A Day Of Rest — Gaia News Brief 8 April 2016 by Reiki Doc

I spent the whole day in bed yesterday.

I got home after two in the morning.

I had wanted to go to sleep at the hospital, but for some reason, I couldn’t seem to ask the nurses for permission to sleep in the recovery room like I did on Saturday night.  I drove home, talking to Ross the whole way, hoping to keep awake.   I also was taking a risk, because when I am on call there is always a chance of being called back in to the hospital.

Fortunately, morning came, and no one had called.

It was a busy call. I had been working straight since seven in the morning. And my back up had to stay until eleven and did a whole case because the one I had just finished was too unstable. We came out of the O.R., and stayed in PACU, and once stable we took the patient to ICU.

It was between cases I found myself asking:  is this how desperate Spirit is? To send me all of the worst of the worst of the desperate souls in their bodies which are falling apart?

My works is not what it seems.

There is an element of ‘Spiritual Work’ that is involved in each case I do.  People who need to experience what I have to offer are sent to me.   One who had been talked up by the nurses even demanded I give Reiki as they were falling asleep. I felt like a server at a restaurant. I didn’t appreciate the pre-op nurse talking me up like that. I prefer the Reiki to be something between me and spirit, and my intuition to lead the way. Not the patient. I can ‘sense’ that everyone I see, everyone I touch, everyone I anesthetize, is carefully hand-picked by Spirit. Always.

Only on my last call shift I was overwhelmed and exhausted by the end of the day.

I had been sneezing too.

I have to discuss my health.

All my life I have had allergies. I am allergic to dust and to cats.

I am allergic enough that if my patient has a cat, and they are in their gown in pre-op holding, I will still sense it and start sneezing.

The cat is on them.

If I, in my youth, would go to a friend’s house for a sleep over, and they had a cat, I would be sick all the next day. My body would be struggling to find its ‘normal’ after the exposure. My voice would be low, and hoarse, just from being near the cat.

Even though I took allergy medicines my whole life, all of this would happen.

Now, if I am near a cat and touch one, my arm gets filled with welts. My eyes will swell shut.

I think, besides the allergies, I had strep throat or ear infections all the time growing up.

To be honest, I think it was my pillow.

I had the most ratty, old, horrible pillow for my head. It was one that was in mom and dad’s bed then when they got a new one it came to me.

The little chips of foam in it were turned to powder and there was a terrible smell to it.

We were very poor growing up. Nobody understood anything about allergies. I only knew I hated my canopy (it was full of dust) and when I got old enough to have a say about my room, I got rid of that and the drapes. I just kept the shades that were on the rollers. I felt so much better after that.

Then, all through college and medical school, when I would push it, to my limits, I would get sick. Typically it was a sinus infection. In medical school I had them and the sore throat so often I would have antibiotics at home for me to start taking them at the first sign of infection. My doctor wanted it that way.

I would keep mugs of jello in the fridge, so I could heat them up in the microwave and soothe my sore throat.  I would also have a tongue depressor and scrape the white hard things off my tonsils, because when I did, I would feel better.  (they scar down, and actually shrank so much from the years of infections that there was nothing left to remove–that’s what the ENT told me. Kaiser had been too cheap to remove them when I was a kid, and I suffered my whole life because of it.)

I am reading a book on Kindle. I’ll share the name, I think it’s Medical Medium.

So yesterday, even though I had a fever, and it was the sinus thing I had a few weeks ago…I tried what the Medical Medium (his name is Anthony too!) had recommended.

I also trusted my body, and let it work.

I don’t think I need the antibiotics yet, but I don’t want to keep being in that vicious cycle (It’s been about ten years now–I’m sure I have MRSA colonized in my sinuses, and every few months I have to take them just to get the counts down).

So I used the lemon balm in my tea from my back yard. I find I sense more health when I have that, or the arugula or other things I grew. I followed Anthony the Medical Medium’s advice and avoided certain foods, and ate certain other ones. I haven’t finished the book yet….but it’s what I knew.

And I SLEPT! I slept and I slept.  I was in my pajamas the whole day.

I can function today.

There is a SIX in the MORNING department meeting about cutting my hours (again).  The OB anesthesiologists are unhappy–they are never happy–they want more money to compensate for their being on OB call and not making money when there are no patients in labor. They get a stipend of twenty dollars an hour for being there in the hospital. But ‘it’s not enough’. So the ones who don’t take OB have already been punished (forced to work part time) but now they want MORE hours. So even though the meeting is about ‘more hours for them’–the ‘more’ is going to come from the people who don’t work O.B. (me and a handful of others).

You don’t want to know how much the babysitter is going to cost in order for me to attend that kind of meeting!

So–for those of you who sent Reiki, thank you, I’m feeling much better. I have a long day at work ahead of me today, and I will need it.  (I really should be in bed for the whole day, but the hospital isn’t like an office and you can’t call in sick).

And Creator heard me!  https://thecreatorwritings.wordpress.com/2016/04/07/changing-your-world/


I don’t want Carla to be late for work.

The only thing is, this was a ‘test’ of sorts. Carla has been with me and the other guides very quiet the whole time.

Carla likes her guides. She is always in contact with them.

But they were ‘noticeably absent’ while she was sick.

It wasn’t a download.

It was a test for Carla to throw off the chains which have bound her her whole life.

I sent her the tools.

She is figuring out how to use them.

That’s why we were quiet.

It’s because we observe how she gets herself through her lesson.

Carla is also making notes for the kind of life she wants to live.

Being long hours in the O.R., and away from Anthony –her Anthony, not the one in the book–is less attractive to her heart.

She wants stability, and a chance to work without extinguishing her own life flame.

(clap! clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

P.S. I want to thank you for all the Reiki you have sent to Carla. It has made a difference and helped her to turn the corner in her recovery from what is ailing her.

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