Superfluous energies – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn November 02, 2013


(Translated from original language german)

My child, please do not forget to ground yourself several times every day. This is so important right now. I have already explained to you how you can do this and there are many instructions in your internet for this. Let go all the superfluous energies and give them to Gaia. Many of you cleanse their environment energetically through their body, these energies – after they have been transformed by the violet flame – you have to release and hand over to Gaia for utilisation. Otherwise they would burden your body. You can support this process by drinking a lot of water. I thank you for all that you do so wonderful for humanity and Gaia. I wrap you in my love, my child, as a small energy exchange. Take it, it will do you good. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Shielding – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn May 20, 2013


My child, it isn’t enough only to clean yourself. Your protection is also very important. You don’t want only to clean your aura, but also to stay clear of lower or negative energies. You achieve this with a protection shield. There are many possibilities to protect yourself. The easiest method is a sort of bubble or orb of White Light of Christ Consciousness or of the violet flame in which you wrap yourself. They keep away very good all that could harm you. As well is an orb of the blue light of my beloved son the Archangel Michael. You can surround yourself with a single orb of light or a combination of several lightorbs. The protection will be stronger then. For normal lower or negative energies this is enough. Should you however notice that you are subject to attacks of negative beings, you can create yourself an aura protection shield. My scribe has at some time written down an instruction for such a shield. She will add the link to that. I want you to be able to protect yourself, the lesser the effort will be to clean yourself and to stay safe. Your safety is important for me, my child, because I love you so much. ~

Your Divine Mother

Here is the link she mentioned above:

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Note: In 2014 I created a permanent shield of the Diamond Flame of Divine Mother:

Cleansing – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn May 19, 2013


My child, you should clean yourself more. I don’t mean your body hygiene with this but your energetic hygiene. It isn’t enough to shower each day or to bathe. It is very important that you clean your aura, your energetic field. Use the emeraldgreen flame of my beloved son, the Archangel Raphael. Let the light flow through all your bodies and your aura and cleanse all and take all with it that is obsolete or negative. You can also use the violet flame of my beloved St. Germain, it will just transmute all into love; use plainly first the green and then the violet flame and namely daily. You not only care for a clean aura with this but you also prevent at the same time the development of diseases. A “dirty” aura will lead in the long run infallibly to the forming of diseases. With the cleansing of your energetic field you can but protect yourself from that. Your wellbeing is very deep in my heart, my child, so please use the two flames daily. You will soon feel even better then. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Let go – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn April 30, 2013


Why do you still remain stuck to the past, to all that doesn’t serve you any longer, my child? Let it but go. Give it us to be dissolved. You live on the fifthdimensional earth now and are going to ascend too to the fifth Dimension. A lot of my beloved Lightworkers are ready to ascend even into higher Dimensions, others are still too much adhered to 3D. Let all go that doesn’t serve you anymore. Remove all layers that isolates you from the true core of your Being. You can do it. You are a divine Lightbeing. Visualize how you remove all layers, one by one and give it to the violet flame of my beloved St. Germain to be transmuted. It is effective and in that way you will have soon revealed your true Being and your magnificent light can shine more brilliant. Cast off the ballast and live that what you truly are, my child. ~ Your Divine Mother

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Archangel Metatron about the use of the silverplatinum flame through Isabel Henn January 23, 2013

Erzengel Metatron I

Question from me to Archangel Metatron:  My Beloved Archangel Metatron, I read a message on Facebook about the Platinum Ray and her use. Can you tell me more details about it?

Metatron: My beloved Isabel, I can answer to this question, but it is meant for all people.

My beloved people, I am the Archangel Metatron and alongside a variety of tasks that I have to do, I am the co-keeper of the silverplatinum flame. The original keeper is currently incarnated on your beautiful planet, and was only a few months ago made familiar with the use of her flame.

The silverplatinum flame is the flame of the Divine Feminine, the Twin flame of the goldenwhite flame of the Divine Masculine. This flame is the most powerful and strongest flame in the entire universe. The silverviolet Ray was born from her and others too. From the silverviolet flame the violet flame of St. Germain and Lady Portia was born. This already very strong flame is familiar to many of you. You use her for protection and cleaning, to transform negative and lower energies into pure love.

I warn strongly against the use of the silverplatinum flame or Platinum Ray as she is also called. Her improper use can cause great damage and kill people and animals. At this stage, humanity is not able to deal with her safely. There is only one human being on earth who can use this flame. This is her keeper. This flame is part of her light, her own energy and she is therefore in a position to safely apply the flame for herself. From the use on living beings, she was strongly warned because she still can not fully remember the correct use. As an ascended Master and incarnated Divine Feminine she is in a position to use this beautiful and powerful energy responsibly and harmless for herself.

The silverplatinum flame of the Divine Mother is a highly intelligent energy with her own consciousness. As her co-keeper I am aware that she does not send messages. I ask you therefore in your own interest, do not use her! This energy can not be tamed by you, not yet.

You have plenty of other powerful energies that you can apply safely. As a shield, the violet flame is perfect. Spiritually more advanced people can also use the silverviolet flame. But please, never the silverplatinum flame.

I regret that the dark side takes such moves to harm you.

I send you my deep, unending love. I am the Archangel Metatron.

Thank you my dear Metatron for these warning and explanatory words.

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Learn to switch off and do NOTHING – Archangel Raphael through Isabel Henn October 20, 2012

My Beloved, we are facing a new portal which will bring you more energies. Yes, we too, because we manage and monitor the opening of the portals and the energies that are guided through it. You all will be able to feel them, without exception. The number of those who will now be awakened, rises again, including Starseeds and Lightworkers who have missed their wake-up-call until now, or whose time has come. They are required for the further cleaning processes.

You can all help further in cleaning your homes and the environment energetically. Use the violet flame, fill your houses and apartments with it and demand it to transmute all negative and low energies into unconditional love. This you can expand on your vehicles in which you are traveling daily. Just in your public transportation there are many low and negative energies. You bring your anger and frustration from your jobs inside, where they accumulate. Therefore fill out the buses and trains, in which you are traveling, with the violet flame and give the instructions to clean and transmute.

You can also do this with your environment, your country or continent, in sending the violet flame to the site your want to clean. Afterwards you can send your unconditional love there.

To heal or clean your body, call my emerald green flame. Let it into your crown chakra and imagine how it fills your entire body and aura. Even more effective is if you lead it counterclockwise through your body. Visualize it until the light leaving your body by hands and feet, has the same emerald green color in which it flows into your body. It may take a while, it depends on how your body and your aura is energetically charged. Then you can fill your body with white light that gives you energy. You’ll notice that you feel better and lighter after this cleaning. Dare also to call me to support, I’ll be happy to help.

Let your days pass away more quietly. Rest more often and feed yourselves more lightly. You have your daily routine filled with commitments and deadlines. Already, you have the feeling that the days are not enough to carry everything what you have planned. This is not an illusion, but since the time collapses, your days are hours shorter than they were a few decades earlier. Look at your schedules and cancel everything that is not absolutely necessary. Provide yourselves with time for more leisure and relaxation. Learn to switch off and do NOTHING. You have been taught that doing nothing can be equated with laziness. This is false. In idleness you relax and give your soul leisure to wander, to connect with you, because your mind has yet too often supremacy. Make contact with your soul in withdrawing and relaxing. Be still and shift your attention from the head into your heart where your soul is at home. Hold dialogue with your soul and open a new world of knowledge and wonder. Your soul opens a door to a new world for you. A gateway to reality, out of the illusion. You do not need great techniques only just be quiet and command your mind to be silent, so that your soul can speak.

Call me if you need my help and support, whether day or night. In my great love for you I’m always there for you. I am your healer, I am the Archangel Raphael.

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Lernt abzuschalten und NICHTS zu tun – Erzengel Raphael durch Isabel Henn 20.Oktober 2012

Meine Geliebten, wir stehen vor einem neuen Portal, das euch weitere Energien zuführen wird. Ja, auch wir, denn wir leiten und überwachen die Öffnung der Portale und die Energien, die hindurch geführt werden. Ihr werdet sie alle fühlen können, ohne Ausnahme. Die Anzahl derer, die nun geweckt werden, steigt noch einmal an, darunter auch Starseeds und Lichtarbeiter, die ihre Weckrufe bis jetzt überhört haben, oder deren Zeit nun gekommen ist. Sie werden für die weiteren Reinigungsprozesse benötigt.

Ihr alle könnt mithelfen, eure Häuser und die Umgebung weiter energetisch zu säubern. Nutzt die violette Flamme, füllt eure Häuser und Wohnungen damit aus und befehlt ihr, alle negativen und niedrigen Energien in Liebe umzuwandeln. Dies könnt Ihr auch auf eure Fahrzeuge, mit denen Ihr täglich unterwegs seid, ausdehnen. Gerade in euren öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln halten sich viele niedrige und negative Energien auf. Ihr bringt euren Ärger und Frust aus euren Jobs mit hinein und dort kumulieren sie sich. Füllt daher die Busse und Bahnen, in denen Ihr unterwegs seid mit der violetten Flamme aus und gebt ihr die Anweisung zu reinigen und umzuwandeln.

Ihr könnt dies auch mit eurer Umgebung, eurem Land oder Kontinent tun, indem Ihr die violette Flamme an den Ort sendet, den Ihr reinigen wollt. Anschließend könnt Ihr eure Liebe dorthin senden.

Um eure Körper zu heilen oder zu reinigen, ruft meine smaragdgrüne Flamme. Laßt sie in euer Kronenchakra hinein und stellt euch vor, wie sie euren gesamten Körper und eure Aura ausfüllt. Noch wirksamer ist es, wenn Ihr sie gegen den Uhrzeigersinn durch euren Körper leitet. Visualisiert es solange, bis das Licht, das euren Körper durch Hände und Füße verläßt, die gleiche smaragdgrüne Farbe aufweist, in der sie in euren Körper hineinfließt. Es kann eine Weile dauern, das ist abhängig davon, wie energetisch belastet euer Körper und eure Aura ist. Anschließend könnt Ihr euren Körper mit weißem Licht füllen, das euch Energie gibt. Ihr werdet feststellen, daß Ihr euch nach dieser Reinigung besser und leichter fühlt. Ihr dürft mich auch gerne um Unterstüzung anrufen, ich helfe euch gerne dabei.

Laßt eure Tage ruhiger dahingehen. Ruht euch öfter aus und ernährt euch leichter. Ihr habt euren Tagesablauf angefüllt mit Verpflichtungen und Terminen. Schon jetzt habt Ihr das Gefühl, die Tage reichen nicht mehr, um alles durchzuführen, was Ihr geplant habt. Dies ist keine Täuschung; da die Zeit in sich zusammenfällt, sind eure Tage um Stunden kürzer als noch vor ein paar Dekaden. Durchforstet doch eure Terminpläne und streicht alles, was nicht unbedingt notwendig ist. Schafft euch Luft für mehr Muße und Entspannung. Lernt abzuschalten und NICHTS zu tun. Euch wurde beigebracht, daß Nichtstun mit Faulheit gleichzusetzen ist. Dies ist falsch. Im Nichtstun entspannt Ihr und gebt eurer Seele die Muße zu wandern, sich mit euch in Verbindung zu setzen, denn euer Verstand hat noch allzu oft die Vorherrschaft. Nehmt Kontakt auf mit eurer Seele, indem Ihr euch zurückzieht und entspannt. Seid still und verlagert eure Aufmerksamkeit vom Kopf in euer Herz. Dort ist eure Seele zu Hause. Haltet Zwiesprache mit eurer Seele und erschließt euch einen neue Welt voller Wissen und Wunder. Eure Seele öffnet euch ein Tor zu einer neuen Welt. Ein Tor zur Realität, heraus aus der Illusion. Ihr braucht keine großen Techniken, seid nur einfach still und gebietet eurem Verstand zu schweigen, damit eure Seele sprechen kann.

Ruft mich, wenn Ihr meine Hilfe und Unterstützung benötigt, egal ob Tag oder Nacht. In meiner großen Liebe zu euch bin ich immer für euch da. Ich bin euer Heiler, ich bin der Erzengel Raphael.

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