The Diamond Shield – Testimonials, Testimonios

ContraMary, February 25, 2014

This is to be the all-over title of this article which I was advised to write now by my extracelestrial guides last night since when I woke up I was writing already the first phrases of it in my heart. read more


Pedro, February 21, 2014

Hi dear Isabel and everyone reading this,

These words flow from my heart in waves of gratitude to dear Isabel and our most
beloved Father/Mother God. I’d love as well with this words to encourage everybody reading this
to activate this most beautiful protection that our Mother and Isabel are providing.

Its a most blessed, it changed me and also changed my life without exaggerating. I was under severe attacks from negative energies, and to put it short my guides guided me to our dear Isabel and I quickly understood why.

This amazing protection is incredible as is the healing gift that comes with it. Is actually hard to describe the lovely felling I felt flowing through my body while the activation was being done.
Without even knowing that the actual protection was on, I felt an amazing expansion of love flowing through my body my heart and my mind it seemed like I was flowing in waves of love, peace and tranquillity as I saw and felt a lovely bubble of energy being created around me.

Now I fell so safe, my energy is protected and I can keep going in peace.

Thank you dear Isabel for this gift,
you’re an amazing healer.

Love to all.


Dave, February 21, 2014

‘Thank you Isabel.  I felt an energy shift about the time you were applying the shield and have found myself much more balanced and at ease since.  Since the shield, it is easier to manage daily activities in that I have less sense of outside distractions.    I suspect it is because I am not feeling so much overwhelming impact from outside influences.   I have always been intuitive and empathic and affected by the energies of other people or situations.   As I go through the day, my energies are more even and balanced, as well as my overall thoughts.    If I think about the shield, it is easy to visualize now around me and I also feel more clearly, Divine Mother’s love at all times.   Life goes on, but it is smoother, and all the little disturbances are less impactful.”


Tony, February 21, 2014

Hi Isabel.

I am so grateful to have been able to receive this marvellous blessing… the activation of the Divine Mother’s Diamond Shield…

I can feel the huge difference, also is curious I was doing my daily spiritual practice, when I suddenly felt a very special energy around me, and a connection with the Divine Mother, we know that words sometimes can not explain certain internal experiences, let me say that’s just wonderful, I feel so good so blessed … “there is a before and after” the activation, thank you so much Isabel.

My endless gratitude to you and to the Divine Mother for this wonderful blessing, thank you very very much …

Blessings, Love & Light

Hola Isabel.

Estoy tan agradecido por haber recibido ésta maravillosa bendición por la activación del Escudo Diamante de la Madre Divina …

Puedo sentir la enorme diferencia, además es curioso me encontraba realizando mi práctica diaria espiritual, cuándo de repente sentí una energía a mi alrededor muy especial, además de una conexión con la Madre Divina, sabemos que las palabras a veces no pueden explicar ciertas experiencias internas…, solamente diré que es algo maravilloso, existe claramente un antes y un después de la activación…, muchas gracias.

Mi infinita gratitud para ti Isabel y para la Madre Divina por ésta bendición – activación…

Bendiciones, Luz & Amor.


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