies are becoming more and more able to hold a variety of very potent electrical charges.  These charges reach out far, all around us, and if we so intend, they can be rendered actually contagious in the form of very powerful and effective activations for the people close to us.

~ Truly, is there really a single one of you out there reading this who is not somewhat frustrated by our wonderful family members and friends who don’t seem to want to wake up?  They’re loving, fun, and we couldn’t imagine life without them.  We’re on the ascension fast-track and we want them to be right there by our side, thriving and growing and expanding along with us.  Speaking to them about all of this rarely helps, other than to brand us the eccentric, quirky one (or as my very cool teenage son likes to afectionately say, “You’re all insane”).  But there’s hope, according to The Council.  With the dismantling of the veil, these energies we’re carrying can be  easily transferred to any of our creations and undertakings here in the physical, 3D realm.  Whatever we create – if it’s done lovingly – is able to carry these increasingly contagious frequencies and transfer them quickly to the recipient.  However, you must hold your creations in your hands, and with focused intention allow the activations to energetically flow from your hands into the object.  There is no particular recitation to do.  Just focus and intend.


From Sybra:

“Dear Friends, I pray you take full advantage of the miracles which are transpiring all about you at this time.  I call them miracles, indeed, for what else could they be?  These are the times of miracles.  And who is it that is working these miracles, pray tell?  Why, it is you.  You are the creators of all the blessed change, the upswing in joy and heart-centeredness which is sweeping the planet.  It is through you and by you that the transition is occurring.  Have we reached as many souls as we originally imagined we would have reached at this interval?  No.  Is there something you can do about it?  Yes.  Stop trying to hit them across the head with it, if I may be so bold to say, for it shall not work.  Leastwise, not in the majority of cases.

Instead, it might do you good to be a bit more clever.  Fear not, you are not infringing upon their free will by slipping an activation or two into their Holiday fare.  If their highest-self so decrees, than activated by your generous gifts they shall be .  And vice-versa.  As my young sister shares this information with you, I clearly hear a great many of you saying that you are not creative.  Nonsense.  You are born of The Creator, thereby you are Creators unto yourselves.  When I refer to bestowing your creations as gifts, I suggest that it could be anything contrived by you.  A piece of writing, perhaps?  Clothing, foods, decorative items, it needn’t even serve a particular purpose.  It needn’t even be fully crafted by your own hands, but made by another of equal enlightenment, then fueled heartily with your intent.  From this point on, do not bestow a gift without first seeding it well. In this way you are assisting in awakening more and more souls, and in turn increasing the speed at which the full transformation occurs.

We are entering the phase of the transition when it is absolutely essential that we dismantle the old repellant and decaying paradigm.  Rampant consumerism must be brought under control, as this is by all accounts the most effective means of programming that Humanity struggles to shake free of.  This most gentle season is a time wherby the focus must be placed upon love, unity, friendship and family.  It is not by accident that it overlaps the transition. There are no accidents, but only Divine Synchronicity.  Remove yourself from the voraciousness of the marketplace, and find unique ways to give and to receive.  And to give thanks.  Never fail to give thanks.”


~ While doing my guided meditation, we worked with chakras located on the palms of our hands.  I can still feel them spinning even now, and they’re still really warm.  I suddenly realized that it’s through these chakras that we’re able to transfer these activations to the gifts we give (I’m sure there are a lot of you out there that already know this, just as there are equally as many who don’t).  I plan to do this also, with my Holiday baking.  But it doesn’t even need to be a holiday to put this idea into practice.  We really should be gifting of ourselves all the time!  Happy creating!

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The Council Of The Venus Ray. ~ “Breaking Away From The Herd.” ~ By, Bella Capozzi. August 27, 2012


Finally, it appears we are beginning to witness the sprouting of the seeds of discontent among the masses.  One by one, from our vantage point, we notice that people are beginning to question the things they have always just done because they thought it was required of them; because they felt it was to be expected, or maybe it’s simply that-time-of-year and it’s what you have always been tasked to do.  Much of this we see as part of mankind’s enslavement to linear time and the dictates of a highly flawed calendar system. You have been brainwashed by a scant few who sought-and succeeded-to make you believe that you are free, when instead you have been lulled into a false sense of security and the illusion of free choice.  Until recently, most human beings functioned within a sort of pack-mentality;  person following person,  generation leading generation, performing daily tasks by rote with nary a thought as to why you do what you do or  where it is you might be heading.  It is not your fault entirely, the way it all played out.  You contracted to come here to experience duality,  and might we say-experience it you certainly have!

With the steadily increasing influx of more refined and powerful energies raining down upon the planet, we are quite pleased to observe the positive shift in awareness of so many of you who have, up until this point, been something akin to “fence-sitters”.  Among this large group are included many of your close family and friends-a great number of them members of our ground crew who found themselves swept up by the herd, seemingly unaware of what was happening to them.  Oh, such are the pitfalls of the Veil of Secrecy.  But the lot of us-Human, Celestial, Galactic and Elemental alike-through our combined efforts-have joined together to manifest change.   As our beloved Gaia ascends higher and higher towards her 5th dimensional home, there can be nothing but awakening and dramatic change. 

We strongly suggest you question everything.  That you stop and think before you act or express any long-standing point of view, which is often rooted in conditioning.  Examine from where the thought or action  originates, and why you are choosing to repeat it.  Bear in mind also that you cannot continually do the same thing and expect different results.  What is th purpose of what you are doing?  What is the desired result?  What do you, and the Collective, have to gain?  Does this action stem from the heart, from a higher knowing?  Does it somehow enhance the quality of your Earth experience and the experience of those around you?  Or are you merely repeating an ideology or an activity  because it is what you always have done?   A fine case in point are your holidays.  They occur at regular intervals throughout your calendar year, and their original design was to bring loved ones together in festive unity, to break bread and exchange small trinkets of affection.  Oh, how these simple, lovely gatherings have been  maligned over the centuries!  So many of  you are left dreading these events,  as the “dates” creep up on you and find you short of funds and rendered unprepared.  Rather than looking forward to reuniting with scattered loved ones, you instead feel a sense of fear over the amount of money these holidays shall cost you.  Do you see now how your “would-be-controllers” so insidiously work?  They have taken that which is of the love and light and twisted it into a form of enslavement, addicting you to ritualistic consumerism.  We caution you to resist the temptation to fall into this type of mindset, for even at this late date many such traps still remain.

Envision yourself breaking away from The Herd which dashes mindlessly in circles and stampedes in nonsensical and self-destructive directions.  Apply discernment to the decisions you make for yourself and for your family, as God did not create you to be be blind followers.  You were sent to this planet to lead.  Think about the means by which you educate your children, what you feed them, your choices of entertainment.  To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?  To do what everybody else is doing, while they themselves-the ones you are choosing to follow down the garden path-are utterly clueless as to why they themselves are so engaged at all.  DO NOT confuse the herd-mentality with Unity Consciousness, either, for they could not be more starkly different.  Unity Consciousness is of pure love. It is the gentle coming together as One of All God’s children, for the greatest good of All.  It is The Divine Plan.  In Unity, creativity is relished and commended, as we were designed to be creator beings.  To be wise, unique, magnificent expressions of our beloved Mother and Father.  To experience all the Universe has to offer, to be inquisitive, learn and grow.  Please know and understand this concept well.

Select wisely the direction you wish to take at this time.  Your days as a followers are over, and you are now expected to be the designer of your own destiny.   Seek the loving counsel of your Guides, who adore you unconditionally and carry no hidden agendas or ill-will.  Ask your heart if the advice you are receiving is loving and true, then trust your intuition.  It will not fail you.  We look so forward to the day when we stand face to face, hand in hand, and the flimsy veil which separates us is no more.  We aboard ship grow bored with Old Guard’s infantile machinations and futile attempts at delay.   God’s will cannot be delayed.  And thus it is.

We are The Council of the Venus Ray, in Unison.  May peace be yours.

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The Council Of The Venus Ray. ~ “The Balancing Act.” ~ By AuroRa Le. July 20, 2012

● Over the past few days, I’ve been focusing my energies on doing some long-neglected personal healing and clearing.  As Lightworkers, we often are so focused on Gaia and on the healing of others, that our own needs can get pushed off into the background and forgotten.  It’s been ages since I’ve taken the time to focus on myself, and to say that the results were amazing would be a huge understatement!  We all need to do this on a regular basis.  Just think of how much better we’ll be able to serve when our own channels of communication are clean and unblocked, our vision clearer and our auras bright and sparkling!

One of the most obvious changes in myself since my healing 2 days ago is in my ability to detach instantly, and at will.  Kind of like  bilocating, I think, but I’m 100% aware and in control of what my physical body is doing and thinking.  It’s hard to explain.  Anyway, it became really obvious to me yesterday while I was out running errands.  As I was driving, I felt a sharp tingling and an intense pressure in the area of pineal (this has been recurring since my healing), and suddenly I was “seeing” the activity around me very differently.  I began to feel, empathetically, the collective energy of the community-or quite possibly, the overall vibration of the 3rd dimensional collective, as a whole.  As I trolled the Publix parking lot looking for a space, I was drawn to the people (normally, I’m pretty oblivious), and to me they felt sad.  I was experiencing a sense of exhaustion, a crushing heaviness, and I literally “saw” them melting down onto the pavement under their own weight.  The auras of the cigarette-smokers hanging around out in front of the store, on their break, turned translucent gray.  Later, when I went to the Post Office, I began sneezing and couldn’t get out of there fast enough!  As I drove home past the power plant, I saw it as being immersed in an opaque, grayish fog. It was a bit unnerving, I will admit!

Which brings me to the big questions.  First of all, what is going on?  What does this all mean?  Am I seeing something that’s actually happening, and is only now becoming visible?  And most importantly; if the 3rd dimension is decaying all around us, how do we-the sensitives-survive amidst it’s downfall, with our sanity intact?  The ultimate balancing act…

I felt this would be best discussed with the girls of The Council.  And as I AM a member of The Council (and the only one who is, and ever has been, incarnated in a human body), we have decided that the posts we make from now on will included their perspective from onboard-ship, and my own perspective from here on the ground.  For all of the regular readers of our messages, we hope this is okay.  I’m also including a link to Laura Tyco’s latest message from SaLuSa, where he talks about this subject, also.  Synchronistically,  this post was the first thing I saw when I signed onto Facebook, after I got home from my shopping adventure.  Now it’s time to consult with The Council.  Let’s see where our curiosity takes us…

( My comments are in parentheses )


Rastran:  With the clearing away of your own personal baggage comes the full release of your own precious inner vision.  Without obstructions, this gift is allowed to freely operate.  The removal of obsolete and unwanted energy and programming which impedes your functionality, is a responsibility with which every Lightworker is tasked at this time.  The reason it struck you with such a tremendous impact, Sister, is because you have not, in your Earthly body, been accustomed to having such an open line of sight.  This type of experience can be expected to occur with much greater frequency, now.  I wish for all who hear me to be aware of this and to be ready to embrace this immense change.  It can be somewhat disconcerting at first, as you found out a day ago.

( But that awful feeling of decay, and the way the people just sort of melted.  They seemed so hopeless, and it was like they were dying.  My opinion is that it wasn’t actually the people themselves who were dying, but the 3rd dimensional part of them.  Is that true? )

Rastran:  Yes, it is exactly that which you saw, and is a most correct assessment.  Do you see now, my Sister, you know far more than you give yourself credit for.  What you sensed is the cleansing.  Your inner vision perceived the falling away of the these peoples’ outer boundaries.  These boundaries are much akin to fortress walls, which have up until now served to lock in their old, 3rd dimensional consciousness.  This is how it appears to us, also, from our vantage point.  The walls are a function of the lower ego, as an instrument for it’s survival.  The lower ego governs the baser instincts, and has required this type of protection in order to survive.  Fixed in place for aeons, the boundaries have grown stronger by virtue of reinforcement from the incessant barrage of negativity come your way on a daily basis. This through food, medicine and negative external stimulus.  However, it’s day has come and it can no longer survive the increasing Light energies arriving onto the planet.  It’s eventual demise is a fact. Those of you who are attuned shall be able to see and feel this dismantling, now.  Therefore, it is even more important to keep clean your energetic body and to protect yourself.

Eirenae:  If I might interject, I wish for all to know that we adore you so.  Never, ever will you be left to flounder in the mire.  Beloved Hearts, please call upon us always, at any time.  It will indeed happen for you, and probably quite suddenly, as you move about your day.  Were it I in your shoes, I should choose to view it with an air of fascination, as much did you, Dear Sister.  At least until your analytical side began to question it’s intent.

Rastran:  The old ways are dead and dying.  They have since served their purpose and what we now have is a better way of living being ushered in.  The evidence is everywhere around, if you are of a mind to see it.

Lira:  It is quiet, though, would you not say?  The Earth looks still to me. This day I see so little movement on the surface, yet it’s clear that much is brewing beyond the scope of the common man’s perception.  Like the rumbling of a volcano, I think it to be.  Much is afoot.

( I definitely get that.  Everyone down here is saying that it feels like we’re waiting for something really big to happen.  Like it’s the calm before the storm. )

Rastran:  An accurate comparison, I would say, yes.  Logically speaking, however can it possibly be otherwise?  Look where we are on your proverbial timeline?  What has been decreed to occur will occur.  So it is.  By The Creator’s own design, it remains to be not a matter of if, but when.  Do not despair that you shall be forced to endure a moment more of this uncomfortable interdimensional overlap that is absolutely necessary.

( But what advice can you give us, about how to deal with it on a day-by-day basis? )

Lira:  It is so absolutely critical that you do not engage.  You must live amongst the ones asleep.  Of course you must.  And you must love them, for it through your heartfelt, unconditional love that they shall arise.  Love is what shall open their eyes, and it is then that they shall see.  It is a pleasant consequence of the breaking down of their barriers.  They shall then be able to receive love, unhindered.  Yet, you must refrain from any type of conflict, no matter how vehemently you may disagree or how abhorrent their viewpoints may be to you.  In fact, be done with such lower reactions entirely.  Also, do not mimic their behaviors.  On the occasions where you must participate, adopt a graceful demeanor and complete your 3rd dimensional task in a manner as befitting an Ascended One.

Eirenae:  Which, if you are one who cares to read our words, you are!

( Easier said than done, sometimes!  None of you have ever been human, so you have no idea what it’s really like to live here. )

Torras:  We do have a somewhat good idea, if only by way of our connection with you and the reports you give us when you arrive home, most sleeptimes.  The human race greatly inspires us.  And the valor of our ground teams needs no elaboration.  For myself, I find you most heroic.  I send you my blessings now, if you shall accept them.  I do hope you feel my energies and my love.  Your eyes might tear a bit, if you do.

Eirenae:  However do you bear it, I often wonder?  You on the ground are our Forces’ shining stars.  Your powers remain unmatched throughout The Cosmos.  I say this to not merely boost your spirits, but because it is true.

Rastran:  At this point, I feel that we have said our piece.  The Elders are otherwise engaged-this alone ought alert you-so in Sybra’s stead I speak.  I say; remain strong in your convictions and keep your heads held high.  Be of light demeanor and spread tiding of hope and peace wherever you may go.  There are many of a mind to listen.  The hardest portion of your work is near completion, but the ones who follow in your wake have only just begun.  Approach them gently;  and as did our Brother Yeshua, lead and school them in The Way of Compassion.  It is You they have been waiting for.

We are, as above so below, The Council Of The Venus Ray.

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This is Laura Tyco’s wonderful message from SaLuSa.  Enjoy!!