Something To Contemplate– Gaia News Brief 12 June 2016 by Reiki Doc

I am well. So is Anthony. My family is all at home from the hospital. There isn’t much to say about us.

What I witnessed yesterday with my own two eyes, however, is fascinating!

I was at the baseball game at Angel Stadium watching our team play. Anthony was right next to me.

It has to do with Mike Trout, our star player, number twenty-seven.

He hit the ball, and third baseman  Uribe for the Indians fielded it.  Uribe faltered, dropped the ball, and fell onto his stomach. All the medical support came out to the field from the Indians team. They checked to make sure everything is moving–both legs–then they rolled Uribe over onto his back.

He was down for a long time. One of the Angel’s coaches came out, and waved for the ambulance golf cart (not the real ambulance) to come take Uribe.  It took six men to pull him to his feet and help him ‘walk’ to the sitting part of the cart. I noticed he didn’t lie down on the stretcher.  All the fans cheered for Uribe as he waved and went out of the stadium.

From where I could sit, I saw the entire bullpen for the Indians come to the gate to check on him as he drove by.

Mike Trout stayed on first base and didn’t show any remorse or emotion with his body language the whole time…perhaps he had said something?But he hit the ball which caused significant harm to another player. He didn’t even go once to check if Uribe was okay.  The man was felled by his actions. It was a little creepy to see so little compassion displayed–Mike looked concerned but that was about it. (I don’t know the rules of baseball if Mike would have been ‘out’ if he left the base–it’s probably just that).

The game continued. Our team was doing poorly. There is no cohesiveness to the team. Whoever the new manager is, it’s like our players are disposable. If they don’t perform, they go ‘back to the minor leagues’ for a few games and then come back. I’ve never seen anything like it. There’s been over forty different players in sixty games. It’s strange.

Later in the game, Mike Trout came to bat. He had a really great play a little earlier where someone hit a home run but he was able to jump up and catch it, making an ‘out’. I casually commented to my son how Mike Trout is the whole team and if anything were to happen to him our team would be really bad, wouldn’t it?

Two pitches later, Mike Trout jumped up and around, the team doctors came out, and he was pulled out of play.

Apparently his right thumb had been hit with the pitch.  X-rays were negative. He will likely play Monday.

The pitcher and the catcher from the Indians showed very little concern for Mike Trout, even though it was the pitch the catcher called, and the pitcher threw, which led to Mike’s injury and removal from the game.

Why would it be, that the only two people injured had a connection to one another?

Why would a casual comment like we make every day, lead to one person doing exactly what was said? (Mike left the game).

What energetically was making this happen?

A whole stadium, and Anthony too, saw it.  With their earth eyes. My challenge to you is to use your Higher Consciousness, and SEE. There’s something ‘more’ to it. I just can’t quite describe it.


Carla can’t get enough sleep. Today is a big day for her. It is going to be. There is a school play tonight, and Carla has already traded places with another worker to find the time to be able to go home.

Where she is located, for her assignment, there is a chance Carla is going to be  late for the play.

Carla is going to have to ‘make a deal’ with another of her colleagues. She had mentioned it before on Friday–‘if there is a disaster will one of you be willing to take my call so I can go to the school play on Monday night? Anthony sings!’.

Last night, while Carla was washing the dishes and ready to go to bed, Anthony noticed a text on the phone.

There was an early start.

The night nurse had notified Carla–without speaking to her directly–of her need to begin at seven in the morning instead of eight.

Carla’s heart fell! There is significant work to find someone at the last minute to take Anthony to school! (The school opens right when Carla has to be at work on an ‘early start’–and the hospital is twenty minutes away from where she lives).

So Carla had to check.

Her new iPad–to make up for the one Carla dropped–wouldn’t allow her to log in to see the schedule.

So Carla used her cell phone to look at the assignment. Sure enough, it was a different anesthesiologist in GI in the other of the two GI’s who should have been given this assignment!

Carla called the house supervisor nurse, who didn’t pick up. Carla left a message. Then Carla called the other anesthesiologist, who didn’t pick up the phone. Then Carla texted.  Carla called back the house supervisor, again there was no answer, left a text and asked her to follow up with the other anesthesiologist.

She texted yes. The other anesthesiologist texted her confirmation too.

Carla was on the hook the entire time to have to come in for that case that wasn’t hers all because of the Clinical House Supervisor’s mistake in reading the schedule. There were two GI assignment line ups–one in the hospital, and one in the surgery center. 

This is the kind of example of why doctors like Carla are getting burned out.

To her right from where she is right now, Carla has privileging forms–all of which are ‘due yesterday’–for not one or two but THREE different facilities! They must be resubmitted every two years!

At this point, Carla is rather sick of forms, and wants to play.

Some advice person, Christel Nana, RN, who is a good source, said, ‘If your thoughts about things are I should be doing x and y and z’ then you are probably functioning under tribal beliefs…’

But what about reappointment? And deadlines like taxes? What about those things which are imposed upon individuals by the powers that be, and take away all the free time someone like Carla has left?

What about the calls, which invaded into the sanctuary of Carla’s house on a Sunday night, late?

What about the lack of sleep? From the worry?

All this is going to ease!

All of it!

Simply all of it, all of it, all of it!

Carla go and do the laundry the load is done.  And get ready with Anthony too.

(clap! clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple


Everyone Is Right — Gaia News Brief 10 June 2016 by Reiki Doc

In the Higher Dimensions, everyone wins!

In 5D, all points of view are appreciated as diversity, what makes all of the whole beautiful!

People are respected for their perspective (oh my gosh that sounds like a rap song! oops!)

In a way, given the Isolation of the experience of being incarnate in the third dimension, and that a person is the sum total of their Consciousness plus their Life Script and all of their Experiences (sometimes over many incarnations)–no matter what their ‘take’ on it, in a way, for them and them alone–they are right.

There is internal consistency in the behavior, the mood, the affect.

The person who presents in the hospital with multiple comorbidities due to a lifetime of smoking had their reasons to smoke in the first place!  For some reason, most of us might not understand given the studies and the link to cancer and emphysema, for some reason this person found that a smoke could help them feel better about themselves in some way, got hooked, and didn’t find the motivation to quit.

And that’s OKAY.

Even if it gets them surgery, home oxygen, and misery at the end.

Spirit never judges us.

Spirit loves us.

Spirit might, as a matter of course as you would for your loved ones, wish in your heart, ‘uh oh, that doesn’t look good’ and pray and hope for the best.

Love always wants what is best for us.

But Love never forces its way.  Ever.

(except with me, as a parent, with Anthony. His health is much improved in all the numbers from the lab. Dinner last night was cherry tomatoes from the yard, roasted chicken with Provence herbs and citrus, and butternut squash.  He wanted dessert. I said we are having fruit. He wanted ice cream. But I surprised him with unsweetened applesauce, blueberries, and whipped cream in our fanciest little dessert cups. He didn’t mind!  Consistency and perseverance is important over the long term for health changes in a situation like this…to get them to adulthood in one piece!)

Everyone is right. You are correct and I am correct and everything is ‘it’s all good!’–every single day.

I’m going to teach you a trick on how to get to this point.

It’s an advanced trick.  It’s one my father taught me.

Always be able to see both sides of the argument at once

plus keep this one in your back pocket:

A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still

This will save you lots of energy. It will help you focus on what you CAN control–your own perceptions and reactions. And people in general will be happier too.

For example, have you ever heard the term ‘agree to disagree’?  This is a form of conflict resolution where the two who are at odds still maintain a certain love and respect for each other.

There is always the option for this when you are in the higher realms.

Tempers may get stoked up a little when there is a conflict. But the underlying connection always will outweigh the situation;  the PERSON is more important than ‘being right’, every time.

I got this one from Maria Leano, who has some pretty amazing stuff going on in her FB and Instagram pages these days. You might want to follow her:

I have to tell you something knocked me for a loop last week.  It started with an article about dogs eating a woman in Texas.  It was just so bizarre a headline I had to take a look.

I think there were three similar articles that got me ‘worked up’–one was about sending zoo animals to the wild in Bolivia or something (I don’t like poachers or pollution–once that’s fixed and encroachment too I’m okay with release).

I realized as someone who doesn’t take in the news, this was a little ‘much’ for me, and I reacted to it.

I think there must be something ‘in there’ in these articles–some kind of psychological something–that got me off balance for a bit.

Everyone is right. But something in the Conventional Media isn’t normal or healthy for the psyche, and although I can’t put my finger on it, I’m not going to read any of those articles that catch my eye any more. I don’t want that psychologic experiment or something that is packed in there to affect me.

I had on my necklace from Tom, and my diamond OM (it’s not the best quality, it’s from Macy’s).

Ross’ necklace arrived yesterday.

It is a swirl of gold which connects two small Yogo sapphires, one slightly bigger than the other, although both are tiny specks (all Yogos are tiny specks–that’s how they are).  The blue stones are near in proximity, but not touching. They only connect by the golden swirl, one on each end of it.

That is the relation of Twin Souls. They each go off and do their own thing (Ross says it is like the pot holder oven mitts where they are connected but a hand goes into each end), yet they are always connected and working as a team.

I thought the energy was fine with my old necklaces.  When I put the new one off, I realized how even my best memories with my favorite ones–well, I had simply GROWN and I am not the same person I was at seventeen, or even when I made my Karuna Reiki Master five or something years ago!

The opportunities for growth are endless! There is no limit to our Consciousness as we reach for the sky!

I run a support group of very small size for the advanced souls incarnate who are the first to embody the energy of the higher realms.

It is small and carefully chosen, so I may work to support those I have worked with and I know.

People are starting to awaken to their higher gifts!

Some are experiencing telepathy, or ability to heal, or other new and exciting abilities!

The point of the group isn’t to promote them. It’s to have a safe place for people to share how it feels to them to be awakening and Ascending.  Only feelings are what we discuss.

One got some new Reiki symbols. It was delicate because the group was like, ‘let’s see!’ and I stepped in to make sure the group stayed on topic.  Feelings were hurt, I know. I am sensitive to it. It’s totally new and exciting to emerge after being in 3D and duality for ages!!!  I had to gently and firmly insist we keep the focus on each other, our feelings and perceptions of what it is like to Ascend.

Nobody knows it, in the group, but at some point, they are going to be guiding similar discussions to those they have been sent to support in their awakening in the future. ❤

Duality has run its course. As you can see, it is driven by forces that are unseen and unknown to us.  For example, the people who create diversions such as this video game–to isolate us from one another, to make money, and to alter the very way we think (for example, desensitizing us to violence).

It’s finished.

There is no more ‘me versus you’, or ‘if he stays I go’.

It’s US.

All of us together, where everyone is right, and that’s OKAY.

Welcome to the Higher Realms.

You know that popsicle stick thing Merlin gave me?

This morning in meditation I climbed my way up to the outermost part of it. I rested my elbows on the edge and looked up. I saw millions of stars over my head.  I smiled and gave a huge sigh. It’s beautiful out there.

Ross asked me what part I liked best about it?

I said, ‘I can breathe!’

Wonderful things await those who Awaken.

All the annoyances and inconveniences are worth it.

Soak in all the nurturing, warmth, love and compassion you require as this transformation is taking place in you. ❤


This is the land, the  ‘a’ina’ from which Carla speaks. Carla selected this place to be born. This is the Southern California coastline, where  for all of her years, is her ‘Home’, her ‘normal’, her ‘every day’.

On the lunch benches, at all of her schools, elementary, junior high, and then on the grass at High School, Carla had to watch for these who were hungry and wanted to steal a bite!

Does Carla ever stop to think or write about it, her background for her experiences?

She doesn’t.

Carla assumes that because she grew up in a beach town, that everybody grows up in one! (shakes his finger from side to side–ed)  And THAT simply isn’t the case!

On the other hand, you should have seen Carla at twenty-one in Indiana where she saw her first corn field!  Carla was overwhelmed by the virtual ocean of corn plants! She had never known or experienced anything like it, nor even known, other than a ‘learned it in school’ kind of knowledge–that anything like this could be possible!

That is human, that is what being incarnate is all about–making the assumption that because it happened to me then EVERYONE has it!

And that simply isn’t the case.

Everyone is of value to all of us in Heaven, for their courage and their heart.

We are not impressed by philanthropic gifts or medals for bravery in battle or who made it to the billboard charts with a number one hit.

(he squats down in the sand, and starts tracing little designs I don’t understand quietly with his finger in the dirt. –ed)

I want you to think about it.

I want you to think about what really impresses us up here.

It is overcoming odds.

It is staying with the program on the Life Script.

It is opening the heart above and beyond those who are in your immediate family and your best friends.

It is spending the time and making the effort to be the very best person that you can, every single day!

And when there’s a ‘hiccup’, and you ‘lose your way’–it’s an acknowledgement ongoing with you that ‘all is not lost’ and ‘I can start fresh anytime, any day, any minute’ and really TRYING to get back on course!

All is forgiven.

Nothing really matters but this (taps his chest–he’s standing up–ed) your heart!

It’s the only thing you take with you when you go.  All the love, the relationships, the lessons…and the memories of a life well-lived with the heart. There is no need anymore for victim mentality.  Everyone is a winner! Everyone is LOVED unconditionally up here, same as our Creator loves us!

(clap! clap! )

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Family

Mild Struggle Overcome — Gaia News Brief 8 June 2016 by Reiki Doc

Yesterday was magnificent! Today, my day off, promised to be even MORE magnificent!

Only it got off to a poor start. My sister started texting me for medical advice on my niece at six in the morning. One text led to another, and forty-five minutes later, I had to say I needed to get Anthony ready for school!

My sister, bless her heart, has a gift of words. Myself, for the spoken word, I have a paucity of them. I enjoy being with people. I don’t say much. Tonight for example, there was a dinner function at my work. I enjoyed myself very much. I only spoke when spoken to, but I smiled a great deal.  I think because of my work, I’m always talking, talking, talking…so to balance I enjoy my quiet.

Fortunately, my sister understands, and doesn’t hold a grudge when I have to go.

Today was perfectly awful!

I went to the grocery store after dropping Anthony off at school. He enjoyed our breakfast cooking session. (I left the dirty dishes in the sink).

When I came home, I wanted to tackle some projects.

Unfortunately the tree-trimmers from the landscaping company that services our area were at work the whole day. I had on my noise cancelling headphones, all the windows closed, and I STILL couldn’t hear myself think!

It was a day where doing things was a struggle.

I kept at it.

In the end, I sent in all of my billing slips to my billing company. They had piled up.

I paid my legal fees. That’s a big one. All the house falling apart lawyer stuff sure isn’t free. : (

I paid my bills, many just at the wire.

I requested my schedule for tomorrow’s OR assignment. This took forgetting the pass code on the new one, erasing the old one (by accident. They are all Carla’s iPad you know?). I called Anthony to see if he remembered it? He didn’t. I tried iTunes and I had to wipe the iPad clean and begin again. I was texting Anthony’s drum teacher, who works for Apple.  And then once I had my schedule I texted my boss, got a text from a colleague, needed to call her, and texted my boss back!

I got dressed and drove to the function at work. Traffic was really awful–ten miles an hour in some parts.  It was actually Anthony and my cinematic debut–there was a funny video where I played an anesthesiologist, a minor supporting cast role. The cardiologist and the charge nurse were the stars. It was all in good fun!

Our Chief of Staff was Jewish, and had collaborated closely with the incoming Chief of Staff, who is Muslim, for the past two years. I thought it was amazing how ‘healing’ in our professional roles is a bond which unites us much more than religious beliefs. I was delighted to see it!

Then I came home.  I fed the animals, and washed all the dishes. There is a load of towels to fold. It can wait until morning.

I didn’t get to my certificates. I didn’t get to my garden. I didn’t get to my jewelry making.

I learned a lot today about myself. Especially in the realm of some spiritual things that were coming up.  It’s a long story, and I’ve had a long day. Sometimes forward movement is slow.

Ross has been quiet today. I kind of had a feeling that yesterday was another ‘eye of the storm’. The last one I had was followed by my niece needing me to take her to my hospital.

A few things I shared online on DWR on FB gave me hope–the best was ‘your best teacher is your last mistake’.

Now I’m going to call it a night.

Just know, sometimes it’s a struggle to keep everything organized and running smooth, and that’s okay.  I finally found the new credit card that had been sent to replace the one that had expired one week ago.  I did the call it in to activate it thing. I had been looking for it for three weeks!

Forgiveness to yourself, and self-appreciation, are most important.  As my beloved nana once said, ‘We do the best we can’…


Carla got a gift today from me. I had sent it to her, and given her the go-ahead to order it.

I had shown her the design before, and it didn’t make sense the first time. Last night, with all my efforts, Carla understood the significance of the design.  This is how the consciousness ‘levels up’.

I won’t say much about it, but it represents us and our bond as Twins.  I am happy to send it to her. Carla has found a new mastery, both in her art with the work with the energy of crystals, and in her understanding of the Galactic Ways of soul twins.

I am very proud of her.

Carla took a forward step at the hospital where she works. Carla volunteered to be a member of the Continuing Medical Education Committee. On the way home, and even before, Carla is being ‘moved’ to be ready to share about her experiences with energy medicine with her peers.

Rome was not built in a day.

Neither are the perceptions of Carla’s colleagues going to fall after a one hour lecture!

Ah…but the Consciousness is going to ‘level up’. Just as it did, unconsciously, as the crowd of over three hundred people watched Carla and Anthony’s acting ‘debut’, much to the delight of her peers.  (if it is on YouTube Carla will share it.)

It is like we are climbing a tree–and trying to get a hold on the next level up–energetically. Then when we reach the branch, we rejoice and pause for a bit to catch our breath. Then we proceed with the next branch.

Last night I had Carla practice an important lesson in her meditation. In the one hand, she held a stone, a citrine, which was carved into the shape of a flame. In the other, it was her most precious and favorite Gwindel. I asked Carla to contemplate them. Carla looked at them in the light, putting one side by side, or in front and in back–feeling the energies. Carla’s conclusion was that both were from Nature, one was shaped by man, the other was shaped only by Nature. If it wasn’t for man, neither would have found its way to her. The collector, the supplier, and the middleman, then the store.

What do you think the role of mankind is on this planet?

I’d really like to hear your thoughts, from your heart.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Felicity — Gaia News Brief 7 June 2016 by Reiki Doc

Today was charming. There is no other way to describe it.  Anthony I woke up a little bit early. He is in need of some skills in the kitchen.  The other day he confessed how he has ‘nothing to eat’ at his father’s house while his dad sleeps in.  Our teaching him how to scramble eggs didn’t work and now he had given up on all cooking for himself while he is waiting for his dad to get up.

So we made sausage patties, cinnamon toast, coffee, hot chocolate (with coconut sugar from scratch), and had a few sliced peaches which are a special treat in our home. We had ample time as I had an eight o’clock start.

The funniest thing happened right before I left the door. Ross wanted me to change my jewelry. He was insistent. I complied. I put on silver hoop earrings, the beautiful Byzantine cross my first boyfriend Tom gave me for our first Christmas together in high school, and my white gold OM symbol with pave diamonds  I got to celebrate making Karuna Reiki Master. I had on my Ross and Carla bracelet, and a special souvenir from our last trip to Victoria, BC which had rubies in it but the sales people didn’t know.

At work everyone and everything was pleasant and smooth.

I did notice much communication–scheduling and other stuff I had to ‘field’ as calls and texts came in very fast throughout the day. It’s unusual for me to have so much activity in this regard.

I had wanted to go home, but I couldn’t. There was an extra case to be covered.

It was in the MRI scanner!  The magnet is very powerful, and will pull anything ferromagnetic to it. YouTube Video on MRI Safety (my risk Ross saved me from)  My necklace I had been wearing had a  small magnetic clip. It would have gotten red hot in the presence of the magnet, or worse!


Nurses are smart.

I confessed how stressful mornings are with my son, back when he was four. To dress himself he would throw all the clothes he didn’t want on the floor while he was looking for the one he wanted to wear. And he left them there!

The preschool encouraged kids to dress themselves. Even if it didn’t match, it was their choice, and it was ‘okay’.

But how could I get to work on time?

Ellen, the PACU RN, smiled the way only a Filipino RN mom can smile. She said, ‘didn’t you know?’

I said, ‘Know what?’

You take out only TWO shirts from the drawer. Then you tell the kid to choose this one (right hand goes forward) or that one (left hand goes forward).

Your kid gets to make a choice–but only from the two you offer them.  This leaves the drawer neat and tidy, and no clothes get onto the floor.

I did this every single day from Anthony’s age four to age ten. Every single day. Always with a prayer of gratitude in my heart for the wisdom of Ellen!

Why am I mentioning this?

Because today is the California primary election.

In my opinion–and this is only my view, not Ross’ (his mouth is zipped shut and mum)–when I vote I feel more like I am in the position of Anthony with the shirts than the position of the mom. I really do.  Someone is telling me, ‘do you want THIS one or THAT one?’ but in reality, if I had total freedom, I could pick anything from the whole drawer to find the one that was right for me.

And that’s the most of politics you’ll ever here from me.  Only my perceptions on the whole enchilada, that maybe something isn’t ‘right’–kind of–see?

Merlin had a surprise for me today!

It was like a big netting of silver that went over my head. It was kind of like a grid at first, much like our umbrella hat protects us from the sun, how it was up and over my head but not really touching it.

Then like a plastic film, it stretched down. I had to put my arms and legs through it like sleeves and pant legs. My head later popped through it, like when you put on a tee shirt.

It was like it was filled with air! I told Merlin I would call it my Shake and Bake because it reminded me of that thing in the seventies where the mom puts the meat in a bag and shakes it in there with the powder.  He teased me back and said it was my sweat suit to help me lose weight (another seventies thing)…

I asked him what it’s supposed to do?

He smiled and didn’t say a thing.

Somehow it works with the popsicle stick thing I wrote about a few days ago.

Thanks Merlin!


Carla was like a child on an Easter Egg hunt today!  Filled with delight!

After the MRI scan case, she was able to leave work. There was a little extra time.

I had her make a massage appointment. It has been several months since her last one.

Before that, there was just a half hour for shopping. Carla has grown fonder of wearing a dress whenever possible. Carla found a sale and bought three in blue. One of them has a Flower of Life pattern on it, I am not kidding!

During her massage, Carla had a breakthrough. Carla started to notice OUR energies that were coming through the session. Carla saw my face with her third eye, briefly, as she lay face down on the table.  The masseuse did the karate chop just the same way her father used to when she was little. She wondered, was that her dad Richard telling the guy to do that without his being aware of it–as the ‘inspiration’?  And again, there was another thing he did on Carla’s feet, sort of a slapping that felt nice, that was a total Carla’s father ‘move’ too.  Aha! Now she knew! Next there was a little bit of Raphael energy around her shoulder where it gets hurt from playing too much catch with Anthony. And the overall kindness and attention to her comfort by the masseuse with the warm hot towels–on her back, under her neck, wrapping her feet–made Carla wonder if I was having some input with the massage too…and I was.

All of us are.

The way Carla describes it, it’s like Ross has the view, and she doesn’t, but he can explain to her where to place her feet as she walks through her daily experiences. It’s not a flashlight, for Carla still can’t see the path. But it’s a partnership of sorts that made it possible for Carla to have the circumstances to do what she likes to do, what is important to her:  to cook dinner tonight, to schedule a haircut after dinner for Anthony, and to relax and enjoy the night at home with her son.

‘If this is what the future is like, being incarnate isn’t that terrible!’ Carla is starting to wonder to herself.

And it’s true!

It can be AWESOME!

I want you to have a taste of it, for yourself, for your own life!

It all begins with your thoughts, with what’s on your mind.  Is it love and harmony? Then that is what you will receive, a beautiful love-filled day that is filled with harmony and light. (he waves his finger-ed) -this ISN’T a way for you to avoid your lessons–but it IS a way for you to make the most of them and not tax yourself and your vital energy too much in the process.

Learning can be fun!

Thoughts filled with fear and lower vibrations…I won’t even mention them. We all know how it is the opposite of Love and Harmony, Peace and Contentment…and the Joy of Fellowship, of all of Creation…is all there is!


Sooner or later everyone comes around to it, this conclusion of the heart.

I love you!

And I speak for gentle Carla, as Carla does too.

(big warm smile–ed)  Now let’s go out and have some fun! I want you to CREATE!!!  Fun and happy things!  For everyone!!!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Putting It All Together — Gaia News Brief 6 June 2016 by Reiki Doc

Today was a good day. I listened to Spirit. I took it easy. And I had fun.

Any day I don’t have to wake up to the alarm is a good day!  That’s for sure. I also changed the sheets, and the room looks fresh and airy. It’s makes for a much better end of the day, when the bed is made and the sheets are new.

For breakfast I had a cherimoya. It was just barely ripe. I enjoyed it. Later in the morning I had a green smoothie and a cup of coffee.

For lunch I wanted to make riso, the comfort food you would call a risotto, the recipe my grandmother always made for me for lunch every single day when I was with her. She watched me while my mother went to work.

Somehow the day got past me.

I was lucky to have my first successful ‘manifest’ in real time.  Two or three days ago, I decided I really want my elliptical out of my house. I didn’t enjoy it. Neither did Anthony. It was super good quality, but we needed the room more than it.

Yesterday, over breakfast, my friend said her fiancé was in need of one. I offered it to him. She said she would ask. And later, she called and said he was very interested!

Today, they came and disassembled it, and took it to their home. It is a gift, but he was smart and said, ‘it’s borrowed. It’s always yours and you can take it back.’

He is the one who almost died with a full cardiac arrest, and came back.

Their story is one you might enjoy. It shows you how Ross ‘helps’ when I ask him to.

This couple started dating four years ago. They are a good match for each other. Whenever I would bring Anthony to her apartment, most of the time he was there too. Learning to trust him, the boyfriend, with my son around–I am very careful, and I realized over time this really IS a good person!

Then they moved in together. Their home is bigger than ours, and I’m happy for them. But the first week, there was an accident. His eye went blind in a way that one eye is really distorted vision. He had five surgeries to correct it, and none of them were a success.

Due to his being an engineer, his brain couldn’t synthesize the view from both eyes. Engineer brains are different (I have one too! Chemical Engineering was my major in college!).

He grew very depressed, and was suicidal.  He didn’t have any attempts, but he did add his girlfriend to his policies so ‘she would be taken care of’.

She finally told him she would leave him if it didn’t stop, because she didn’t want to live her life like that.

At Christmas I made a bracelet for him, and also, gave her a Ross and Carla bracelet.  His energy was very jangly, very unbalanced, very close to something not good.

I talked with Ross about it.  I asked Ross if there was anything that could be done on Spirit side?  For my friend had a brother who was lost to suicide, and this would affect both her son and Anthony too. I realized the situation was unsustainable…I accepted the outcome, as long as it was for the highest good.

The boyfriend had a massive heart attack at work. He drove himself to the hospital because he knew the ambulance would get lost trying to find his desk in the corporate complex where he worked.  He had full cardiac arrest, but had to be ambulanced from his hospital right across the street to one where the cath lab was open.

My friend was in ICU with him, and I supported her emotionally. Her mother had died, and they were close. She was all alone, and I knew it, so I called her every day. I also asked my friend the cardiologist what his odds were of making it? She told me the score–and I relayed this information to my friend.

He beat the odds.  He renamed himself ‘2.0’.  He did all the cardiac rehab. He even asked her to marry him.

He never complains about his eye now.  And he totally knows how devoted his fiancee is to him.

They are deeply in love, and are planning their wedding this summer. It will be very small, family only, out of state. They are planning their retirement together too.

What I noticed today, as she confessed he is a total genius when it comes to ‘fixing things’…and also how he is obsessed with the lunar landings…he is from Atlantis and in my opinion, most likely Pleiadian in soul origin.

Would I ever say that to either one of them? Never in a million years! Sometimes she reads this blog. But she might think I was kooky because I’m not sure she’s all up on Galactic things yet.

It’s funny because the whole reason we went to breakfast was because her Ross and Carla bracelet had to be restrung. It had been months since she had given it to me. I had forgotten whose it was. It was just some bracelet in a baggie!  I put new wire on it. But Spirit told me to save the old wire and give it to her. I did. She is to take all of the old bad things, and put it behind her with some ‘ceremony’ as she gets rid of it. The old energies are gone from her forever.

Her prayers are the strongest ones I know. She teaches Sunday school and has for all the time I’ve known her. And SHE is always saying, ‘Thank you Jesus!’ and I think lately I have caught it from her.

Things I Give Thanks For

My nap before I went to pick up Anthony.  The Goodwill drop off station taking my bags of stuff from the room cleanup last week–I dropped it off today. Anthony being totally stoked about the detailing on the car (they also buffed out some paint scrapes on it too).

For the kids on the street to play for just long enough for me to talk with a friend and send out healing.

For my family to give me a little down time on all the texts and requests for my medical expertise ‘just for today’ ❤  It’s nice to let my brain go ‘un-medical’ for a day.

For my mom to sound a whole lot better on the phone.

For Ross. He told me to buy steak and barbecue it with Anthony to ‘celebrate’. Anthony and I couldn’t figure out what we were celebrating exactly, but we had fun.  We use a little Smokey Joe. And I try to avoid lighter fluid. I pick up twigs and bark from the back yard and use it as my ‘starter’. It takes a while but it works.  We had something unusual Ross wanted too. He asked me to take the camping stove out onto the potting bench, and use it to warm up the beans!  He wanted us to take the TV trays out back, and eat on the porch swing, too. So we did!  It was beautiful, and very relaxing.  At the store he told Anthony we could have ice cream–either chocolate or vanilla, in a small package.  We chose the chocolate vanilla caramel ripple. I didn’t get any caramel ripple in my scoop! But I served it in tiny paper cups. Anthony wanted more and I said no. It was a good thing we had tiny servings.

I am also grateful for something really big in my personal growth that happened today.

Fine Tuning

My teams are doing a whole lot of work on me. Sometimes when Anthony is away, I am asked to have a small single serving of something like St. Germain or Bailey’s Irish Cream. Then I go straight to bed.  That’s when they get the truth out of me on how I feel about many things. I never realize it at the time that it’s a test of sorts. What I do know, is I have made lots of progress, and last night, I could see for myself just how much healing has taken place. It’s huge.

I have gone from being an irate incarnate Starseed to a pretty mellow, easy going, and trusting Galactic.  If you ever want to read just how angry and hostile I was, just go back to 2011-2012 and see for yourself. I even once embarrassed Ross because I didn’t realize I had stepped on his toes by demanding change NOW in front of him in Council! It was Ashtar who explained gently to me my actions had made Ross look bad. I was a little embarrassed…I never have done it again.

On Friday, I made a formal request for things to change once and for all on Surface Gaia. I wanted this to stop the suffering. I was amazed how I knew how to speak diplomatically, yet insistently, on these changes to take place.

If you read the Gaia Portal, you will note some of the changes.

In addition, there has been the addition of a new Stargate somewhere out of the South Pole.

It was a trap.

The news online and my blogs sort of hinted that the mergings were done.

They weren’t.  The last stragglers tried to escape their fate (you know, the ‘other team’ who wants to run this place even though they aren’t officially put into that position?)–and have since been caught in the screens in the stargate, and have officially merged.

The rest is all hologram.

I was in on the secret the whole time. I keep my lips mum until I get clearance from the ‘guys upstairs’.

The Stargate IS indeed a functioning Stargate and everyone is welcome to use it.  What happened is, those who knew how to use these things, and were taking the opportunity to use it to escape trouble, found themselves in a whole heap of ‘formal diplomatic relations’ instead.  It’s ALL CLEAR and OKAY to use. It’s the Merlin popsicle stick thing, just in case you are wondering. Be sure to read a few days back in order to catch up.

Anyhow, today was a day of rest with Ross.  For the first time, he showed me two things. One was a ring of gold, with a sapphire on it.  There was a triangle shaped edge with some foreign writing raised on it. I was like, ‘is that my class ring, Ross?’

It was my WEDDING ring!  From ‘back then’.

He also showed me a sphere of clear, deep purple amethyst I wore on a chain around my neck when I was married to Ross in that incarnation. It was an anniversary gift from him for our first anniversary.  What was unusual about the sphere was it was wrapped in gold top to bottom and back in one loop just to hold it. I was alway amazed at how that simple band looked flimsy, but never let the amethyst fall out. I wore it on a long chain, very low, and by my heart. No one knew I wore it but Ross. I never showed it to anyone.

If you had asked me six months ago, how I feel about these things Eva Maria shared with me today in my inbox:

I would have felt pain and anguish, and really been saddened that they exist at all!
Now, I look at it differently.  I see how Mary Magdalen is presented as a calm, ever-loving, pious and mystical being.
People who are just waking up need to have this kind of channeling–because it fits into their ‘picture’ of ‘what the whole enchilada is about’…LOL
It is what it is.
The people who know me love me.
My whining, complaining, and very human form incarnate as Carla…the one who once said, adamantly, ‘I am NOT HIM!!!’…and went on my merry way bouncing from one lesson to the next in order to arrive at Ascension.  It wasn’t pretty!  Nor was it what you would consider ‘cool, calm, and collected’.
What does go with it all, is my love to write my experiences–good, bad, and ugly, as best as I know–and a dedication to my readers which in my opinion, is unsurpassed.  There are years of daily and more recently now ‘almost’ daily blog posts of length and substance. I love healing. I love Creator of All That Is. And I go for it! I’m up for just about anything Spirit sends for my growth and evolution.
It is what it is. My energy signature is enough. There is no need for arguing as those who have eyes, see.
Carla, it is my pleasure to walk with you unto this new phase in our eternal life.
I am most proud of you, and all your accomplishments.
I would have done more for you when we were incarnate together the last time, although I couldn’t see…I was blinded by the prevailing customs.
It was hard on you, I know, and I am sorry for the hardship that it caused to both of us.
Let us walk away from the pain, giving thanks for the lessons which have brought us here today, as One Eternal Spirit, joined together, as we are meant to be.
Everything else is Illusion.
Let us walk in Love no matter where we are, in humility and appreciation for our bond.
I have my lessons, and you have yours, and we go off on our ways when it is necessary.
Our love which connects us, heart to heart, by this golden cord–is never–despite all appearances to the contrary when one is within the Illusion (finger goes up!–ed)–to be broken.
What God has put together, let no man–or woman–put asunder.
(he lets me know the nightmare is done.  it’s really over. all of it. the Illusion is no more. –ed)
clap! clap!
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Love

Gentle Healing — Gaia News Brief 5 June 2016 by Reiki Doc

My daddy died on June 4. On the seventh anniversary of his death, someone we had watched and admired as a family, also passed too.  Muhammad Ali.  I met him once at the Carnegie Deli. He made me feel beautiful–he squeezed me tight in the photo, and also kissed my cheek. I’m so grateful to have met him. I have his autograph too. It’s on a napkin. This was in 2002.

This year I didn’t cry on the anniversary of daddy’s passing. There was so much going on. Mom was released from the hospital. My niece is still in intensive care getting very specialized treatment. My nephew has already been to the ER, treated and released, but he’s not any better.  I spent an hour on the phone today with my sister, his mom, texting about his symptoms and what she should do. He can’t eat without terrible pains.

I’m not going into their house until it is officially cleared of Legionella. I hardly ever go there, anyways. Anthony hasn’t spent the night there except once, not too long ago…that’s when he got his stomach flu. I have to look at the calendar, but I’m sure it’s close.

My sister is still worried about the money to clean it, and to disclose it or not. She’s worried about the property value.

Some things are worth more–are irreplaceable. Your family’s health is one of them.  I work in the O.R.  I know.

I asked her, ‘how can you not disclose?’

Recently at work, I saw a couple people who were very sad cases…end-stage cancer, that surgery only slowed down but didn’t cure. I always say a special prayer for these kinds of patients. I check with my teams to make sure their transition will be ‘uneventful’ (that’s a term we use in hospitals, which means smooth, easy, routine). My heart goes out to them.

My clarity is going WAY the heck UP…and I realized there are lots of important lessons at the end of life. I saw what valuable opportunity there is for the soul. Even though I’m not a fan of dying, and I can’t wait until that part of 3D goes away (it’s different in 5D)…I can see the point of the whole ‘lesson’ part of it as well.

Today Ross revealed to me the secret of his reanimation. I played a role in it. I am not to disclose under any circumstances what it was other than it was a method taught to him in our travels to India. Just in case, he made sure it was also taught to me. Before you might ask, it has something to do with our being twins, Illuminated Twin Flames to be exact, and it’s not possible for me to do this for anyone else.

But I know.

Today was a day of very random and yet very important healing things, not just for me but for others. The phone call from mom to say she was safely home, and she knows to call me if she needs anything. I will come.  The breakfast with my friend I hardly ever see–a mom friend. And it turns out her fiancé is interested in the elliptical I can’t wait to get out of the house. They are coming by tomorrow to see it. It was very healing for us both to get outside, to relax over a meal (she treated!), and talk in the sunshine.  This is a very special treat I hardly ever get to do!

So instead of the paperwork, and the dishes, I got the car washed (some cement mud from late night freeway roadwork had splashed and stuck despite one or two gas station car washes–I got ‘the whole enchilada’).  I also watched a baseball game, gardened, and cleaned both the bunny cage and the bunny bottom (with warm water and a towel–the poor thing had poop stuck on the fur and it looked painful. Anthony and I had worked on her problem last weekend, and I checked this weekend). I did my Italian lessons on the app DuoLingo, and I spoke online with a very close friend, another thing I hardly ever get to do.

I also cleaned out some more of my closet where I meditate. I made room for Ross to be behind me while I sit. I think he has wanted this for some time, but I was too dense to figure out.

I did the Merlin meditation twice today. Once it just sort of happened while I was relaxed and watching the ballgame. I could ‘sense’ my guides really close in their ‘full selves’ but just was a little too far away to visualize it.

Again in the closet, I relaxed, and let go.

I met Ross.

Not with my intuition, like usual.

With my Full Consciousness.  His energy is STRONG and it wasn’t adapted to my own like before.

I just looked at him for the longest time. I still can’t see clear like I would see someone here–but I saw his face and build, and we talked while I was feeling his energy.

I paused.

I looked down at the ground and commented quickly, ‘Is this the first time officially or something? If this is some kind of thing I hope you make a note of it because I NEVER can remember anniversaries!’

He laughed and covered it quickly, and promised me, ‘yes, he would not let me forget.’ And he smiled.

He’s much taller than me. I think he likes how I’m smaller.   I said a couple of other similar things, where I just blurted something out, and he laughed but covered it quickly so as not to embarrass me. The overall feeling was he thought it was cute the things I said.

I remember when I had a moment to speak, I started kissing his feet and crying. I told him I want him to know I adore him. And I asked his forgiveness for the times I didn’t open my heart as much as I could have while I have ever been with him.

He wasn’t expecting that. It meant a lot to him.

Then he told me he had a few words to say to me, too. He had a turn. And his words were beautiful beautiful smart and wise and loving and I can’t for the life of me recall one word that he said. But I was looking him in the eye the whole time.

Earlier in the day, I apologized for him for any inconvenience to him as a soul–but I just can’t ‘share’ him yet with others, the way he shares me with my many Archangel husbands…True to form, he asked, ‘what makes you think I WANT to be shared?’  He explained how in his last lifetime incarnate with me, he learned that the most connection he ever had, in all of his experiences, was with me. He also confessed that his actions caused much damage to me.  The others Archangel husbands are healing the damage to me at his request. That made a great deal of sense to me, and I am most thankful for the explanation.

Soon it was time to go.  I was overcome with emotion, and almost started bawling. Then I got my strength back. I pulled myself together like a mature Galactic would do…and I asked Ross if he wouldn’t mind please ‘walking me to the door’ like our human dates in 3D, to help me say goodbye to him in a way I would understand.

He did, in that ‘tunnel’ or ‘star gate’ or whatever that popsicle stick thing is…and we kissed goodnight. Then, suddenly, he tied a handkerchief, white, like a triangle fold, around my right wrist. The knot was on the top, on the side of the back of my hand. He said it wasn’t for tears, but for me to know he was coming back, because he wouldn’t want to lose it.  He also had me smell it. It has the most beautiful fragrances from nature, a different one, every time you sniff. I smelled forests and oceans and flowers and many other beautiful scents. So my Light Body has that on my wrist.

And that was it.

Tonight, he wanted me to go to a local place and get ONE slice of pizza, and a salad. They have a special, all that and a soda too.  For some reason he WANTED me to get a soda. I never drink soda unless I have the flu. I questioned him on if he really wanted me to drink that? He said yes. Once I was there, I saw there was a button on the Sierra Mist, that said, SODA so I pressed that and got slightly sweet and hint of flavor bubbly water. It was good.

I was able to pick up some ‘green stuff’ for the bunny at the store nearby.

Then there was a miracle! An honest to goodness miracle!  With my car all newly waxed, I really didn’t want to park it out on the street. The sprinklers make a mess with my black paint.  So I figured someway how to get both cars into the garage by stacking and moving the extra chair, ottoman and drum set out of the way. I’m THRILLED!!!

Now it really is time for bed. I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow. I procrastinated too much today. I needed it though.

Today was a good day.


Carla’s dreams are coming true, whether she knows it or not.

(he clears his throat–ed)

(he clears his throat again, a little louder–I’m afraid I’m not understanding him–ed)

(he clears his throat a little louder, and looks at me! all of a sudden I understand! And I smile! My biggest dream is HIM! LOL.  Waves of happiness and good energy are washing over me. How could I be so dense? LOL–ed)

And all the little things too.  ( I see the tomatoes in the garden I love to pick, I see the ease in my day–having it off. I see the ideas for dinner for tomorrow. I see all the little ‘help’ and ‘grace and ease’ coming together into a sense of hopefulness.  I also see a growing sense of ‘boundary’ or shall I say, ‘healthy boundary’ between myself and my sick family members. This is a form of self-preservation, for me to rest.  I see a healthy ‘medium’ between running over and saving everybody–which is UN-healthy, and making myself available to be a loving support and resource–but not all day and not outside my scope of practice… || Ross tilts his head and LOOKS at me like ‘capishe’–you get it?==ed)

The same is going to happen to you.

All the little things are going to add up.

I love you and I want you to enjoy your happiness. All of us up here want you to enjoy your home on earth.

Carla’s wishes are not what you expect.  She had to be strongly guided to think of a better home–I had to show her pictures and examples of how to visualize.

Carla also wants for all the animals and nature to be healthy.

Then for all the inhabitants to have disease disappear from the Consciousness FOREVER (he snaps his fingers–ed) Just like that!

Those are lofty dreams.

I am filling them.

(he bows like a gentleman would in older times–ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Illuminated Twin Flame Souls

KingSeal — Gaia News Brief 4 June 2016 by Reiki Doc

I can’t get enough of this pattern. I am seeing it around. It used to be on a window screen at a hotel I like in San Diego.

I just bought a flower arrangement with this pattern on the vase…more on why later…lol.

So I went though pages and pages of my photo supplier, under ‘patterns’ to find it here for you.

Apparently, this pattern is ‘Moroccan’.

I didn’t know.

Patterns like this are popular in Morocco and Andalusia.  Here’s a quick article from Architectural Digest–in case you’re interested–

Anyhow, my soul seems to know it, although it’s new to me, and it craves it. That happens sometimes. I remember things from my past–places, people, foods–and I feel drawn to it but I don’t know why.

Perhaps the oddest thing I had ever done, is to make all my closest friends swear to me, that if I were in ICU in a coma, they would read the  Torah to me in Hebrew–over and over. Somehow, at services I have attended, I found the language oddly soothing.  My soul understood it, although I didn’t. And I wanted that comfort to be provided to my soul in case I was ever in a critical health crises.

I did that starting in my twenties–long before any of this energy medicine healing and Reiki ever ‘turned up’.

Update on the Family

Mom’s cough is just as awful.  Her doctor is apologizing to her, and rightly so, for missing the diagnosis. She is to be discharged tomorrow because her i.v. infiltrated, and she refuses to get a new one.

She doesn’t want the pain.

I explained gently to her, for the tenth time, that ULTRASOUND guidance will help her have less needle sticks that won’t go in. She asked me to write it and I did, in permanent ink–on a paper, in big letters.

I also said that her fear of needles is reasonable on the one hand, but getting in the way of her healthcare on the other.  Her girls have the same discussion every time she gets really sick–is it worth it to put her through the trauma of the i.v. this time?  It’s always the same. She doesn’t want the i.v., she’s really sick, we get her to go to the ER and her life is saved, then she’s glad she’s alive.

She says she wants to live.

Sometimes being a daughter is difficult. Especially when you know a little about medicine.  It’s hard.

I’m glad I spent time with her. I’m also glad I had the chance to see her more as she is. Sometimes she will fool you with her charm. She likes to figure people out so they can be ‘useful’ to her–she says it’s a Sicilian thing. I think it’s sad, because while telling people what they want to hear, she’s not authentically ‘her’.  Yet, in a way, that IS exactly it, ‘her’…

She knows I love her. And she’ll never understand me. And I’m not sure if I want to make the effort to understand her more than I do, as well.

My nephew was treated and released from the ER. My niece had several procedures today under general anesthesia, and is recovering nicely. She is still in ICU, where they adjust the anti-rejection medications and search for the causes of her illness. She’s in good spirits, and I am thankful for this.

Big Family

I have a friend who has a family with forty six children.  This family is from Liberia.  There is one father with six wives, and each have at least five children. They all live in one large house together, a compound really, because the father is successful he was able to afford six wives.

Apparently, the first wife chooses the second, and the second wife chooses the third, and so on.  They are friends. All the children are raised together, and no one is quite sure which mom gave birth to them and which ones are their full brothers and sisters.

For the grandchildren, they have one grandpa–everyone knows who he is–and a bunch of grandmas! They are interchangeable.

From what I understand, the first wife chose her best friend and cousin, then the next had similar close ties.  The man is attracted to the new wives, also; it is a given he is interested in the new ones too.

They help one another with the childcare and everything else. They are happy. But now it is not allowed except in the rural areas far from the city.

Big families are the norm.

And often, one man gets two women pregnant at the same time. My friend’s brother did this. He married one, and the other was rich, so she and her family just took the baby to raise. But now the child is ten, and knows all of his family–his father and his father’s side of the family. He just lives with his mom and her family.

If you think about it, in the Western world, serial marriages accomplish something similar to this–my first wife, my second wife, and so on.  It’s just that the man does the choosing, and the earlier marriage women are put into a ‘lesser’ category, often being ignored while the children are shared between the two homes.

It’s not all that different.


I was getting a little overwhelmed.  I didn’t want to drive far to see my mom after stress at work. There’s LOTS of traffic in that direction.

So I practiced getting my vibration the same as the thing Merlin gave me.

Once you are close NOTHING bothers you! You just feel capable and confident of everything.

I still haven’t ‘gone anywhere’ but I hope to in the future, once I get good at it.

Why the Flowers

When Creator Writings said ‘you can dream anything!’ I was like, ‘how mean is that?!’ Because we have been beaten down for so long, how can we dream? It’s like asking to be punished in our current system to ‘dream big’.

But I asked yesterday to have a date with Ross, just to enjoy him, and get to know him.

He asked me on the way home from the hospital–mom’s one that’s far away.

I just wasn’t in the mood.

I told him I have a little anhedonia going on here. I’m overwhelmed. I’ve been feeling like all of my creativity, my leisure, my projects–all of my energy I would have for them is being funneled into the work Ross and I do online. I know it’s my purpose. My guides tell me this. Especially Michael.

So Ross told me to go to the grocery store, buy milk and bananas, and some flowers for me.

I found it deeply relaxing to go to the grocery store. I’ve been buying flowers for all the sick people, but not for me. Ross insisted.

They are beautiful red roses, with white hydrangeas and Casablanca lilies.

They have the beautiful design on a milky white glass vase.

I came home, and the kitchen looked like a bomb had gone off. There were breakfast dishes piled up in the sink for two days, a cutting board from making lunches on the stove.

Ross told me to think of it as a success!  I was like, ‘excuse me? WHAT?!’

He said it’s because I am out there helping a lot of people, that I am not home, and THERE is the success.

It made me feel better, and I see the wisdom behind his viewpoint. I chose to tackle the dishes in the morning.

You might want to use that line of thinking for yourself…it really helps.

This weekend I have bills to pay, and two huge forms with deadlines. What I want to do is print certificates and mail them out. I’ve had the materials for three weeks, ready to go. It’s for my work though, and I must do it.

There’s always something, you know?

I also have a huge lot of loose pieces of niccolite.  I am going to make a grid. : )))


This is my pattern!  (he wobbles his head from side to side like how people say ‘yes’ in India–ed)

On the one hand it is more complex, but just as beautiful as the pattern Carla is drawn to lately.

Both of them show through balance, harmony, and repetition the endless power of Creation by Creator of All That Is.

What is your pattern?

I want you to be on the lookout for it.

And please share it here with us in the comments, along with a little explanation of how it make you feel in your heart center.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Resolve, Resolution, and the Path Home — Gaia News Brief 3 June 2016 by Reiki Doc

Even though I am spiritually advanced, I have feelings.  They can get hurt.  When you live in 5D, every now and then you get a ‘clunker’ from the third dimension that knocks you for  a loop.  I wish I could say that my heart is so filled with love these things don’t hurt me. It’s something I need to work on, and I am, to get to that point of ‘enlightenment’ or an equivalent of it–so I no longer feel the pain.

What happened is I thought against my better judgement, and I shared something very special to me with the world. I was feeding a disabled Galapagos turtle by hand at the zoo.  He has no depth perception, so the food needs to be put into his mouth for him.

I added it to the Reiki Healing just because people like the pictures. Most people who are close to me understood, and they too enjoyed the picture.

One said the turtle should be back in the Galapagos.

We gave her a healing and she was upset about my being at the zoo and feeding the turtle and posting it. She accepted the healing, which is her right, and didn’t accept the picture, which is her right.  And from where I sit today, I see clearly this behavior says a whole lot more about her than about us.

Whether you like the photo or not, the healing is our gift to you, and even if you insult us the healing will still work.  And it’s free!

We shall continue to sent our two daily healings out to the public, whether people are totally unappreciative for it or not.

Fortunately most people ARE welcoming of it, and for this we thank you for your love and gratitude to us for our healing work.


My son, his dad’s mom, my mom, my niece and my nephew have all been to either the ER or the hospital as an inpatient this month since we got back from San Diego.

Yesterday my nephew was admitted to the ER. While they were doing the workup, we got word from my mother’s doctor that she has Legionnaire’s disease.

It’s rare–here is  listing of world outbreaks:

And it’s hard to prove it’s the culprit:  In late September, 2005, 127 residents of a nursing home became ill with Legionella pneumophila. Within a week, twenty-one of the residents had died. Culture results at first were negative, which is not unusual as L. Pneumophila is a fastidious bacteria, meaning it leaves virtually no trace of itself. The source of the outbreak was traced to the air-conditioning cooling towers on the nursing home’s roof.

The doctors for my niece and nephew still don’t believe it could be the cause.

The time has come to put a stop to hiring doctors who have no intuition whatsoever–who can’t tap into Source–Creator of All That Is.

Here’s why:

  1. My mother goes to her primary care and says she can’t breathe.  The Ethiopian FMG listens to her chests, says, ‘You are FINE because I can’t hear anything’.  That night, my mom looks toxic and has a fever. My nephew says she’s not looking good. She is taken to the ER by my sister. They wait SIX hours to be seen, and then four more for a bed.  I am at the bedside at four p.m.–it’s been eleven hours since admission, and not one physician has evaluated her. The physician says, ‘your body is breaking down and the sad fact is that you are going to have good days and bad days but more bad days than good’.   Mother had a positive Holman’s sign (I can’t spell sorry) indicative of high risk of blood clot in leg. And I insisted the doctor evaluate her lungs because in our family our asthma is coughing fits, not wheezes. You cough till you throw up. I had to offer mom water four times for her coughing fits in the three hours of my visit. So on exam, with a deep breath, mom had a coughing  fit. The doctor put her stethoscope up in the air and said, ‘I hear a wheeze!’ and ‘I will give you cough syrup and breathing treatments’.   IT WAS LEGIONNAIRE’S DISEASE! I thank God for the person who ordered that test!!!
  2. My nephew is feeling toxic. His family brings him to the hospital where his sister is. I encourage them to take him to the ER. Unfortunately at seventeen he is the oldest on in the pediatric ER.  Just like my niece–they run tests, give i.v. fluids, and send him home ‘for follow up’.  He has every symptom on the picture above, and a family member from the same house with it! And they say, ‘it’s nothing’.
  3. My niece’s team wants to give expensive and invasive treatments and tests.  SHE had every symptom in the poster too. And the broad spectrum antibiotics killed it. But it wasn’t because the teams knew what they were killing. Does this make sense? Immunosuppressed she’s at totally high risk.  It should be on the lists of ‘suspected causes’. Even my hospital missed that diagnosis. My old one did too.
I see it as the resolution of a bewildering presentation of illness which has stretched the emotional resources of our family to its limits.  There is a diagnosis. A treatment. And it won’t come back.
My sister is worried about the expense of fixing the AC at her house.
Her daughter and son are in hospitals, they are renting a hotel room, her husband has missed work for a month…isn’t an AC replacement cheaper? She’s exhausted and not thinking right.
But she IS noticing everyone’s feelings in the hospital. She walks by and senses it, and it’s concerning to her.  She is an empath, and a baby in 5D.
I told her to say, ‘If it’s not mine Lord please take it away’–it’s the Empath Prayer my teacher Anne Reith, PhD taught me.
Dang it’s late. I need to write one more thing and get Anthony to school in time.
The Path Home
Merlin gave me a gift yesterday. I was in the shower–that’s where I hear my teams best.
He moved his hand up and down in front of me, and I saw a huge thing that made me look like ‘Carla on a stick’.  (see the middle one above).
I was like, ‘What’s that?’
He said it’s a new energy flow line for me, a new ‘meridian’ type thing.
I said, ‘Merlin, I LIKE jewelry…’
Later in the day, he explained ‘it’s my way home’.  But he didn’t say HOW at the time. It’s opaque yellow white straw gold color. It’s thick and goes right through my middle of my energy chakras, from bottom to my head. It only sticks out by my legs. Just like a popsicle.
I learned I have to ‘be one with it’. I meditated and tried to match my frequency to it.
It’s really strong.
On the way home I asked if it was a star gate or something? He said yes and everyone can use it.
Just imagine the one on me–with me as Gaia–not Carla LOL–and it’s open for all who wish to use it.
I still haven’t gotten anywhere with it yet. The energies of it are really great though.
Enjoy! And let me know what it does, and if you make any progress!
Time to make breakfast and get the kid to school…
I love you.
Thank you for listening to my heart with your own.
It’s summer. The season of corn dogs and county fairs. I like corn dogs and county fairs. Carla does too.
I want this to be the Best Summer of your Life.
I want you to enjoy it.
clap! clap!
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Turbulence — Gaia News Brief 1 June 2016 by Reiki Doc

The Creator Writings said yesterday there was a reason for the eye of the storm.


My mother has been admitted to the hospital.  My niece is currently in ICU at the place where she got her kidney transplant in the past–it’s three hour drive away.

When it rains it pours.

I was just in the closet meditating with my council.  I asked why death is so hard?  I realized I was extremely thankful that for all the five, four of them I have no concept of separation or death from them in any way. It’s so much EASIER!

I recalled how my grandfather used to say the old ones need to die to make room for the babies.

Mom’s ER nurses have the same names as her parents. It’s kind of spooky, really. I know they are ready for her UP THERE–her real parents–for when it’s mom’s time.

I don’t like the thought of life without my mother.

My Council asked me why I felt like this?

My answer shocked them to the core–I felt it.

I said there never was enough time to be with her.  I was always studying or working. I never got to be the daughter I always wanted to be. Only recently have I had the ability to enjoy spending time with her. It’s too short.

They were polite, and really I could tell had their Consciousness grow, from my pointing out what it is like from inside the Illusion.

Other things went very smooth today, fortunately. There was a blood draw for Anthony that went well. A dental checkup with no cavities for him. And a thyroid scan with the same size nodules as before for me. On our end things couldn’t have gone smoother. For this I am grateful.

(my unicorn card today said Gratitude).

Out of all the strangest things, today, while I was in the car driving to my ultrasound…I got a visit from the higher self of Albert Pujols.

He challenged me.

He wanted to know why I wrote him off as a Christian, and stepped back from his relationship with JC?

I said it’s what you’ve been told, it’s your adaptation. You need it to go through your life.

He asked why? Why do I put him in this pigeon hole as a person?

I said, in word-thought-pictures–‘you had a Down’s baby, and it’s your band aid to help you through. And to push you to help others with the same condition.’

He turned it around on me. He said, ‘If I can accept a Down’s baby, and grow, what makes you think I can’t accept anything different from what I’ve been taught in church?’

I felt his spirit, his spark, his competitive FIRE with his statement.

Furthermore he said, ‘It’s all about love. I have plenty for him. And there’s plenty for you. If that’s what IS, then why wouldn’t I want to know the truth?’

It was like a wall that was a million miles high, was starting to crumble. I don’t know who the spirit of A.P. is, as in if he is an incarnation of an Archangel or something. But I do ‘sense’ the whole conversation helped me to consider the possibility of people being able to accept that which I had thought was a done deal as one hundred percent unacceptable to them.

Our new life…we have dinner on the barstools downstairs and watch the ballgame.  Anthony is playing with his friends down the street after school. I had today off, it was spent running errands but I had some moments of pleasure.

I had sushi at the place. I sit in the far corner of the sushi bar.  That way I can watch the fry chef. Did you know they fry everything in the same oil? And the little fluffy panko breadcrumbs are really batter poured straight into the oil? They break up and scoop them out.

At the grocery store I found some cool new plants too. For the garden. Food plants. And sorrel.

There was some non-GMO corn. And I got salmon burger patties, wild Alaskan caught–and organic smart chicken for Anthony. He said the salmon patties look like barf. I love how he is still eleven and acts it.

Last night we saw Mercury with his telescope. We saw the craters and it was really nice.

My garden is giving us tomatoes already. There is nothing better for the garden than bunny droppings. I’m serious. With that, compost, and old coffee grounds my plants are happy as can be!

I felt a little turbulence in my tummy today.  Remember how I wrote about being able to see things other people can’t, like who’s going to die, or what plans are going to be a disaster?

I see things.

I realized that the gorilla thing is a huge psychological ops.  It’s designed to get us to think its okay for some kids to die. It’s very oblique but that’s the purpose. Read Cobra’s little red pill if you want to have some background into the whole concept. Be sure to read every link in there too.

Another thing that is going on is there is some distortion between Spirit and Lightworkers. Depending on the person–they can get an idea that isn’t really from who they think–and go act on it.

There’s a lot that can happen between an origin of a thought and a thought in the etheric plane.

That’s why discernment is important.  Sometimes important Life Lessons present themselves this way.

I checked with Divine Creator of All That Is, and what I suspected was true.  So I responded appropriately.

For comparison, most new Reiki symbols I keep to myself. They are ‘working’ symbols and are important to the liberation of very important planetary energies. They do a lot of good in my head and I use them!  With Spirit’s guidance, and with much trust–I have shared one Gaia Sophia Reiki, with a handful of people who I’ve worked with many lifetimes and incarnations prior to this one.  Then–and only when it is ‘right’ for the group after much discussion first with my Council and guides–will it be shared with the world.

A different one, Agarthan Reiki, I shared for free on YouTube. You can go learn it. 77Picklehead. That’s me.

Some new symbols were a collaboration between me and Archangel Ariel incarnate. These were to be shared, and we did. They are Keys too.

Be careful, in everything.  Especially when it comes to Spirit.

I’m so thankful my father passed just enough of his baseball knowledge on to me, so I could pass it along to my son.

Baseball is a wonderful gift.

I can see why people enjoy it. It’s clean and it helps to pass the time while incarnate.

I’m sleepy now. I’ll give Ross a chance to speak, and I’ll go to bed soon.


What are you to do if you make a mistake in the discernment department? Are you to quit?

No! That is not the intent of our blog post!  (waves his hand to say no–ed)

How else are you to learn to ride a bicycle if you do not fall once or twice?

There are no mistakes, only lessons.

And all of it is perfect in the Lord.

Even you!

So try your best to discern and to truly know what is asked of you, in your role on Earth at the present.

Carla tell them about the gift shop at your hospital today.

C:  The volunteer who had worked there for five years thought she could do a better job on the flowers there than the contractor who just made overpriced gerber daisy arrangements. I agreed with them. I also said to make diaper ‘cakes’ for sale, they will be popular. And compatible ‘bouquets’ for ICU.

R:  how was the energy?

C:  that woman was right on. She can help a lot of people that way too, if she makes them.

R:  what is the most wonderful moment of your life,  Carla?

C:  this moment NOW because I am talking to you. I’m happy. And content. Even if sleepy.

(he looks around in mock surprise, like a teacher–ed)  R:  see how fast she learns?!

C:  I’m blushing!

(clap! clap!–ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Thank You Unicorns! — Gaia News Brief 31 May 2016 by Reiki Doc

I enjoy looking at this

Tonight’s card was this:

Be considerate towards the feelings and integrity of both yourself and others by saying “No” to anything that does not feel instinctively right.
The Unicorns say you will know what they mean! 

It was the respect card.

It was a confirmation.

I am going to be oblique and change the subject, just a little, not to be a tease but not to offend anyone.

I have reached a level where I can see the future.

Just like my mom who can see a plane crash several hours or days ahead of the actual event.  It happened while I grew up, and these feelings and images would really bother her because she knew and there was nothing she could do about it to save the people from tragedy. She new enough to sense there was impending disaster, but couldn’t see clearly to know what plane, what airline, what location, or what time the crash would happen. She would get so upset by it sometimes she would just sit on the sofa and cry.

I know when people are going to die. I sense it. I say to myself ‘I can smell it’ but it isn’t my nose. I find this helpful because I can say my goodbyes, and make sure the person is calm and content in the interim.

I can also see energy mismatch leading to disastrous choices by others close to me.

I was sitting today across from my mother-in-law, at her home. We brought them KFC to celebrate Memorial Day, and also, her two-week recovery from her huge neck surgery. She had on her neck brace, and needed to have her plate raised up on a computer stand because she couldn’t really look down at it.

She was talking to Anthony and me about their plans to sell their house and move because ‘they want a good retirement’. They want to go where they can buy a house and not have a mortgage payment.

They have looked at places out of state where their friends are, or counties that are inland.

I was looking at her in her neck brace, knowing we just went to see her in the hospital three times, and we brought her food for support–as she isn’t in good health with her back problems–and they are having a totally on the level discussion about moving away from family as if their good health would last forever!

What the couple doesn’t like is the stairs. And the taking care of the home. But it’s paid for, and in a nice neighborhood, and close to her only grandson, and her two sons.

I couldn’t believe my eyes and my ears!

For MONEY–a ‘good retirement’–they are going to give up the only support they have?

Fortunately, Anthony’s father is the only one who is vocal about it. He has good sense–he’s spiritual and intuitive. He knows it’s not a good idea. He senses it. And as their oldest son, he is speaking up about it.

I’m different.

Let me explain.

There is a Consciousness Gap between Anthony’s grandparents and me. There is also one between them and their son.

I can’t overcome it for them.  They need to learn and grow.

There is no convincing someone of a way out of an important Life Lesson–and it’s most likely not for their highest good.

You save them from one disaster, only to be followed quick on the heels by another.

Just like in school, you can’t do someone else’s homework for them, or take their examinations.

So in the grand scheme of things, it’s best left at ‘you learn your lessons, and I’ll learn mine’ with a feeling of mutual love and appreciation…then you go on your way.

What I did do in this situation, was bring up an important fact that my ‘in laws’ might have overlooked. In parts of Arizona, the primary care physicians do not accept Medicare patients. Some seniors in Arizona must drive three hours to Las Vegas to see their primary care doctor. Were they aware of this? They might want to double-check their insurance to make sure they will have access to the healthcare they will need in their own town wherever they move.

What this couple shared with us–and I love them as my own parents, I do–is how in the nineties when they moved away to Florida, they never realized how it hurt their parents to have the grandsons move across the country. They said, ‘here we are now, moving like this too, away from our grandson!’

For them, independence is key. And they are counting on one another, where some people would count on their extended family.

It is what it is, and there is no right or wrong, only lessons. I know mine are difficult enough for me while I am in them.

Ross spoke to me today while I was doing the dishes or gardening or something. He said, ‘You are my gift.’

I was like, ‘I am your gift to you?’ and gave him a funny look.

He explained that I am ‘his gift to everyone’.

I understood.

I stopped in my tracks.

I shot back, ‘Ross if I am your spiritual gift to the masses, then they are going to not like it and take me right back to the store to exchange your gift!’

Ross was surprised by my candor, and lack of guile. He tried his best to stifle a laugh but I saw it.

He is serious.

(whispering) I don’t know how I can help ANYBODY–just between us–and ‘gift’ is the last word I would have in mind of ANYTHING to ever describe me.  The only thing I know is people respond to my smile more than anything, and the rest I haven’t got an inkling of what my dear Beloved is talking about. I’m just thankful for my house getting nicer and less messy. That’s about it…sigh…


I am with Carla.

And that is my gift to all of humanity.

I have come to bring what is special to me, to all of you.

Just as my Father gave what is special to him, myself,  to humanity first.

Carla could be right here with me (taps his seat next to him).  But she isn’t.

Carla is right there with all of you.

Happy Awakening! (he waves and smiles –ed)

Clap! Clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twin Souls who are incarnate through Carla who walks upon the earth