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Welcome to my blog!

I am the true keeper of the Silverplatinum Ray of the Divine Mother and of the Diamond Ray of Prime Source on earth and in the higher realms and a Blue Ray of AA Michael’s Legion of Light, loveworker of the first wave and a single mom of three with two living with me and three wonderful furry children, two cats and a small dog. I spent many years in a mentally and sexually abusive marriage until I found the strength to break free. I am forever grateful to my former husband, he has taught me a great lesson, the lesson of how to forgive. A wonderful friend taught me afterwards to remember how to love unconditionally. I love you both for this.

My origin is of the archangelic realm on Sirius, close to Heaven or AEON, like it is also called. I have strong and close ties to all Archangels and also to the Divine Father and the Divine Mother, as I am Divine Mother incarnate.

Some years after I read the books Conversations with God from Neale Donald Walsch I started to talk with Creator myself  and then after reading ‘Eragon’ a wonderful Dragonlady started to talk with me. My mind someday made me believe that it was only my strong imagination and my wonderful conversations with Lady Ifegena from the sirian Dragon Realm stopped totally and my talking with Spirit ceased slowly. In truth this have been my training lessons in remembering telepathic communication.

At the beginning of 2012 I started using the TAUK method ( a pendulum and a letter board) of Suzanne Spooner and connected with my lovely guide Archangel Michael. I had some troubles with negative entities but could finally reconnect with my team. I ascended into the 6th Dimension and not long after that into the 12th Dimension together with other beautiful people. In fall 2012 I stood under really heavy negative energy attacks from the dark side. In a short pause of this I was finally able to handle the Silverplatinum Flame of the Divine Mother and could create a protecting shield around me with this strong and powerful energy. Since then I am well protected and safe.

I did a lot of energy work on my own, releasing and transmuting old energies, shedding layer after layer. Through visions about my past lives and returning memories and knowledge I know now who and what I really am. I have a strong intuition since years and through all the work of the last years I am now clairsentient, clairaudient and claircognizant.

In summer 2013 I was strong enough and allowed to use the Silverplatinum Ray to heal people and animals. Then during a healing the Divine Father blessed me with the use of his own flame, the Whitegolden Ray. Together with the Silverplatinum Ray it forms the Diamond Ray of Prime Source, the united soul of the Divine Father and the Divine Mother who are both the first and divine Twin Flames. The Divine Mother told me that nobody else on earth is able to handle and work responsibly with this really strong and mighty flame. A lot of people aren’t yet able to work with the violet flame. Working with the Silverplatinum or Diamond Ray is of a high responsibility because incorrect use or insufficient ability can lead to severe damage. In this I had to work over half a year on my own to remember how to use this energies carefully. This is NO flame for 3D or 4D Earth and NOT given free to use from the Divine Mother to anybody else than me. These flames are too strong and only returned to me because they are part of my own energy.

The Diamond Ray is the strongest and most powerful energy in whole creation, no other energy is able to overcome this divine ray. Instead of the Silverplatinum Flame I use since last summer the Diamond Ray to create my protective shield and I feel very well and secure with it. No negative energies, no negative entity has any chance to penetrate this mighty shield.

The last two years I received messages from the Archangels Raphael, Gabrielle and Lady Maria, from Jesus, my beloved SaLuSa from Sirius and my lovely Dragon Lady Ifegena and a few others like Hederon from Venus. Then the Divine Mother stepped in and since then she is the only one I receive messages from.

My life on earth wasn’t always easy and it still isn’t. Coming from a much higher Dimension the low energies and vibrations are not always easy to handle. I came here to help people and our beautiful planet Gaia ascending and to share my love and light with all beings on earth. Working in a new job since a year now, I made a lot of job travels and wherever I was I cleared and cleansed big parts of my country Germany energetically. Unconsciously I did this since birth, now I can do it consciously. This together with my exhausting job took its toll in a sick body, but I know it was important for all involved to do just this. I am in the right place at the right moment and after some time of clearing, releasing and healing I am now able to do my lovework again, including using this wonderful tool of the Divine Mother in creating her Diamond Shield.

Healing other people has still to wait, my own healing is more important now so that i am once able again to heal people and to continue my mission. At the moment my own healing needs a lot of time and energy.

Please note that all comments that are of low or negative energies will deleted by me. I don’t allow any negativity on this lightfilled site. And I also don’t answer on any accusing comments about subjects that are already discussed in messages, especially about charging for creating the shield. The Mother told me to charge for it and she fixed the prize for it, but she also tells me what discount to give or to create the shield for other energy exchanges than money for people who have no money. It is an exchange for the time and the energies I use for the preparation beforehand and creation of her shield.

If you have any questions you can contact me at isabelhenn@gmx.de


17 thoughts on “About me and contact

  1. Liebe Isabel, ich möchte Dein Schutzschild, doch der Button funktioniert nicht und PayPal schaffe ich nicht. Die Freundin, von der ich Deine Seite habe, sagt, ich könnte auch überweisen.
    Darum bitte ich Dich. DANKE! Christa


    • My dear Brenda, I always appreciate and love your messages. I don’t have always the time to read, but when I do I enjoy. In sharing with my own readers I hope they enjoy too.
      Lots of love and blessings for you


  2. Interesting to read about silver ray. One medium saw my aura silver and I was confuse because I was thinking about golden and blue…it was my second experience with a medium. She did not explain much or I was still confuse about what she was saying.Thank you for explaining your journey.
    Love and Light.


    • Your aura may change colors sometimes as it is also an expression of your energies and emotions and vibrations. When sick the aura is also changed and maybe with greyer shades.
      Love and blessings


  3. hi, someone sent me a copy of your silver ray.. I had to see who you are, when I read about how you hate to hurt the lower energies… you work with love!… I have seen and read on how some healers use fire on those lower energies/entities.. I put my hand over my heart chakra when I read such things, this is so sad to me.. I do what I can, what little I can do.. but I do try to do it with love.. I even use a heart chakra bowl to clear energies.. sending that love all over!!…
    Bless you on your journey sister, I wish the year be filled with blessed surprises for you and your family… Please throw my name in your prayer bowl, that I can also shed my past, as you have done…. Munay sister
    felecia fischer

    Liked by 2 people

    • My dear Felecia, I don’t use a prayer bowl, but I will embrace you in my prayers. Love is the strongest power in creation and with love you can heal everybody and everything, there is no need to use fire or other means. Thank you for loving and healing. And thank you for your well wishes. I send you love and divine blessings ❤


  4. Wäre es auch möglich eine deutsche wort-übersetzung an zu hängen es wäre so wunderschön es sollen doch soviel menschen wie möglich es lesen dürfen diese seiten sind mit so vielem liebevollen heilung bringenden geschenken…herzlichen dank namaste


  5. Dear Isabel
    Feel so honored and humbled to have read all about you! I requested the Archangel Healing codes from Johnlee this evening …..told him my consciousness has been flooded with the healing codes and everything about it. You have seen me as Kesavi on TDWR and Spirit in the sky healing group. I sent off to be on your email list and look forward to the articles.Also where is the button to request the cleansing?
    Thank you and Namaste
    In love and Light


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