Heavenletter #4518 What Can It Be?, April 8, 2013


God said:

You know there is something you want, something you crave, and you don’t quite know what it is. It is a longing. It is more than a yen. It is a deep longing for you know not what. It is easy to say that it is a longing for Me, and, yet, in full honesty, you are not sure that I quite fit the bill. What can I give you really? If I really could, why haven’t I already given it to you? You wonder if you missed the opportunity or, somehow, I passed you by, or you passed Me by without your being wide awake. What is it you want? All you can answer is: “Somethin’.”

You understand that you have had Me fully right along, and, yet, here you are, longing for something, craving something, and what you have doesn’t seem to be enough. You haven’t distinguished what it is yet that is almost within your reach. There is a vague emptiness, a vague emptiness that cannot be content until it is filled, or fulfilled, and, yet, what it is exactly, you don’t know. Maybe nobody knows.

It is something like when you crave something sweet. You know you crave it, but which sweet will fulfill this mad desire, you’re not sure. Maple sugar? Maybe. Marzipan? Maybe, yet you have the feeling that nothing you already know will quite satisfy this sweet tooth of yours. The closest you can come to an answer is: “Something,” or, “Something sweet,” or ”Something or another.”

At times like this, you could go into a candy store, and taste each mouth-watering candy, and still not know what this illusive something is you are desiring. It is just on the tip of your tongue. You don’t know where to find it and grab hold of it. If, somehow, you have already tasted it, you weren’t aware, or, it really wasn’t up to snuff, or, your taste-buds are off. You remain with this illusive longing for something you know not quite what. You crave to taste it, at least once before you die.

Meanwhile, you feel such a loss. Not even a loss. You yearn for something in life that you have not yet tasted. All the good things, all the riches of love and the material treasures you have tasted are not enough. It may be once you thought so, once, yet no longer do you.

All you can think of is that the something missing is something I have in My power to give you, and so you ask: “Well, God, what is it? What could it be?”

And all I can answer is that it is some part of you, My beloved. There is an aspect of you that you have not yet reached. It is yourself longing to come out and to be known. Where does it exist, this long-sought-after part of you? What is it that has not yet been fulfilled or even exactly identified? Do you have it, you wonder. Does it really exist? Does it exist within you? If it does exist within you, where is it hiding? Why won’t it come out and appear where you can see it and shake its hand?

My beloved, the longing you experience is a good place to start. Something great within you longs to come out. You may not be certain that it exists. I know full well that this royal aspect of you does exist, and it is alive and well, and wants you to unfurl it. You do not yet know the Greatness that right now lies within you. You may hesitate, unknowingly, because you do not think you could handle it, this illusive whatever it is. Of course, you can handle it. You wouldn’t long for it unless you were ready for it. Now, just open your heart to receive that which has always been yours, just waiting for you to beckon it.

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