How to create an aura protection shield

This non permanent aura protection shield has NOT the qualities of the Diamond Shield of Divine Mother. It is only a simple shield that will help you go through some negative energetic situations. Strong attacks will come through as I have experienced on my own.

If you want an excellent permanent shield I can offer you the Diamond Shield of the Divine Mother, it need to be done only once and it will last as long as you want it and if it would be in all eternity. Read more


Short update from 25.08.2013: Yesterday evening I connected with Master Choa Kok Sui (he transitioned some years ago into a higher dimension) and asked him for allowance of this material. He granted me the use of the techniques to create an auric protection shield. He told me that it would be also in his own interest that more people can protect themselves. We both had a wonderful conversation, I appreciate his work.

These times a lot of lightworkers are being energetically attacked from the dark side. I stand under massive attacks last fall and could feel it heavy. I knew that my guide and my team were protecting me, but I helped in creating my aura protection shield, I do this since several years and my guide AA Michael told me more than once, that it would be a very good shield.

During these times I want to give other lightworkers who are also under the fire of the dark side or in negative or low energetic environments a possibility to protect themselves.

How to create an aura protection shield.
The Council of Twelve told Ann and all lightworkers last year that we “must learn to wrap ourself with a layer of protection that is positive, not unconscious.” This is still valid.
As a pranic healer I learned a technique developed by Master Choa Kok Sui, a great philippine energetic healer. It isn’t hard to install such a shield.

It is important to clean your body and auric field first. Imagine the emerald-green light of AA Raphael coming counterclockwise into your crown chakra and spiraling down through your whole body and auric field. Tell the light to clean your bodies, your auric field, every cell of your physical body and your mind from all negative and lower energies, darkness and shadows. It leaves the body through hands and feet. At first it may be dark but after a while it is getting lighter till it has the same color when entering your crown chakra. Stop that then. Then imagine a white light (maybe with a part of golden light in it ) entering your crown chakra clockwise and filling your whole body and auric field. You can then stabilize it with a bit light bluelight . after that you can create the shield.

Concentrate on your heart chakra and then imagine a lightpeach or lightorange colored egg-shaped light (at the moment with these attacks of the dark side it would be maybe better to create it with the white light of Christ-consciousness). Then see yourself as a small image and place yourself inside of that light. After that see the light glimmering metallic.
Invoke the protection with following words:
“The aura protection shield is strong and mighty and glimmering metallic on the outside.
The shield is unbreakable and impenetrable from the outside by dark energies and conducts all negative energy, all physical and psychological harm, all negativity, darkness, shadows and lower energies to the earth where they will be transmuted as innocuously. The shield is penetrable for all positive energy and higher vibrations.

It is penetrable from inside to the outside.

This programming can only be renewed, reprogrammed, changed, dismissed or deleted by myself.

The programming will last twelve hours. So it will be.”

You can thank God and your angels and guides for help and support.


Some additional explanations. The protection shield must be penetrable from inside out to preserve you by inner intoxication through your own negative emotions and used energy. If you are in a dangerous environment you can make the shield impenetrable from inside out too, but only for a very, very few hours. Otherwise you could intoxicate yourself psychological.

When you are used to the programming you can extend the duration up to days, weeks and months. Normally twelve hours will be enough for a working day. Through time you will be better in programming and your shield will be stronger and sustainable.

An absolute NO-GO is:

Don’t be afraid or doubt. When you create your shield you must be totally confident that it exists and that it will be impenetrable and that it will protect you. Any doubt or fear will weaken your shield and will make it penetrable.

Don’t be angry, stay calm. The next moment when you are angry the shield will be dissolved. All negative emotions from yourself will destroy your shield. When impenetrable from inside out your negative emotions will intoxicate you psychological.


If you don’t want to conduct the negative energies to the earth, you can conduct them to the universe to be transmuted. Or you can paint the outer side of your shield with a pink-golden light. Then invoke your intention that all negative energy and thoughts which are pointed to yourself will be transmuted into calmness, understanding and peace.

As a better protection against the negative energies of the dark side, I now put the violet flame around my shield and let it work as a mirror. The flame transmutes all energies and all vibrations coming to it into love and then I send it back amplified fivehundredfold to the sender. The dark side don’t like love and it lessens the attacks. The beings of the dark side are creator’s children too and I don’t want to harm them, that is the reason why I let their energies be transmuted by the violet flame and then reflected back to them. Love is the best defense that exists and not harmful to any being.

You can use the protection shield also to protect your family members (one for each member), your home or your car. I use my aura protection shield since years and I made only positive experiences with it.

I now hope only that my translation is correct and that you all will be protected by your shield.

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