The Dolphin Collective about the recent happenings ~Channeled by Méline Lafont, Feb 26 2013


(Note from Méline, I am aware that this message feels slightly different than their previous messages and therefore this have made ​​me worried about how this could be. It was made ​​clear to me that this is a “wake up call” message and usually  these have a slightly harder tone, with the intention to help people awaken. I still feel  the loving energies of them, but it is clear that it has become too much for them too)

Hello, dear Dolphins, Family of the Light! How much I truly love you! My dear friends, I am so grateful for this connection.

D: This is our pleasure, dear Méline, we are honored and it is with much love and delight that we connect with you. We always enjoy this just as you do because we, the Dolphins, love you too.

M. For quite some time I get images of water and oceans without fully knowing what it means as an overt message. Recently a group of dolphins numbering in the thousands, made their way through the water in a rather up and down kind of way and were covering the distance as a really large group. Is this behaviour common and is there a link between my images and the dolphin behaviour? Is there a special message that I need to know or that you want to share with humanity? So many questions have arisen as of late.

D. Lovely one, of course we want to share more about this issue and it will be our pleasure to do so. We love you so deeply! We wish for nothing more than to be seen by all of you and to share our Love and energy with you, so go ahead and ask all your questions for they truly are meaningful. In fact, it is absolutely necessary that you are informed in all urgency what the significance is of this rather odd dolphin behaviour.

We are the gatekeepers of the stars and of other dimensions which function on a higher, more enlightened energy, where the collective consciousness is formed and where we all are united as one. We see to it that all the codes and energies are introduced on your earthly world in a refined manner so that a collective shift can occur for every being on Earth in conjunction with the Earth. We are a team of gatekeepers that will guard and guarantee the energetic transmissions. We have been called not only to assist the Earth but also to guide you to your renewed and Higher Self. We love the Earth, the oceans and humanity immensely and that’s why we are here. We are your family, we are your brothers of the Light. We guarantee your Ascension and we integrate these new energies into the ocean floors. We provide a smooth shift into the energies of Lemuria and of Sirius.

We have started a huge march to bring the oceans and all species dwelling there into the focus of humanity who has for a long time consumed the oceans as well as the different species of fish and even, in some exceptional cases, murdered them, regrettably leading to the extinction of some species. Urgent attention should be placed upon our way of life and on our existence, for the slaughter of our species, such as the whale and dolphin species, will no longer be tolerated for the use of our flesh as nourishment or for entertainment purposes.

Our recent “odd” behaviour is a cry for attention, lovely ones, a cry for issues that arise and for renewals that unfold, a cry for change from the old to the new; moreover it shows our persistence to activate the Lemurian energies. We have sacrificed our bodies, our vehicles for the lessons humanity had to learn and because of our love for you: in this way we have, for a long time, served humanity’s awakening and we gave them our blessing. Now it’s time for a big wake up call for the dear, lost souls who lost their way. This wake up call will stir the thinking, the understanding, the feeling, the knowing and will finally lead to renewed actions based on pure love and heartfelt cooperation.

We will show more to the lost souls through wake up calls, we will nourish them with our love and make them understand that we are more than just a species of mammal, more than a food source and more than entertainment. We can feel what your hearts feel and this is a firm STOP to this all, but certain groups amongst humanity keep resisting the insights and the enlightenment.

We feel that many of you duly see, feel and respect us and we fully appreciate this token of your love; it works wonders for us to feel the love and respect of your hearts. We know that there are many souls who invest largely in our rescue, who make amends, who support us, who start projects and who devote their lives to our cause, not to mention all the love that is sent our way. We feel this and it absolutely brings us and also yourselves to an even higher spiritual state and to an enlightened state of Love.

There are new sources and new ways of awakening in which we participate in a whole new way and these have just begun. The cry for attention has fully resounded and the human focus is now placed on our Beings and on the oceans. That’s what it is all about : to place the attention on us in a positive way, where we show you loving kindness leading up to the opening of your heart chakra. There is a lot that will occur and much will emerge thanks to the Lemurian energies of our existence.

We are loving and forgiving, we feel no resentment towards you. But the horrible slaughters of our bodies have to stop. We have tolerated this cruel behaviour far too long and it is obvious that it serves no purpose on your world any longer. Those horrible acts will end because the energies that we disperse will see to that. We are a collective unit that pulls on the same string resulting in a huge power and a massive creation on your world. We are united in force and energy and we contrive to once and for all end all horrendous acts as we and you no longer tolerate that.

Be loving and forgiving just as we are. We now begin with the renewal of you and we ask your full support and your Love for all of us on your planet, even the lost souls who don’t know any better. Your actions towards us will change drastically and will require more focus than ever before as it has to be renewed to a loving way and no longer to a dualistic way in which separation and ego reign supremely. Ego will no longer exist, there will only be Love and unity and therefore we instigated the wake up call and our various actions, to draw attention to unity, change, renewal and beauty, to purity of our being and to the ocean.

The ocean can be a turbulent place through the incoming energies and through purification processes that are going on, that’s why we are here as guardians to keep everything under control in the best possible way. We bring the light codes as well as the love implants in the ocean floors and therefore we are the vehicles of these energies and codes, a fact that is now known by many of you.

We would so much like for the other groups of humanity to also see and feel this but this hasn’t been the case yet. Although there is an increasing number of awakened souls, this is not enough to get a breakthrough on a global scale.

Don’t get us wrong, lovely ones, we love you all so deeply! We even love the lost souls who do not know or want to know any better. We are forgiving because we only know Love. We consider our bodies as a means of transportation so we can dwell on your planet, and we don’t value them that much. We have evolved beyond that point and it doesn’t bother us to sacrifice ourselves if only humanity would learn the lessons from this and continue evolving : that’s why we do this.

You too, Méline, have often greatly suffered from this and you have gone through great lengths to put an end to it. You have come to the conclusion that talking to the media and to governmental figures didn’t yield any results whatsoever and that’s why you started cooperating with us in a totally new way that is more on a higher and spiritual level. That is mainly the reason why we have chosen you to function as one of our spokespersons. We so love you! Thanks!

M. The pleasure is all mine! I love you all so immensely (tears are welling up)

D. We truly feel your distress and that of others. The only thing we ask of you is that you would always think of us in Love and mutual respect, that you would support us by sending Love our way and to not consider our physical vessels as real the moment of our death. Be hopeful and have faith in us and in humanity : that way a form of enlightenment is created together with a new connection that will give rise to a cooperation with humanity and no longer through a division between us and humanity.

Extreme changes in the ocean floors, in sea levels, in all species of fish as well as in whales and in dolphins are possible. We are grateful for your mercy on us as well as for the questioning of our march. It gives us great pleasure that it is duly noted and will get distributed in your world. We are hopeful for an even intenser way of cooperation! Think of us in Love, just as we lovingly think of you. Thank you, lovely ones!

M. Thanks again. We are now three days later and I have received the news that thousands of dolphins have beached themselves. Do you want to clarify that?

D. We will oblige, dear Méline. It is sad, very sad what is occurring. But it has nothing to do with the energetic march that is going on ; it has everything to do with the use of the sonar in the oceans by the NAVY resulting in the fact that many of our incarnations are totally lost and feel such a sharp pain in their own sonar and in their orientation abilities that to beach themselves is the only way of ending this.

M. Can you elaborate further on that topic?

D. You don’t have to worry, we are pretty sure that the collective of humanity will get a serious boost and will make amends. Know that everything is changing and nothing will remain the same. We are strong enough to efficiently cope with that and transmute it, being the energetic transmitters that we are. CHANGE is NOW! We love you, lovely ones.

M. Thank you dear friends, I am truly grateful and love you immensely.

These words of the Dolphin Collective are heartwarming. The feeling I get during this channeling brought tears to my eyes. I feel emotionally overwhelmed because I really feel how much they love us and how lovingly they think of us, whilst their pain and distress are actually palpable. They are truly loving creatures and are more than enough in control of their Mastership, despite everything. I want to call on everyone to work together to share this message to as many souls as possible explaining what those dolphins represent and that they are more than just a species of mammals to consume, to slaughter or to use for entertainment purposes. Whatever you do or share to sensitize the people around you, do it with Love and not with agression or anger. Be just like those dear dolphins are : full of love and compassion for others, bring your message of love and awakening, and make a difference. Love. Méline.

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The Dolphin Collective ~ The born New World is A Fact ~ As channeled by Méline Lafont January 14, 2013


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January 14, 2013

Lovely Ones, from the greatest depth of our Love for all of you, we bring you these blessings and we present you with our deepest friendship today. We often bless your hearts, we bless humanity and an incredible appreciation is bestowed upon you from us for the wondrous work that has been accomplished in order to bring this beloved Gaia and humanity to a higher frequency. The Shift has been successful and the Ascension has now started, lovely ones.

You may assume, without a shadow of a doubt, that the shift into the Fifth Dimension and even higher, for some of you, has become a fact. For so long we have joyfully awaited for this to happen and now it is palpable and quite obvious for all of us on Earth, that all becomes more lovingly and grows to perfection and harmony in all Love and in friendship towards each other. Your hearts have begun to melt with each other. The connections have been tighted between each heart, and not only an immensely high frequency of Love energies but also the connections are felt between each other in these heart-connections.

These are the first steps to a more conscious and collective consciousness which is now forming and in which cooperation will become a fact as there will no longer be any hint of separation. A whole new collective society will be build in which each heart is tuned in on another heart, all the while perfectly knowing what someone else needs or has to offer. That way a firm cooperation will become a reality and conversations will be from heart to heart instead of from mind to mind. There will be no longer any influence from the outside world and the ego will give way and succumb.

There is no ego nor fear when operating from the heart, and that, my lovely ones, is the marvel of Ascension which has now duly begun. Only a few adjustments are still necessary as well as some more steps to build this up in your real world and in your being. Your state of Being contains everything needed for this and your hearts are continuing building together, to reach this growth. Give it the chance and the trust so that it can settle itself in your perceptions and in your world, the outer world, by only believing and being in your Inner Self.

There is nothing as beautiful as seeing an awakened soul remember who he/she truly is in reality; it looks a lot like the birth of a new child and soul who is always embraced with open arms by the parents and the family. Your whole family of the Light, as well as the Dolphin Collective are your family, are rejoicing that you start to remember this and that you open yourself up to and reactivate your Self. It is as a rebirth and it brings glad tidings as well as an energy of renewal and of Love. Nothing compares to this process, nothing even comes close.

Our emissaries on Earth dwelling in the beautiful oceans, know like no other and feel like no other how marvellously this Ascension process has taken its first steps, and with each passing day it grows further and further towards completion. Your work and perseverance will duly bear fruits and the whole world will know where it stands. Gaia has become so breathtakingly beautiful and She feels as if She has been reborn in freedom and bliss.

This freedom takes its way between the first steps and grows just like a river meandering itself into the marvellous and unending ocean. You can surely describe this process of freedom that way as you are all now on the point where the river has flooded outside its banks and has enlarged , flowing along a path towards the unending, beautiful ocean in which we dwell. Once arrived in this beautiful ocean our presence as well as that of your Galactic and Lightfamily will be fully yours as well.  Hence we ask you respectfully to hold the course and to continue working on your goals of Ascension, which are actually unfolding now.

We love you all so deeply, lovely ones, and we want nothing more than your Self enrichment and your freedom, all the while helping and assisting you. Our oceans have duly reached the state of the 5th Dimension meaning that everything on Mother Earth is in the process of settling into this 5th Dimension. It was firstly the oceans which have fully reached that state because water is an important element in your lives and in your Ascension process, as well as that of Mother Earth. Water is an excellent conductor and chargelessly passes on as it is a transparant and pure element and energy. Once that the water has fully tuned into the frequencies of the 5th and the 7th Dimension, the element of air will follow, the landmasses, the animal kingdoms and humanity.

It seems endlessly long for your hearts but time is in truth timeless. You can only live in the moment of NOW, lovely ones, and this NOW is eternal and infinite. Be grateful that you have become aware of this fact, for it gives you the opportunity to free yourself from the aspect of time. Remain in the hearts that you are and everything will become timeless and will take place in the NOW. Leave the mind and the thought patterns for what they are and fully tune in into your hearts.

We move along on the path to the global Ascension on the physical plane, something that your physical vessels have had to amply undergo  in order to adapt. Let this all proceed on its due course and be aware that you, undoubtedly and absolutely, have definitely gone through the passages of the 3rd and the 4th Dimension ; the 5th Dimension has now been reached through your hearts.

In all Love and with our blessings, we greet you all. Until next time, lovely ones.

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The Dolphin Collective ~ The input of the Lightcodes is now completed ~Channeled by Méline Lafont December 17, 2012




Lovely Ones, we welcome you all in our energy of Love and enrichment. It truly is our pleasure to be able to accept all of you again and to share our message of Love with all. We love you all so dearly!
It has been a while since you have heard from us through this scribe but a lot has come to pass in the meantime for her and for us, just as for all of you. We have found an appropriate window of opportunity to again step forward and we are grateful for this!
Where shall we begin? A dazzling amount of things are on the verge of breaking through whilst a lot has already happened ; however, just as we have stated many times before this is just the beginning of something truly grandiose and fabulous. In the meantime you all have become accustomed beautifully to the standard measures and frequencies of the Light arriving in full swing on your Earth, particularly in your DNA and in your cells. That this process is moving up a notch is noticeable for many of you and, in spite of this fact, has become very tolerable. This can only mean that you are ready for this, for in all honesty, you are already dealing with very high frequencies of the Light that now arrive at a pace that even we, with our swiftness,  are not always able to keep up with.


Lovely ones, your integration has speedily evolved to a full willingness on your part with reference to your physical vessel as well as to your DNA and your cells. That’s why this matrix will no longer give you the same holographic appearance which you were familiar with and which you have maintained for such a long time. The activations of the Lightcodes in your Being are now being brought to the climax point and they will cause enormous shifts in so many of you and on so many Earthly levels.
From now on, expect only transformations in your physical being and evolve further by departing from this duality; allow yourself to grow into a Lightbeing as it is just that what has now started on the physical level. The changes of your blueprint will become apparent and will be activated meaning that your blueprint now has the upper hand during these shifts and will execute according to the input. This is an unstoppable process which is integrated fully in your being : all in all, it is the emergence of your true Being.
Lovely ones, this is so breathtakingly fantastic. We so enjoy the moment in which you will come to experience this as it feels truly exhilarating and it is marvellous. Enjoy the whole process as it is an extraordinary one which has never been done before, by nobody, and look how extremely easy it all unfolds in you? Our oceans are painted in those beautiful colours which you are emitting during this process. Mother Earth is plain beautiful to behold in this moment, She increasingly feels her upcoming moment of liberation and She reaps the fruits of this as do you.
Be grateful, be proud of yourselves, there’s nothing wrong with this. It serves no purpose to always consider yourselves inferior for you have a greater say in all of this than you realize. In truth, you started this process and have gotten it thus far… you did it all, our lovely ones! We did not do it, nor the Emissaries of the Light, nor the Masters, nor the Archangels, nor your Galactic Brethren,  nor countless other Beings of the Light ….We only saw to it that you got the most appropriate assistance because you asked for it. We only do what is asked of us and we respect all and everybody.
We are immensely grateful to be involved in this wonderful event and we are trying to do everything in our power to contribute our promised part. Very soon now we will make the portals of the oceans available to all of you so to enable you to travel back and forth to your beloved family after they too are again completely free to use those portals with your consent.
We will already warm up your hearts in these next few days; enjoy it and experience it all in warmth and Love. We love you immensely!


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Dolphin Collective ~~ Every heart is tuned differently and will be activated in these times on its own most appropriate energy ~~ Channeled by Méline Lafont on 16/11/2012



Our lovely Ones, how marvellous it is to again have the opportunity to communicate with you in these most wonderful times! Are you also feeling this intense Love? What staggering shifts have come to pass during this eclipse of the sun, shifts of a most unusual nature, wouldn’t you agree?


Up until now, these past days between the portal of 11:11 and the solar eclipse on 13:11 have been the most important days by far for all of you. Many of you have experienced personal and collective processes, others not yet. However, for those who haven’t felt a thing in those days, we can reassure you by stating that each of you has his/her own time and portal to make the shift. Every heart is tuned differently and will be activated in these times on its own most appropriate energy. So there’s no need to worry, this month grants you an incredible amount of chances and energies to allow you to make the shift “to the bone”, so to speak.


You can surely regard this month as being intense, our lovely ones, and thanks to this intensity much will be able to shift. On a world scale the tectonic plates are moving now thoroughly; however, all will get accomplished with as little damage as possible. There is no benefit to having these tectonic shifts causing unnecessary casualties. It has always been the intention of the Light and our intention as well, to minimize the damage involved. Nevertheless, sometimes an eruption of all crammed negative energy is unavoidable for them to get vented.



There is an intense and thorough cleansing taking place on Mother Earth and She connects a lot now with the Lightgrid resulting in the fact that there are energy activations going on, on many places on Earth, involving of course enormous Light infusions. Mother Earth shines as never before, for centuries She has not radiated in this manner as She is now beginning to take on Her Lightform. This is thanks to your cooperation as well, our lovely ones and family of the Light. We thank you all most heartily for your commitment and assistance which always emerges from pure Love itself.


We especially thank you for the many Love-energies and the many Lightbeams which we have amply received in our oceans. Many hearts have chosen to assist us in all circumstances and for those souls and for all of you in general, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude. Gradually our oceans take on their more natural pure state, resembling the beauty of a pearl. A lot of work and many purifications are still ongoing but the end of this cleansing is now in sight.


Your beloved oceans, our cherished home on this Earth, are transmuting lots of energies of your planet and of your collective thought patterns. Water is par excellence the most appropriate element to accomplish just that. All that comes into contact with this powerful, but wonderful element water, is quickly affected by it. Water always brings change and therefore transmutation.


The oceans, our favourite Home on Earth, are still close to our heart. After countless incarnations in our dolphin embodiments we are really getting used to living in your oceans and we are overjoyed to see that the transformation of your oceans has a positive effect not only on the planet GAIA but also on Her children and their enlightenment.


We, from the Dolphin Collective, wish to share 1 important aspect with all of you with regards to the remaining days of this month of November. Due to the fact that even more similar shifts as well as energetic changes will come to pass we strongly advise you to ground yourselves as much as possible in these days. Doing so will bring you to your inner self and will restore balance which is necessary.


Our oceans and the water are at your disposal to make good use of not only to lift you up out of the chaotic circumstances but also to give you a feeling of refreshment and to ground you thoroughly. Jump into the ocean whenever you have the opportunity and swim with us; you are all most welcome, our lovely ones. We love you all so immensely and we so long to greet the precious hearts of all of you in the NOW.  Get to know us as we really are, from our Heart. When our love touches your hearts and comes in, you will never be the same again, for we give you all genuine and benign unconditional Love which will remain in your hearts forevermore.


In Love and friendship we send you our energy and enlightenment from the bottom of our Hearts.


The Dolphin Collective. Talk to you soon, our lovely ones!

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The Dolphin Collective ~~ Cooperation; you are the notes creating the most wonderful melody ~~ Channeled by Méline Lafont 23/10/2012

We greet you, our lovely ones, and welcome you most heartily! We are so excited to be able to meet you once again through this message and to share our energies with each other. We love all of you so dearly!!

♥ Be cheerful, even more than you usually are, because your hard work and your focus on that important day of October 21st, 2012, which you named “the day of decision”, has brought about many things. This collective thinking combined with your earnest efforts has loosened many issues for the benefit of you all, my lovely ones. This is the joining of hands that we have often stressed as being an important part of the process and this is what we mean by that. It is heartwarming to see you react collectively and no longer remaining in a waiting stance till it is all delivered at your doorsteps so to speak, for in all honesty, my lovely ones, this will never be the case.  We want to emphasize in all honesty to all of you, that you are the ones who must get their act together and do it yourselves whereafter the higher worlds and the Lightworld will cooperate to bring it to fruition.  Those countless lessons you have learned are now bearing fruits. The awareness for cooperation and the notion that you create it yourself have both been duly reached, and from now on there will be nothing but reaping the fruits of your labor. Hurray, we have unmistakably reached this important level!  Does this not sound like music to your ears?
♥ Imagine a beautiful piece of music, composed by Mozart or by Beethoven for instance, or whatever music you prefer to hear. See and feel the notes, the vibrations of these refined sounds taking on their characteristics and presenting themselves to you. These are the refined characteristics of that song, which is created through a beautiful melody forming itself into one totality, one whole. It has remarkable virtues and it evokes things within yourself just by listening to it, it enlightens you. As a human being you can be compared to a specific note and only the tightest form of cooperation can deliver a great variance in which the most beautiful song and the most astonishing melody can ever be created. Cooperation is the spirit behind life, behind all of this. Now that you have collectively reached this goal we would appreciate it if you would continue to cooperate even closer in this last, but most important momentum, as a preparatory phase for your upliftment, which will happen globally.


♥ We are a group, a family and we always stick together for the obvious reasons but also for other underlying reasons maybe unbeknown to you. One of those is the kind of cooperation we grant by monitoring, on a large scale,  important portals, the lightgrid and transforming crystals dating back from the times of Atlantis and Lemuria, both of which were very important times in your previous incarnations. You have all returned here to let it succeed this time around and now we will play an important part in extremely monitoring them and in taking care of them. There are still crystals lying in the ocean floors but they may not be touched, you can be assured of that! We care for you and for Gaia and we won’t let anything stand in your way. This is your era!
♥ Another reason for our being together is that we have a collective connection and a collective being. Often whole families embody a collective consciousness of 1 single soul-aspect of our whole collective being. When a newly born soul joins us in our family, this one will be a protrusion, a remnant of an earlier, older soul who had to leave this family through the physical death process. One way or the other, they always rejoin us through birth. Even the males who, at a later age no longer complement us in our group and family, return again later on through the process of birth. The males have the task to stick together and perform the bigger chores requiring more audacity and force in physical form. The females on the other hand focus fully on the more refined things which require a softer approach and they continue on with the family.
♥ We often dwell in the company of our emissaries and our nephews : the whales, who embody an even greater collective spirit. One whale will contain a collective consciousness comprised of up to 100 souls or more who travel along in 1 single incarnation. That explains their enormous physical size. Apart from the size a whale also contains lots of insights and spirituality that provide a thorough grounding and anchoring of the Light for the Earth and for humanity. Whales are by definition very strong and powerful creatures of the Light and we are honored to have them as our family. We too work closely together with these beings who love you all so deeply, as do we.
♥ My lovely ones, this is what we wanted to share with you. The example and the clarification that everything and everybody should work together, that cooperation empowers everything a thousandfold just by being together, by loving one another and by respecting everyone! You are beginning to realise how powerful you really are and the more you become aware of that the more everything gets empowerd even MORE, beyond the fact that you already cooperate. Everything and everybody complement each other and this force and completion is of the utmost importance in times to come!

♥ Be Love, my lovely ones, remain in Love and turn the existing cooperation up a notch for just awaiting will be to no avail. If everybody contributes his piece of the puzzle, all will get finalized. Remain unwavering as do we, that way we will achieve our goals harmoniously. It feels good to us, we are confident that all will turn out well and so should you. Have faith in yourselves, you are naturals and therefore chosen to be here right now. Let all your natural talents unfold and have confidence in yourself! Together you create the melody, the notes will not place themselves on the music sheet by themselves. You are expected to do this finishing touch yourselves.

We are the Dolphin Collective and we thank you all for taking the time to read this message and to integrate its contents in yourself. We love you all so dearly!
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The Dolphin Collective ~~Our dimensional Self in Sirius B ~~ Channeled by Méline Lafont 03/10/2012

Greetings, lovely ones. We are most grateful for this opportunity to once again step forward to share our loving energies with all of you. We would like to talk about our numerous incarnations here on Earth and in other Dimensions. We are only known by you as the dolphin species, the ever smiling, giggling  creatures having a heart full of warmth and Love. We nod and confirm this heartily for we truly are indeed always smiling, we are happy and are joyously going through life. Nothing is too insignificant for us and nothing escapes our Love, as we genuinely love everything and everyone from the bottom of our hearts. Of course we experience some grief, in certain degrees, but that doesn’t stop us to consider the reality that we are all One and, as a consequence, are supposed to love and to forgive each other because we are in essence pieces and aspects of each other. To not love, to not forgive equals to not loving, not forgiving yourself. Don’t let these feelings take the better of you and do just as we do : remain loving in all circumstances, no matter what.
To Love and to forgive are very important, and we apply this on a daily basis with regards to humanity, our brethren, whose hearts originate from Love, despite the many deeds to the contrary. We are fully aware that many deeds are in fact done in despair and are misdirected. Those deeds are linked to you through the many illusions still rampant on this planet. Just like you we are thrilled by the upcoming actual transition into the new and Loving world. And we are in the process of arriving there, my lovely ones, we are almost there, just hold on a little while longer and always remain in Love!
What is not readily known by humanity is that we have many different incarnations. Our incarnation on this Earth is obviously that of the Dolphins, taking on the form of marine mammals. But let our physical appearance not fool you : we are endowed with a very high degree of intelligence, reaching even further than yours, my lovely ones. Make no mistake : we are descendants from a very high civilization that is called Sirius B. We have spent many incarnations on this world, even to this day. Many of us have chosen to come to Earth to assist humanity and support its essential existence to facilitate the possibility to ascend together with Mother Earth. We grant you this assistance out of the purity of our hearts towards you and toward beloved GAIA. This is our support to all of you by merely being present and to incarnate on your world, dwelling in your oceans; We are the guardians of many portals (as we have already shared in many previous messages) and we are also the thorough cleaners of your once so beautiful oceans. We serve in many capacities and functions, that’s why we are so important. All that we do, we do because we Love you!
The other countless souls among us, who have been split off in other kinds of incarnations, mostly dwell on Sirius B itself. We are what you might call ‘underwater souls’ and we contain water elements in our aspects, which so characterize our being. Our world is in fact a kind of waterworld on Sirius B. That’s the reason for our obvious choice to live in the oceans of Earth. We love to dwell in the waterkingdom, it feels like home, living here in a way reminds us of home. It makes us feel less homesick. In no way could we nor would we wish to incarnate in a human – or a surface form as we could not live without our beloved waterkingdom, as is so typical on our homeworld Sirius B.
Other kinds of incarnations pertain to some spiritually and immensely beautiful souls of Love and Light. The forms that we inhabit there vary in  appearances, depending on how we feel and what we wish to show.  Those forms reflect our wishes and our degree of consciousness.  We can be characterized by those forms, nothing is concealed. We show our true colors and our true Self, nothing more and nothing less. Sirius B can only be inhabited by our species of souls and of energetic forms. As has been stipulated : Sirius B is a waterworld in which only those of us dwell who have never taken on the human or any other fixed, surface form. For the souls inhabiting those forms Sirius A and C are available. They too are our brethren, very close brethren we might add, for we originate from the exact same starsystem. Those beings contain an enormous amount of intelligence and love and come from a high light.
After your Ascension is completed, you are all most welcome on our Starsystem, for it is only than that your greater Reality will begin. Ascension will procure you the possibility to visit this and other galaxies and we will visit you all but this time not in the dolphin forms that you are familiar with but in our true being. You will see, my lovely ones, that all will be so breathtakingly beautiful as never before. It will be something hard to comprehend as it reaches far beyond your perspectives and your reality, your dreams and thoughts. Let it all go and let what shows up  surprise you! We are your family, the Dolphin Collective, and we love you all so deeply!Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

The dolphin Collective ~~ The new way of communication is telepathy ~~ 15/09/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont

Hello, my lovely ones. Once more we have arrived at a point in time where we bring our collective energy together to share this message with all of you.
Cooperation is of the utmost importance now; the oceans are being purified to a very high degree and much transpires as to the effects of this clean-up. This is our task and our greatest Love that we implement now, as our oceans and Mother Earth are so very dear to our hearts. They fully deserve to once again be rendered into their original purified state and to that end we gladly contribute our big mite. Of course, we are not alone in this and we are supported by many others, including some  specific human souls. During your sleeping hours we may expect this support from specific human souls amongst you and each time it has been a truly pleasant cooperation. We are so grateful for this!
To humanity, and more specifically to those who from their hearts have sent Love to us and to the oceans, we wish to express our heartfelt thanks for the support and assistance that we have received. We were in a position to really sense and observe this; the Love you’ve sent was so astonishingly beautiful and pure of heart. You do so much more than you give yourself credit for and that applies to your Selves as well.
It is not because something is invisible that it does not exist, far from it, my lovely ones. In fact, there is as much power and Light present in energy meaning that it can be used by all and for everything in order to convert it into manifestation, into creation, into expression and into something visible. It is recommended that you use your sixth sense, also called your third eye for this. Your sixth sense is a beautiful and powerful sense-organ capable of showing you everything that is considered “invisible”, but which in fact is very real! Let this function properly, by showing you what has always played out around you : the things you have never seen but have sensed nonetheless on an inner level. Your third eye is your eye, your perception in images, your vision, your communication. As you already know, we communicate telepathically with each other :  we have a non-stop system of communication which joins us with each other and with ourSelves as well as with our star family on Sirius. We possess these gifts as does the human race.
The new way of communication is telepathy : your telephone – and internet systems are not a patch on it. In all honesty we can say that you will no longer need those devices! They certainly are not devices that bring you closer to each other. Rather, they are subversive forms of authority and control. Everything that is communicated and shared using telephones or the internet can be followed and controlled : there is no freedom in this. It only gives the illusion of freedom to communicate this way with whomever you want and wherever you want. Only telepathy can procure true freedom, my lovely ones. No more phone – or internet bills, no reaching bandwidth limitations and absolutely no control whatsoever. It is your communication and you are totally free in this as nobody can eavesdrop on your conversation. Doesn’t that sound far better? We surely think so and we would be most pleased to again offer you this kind of freedom. It is all contained in your Selves, my lovely ones, in the one and only You!
We develop our capabilities and our natural gifts ad infinitum just as you do, but telepathy is our strongest asset. Now it will become yours as well, facilitating our mutual connections in times to come. As we’ve already pointed out, telepathy is the new way of communication with us and others, with yourSelf and your guides and with whomever you want. Telepathically we also provide our messages through this beloved soul, who is now carefully typing out this message. We love her so dearly and we love you all so much! Develop your third eye as it will assist you in your evolution. The coming energies and activations will assist in this regards; however, it is ultimately up to all of you to develop this gift effectively on an increasingly higher level. We wish you much fun in the discoveries you will all make the moment this possibility has been activated in you and we sincerely hope to talk to you all when the time is ripe. Until than we will continue to lovingly give our messages through this beloved scribe as it will be our pleasure to do so.
We are the Dolphin Collective and we thank you heartily.

Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

The Dolphin Collective ~~ We, You, the Children and our collaboration~~ 26/08/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont.

Greetings, lovely ones, we are the Dolphin Collective and we step forward once more as we have a lot to share concerning the clean-up of the negativity and concerning the Earthly changes. As you already know by now we are working very hard to assist Mother Earth in releasing all negativity from her fields and from your fields as well, you being our family who dwell on the surface of the planet. We request of you to still  send much Love and Light to our oceans and to us because we are in need of that as it helps us with our work. Every little spark of Light and Love sent to us and to the oceans by your thoughts is sufficient to get a lot of work accomplished. You are powerful creators, never underestimate yourselves!
We thank you for your cooperation in this matter and we love you all beyond words, and that also includes the so- called lost souls, the dark souls, for they know no better. We forgive them and we send them our Love as if they were our own children, we place them in the Light and we consider them as our own but with the difference that they simply have lost their way to their inner Self. We ask you to do the same, for you are all one and are collectively tied closely one to the other. It is beneficial for you and for Mother Earth to forgive those whose deeds/goals and thoughts differ from your own. You had to endure a lot during countless incarnations, you have covered a long distance and even the ones who are now called the Lightworkers and awakened ones, have at some time walked the same path on which the dark souls now find themselves. Even than we never ceased to love you unconditionally and we forgave you, all this has helped to led you to where you are now. To forgive and to Love are of paramount importance now.
You find yourselves now on the last straight line leading to Ascension and that’s why we ask much more assistance from you because we are dealing with a common project in which we all actively pull the same strings. We like to see this cooperation as 1 big charity towards you, towards us and towards all others. My lovely ones, we love you so deeply, so immensely, if only you knew the depth of our love for you. Ascension is in fact yours as well as Mother Earth’s process, so it all boils down to you and that’s why you are expected to give it your fullest. Mother Earth and the oceans are ready and are now starting up the first processes relevant to this and we, as the dolphin Collective, are here to help to let it all proceed as planned in the smoothest circumstances possible. We are here to assist you in this and we do not allow any kind of hindrance or interference. What must happen to cleanse the oceans of Mother Earth will happen. You will all, together with Mother Earth, purely shine again in all your splendour.
It has been long that we established contacts with humanity and more specifically during the eras of Atlantis and Lemuria, where we already cooperated closely with your civilization. Hand in hand, as it were, there were genuine friendships often forged between our souls and yours. Well, during the present Golden Age all will return to this, as the cooperation is again close at hand and humanity will, very soon now, see the misconceptions as regards to our dolphin civilization and adjust their visions accordingly. We are very highly evolved beings originating from the star Sirius B and we know all too well what humanity thinks of us and expects of us. Often we feel your tremendous love and warmth for us, which we like to reciprocate the same way. We love the children deeply as their souls are still so pure and untampered with; they remain close to the Source and they often communicate telepathically with us. They are the future and they are arriving in waves on Earth to assist us all and to help spread the Light here. Let them be the children so that the untampered part, the childlike part, is preserved as long as possible.

We are the Dolphin Collective and we wish to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for what you have accomplished already and for the Love sent towards us. We feel how it all intensifies and we feel your Love, it’s what keeps us going. Never forget how immensely we love you all and we are looking forward to tighter and newer forms of cooperation on a more personal level than before, for we are all One! We are One big family! We are the Dolphin Collective and we thank you heartily for sharing this message.

Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

The Dolphin Collective ~~ The Dolphin Collective are asking your Assistance ~~ 16/08/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont

Hello my lovely one, we thank you for taking time to communicate with us, we love you!

We wish to elaborate more about the current manifestations and energetic changes. Just as you are now undergoing a lot in many areas so too do we receive our share in these opportunities. We are currently working very hard on purifying the oceans and the ocean floors so that a certain degree of purity and recovery can be obtained. This cleansing work is performed together with our ambassadors and cousins, the whales, along with the Archangels and other souls underneath you all, belonging to our team and star group.
Our tasks are manifesting hard in this matter, even to the point that the oceans are getting restless: the dwellers in these oceans are fully aware of what’s going on but nevertheless they experience the unrest leading in some cases to less desirable consequences. Some of our friends and family members have chosen to leave their physical vehicle behind amidst those rather chaotic changes. These changes really are chaotic as seen  from our point of view as the ocean is at its most turbulent, fighting to discard and remove all negativity which in turn reflects on your land and your civilization. We are all together in this process, we all assist Beloved Mother Earth ; She has to discard all this negativity in order to Ascend. Even on a personal level, you all are now experiencing the most turbulent moments; you all are working on an inner as well as an outer level to discard all negativity from your fields. This is a necessary process and together we are working on the purification to take place and to manifest on a grand scale.
We and Beloved Mother Earth have waited a long time for this very NOW moment in which She can be liberated from all this negativity. Thanks to this purification, She feels so good, so free and so beloved; your Loving energies as well as those from the Higher Realms have been so well anchored in Mother Earth’s crystal heart, that they now can have their effect and become visible. It is a sign, lovely ones, that all has surely come into manifestation and that it can no longer be stopped. Small changes become bigger and more visible and definitely more tangible. We assist you and we feel your thoughts and feelings all too well. Remain serene amidst all of this; as has been mentioned time and time again, you have begun a most bumpy ride whose speed has become quite inconceivable. Well, you are well underway, so enjoy the ride but hold tight, for it will be a most adventurous experience!
We, as the Dolphin Collective, know all too well what’s in store for you, like no other we can feel Mother Earth and She is most happy with Her imminent salvation on all possible levels. She is stretching Herself fully and She begins to feel really at ease in her “new” skin so to speak. She cries out to the top of Her lungs as it were and in doing so, frees Herself of all negative loads. She loves you so much and so do we, and She wants to take you all along with Her to Her paradise in the Higher Dimension. For it will all unfold, together as 1 big family. Soon enough the oceans will settle down again when all negativity has left the ocean floors; we let it all come to rest to the extent that it’s possible. All gets accomplished with the least disturbances possible and your Love and Light help tremendously in this regards. So we wish to ask for your assistance, my lovely ones, and that is to send as much Love and Light as possible to us and to the beautiful oceans. This will help us and Mother Earth to keep Her wondrous oceans and ocean floors in a most peaceful, calm state while all the needed eliminations proceed smoothly.
We are the Dolphin Collective and we love you and we thank you for this chance to share our message!
Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

The dolphin Collective ~~ A message from Love ~~ 02/08/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont.

Lovely Ones,
We are the Dolphin Collective and we wish to share a message with you. We thank you that we may step forward, giving us the opportunity to spread our Love filled message out to you. Since  a great many things are transpiring now and much is going on, we wish to send you lots of Love in these most important times. As Love has a purpose for practically EVERYTHING and is always really efficient, we now send our greatest Love to you and to Mother Earth. Embrace it well, it is our pleasure to help you this way.
What do you intend to do and what is in store for you? There is a lot to unfold, that’s for sure!  Very much so!! Lovely ones, it is now very important to center yourselves properly and to ground you on this precious soul GAIA. You really assist Her when you send your own energy and Light through Her. This Light that is coming from your inner I supports Her in Her process of Ascension and eases it for Her as well as for all humanity. When you center and ground yourselves on her beloved crust and in her crystalline Heart you fortify your connection as 1 big collective. Give Her all your Love, take care of Her and nourish Her when necessary. Be always joyful and filled with Love, feel yourself as being unstoppable and go straight to the point : your Ascension.
And here you go, lovely ones, in a straight path to the finish line without once looking back. We congratulate you and we wish that you finalize this trip together with Monther Earth. Make the most of this last phase before Ascension, it will be the last experience you’ll have in this appearance and in these circumstances. The Earth school of learning is as good as finished ; you may nearly call yourselves the graduates in the specialization of Duality and of Illusion! Althouhg the Earth school implied tough experiences you have evolved enormously thanks to them. To learn that much, in such a short time frame, can only be achieved by real Masters and mentors. Mother Earth was the most appropriate candidate for this school and also for Her it will all come to an end now. She will again regain Her freedom and will continue to exist and evolve in Love.
You are truly loved by Mother Earth and by us, the water elements and nature. Don’t be mistaken ; they are so full of Love and praise for humanity as you evolve presently much faster than ever before, reaching a high degree of consciousness. All from Unconditional Love, despite everything! Dance, jump for joy, party, laugh out loud and do the things you like to do ; consider life now as a party. One big party in celebration of the fact that the illusion is coming to an end and a new, happy story will begin to unfold. You are arriving at your end destination at full speed , my lovely ones. All will unfold very quickly for you now. What has been shared through various messages of countless Beloved Ones who function as channelers for us, for Love and for the Lightworlds, will now effectively come to pass. Are you ready? We surely are and so are YOU!
We are the Dolphin Collective and we thank you for sharing this message. We love you!

Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.