“I Know Your Strength”

The Creator Writings

These next waves of change will be focusing on your cognitive growth as a human being. Yes, when you were young you experienced a quantum leap that established many patterns for the person you are today. However, just as every computer

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The time to reclaim your freedom is NOW!

Jesus through John

As the collective human awakening draws ever closer, be prepared for many surprises, some inline with what the MSM and other media have been suggesting of a far less than uplifting nature, and many more to truly delight and inspire you. Confirmation of your individual oneness with your divine Source, Mother/Father/God, as well as your oneness with each other planet-wide in every moment of your eternal existence, will arise most powerfully into your conscious awareness. It will arise so powerfully in fact that you will wonder how you could ever have had even the slightest doubt as to the Reality of who you are, each and everyone of you – the Divine expressing Herself individually through each one of you in an eternal expansion of the Love that is ALL.

This IS who you are, each and every one of YOU! No if, ands, or buts, this IS who you…

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