Follow The Light — Gaia News Brief 18 August 2015 by Reiki Doc

We Each Have Our Gifts

Yesterday in the OR, we had a male nurse who has been in training for four months after coming to us from the Emergency Room.

We did four cases in a row with the same surgeon who was very nice, and the duties required of the nurse are practically the same.

He didn’t do well.

What I observed, is that he has a very masculine brain–and he was struggling.

In the operating room, a multitasking feminine brain is an advantage, because there are many rules for sterility, many things to know about what to do in what order (‘when’), and speed is of ultimate importance.

We have other male nurses who excel in the OR.  They have mastered the tasks, and like a team player athlete, can actually pick up the pace of the procedure and keep things moving all through the day.

I didn’t know what to say, as I observed this.  The nurses, when the trainee left the room, explained how they are trying to PUSH him to work faster…and they couldn’t understand why someone from ER would ever work so slow?

I once was married to an ER nurse. Their ‘heaven’ is what they call ‘Club ED’–that end of the night shift when all the patients are finished, the ER is empty, and all the night nurses can sleep.

ER nurses only work fast in a genuine emergency.  Even then, some are faster than others.

This makes sense because a twelve hour shift is a long race, and people like to pace themselves at their own ‘work stride’ to make sure they have the energy to make it through to the end of the shift.

I admire the trainee for telling the nurses in our room at the end of the day, ‘at least you are trying to teach me’…and he expressed appreciation to them that was genuine.

I know, once he learns, he will be fine. But the learning, for him, would be more simple if he had a ‘less masculine’ brain, as the multitasking that comes natural to the more feminine one is designed fro what is needed for the job.

Can’t We All Play Nice–Part One

All of the ‘Can’t We All Play Nice’ series will be based on this:

This is a beautiful picture, isn’t it? It is of the Nederlands.  I bought it on my photo service.

I pay almost two thousand dollars a year for the rights to the photos I use on my blog and online ‘presence’. If they aren’t photos I’ve taken myself…or the very rare but cute copy of something ‘going around’ like the ‘badass unicorn’ cartoon.

I noticed a Healing Hands website advertising with a photo just like one I posted some time ago.

And then two days ago, or one day, the dramatic image of a dry post-apocalyptic red theme on the left, a human figure in the middle, and a verdant field with a blue sky on the right, an image of ‘transition’…and I mentioned it was ‘borrowed’ from me.

I don’t mind if my images I bought with my hard earned cash are ‘borrowed’ every once in a while.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

I just want you to know I am the one who brought these images to the internet, legally, with all royalties accounted for.  I, too, don’t copy and paste the credit to the photographer in my work–I am requested to do this but find it visually distracting.

I want you to know how things work on this page. We do things the right way. Every single time.

Can’t We All Play Nice–Part 2

This is Source. Creator of All That Is.  There is a Divine Masculine and a Divine Feminine ‘flavor’ of Source, each with distance personalities.

I communicate with both.

Yesterday, Divine Father came through, and told me He would be helping me to write this article.

Yesterday I confessed to Ross that some Lightworkers out there really give me an icky ‘vibe’.  There is like a whole clique of them, and they never, ever, ever mention or share my work.

Divine Mother does.

But the ‘popular’ ones print these long channeled messages I can’t even read…the words are like–I’m an empath so I can FEEL through the energy of the words–that there is no clarity of thought or spirit to the human part behind the work.

I have had years of dedication to education and to my spiritual growth, in order to do this work.

I ‘pick up’ that there are many who are doing ‘their work’ without the preparation, so the effect is a mix of ego, ignorance, and genuine channelled message getting ‘filtered’ through.

The only few I actually ‘resonate’ with ARE, Creator Writings (which comes daily which is on par with this page), Sirian Heaven and Silverplatinum Flame,  SaLuSa, Gaia Portal, Marc Gamma, and sometimes Sheldan Nidle.

The Hint

we are taking a breather….shhhh!

I have been seeing this valve all over the place, including actually having workers working on one during my walk for exercise around the hospital during a ‘fabulous break’…

I asked, ‘What is it and what does it do?’

It’s for the fire extinguisher sprinkler system in the building.

It has standing water that is never used for anything except ready to dump out in the event of a fire.

I see this outside apartment buildings when I drive by, and other large industrial complexes.

Many Lightworkers of the ‘clique’ (of which I am not on the ‘inside’ group) are HINTING that ‘there is a BIG Ascension around the corner.)

This may be true.

It may not.

I don’t think everyone in the garden needs to be ‘in the know’ when it is time for a flower to finally bloom, or for a butterfly to emerge from its chrysalis…

Nature IS.

So are the stars.

So are the Galactics, who in my knowledge, only give a ‘tip off’ at the very last second, and often, not at all.

My Fabulous Husband

We are STILL taking a break…shhhh

Ross didn’t let me wear my Pandora bracelet for about one month.  I listened.

Yesterday I was permitted to wear it.

In the OR, to my horror, I saw the charm locket, his gift to me, ‘My Beautiful Wife’–was gone!

There was an empty, open split ring soldered to a ring of CZ’s instead.

My heart sank for the discovery.  Then, my faith stepped up to the plate, and I said, ‘I would rather have you and our beautiful relationship. This is only a heart, a trinket. What is special is that you let me know on the day it was released, that you wanted me to look it up, and buy it. That memory will always be treasured in my heart.’

Can’t We All Play Nice, Part 3

This is the pattern on my shower curtain. It is all white, with embroidered circles which overlap.

This is the image Divine Father used to explain to my Consciousness, which I will now share with yours, about Lightworkers…each one has their own ‘bandwidth’ to enable them to communicate with the group who is to be served by them…and ALL of us ‘overlapping’ will cover all of Creation when it comes to Gaia’s Ascension of her Surface Population.

The Lightworker and the person who is ‘newly awakened’ will have some common ground ‘energetically’ and this is how the outreach will be of benefit–the energy of the Ground Crew Lightworker and the Newly Awakened is going to OVERLAP.

THIS image, represents to me, the Ascended Masters, each with their own Ray (mine is a deep aquamarine sapphire blue,  it is the Ray of Hope).

They talk with me, and I enjoy very much working with the Ascended Masters.

So people who resonate with me, will be on the vibration that is closest to theirs in the bandwidth.

Can’t We All Play Nice, Part 4

There is an assumption that is made that ALL Lightworkers on Ground Crew are from the Light.

This is a pretty big assumption.

On the internet, there are ‘trolls’ who are paid by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart to ‘disrupt things’.

There are others, who from what I understand, for whatever reason, in the ranks of online channeled messages, who have been ‘compromised’.

To me their energy is clear to be seen, and to me it looks like this:

Please forgive me if I do not elect to hold hands with these persons and sing Kumbaya.

I will watch warily, and go where the energy FEELS RIGHT to me.

I am not going to point fingers, or say anything other than this:  I will direct such people and their ‘gifts’ to Divine Father and Divine Mother, Creator of All That Is, and allow them to speak for themselves.

I will step OUT of the interaction, as I have no reason, and furthermore, no interest, to enter the fray.

Can’t We All Play Nice, Part 5

This is Ross. The golden soul, who–has a say in almost everything. He is a polarizing figure. He is well-known. And everything in some way, although I can’t understand it, is connected and goes through him.

Yesterday, on the way home, he let me listen:

  • oh my God!
  • oh my Fucking GOD!
  • oh my GOD!
These were the voices of people crossing over when they first see the Light.
Ross hears them every day. And the energy, he let me observe, is one of people ‘getting it’ once they are outside the body/the incarnate experience, and the know everything that Ross and Creator and the Ascended Masters know.  They are surprised at both how simple it is, and how all of it was hidden from them.
This is the image I would like you to use when you think of Reiki Doc. It is seamless, and Japanese design. Usui Sensei gave us a wonderful gift, which together, unites us across the globe.  We are ONE, and our ‘station’ the Reiki Bandwidth, is robust, solid, and a pleasure to work with in all I do.
This is the image Ross selects for him. He wants us to focus on the Love which together unites us all.
Love heals everything, even the seeming ‘reality’ of those who are ‘compromised’ by darkness.
It is beautiful, and pleasing, and we will no doubt unite when the time is set, to help others who are awakening, whatever time that is needed to be.
(I am super late for work now, and I must go. Ross gives you his best and will message you more later…at another time)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins
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I am not only a single mom but also a sirian starseed and a lightwarrior, incarnated on Earth for this time to help Gaia and Humankind during Ascension. I know my true origins, that I am the true incarnations of Lady Maria and Archangel Gabrielle. As my beloved Twin Flame said in his message, the time for me to be hidden is over.

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