If you could only see your new world will look like – Lady Maria through Isabel Henn, August 22, 2012

My beloved children, I am delighted to see how the love and light are further spread on Earth. Incessantly grows the group of those who wake up slowly and who remember their mission, to anchor love and light on Earth. Love has irretrievably gained the upper hand and nothing can change it back.

Oh yes, you moan partly about the effects of the enormous energies that affect you. You wonder now if this does not stop. Unfortunately, I can only say that it is getting even more intense. Oh, there will be breaks so that you can take a brief pause before it continues. Before the next wave in energy spills over to you. But rest assured, you aren’t exposed to anything that you could not stand. We are very careful not to overwhelm you. You’ve a little to hold out before you reach the great aim, Ascension. Let the effects of energy, do not defend yourselves. So much better you can integrate them then. Your body can then process easier.

It is worth the effort my children. If you could only see your new world will look like. It will be magnificent for you. I know, because I can see your visions. Do not forget, I am the wife of Prime Creator, the Divine Feminine and the Goddess Creator of this universe. Therefore I am one with you too, my children.

Dream big of your new world, don’t limit yourselves, it’s all possible, you are co-creators, do not forget that. With your dreams you manifest the new Earth, your new world.

Some of you have already noticed that your manifestations adjust faster and faster, in others it takes a little longer, especially since they still dream too much mess. Close your eyes and then just imagine exactly how it should look, what you wish. Paint it out to the last detail and then believe quite firmly. Do not doubt that you are not capable enough for it. You have also manifest unconsciously anything in your life through your thoughts and your ideas. Use them now consciously and surrender your dreams to the universe. They will come true, you must not only doubt.

Whenever you need help, call us. We stand ready to help you, to advise and assist. Listen to your inner voice of the heart. It could be your spiritual leader, or an angel who wants to help you, if you ask for it. You are never without guidance. You have to just listen and pay attention to your intuition as well, your so-called gut feeling. It could be that your Higher Self has just a message for you, or would like to point to something that is important.

I love you all beyond words and infinitely, you are my beloved children.

I am Lady Maria

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10 thoughts on “If you could only see your new world will look like – Lady Maria through Isabel Henn, August 22, 2012

  1. Thank you so very much for allowing Divine Mothers beautiful words to come through you here for all to read. Blessings


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