Méline Lafont ~ Lady Portia: The breakthrough of a new frequency ~ March 21, 2013




As received on March 21, 2013

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I may announce to all of you, precious hearts, that a huge shift has taken place and is currently still unfolding. A wonderful progress has been made in the hearts and in the collective of humanity. Big leaps have been taken by many hearts and countless awakenings are still occurring thanks to the energetic influx of the spring equinox and to the energies coming in from Galactic center.

A large number of awakened souls have diligently participated in this process and have enlightened their soul in such a way that a big part of the collective have instigated a new Ascension process. As we now enter into this profound and refined world of our Being, all preparations have been made for the next step leading us ever further into the magic of our Being. Numerous influences of the Light have been birthed which will assist everything on Earth to evolve in a more explicit way, which will tintillate the flames in more and more hearts.

On this current level of your Being a more global gradation is about to be reached corresponding with the 5th and the 6th Dimensional frequency of Being. Everyone and everything can now reach a higher consciousness and a higher being up to the point that a complete connection with their Self can be established. For some souls this process has already been accomplished; their remaining task is to keep on assisting on beloved Gaia in order to lead everyone to the connection with their own Being. On the other hand some souls will be allowed to evolve further on to reach an even higher level of consciousness on another level and another way of Being. The current influxes of the spring equinox can make this all possible so grab this opportunity firmly with both hands and evolve further till you reach your desired point in evolution.

Now that we enter into this magical Earth time of the equinox, your awareness will grow and what is currently unfolding will become more obvious. It is true that many have again gone through their daily Ascension process partly because of this energetic portal; however, what we must not forget is that many new hearts have also opened up for the truth and the freedom of their Self. All in all this is a rather huge accomplishment which in its own right will give rise to many changes. These new awakenings will result in a greater collective consciousness probably leading to a planetary, global and universal Ascension and that’s ultimately the reason for your presence on Earth in these times!

During the integrations of these new and powerful energies your physical bodies will again require more rest. Do not be concerned if you don’t feel or don’t notice anything, or if you haven’t had the time to meditate thereby assisting this whole process, as those intense energies will continue to deliver their necessary effects during the coming days, leaving nobody untouched. The varying effects differ from heart to heart and from place to place. As is commonly known there are variations in dimensional frequencies on beloved Gaia and even in this case there will be strong differences to the extent in which the equinox energies can unfold in specific locations.

One specific frequency field will expect more of the collective unity of cooperation and focus than the other because there are quite a few hearts and areas still lingering in a lower frequency field. That is now about to change drastically. What has been prepared for such a long time is now slowly reaching its own zenith. Numerous souls will be able to practise their calling and definitely start their missions on a collective and conscious level. There will be a need to focus on the inner world and on the heart so that a balance can be achieved and the work can be accomplished from a beautiful state of Being.

In the coming days a focus must be placed on the still lost souls who will be in need of our support and Love as the new definitely has started in your Earthly manifestations. The collective creates and delivers what it deems necessary so that the Ascension out of duality can be completed. That happens now, dear hearts, and that is what the equinox will now carry through. Nothing is as powerful as your own thoughts and your own heart frequency so let them merge as one whereafter you will only think with your heart and only heart feelings will pour into your thoughts. We have now entered a most wonderful time that is born from the alignment of 21 December 2012, and that is now coming to pass after a long period of many modifications and creations for the new.

Mother/Father God of all creation That Is, support this magnificent opportunity with their blessing and their onconditional Love. “Every cloud has a silver lining” is the aphorism of the day. Well, enjoy the first sunrays ushering in your new world as this is the beginning of the real manifestations from all of you through your hearts into your outer world. Positive times ahead, the best is yet to come!

Be aware, dear hearts, that everything manifests itself in a “no time” zone for the NOW moment is timeless and is remaining in the heart as it is there that the new world is born. Now that we are about to start the world of timeless Being, it will be quite a challenge to get past time, but be confident in yourself precious hearts, for you know how to do this because you are in fact timeless and by nature you always have been. The more a state of balance has been reached the easier it will unfold as if you are flowing on a stream of Love leading only to the most loving and warm experiences.

With much love in my heart

Eyah Asher Eyah

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Saint Germain ~ At present the Earth is about to shut down the 3D habits and energies in such harmonious way as possible ~ Channeled by Méline Lafont 19/03/2013



Received on March 17, 2013

Beloved ones, I am here today to clarify some things not only about recent events but also about events which are to soon manifest on your Earth. A lot of hard work has been accomplished behind closed doors so to speak resulting in a possible great event or shift relating to, amongst other issues, your banking systems and a whole lot more. As always we ask you to release all concepts of time and all expectations in these matters as this attitude would not be helpful but would rather obstruct the smooth flow of energies which are due to take place.

At present you should learn, once and for all, to be timeless and to accept and work from the Now moment. As has been stated in my previous message, a lot is taking place and this is becoming more and more obvious also to the media. All this will lead to such a climax that the truth will set in and seep through your media sources. It can no longer remain hidden as everything is unfolding on a global scale and is hence felt by everyone, including the still dormant souls. There is no way back and it can no longer be blocked.

Have an unshakable trust in the Divine process of Ascension because it is a large part of  All That Is. It all boils down to recognizing, exploring and accepting your Divine Self in all freedom and Love. It is your right and your Being and absolutely nothing can stop you when you have chosen this from the bottom of your heart. Nothing can block the Divine Force of Ascension and liberation; this force will bring you further along in your evolution and your experiences in the Light.

Only time can somewhat hinder and delay this because there still exists an outspoken focus on dates and timeframes. It is HIGH time to only dwell in the NOW moment and from there to just keep on creating. If you are unsure what this Now moment is all about I advise you to isolate yourself in a quiet moment and to close your eyes. Listen to the beating of your heart and to your breathing, get a feel of enrichment when in contact with your inner Self in the heart and be one within your heart. You have just experienced the NOW moment and it feels good, unbounded and limitless.

All of you are limitless and this is also the case in your daily lives. There is nothing that in principle could block or prohibit you from being yourself. There are only distractions and attempts to keep it all in check and to restrain it. But I can assure you, beloved ones, that we are now far beyond that fact since enrichment and enlightenment are in the process of manifesting themselves on the Earth. Too many souls have awakened so that this kind of limited life on Earth is no longer accepted nor approved of. Your hearts are now wide open and expect, even demand only Love and harmony. Enlightenment is now the order of the day and we see this come to pass ever so swiftly.

We are aware that, from your point of view, this does not seem to be so but know that Gaia has set her first footsteps in the 5th Dimension in many energetic locations spread all over the Earth. Certain countries and locations already exist in the 5th Dimension depending on the consciousness of the collective population.  Other countries still exist in the 3rd Dimension and most countries exist in the 4th Dimension. It all depends on the state of consciousness. That state of consciousness is in its own right also dependent not only on how far someone has grown in his evolution and awakening, or to the degree of integration of the Light but most of all to the extent that the person works from his heart and not from his mind (through the brain).

The intellect is an important asset in daily life on the 3rd Dimension but the heart knows and feels everything. The brain is incapable of feeling, it can only perceive what it sees, and what it sees is just the illusion of this world. The new world is merely a heightened state of Being associated with higher frequencies and energies of the Light and of the heart. Your heart is the center of “All That Is” in your own Being.

A rather intense pressure will be felt there where humanity still exists in the lower frequency of the 3rd Dimension as the timelines converge whereafter time in itself will disappear and the upcoming spring equinox will play an important part in this. Prepare yourself for souls and locations still dwelling in the 3rd Dimension. If you find yourself in a location with this lower frequency but you are aware of all that is unfolding and you have duly reached a higher level of consciousness, than nothing can go wrong. So you don’t have to worry one bit.Those who dwell in the heart will always find themselves in a harmonious way and will escape the chaos, it will not affect you at all. That’s why I advise you to always remain grounded and to center yourself in your heart. You will be in dire need of this help and assistance these days and weeks and we count on all of you.

The locations and hearts dwelling in the 4th Dimensional state receive a huge opportunity to greatly further their awakening and bringing it that much closer to the full Ascension into the 5th Dimension. Also in this case it all depends on how you are dealing with all this in the NOW moment and how your actions, thoughts and feelings all originate from your heart. At this specific point in time there is a great gradation of 4D thoughts about to convert into a higher state of your Being and is bringing you ever so quietly to your 5th Dimensional state of consciousness and inner Self.

Congratulations are in order if you have already evolved this far, for although there is only a small number that can truly call themselves the pioneers of the 5th Dimensional World, that small number is working tirelessly on those three  different dimensions and even beyond those three.

At present the Earth is about to shut down the 3D habits and energies in such harmonious way as is possible for humanity so that the transition can occur in a most loving way. Humanity must now proceed lifting themselves into an even higher frequency and expand this as much as possible into a global manifestation. As seen from an energetic level, nowadays 50% is now dwelling in a 5th Dimension and by that I mean the Earth and her frequency ranges on a global, countrywise level, Her embodiment. Humanity, on the contrary, dwells at about 35% in a 4th Dimensional setting as to her consciousness and incarnations, whereas a small 25% has already shifted into the 5th Dimensional consciousness and even beyond. All the rest is still stuck in the world of illusion and are consequently dwelling in 3D.

Be aware that these percentages reflect how everything evolves presently, giving you a clear picture in an attempt to outline a general overview of how far Ascension has progressed. Much will depend on the upcoming changes and on the energies emanating from the intense Spring Equinox how the collective consciousness will evolve and accept who they truly are and what is about to unfold.

Most of all, be loving towards each other and look forward to a wonderful opportunity to get a beautiful prospect and a personal enrichment. The spring equinox will enable us to once more bring a lot to the forefront and to manifest it. Everything is an opportunity, a chance and a beautiful experience, one way or the other. You will never miss it, you will never fall short of experiencing whatever energy. Everything is free and available for everyone, nobody is left behind as everyone and everything are One.

Have complete faith in yourself and in your inner world. I urge you these days close to the equinox to amply meditate and to focus on your inner self, on your heart and on all the beautiful things you would like to see fulfilled.

I AM Saint Germain and I stand by your side.

I AM that I AM.

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