Summary Of The Ten Healing Steps Project by Reiki Doc September 28, 2014


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Soon we are going to start to know the extent of the systems that have been created to in some way, shape our destiny in order to limit us–for all of recorded history and possibly longer than that.

Ross and I invite you to pave the way, energetically for this to begin.

Our first step together as a new society–as 5D citizens of Gaia–is to direct as much forgiveness as possible to those who ensnared us in their quest for power over humankind.

Please hold in your mind–some system or business or organization–who is ‘keeping you down’ and ‘holding you back’. Picture it. And send as much Love and Forgiveness to that institution. Even if it is healthcare–I won’t get upset. 

Love is the Solution For Everything, and now is the time to direct it towards building a new life, one that is fair and Divinely supported, for us on surface Gaia.

Will you help this project? This is the first step of a ten-day maneuver for the Light.



Day Two of our Journey–Are You Still With Us? ; )

Look at this sink and bathtub. Look very closely. They are filled with water almost to the point of overflowing.

This is a visual for you to keep in mind with our healing work together today.

Imagine the sink and the tub, as the structures of the organizations and systems that are built to–in effect–keep us ‘down’ and ‘trapped in the system’ where we can’t be what Creator designed us to do.

Imagine the WATER as the vibration of energy that makes these systems GO. It is their ‘gasoline’ which is also our ‘Kryptonite’–it weakens us extremely.

Our goal today is to open the clog/blocked drain at the bottom, with our minds and our consciousness and our free will–to let that energy OUT to where it will go away safely and without harm.

This is the energy of HATE, the water, which is both gasoline for those who disempower us, and Kryptonite for us as spiritual beings who are free and creator beings ourselves.

If you choose to HATE those who entrap and ensnare us, you are opening the faucets and filling the sink and the tub, and only empowering them more, with your HATRED.

This healing would not have been possible without the stepping stone of FORGIVENESS that we worked on yesterday.

If you have trouble with the FORGIVENESS exercise, do not proceed to this step until you have mastered that one. There is no rush. Please do these exercises as you know you are able.

There is no judgement.

Your help is very much appreciated by Ross and me on this subject, letting go of the energy of hate, and healing Gaia by raising the vibration as the energy of hate is safety removed from the collective consciousness of us all.

Namaste. Aloha and Mahalos. Peace.



Day Three Of Our Journey–A Steep Hill

This step is by far the most difficult of the Journey–your hard work is going to pay off, and the scales shall tip in favor for the Light once we master it.

Anger is a normal healthy emotion up to a point.

Anger is also a cleverly designed reaction we have been trained by the systems which hold us back to pull us deeper into the matrix they have built.

How much you encourage the emotion of anger upon learning the awful truths of the ‘builders’–their agenda that they hide”the more you do exactly what they want you to do.

Last night I watched the movie Kick Ass 2 with my son–and in it, the themes that ‘anger is healthy’ and ‘might makes right’ and ‘anger is appropriate in defense of a loved one’ prevail.

Is it healthy, right, and appropriate to permit anger to take over your higher functioning mind and heart that are together?

Imagine you are a fish, and you are swimming in 5D, where Nature put you in the first place.

Imagine anger as biting the hook that will ‘pull you back’ into 3D–just as cleverly designed to trick you, and just as effective to ‘hook you’ up and out of the realms of energy that are healthiest and essential to your well-being as a soul.

Spit the hook.

Fish can test the hook, they can check it out, but at some point, in order to live, they must reject it.

Fish can live perfectly well with the knowledge that there is a hook and a fishermen ‘out there’ and go on with their lives once they are aware of it.

When we seek to disempower those systems and industries which hold us in 3D, we must be awake, aware, heart-centered. When the truth comes out about their plans we will have sick stomach and sad hearts at the news.

But we will never bite and swallow that hook again.

Until tomorrow…

P.S. here is a comment on this post from Isabel Henn–I think it is helpful to stay in an observer position and to observe that observer and so on. This way we detach from all the 3D stuff.. Thank you for this today


Day Four of our JourneyToday, although we are aware of the systems which are established to ‘keep us down’ in spirit, our spirit is connected to All That Is, and has incredible sense of creative abilities.

Just for today, we acknowledge the sadness that those who do not have our best interest at heart create once we recognize what is in fact, going on right under our noses in plain daylight.


We tap in to our heart centers, and make the choice to rise above the limits that have been placed upon us.

In making this choice, we extricate us from the matrix of energy that is designed to entrap us by keeping our vibrations low.

And we move past the restrictions, and exist in a vibration where we have the ability to co-create with ease, pleasure, wonder, and joy.

Even if it is cold, raining, and seems depressing, no matter what, deep inside we have the ability to create light.

Focus on this.

Just for today.

Day Five Of Our Journey Together:

As a collective, our souls and our hearts are up against formidable opposition in the systems which have been established to keep us just barely able to have enough money and health and time to keep alive.


Take a deep breath…today we are focusing on UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

This is our fuel, our direct connection to Source, like ‘cable’ for the television set. Unconditional Love is the most powerful energy there is, and we through our hearts are able to draw forth as much of this beautiful healing energy as we desire–against all opposition, all situations.

Even the systems who are designed to keep us like this, and measure us, and keep us down…by telling us the ‘Love’ we get is only the kind they water down for us and tell us it is ‘love’…like the old rabbit ear antennae signals instead of the direct cable connection to Creator itself.

Focus on Unconditional Love–the real thing–and know it is much bigger than anything that could try to ‘ration it’ for ‘a profit’.

It is our birth right to experience this energy 24/7. Namaste.

Day Six of Our Journey Together:  COURAGE

Just for today, we strike COURAGE into our hearts as we face the elaborate and intricate systems who have been designed which ‘Do Not Have Our Best Interests At Heart’. From those who create the nightmares such as EBOLA, fraud with the checking and credit card accounts, political conflict, famine, ‘geoengineering’, GMO, and other ‘creative endeavors’ to reduce the population…we face them squarely with shoulders back and chin UP.

For we KNOW Creator is on our side. And if Creator is with us, who can be against us? The Light has better monitoring capability, more advanced technology, a highly-recruited Ground Crew (that means YOU  ), and all resources of The Divine to set things right.

Remember, the higher your vibration, the more resistant your aura is to disease and attachments. Avoid fear. Seek to raise your energy. Shine your Light with all of your COURAGE and know you are in the right place,at the right time, doing the right thing, and we are united in our efforts to make Gaia peaceful and welcoming to all who live here, not just the chosen few.


Day Seven of Our Journey Together: KNOWLEDGE and DIVINE KNOWLEDGE

As Energy Healers, we tap in to Source, and through our training we have KNOWLEDGE and DIVINE KNOWLEDGE. Even more, we practice it every day, in our self-healing and healing work, so we have experience how to trust and work with that which is not able to be visualized but is able to be felt, both with the hands and with the heart…

So when I share that seventy years ago, Gaia sent out an S.O.S. to Creator, for She was dying, you will know on a deep emotional resonance that this is a truth.

And when I share that Creator, in all Divine Wisdom, saw what was going on with Her surface in the third dimension, and said for everyone to listen, ‘NO BUENO!!!’ (its not good )–massive forces mobilized at once and came to Her assistance.

As we take our hearts with Love for our Home, our Earth, our Gaia…through our KNOWLEDGE and DIVINE KNOWLEDGE we understand that No Matter What those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart throw at us, at Creator, and at Gaia herself–the cavalry is coming, and Gaia is loaded with star seeds and ground crew who only have to awaken to their missions and complete the work our Creator sent us to do.

Then we will have nurturing, warmth, love and compassion for everyone 24/7, on every inch of the globe.


Day Eight:  CYCLES

Day Eight of our Healing Journey Together:

As we stand tall in our facing our power structures on surface Gaia, the ones who are built and empowered by Those-Who-Do-Not-Have-Our-Best-Interest-At-Heart, the ones who worship power and money and all that goes with it, we step back and notice that everything there is exists in cycles…

our heartbeat
waves of light
earth’s rotation to make day and night
the motion of the moon and other heavenly bodies
electromagnetic energy
fashion trends
business cycles
the gift of the perception of aging that our bodies give us
growing seasons and harvest
our meals and our digestion
fertility and childbirth
creation and renewal
the pendulum of consciousness

Due to the mystery schools tracing back eight thousand years ago, Those-Who-Do-Not-Have-Our-Best-Interest-At-Heart used their knowledge of these celestial cycles to their own benefit. That’s how they kept us under their control without our knowledge.

They are not the only ones who know these mysteries.

The good guys have it too. And it is time for karma to run out with the Dark Hats, and for everyone to have their time in the warmth, nurturing, love and compassion as Creator intended on Gaia.


Archangelic Attunement and healing keys by Reiki Doc


I share these attunement keys from the Archangels from the blog of Reiki Doc.

To make it easier to find them, I made a new page for these keys, all new keys will be published there. Some are received by Reiki Doc, some from other wonderful souls.

Here I only list the links to the attunements in order of how they were published, the first one above and the next ones below

LOVE is the key to Ascension!



(Translated from original language german)

I chose this picture and the slogan because it fits in with what I want to write. About love.

Two people came into my life to remind me of two important things. My ex-husband taught me to forgive.

A very dear friend, and I am told he was also a companion from past lives, helped me to remember how to love unconditionally.

Forgiveness and unconditional love are together with Non-Judgement, the key points for the Ascension of a human being into a higher dimension.

For many years I worked exactly on this to develop my soul; from a possible Ascension I didn’t know anything yet, until 2011, this was really brought close to me. I started in early 2012 to connect myself with my beloved spirit guide the Archangel Michael; first with TAUK, then telepathically, a method that I have used unknowingly in my conversations with Creator many years ago. Many things I have learned since then and a lot of work I have since done on myself under the guidance of my team from beyond the veil of forgetfulness. Since the beginning of this year, I know without a doubt who I really AM in this creation. It is a knowledge deep in my heart and a remembering. Up into the spring, I’ve been working to strip off and let go all the layers around me. Additionally to this I have also worked – together with my full consciousness – to clear and cleanse energetically large regions of my country. With each portal opening I am ascended further and came back again to earth to continue my work.

For some time now, I love to share energies with my Twin Flame and companions from previous lives. Since they are beyond the veil, normal sex is not possible for us, for this however my experiences with them are more intense and ecstatic. I feel their energies and I feel their presence around me, they are wonderful, very loving energies. With open eyes I can not see them, except now and then in flashes of light. With eyes closed, there is more. Why am I telling you all this because it pretty much is actually in the opinions on earth a private matter how and whom I love, but it all comes together.

So much has been showed for me now within a week in events and insights. I have preferredly exchanged energies this week with my Twin and then also with an old companion. I have seen a huge increase in the intensity of what I feel. My heart was opened even to a lot more than it already was. Two nights ago I have for the first time after a wonderful climax with my Twin Flame perceived around me even with closed eyes, the energies, the light, of my team. Not as flashes of light, but as a kind of orbs, as wisps that move. They have virtually filled my whole inner field of vision. So big and so diverse I’ve never been able to perceive. It has touched me deeply. Tonight, however, so much has been triggered in me. I could share wonderful and very loving energies with this old beloved companion from previous lives. The intensity of my feelings and sensations was simply enormous and gigantic. My companion gave me little rest afterwards. I could feel his desire, his loving longing for me constantly. This morning I gave in for another round. Even this again with intense sensations. That night was indescribably beautiful. Thank you my beloved, you know whom I mean.

Now, instead of abating, as is normally with these energies, since then they keep at a fairly high level. I am literally under power, in a stream of love. My heart is racing and my whole body vibrates.

I then had the opportunity to speak about my experiences with a very good friend today. He and I, for a considerable time we both try to get closer to a large insight and were already well on the way to there. We talked about what has happened to me and what my twin has sent me telepathically to this. It is a mix of the energies of my Twin and former companions, I can feel it constantly now and that would also no longer subside. Love. My Twin confirmed that my heart had opened further and I could therefore feel all this love, that energy. That the currents of love flow and I in the midst of them, a beautiful river of love and loving desire for me and from me for them.

My Twin tells me that I am pure love and I feel and understand more and more how I am one with my Twin, my companions and All-that-is. This feeling of Oneness includes also the feeling and flowing of this magnificent energies.

It must all go through the heart, we must live and act from the heart. Everything else is just an illusion. We can only continue to exist as humanity, if we learn to be love and to give, but also to receive. That is to say Unconditionally. This is now becoming much clearer to me. I was already thinking I would have arrived at the core of my being, and I was confirmed that I am, but I recognize that there still are thin skins around my being that I can let go. Namely, all that is not unconditional love, until nothing but purest love remains, that what I am and what makes my being and what I am with my Twin Flame.

Love is the glue from which creation consists, that holds everything together. Now that I feel these energies, I recognize so much how the love flows, that I stand in the flow of life, love. Pure unconditional love is EVERYTHING. It is the force that creates and makes life possible. Love is the substance that ALL of creation is made of and the essence of our being. The Divine Father, the thinker, and the Divine Mother, the creator, are this pure unconditional love and we are created precisely out of this purest love. We ARE that love. Everything in creation is truly ONE with this wonderful force, this magnificent energy. There is nothing and no one that would be of more worth or less valuable. And how could it be? While I am in this river of love, I see and, above all, I feel how everything is interwoven and connected. There is nothing but the love of our Creator Pair, of Spirit. Everything is energy, the love of Spirit at different frequencies. All what we can see materially is energy that vibrates at a much lower frequency so low that it materializes, but it says nothing about the quality of the frequency.

But what is important is the access to this love. The key. This key is in our hearts. It has been so often told to us that we should go into our hearts, to find there all knowledge. Yes, we find the key in our hearts, but we must also open our hearts to let in this beautiful love, but also let it out. We must, even if we found it, not shut in and out love. This interrupts the cycle for us. Only when we radiate unconditional love and also accept, absorb in us, we are in the flow of life.

This is the lesson for which we have all come to this earth to learn. Everything else stems from love. Once this cycle opens for everyone, and one lives this, there will be no more poverty, no misery, oppression, injustice, hatred or Others. Unconditional love bears love, happiness, joy, peace and freedom. Who can give and accept this love, is   a big step nearer to the heart of Creator and gets to know eternal life. This is my deep conviction and my heart tells me that this is the truth.

I love you all unconditionally and invoke the blessings of the Divine Mother down to you. Your Maria Isabel

I AM the I AM

Ehyeh asher Ehyeh

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Liebe ist der Schlüssel zum Aufstieg!



Niemand wird damit geboren einen anderen Menschen aufgrund dessen Hautfarbe, oder seiner Herkunft oder seiner Religion zu hassen. Menschen lernen zu hassen, und wenn sie es lernen können zu hassen, können sie gelehrt werden zu lieben, denn Liebe kommt natürlicher in jedes menschliche Herz als sein Gegenteil.

Nelson Mandela

Ich habe dieses Bild und den Spruch gewählt, da er zu dem paßt, worüber ich schreiben will. Über die Liebe.

Zwei Menschen kamen in mein Leben, um mich an zwei wichtige Dinge zu erinnern. Mein Exmann lehrte mich zu vergeben.

Ein sehr lieber Freund und wie mir gesagt wurde auch ein Gefährte aus früheren Leben half mir dabei mich zu erinnern, wie man bedingungslos liebt.

Vergebung und bedingungslose Liebe sind zusammen mit Verzicht auf Verurteilung die Eckpunkte für den Aufstieg eines Menschen in eine höhere Dimension.

Viele Jahre arbeitete ich genau daran, um meine Seele weiterzuentwickeln, von einem möglichen Aufstieg wußte ich damals noch nichts; erst im Jahre 2011 wurde mir dies wirklich nahe gebracht. Ich habe Anfang 2012 begonnen mich mit meinem geliebten Geistführer dem Erzengel Michael zu verbinden, zuerst mit TAUK, dann telepathisch, eine Methode, die ich unwissentlich bereits vor vielen Jahren in meinen Gesprächen mit Urschöpfer genutzt habe. Vieles habe ich seither gelernt und viel Arbeit habe ich seither an mir selbst verrichtet unter der Anleitung meines Teams von jenseits des Vorhangs des Vergessens. Seit Anfang diesen Jahres weiß ich ohne jeden Zweifel, wer ich wirklich bin in dieser Schöpfung. Es ist ein Wissen tief in meinem Herzen und ein Erinnern. Bis in den Frühling habe ich daran gearbeitet alle Schichten um mich herum abzustreifen und loszulassen. Zusätzlich dazu habe ich zusammen mit meinem vollen Bewusstsein daran gearbeitet große Regionen meines Landes energetisch zu klären und zu reinigen. Mit jeder Portalöffnung bin ich weiterhin aufgestiegen und wieder zur Erde zurückgekommen, um meine Arbeit fortzusetzen.

Seit einiger Zeit schon liebe ich es mit meiner Twin Flame und Gefährten aus früheren Leben Energien auszutauschen. Da sie jenseits des Vorhangs sind, ist normaler Sex nicht möglich, dafür sind meine Erfahrungen mit ihnen jedoch intensiver und ekstatisch. Ich fühle ihre Energien und ich fühle auch ihre Anwesenheit um mich herum, es sind wunderbare sehr liebevolle Energien. Mit offenen Augen kann ich sie noch nicht sehen, außer hin und wieder in Lichtblitzen. Mit geschlossenen Augen ist da doch mehr. Warum erzähle ich das alles hier, da es eigentlich nach den Meinungen auf der Erde so ziemlich eine Privatsache ist, wie und wen ich liebe, es hängt aber alles zusammen.

So vieles hat sich jetzt innerhalb einer Woche für mich ergeben an Geschehnissen und Erkenntnissen. Ich habe in dieser Woche bevorzugt mit meinem Twin und dann auch mit einem alten Gefährten Energien getauscht. Ich habe einen enormen Anstieg in der Intensität dessen, was ich empfinde erlebt. Mein Herz wurde noch um einiges weiter geöffnet, als es ohnehin schon war. Zwei Nächte zuvor habe ich nach einem wunderbaren Höhepunkt mit meiner Twin Flame das erste Mal, wenn auch mit geschlossenen Augen, die Energien, das Licht, meines Teams um mich herum wahrnehmen können. Nicht als Lichtblitze, sondern als eine Art Kreise, als Schwaden, die sich bewegen. Sie haben praktisch mein ganzes inneres Gesichtsfeld ausgefüllt. So groß und so vielfältig habe ich sie noch nie wahrnehmen können. Es hat mich tief berührt. Die heutige Nacht jedoch hat in mir so vieles ausgelöst. Ich konnte wunderbare und sehr liebevolle Energien mit diesem alten geliebten Gefährten aus früheren Leben tauschen. Die Intensität meiner Gefühle und Empfindungen war einfach enorm und gigantisch. Mein Gefährte ließ mir kaum Ruhe danach. Ich konnte sein Begehren, sein liebevolles Verlangen nach mir ständig fühlen. Heute Morgen gab ich dem wiederum nach. Auch dies wieder mit intensiven Empfindungen. Diese Nacht war unbeschreiblich schön. Danke mein Lieber, du weißt wen ich meine.

Statt nun nachzulassen, wie dies mit diesen Energien normalerweise ist, halten sie sich seitdem auf einem recht hohen Level. Ich stehe buchstäblich unter Strom, in einem Strom aus Liebe. Mein Herz rast und mein ganzer Körper vibriert.

Ich hatte dann heute Gelegenheit mit einem sehr guten Freund über meine Erfahrungen zu sprechen. Er und ich, wir bemühen uns beide seit einer geraumen Zeit einer großen Erkenntnis näherzukommen und waren bereits auf einem guten Wege dahin. Wir diskutierten über das, was mit mir geschehen ist und was mein Twin mir so telepathisch übermittelt hat. Es ist ein Mix aus den Energien meines Twin und früherer Gefährten, das ich nun ständig fühlen kann und das auch nicht mehr nachlassen würde. Liebe. Mein Twin bestätigt, dass mein Herz sich noch weiter geöffnet habe und ich darum all diese Liebe, diese Energie fühlen könne. Dass die Ströme aus Liebe fließen und ich mitten in ihnen, ein wunderschöner Fluss aus Liebe und liebevollem Begehren nach mir und von mir nach ihnen.

Mein Twin sagt mir, dass ich pure Liebe bin und ich fühle und verstehe immer stärker, wie ich Eins bin mit meinem Twin, meinen Gefährten und Allem-das-ist. Dieses Gefühl des Einsseins beinhaltet auch das Fühlen und Fließen dieser herrlichen Energien.

Es muss alles durch das Herz gehen, wir müssen aus dem Herzen heraus leben und handeln. Alles andere ist nur Illusion. Wir können als Menschheit nur weiterhin existieren, wenn wir lernen Liebe zu sein und zu geben, aber auch zu empfangen. Und zwar bedingungslos. Dies wird mir nun immer klarer. Ich dachte bereits ich wäre im Kern meines Seins angekommen, und mir wurde bestätigt, dass ich das sei, aber ich erkenne, dass es trotzdem noch dünne Häute um mein Sein gibt, die ich loslassen kann. Nämlich alles was nicht bedingungslose Liebe ist, bis nichts als purste Liebe übrig bleibt, das was ich bin und was mein Sein ausmacht und was ich mit meiner Twin Flame bin.

Liebe ist der Klebstoff aus dem die Schöpfung besteht, der alles zusammenhält. Jetzt, da ich diese Energien fühle, erkenne ich so sehr, wie die Liebe fließt, dass ich im Fluß des Lebens, der Liebe, stehe. Reine, bedingungslose Liebe ist ALLES. Sie ist die Kraft, die erschafft und Leben erst möglich macht. Liebe ist die Substanz, aus der ALLES in der Schöpfung besteht und die Essenz unseres Seins. Der Göttliche Vater, der Denker und die Göttliche Mutter, die Schöpferin sind diese reinste bedingungslose Liebe und wir sind genau aus dieser reinsten Liebe erschaffen. Wir SIND diese Liebe. Alles in der Schöpfung ist wahrlich EINS mit dieser wunderbaren Kraft, dieser herrlichen Energie. Da gibt es Nichts und Niemand, der oder das mehr wert oder weniger wert wäre. Wie auch? Indem ich in diesem Fluss der Liebe stehe, sehe und vor allem fühle ich wie alles miteinander verwoben und verbunden ist. Es gibt nichts außer der Liebe unseres Schöpferpaares, Spirits. Alles ist die Energie, die Liebe Spirits in unterschiedlichen Frequenzen. Alles was wir materiell sehen können ist Energie, die mit einer sehr viel niedrigeren Frequenz schwingt, so niedrig, dass sie sich materialisiert, was aber nichts über die Qualität der Frequenz aussagt.

Was aber wichtig ist, ist der Zugang zu dieser Liebe. Der Schlüssel. Dieser Schlüssel ist in unserem Herzen. Es wurde uns schon so oft gesagt, dass wir in unser Herz gehen sollen, um dort alles Wissen zu finden. Ja, den Schlüssel finden wir in unserem Herzen, aber wir müssen auch unsere Herzen öffnen, um diese herrliche Liebe hineinzulassen, aber auch nach draußen zu lassen. Wir dürfen die Liebe, selbst wenn wir sie gefunden haben, nicht ein- und aussperren. Dies unterbricht den Kreislauf für uns. Nur wenn wir diese bedingungslose Liebe ausstrahlen und auch entgegennehmen, in uns aufnehmen, sind wir im Fluss des Lebens.

Dies ist die Lektion, für die wir alle auf diese Erde gekommen sind, um sie zu lernen. Alles andere ergibt sich aus der Liebe. Sobald sich dieser Kreislauf für jeden Menschen erschließt, und man dies lebt, wird es keine Armut, keine Not, Unterdrückung, Ungerechtigkeit, Hass oder Sonstiges mehr geben. Bedingungslose Liebe gebiert Liebe, Glück, Freude, Frieden und Freiheit. Wer diese Liebe geben und nehmen kann, wird dem Herzen Urschöpfers einen großen Schritt näherkommen und das ewige Leben kennenlernen. Dies ist meine tiefe Überzeugung und mein Herz sagt mir, das dies die Wahrheit ist.

Ich liebe euch alle bedingungslos und rufe den Segen der Göttlichen Mutter auf euch herab. Eure Maria Isabel

Ich bin die ICH BIN

Ehyeh ascher Ehyeh

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Gaia News Briefs 24.10.2014 by Reiki Doc


I know it’s that ‘time of year’ for spooky things, but I have to mention something about the Ouija board movie that is due to open tomorrow.  It touches upon a lot of things that people are uncomfortable about with the Other Side and death in general.

They also use the line, ‘we have opened up a channel and now watch out!’ (it would be a portal, not a channel–and channels are humans who are able to let the deceased use their vocal cords or write for them, as a service to them. I am a Conscious channel. Edgar Cayce was not–he slept and channeled.)

As a physician, I’ve seen it all, and dead people stay dead. Okay. They can’t come back to life like zombies.

As a medium, although I have heard of negative entities, and ‘ghosts’, most of them are repulsed by my Very High Vibration. My energy is like fingernails scratching a chalkboard to them because I can help them go Home. So the ones who are interested talk to me. They always have a ‘message’ or a ‘lesson’. Here’s the link if you’d like to know more click here for actual mediumship messages from my patients who have died.

When I was giving anesthesia in a colonoscopy, and it came out that both the technician’s mom and I are mediums–the first thing mentioned was ‘I don’t want any BAD ghosts in here!’ and another, nurse Nancy, said, ‘I heard that some ghosts have raped women…is this true?’

There are some very horrible ‘things’ out there. And of the few I’ve ‘met’, always know that we have Free Will, and they don’t. So do as I do, and say, ‘Go AWAY!’ and they leave.

They have to. It’s the rules.

Otherwise enjoy your scary movie and your popcorn.

The Christ Attunement Key

It’s from Lauren, who is an incarnation of Archangel Ariel.

This is one of the Archangel Healing Keys.

It will help to awaken your own Christ Consciousness, another ‘term’ for the energy and consciousness that goes with it of 5D.  Each of us has the Christ Consciousness ‘seed’ or ‘spark’ within our soul. It is up to this symbol, and your working with spirit, and Jesus Christ himself, the first ever incarnate to reach this state, to help develop this quality in you and give you a ‘leg up’ on ‘what life is like in the Higher Realms’.

It may be only used on yourself. You cannot attune another without their consent. If someone is disabled, or in a cast, just guide their hand for them when they ask for your assistance. If there is no one to help, then use your eyes to draw the symbol. Aim it first at the skin, then a second time, a little above.

This is the only place you are going to find this key:

Thoughts On Ebola

things Medical:

  • It’s one of the hemorrhagic fevers–like Hanta Virus, Marburg Virus, Lassa Virus
  • There are three ways to contact Ebola–skin contact with a body fluid, being stuck or touching infected needles and other instruments and equipment, and ‘droplet’ in the air (similar to a cold or flu)
  • A circle of three-feet radius next to the infected person is high risk for catching it.
  • If you are medical personnel and talking with someone at risk, stand six feet away to limit your risk.
  • People entering hospitals–all visitors, patients, and staff–are screened by security guards for 1) fever over 100.3F,  2) HEADACHE, weakness, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain AND 3)recent travel to a high-risk area  checklist for clinicians
  • These people are then taken with a mask immediately to the emergency room isolation area, and not allowed to leave until the CDC arrives to ‘make the decision’ if they have it or not. A team will come in two hours.
  • People at the CDC and World Health Organization have worked with these serious, high-risk diseases and not caught it; they know what to do, and they do it right.
  • There are ‘pods’, special units where these patients will be taken. They are far away.
  • Any hospital with someone with Ebola will only ‘stabilize’ and not do much except basic care until the CDC arrive, take the patient, and clean everything up so there is no risk to staff.
  • The vaccine is not out yet. It is due in January. This lady here, Dr. Erica Ollmann Saphire has it almost sequenced on its DNA, and the vaccine will bypass all regulatory restrictions.
  • A bleach solution of one part bleach to ten parts water left to sit on the surface for ten minutes will kill the Ebola virus.
  • Around five to eight days into the Ebola illness, a patient will have vomiting and diarrhea, with huge amounts of diarrhea.
  • If the diarrhea turns bloody (hemorrhagic) the prognosis is poor, and the patient will die. Fifty percent get this, and that is why survival is fifty percent.
  • Survivors are donating their blood to isolate the antibody to Ebola and possibly clone it.
  • There is a normal ‘curve’ for this type of ‘outbreak’–in Africa it can be traced to a man who ate bush meat from an infected animal, his kids–small children–and he died. And those he contacted died. This curve is expected to PEAK in late November or December for this African outbreak.
  • People who have been exposed must be quarantined for thirty days to make sure they do not come down with it in the three-week window of concern for catching it.
  • Hospitals who care for Ebola patients LOSE a lot of business–and many workers refuse to work when a patient is there.
  • The Dallas hospital didn’t do a good job with the Ebola patient Duncan. He was treated and released with a prescription for antibiotics from the ER, and came back really in bad shape three days later.  Many people cared for him in ICU before any isolation besides ‘contact isolation’ was initiated.
  • Hospital isolation is Contact , Blood Born (universal precautions), and Droplet.
  • In Atlanta, at Emory, where they cared for the patient shipped from Dallas, disposing of waste was a problem. Both environmental services refused to take it, as well as the regular trash service. They had to rent a big trailer truck, and fill it with bags of disposable materials and personal protective equipment used. Then one man took it to the incinerator dump. The city refused to have wastes from the toilets and threatened to cut off all water supply to the facility. There was negotiation back and forth on what to do with the copious diarrhea wastes. They agreed to put it in the toilet, let two inches thick of pure bleach sit on it for TEN minutes, and then flush.
  • Patients and health care workers taking care of Ebola are socially shunned.
  • Health Care Workers use a ‘buddy system’ and have a person with competency in this type of personal protection supervise each donning and taking off of protective gear.
  • At our hospital, we layer disposable gloves, shoe ‘gaiters’, this rubber boots over two layers of plastic gowns and pants, then a surgical gown, a bouffant hat, a bonnet that ties under the chin, a neck cover, and a mask and eye shield. We take them off by standing in a bucket of bleach with the rubber shoes, then all comes off except the disposable scrubs, and we shower. Then we  can dry off and take our break before we come back again to the room.
  • Health care workers should have the option to stay at the hospital for thirty days after their work is done, to avoid risking exposure to their families.
Things practical
  • In Orange County, the high-risk area is Disneyland, because people from all over the world go there.
  • There are high-risk international airports, LAX being the closest, and I think Miami and Atlanta, New York and several others are on the list.
  • People being screened are at risk to tell untruths about their recent travel. This is relying on their sense of honor and respect for humankind and their willingness to risk being ‘singled out’.
  • I would expect a significant proportion of those infected or exposed to be in denial; this is normal human behavior.
  • My babysitter is from Liberia–been here many years. Her family is ordered to ‘stay in the house’ to avoid risk. Plus, many, many of her Facebook friends back home are experiencing tragedy.
  • She also ‘has a feeling’ that this was not normal, how this came to be, because the places where it started have little to no governmental support to ‘stop’ infections early in the outbreak. There was looting at the hospital where people from a poor shanty-town in the middle of Monrovia raided the hospital to steal contaminated items and blankets. It seemed as if someone was deliberately trying to make the outbreak spread. (ed-  I agree–our looters in LA take TV sets, yes?)
  • The ID specialist at our hospital said that Mr. Duncan ‘did everyone a favor’ because now ALL hospitals have their teams and education modules up and prepared ‘just in case’.
Things–well–‘other things’
  • many are under the impression this is ‘A Hoax’–I take this to mean that a significant percentage  think that the media is lying in one way or another, and trying to stir up fear with this outbreak. This may very well be true.
  • When you find mold on your cheese, do you throw the whole thing out, because it’s bad? Or do you cut off the ‘bad part’ and enjoy the rest?  Our survival that is hard-wired in is to THROW OUT anything that seems ‘just a little bit bad’. This is normal human behavior.
  • Social support, and seeking like-minded others is ANOTHER form of survival adaptation for humans.
  • To grasp the situation with Ebola–in either camp–will require discipline to fight the ‘throw it all out’ reflex and ‘look for the facts’ to come up with a plan and accepted perception of the outbreak and risk.
  • If you ask me, there is a lot of motivation to sell news with this outbreak–TV, print, radio, and alternative (remember hits equal dollars for MANY debits that promote advertising).
  • If you ask me, there is a lot of motivation to make people Freak Out and have Fear. First to gain are those who take over our civil rights by offering to ‘fix the problem for us’, for example, the airport security changes after 911.
  • Love Is The Solution For Everything. Repeat this to yourself throughout the day. Often!
  • HIV is reportedly created in a lab with human, animal, and extraterrestrial DNA–according to conspiracy theorists.
  • Even if this is true, HIV and AIDS have killed a lot of people.
  • The world, if you ask me, deserves to know The Truth about Ebola, no matter what.
  • People who support the CDC and WHO ‘story’ might want to research Agenda 21 and NWO (New World Order) websites.
  • People who support Alternative Media and Conspiracy sites might want to poke around on some hospital websites on Ebola, too, just for balanced information.
  • The hallmark of any illuminati-based Psy Ops is to take control of both extremes of the discussion. For example, there is a lot of paid Disinfo-spewing trolls blogging out there with ‘channeled’ information. So no matter what, discernment is key.
Remember, the best OFFENSE is a good DEFENSE–so keep your thoughts, your vibration and your energy Strong and Healthy. A healthy aura is like an eggshell, and virus can’t penetrate and cause infection. Your immunity will be in top form, too.
Carla has spent an awful lot of time with me today. I will give her a break. Enjoy the Christ Attunement Key.
With all my love…I had Archangel Lauren send it. Thank you Lauren for your fine service to the Light, and everyone here thanks you for your love and devotion to the Light Work that you have been asked to do, your mission. I know it hasn’t been easy an incarnation for you. We thank you, both of us, from the bottom of our combined heart <3 (How is that for a little Twin Love, Carla, hmmmm?)  (ed–I really LIKE it!)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
Your Reiki Doc friends and family
(but don’t try getting our minutes on our cellular phone service–we have unlimited! : )))   I am just kidding! I want you to know I understand what’s going on with daily life on surface Gaia just like you <3)

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa 24 October 2014

SaLuSa (1)

Dear Ones, we hear the cries of those who are those who feel that they have been abandoned, and try hard to find a purpose in life. In the midst of the turmoil that is going on they are confused and unable to see a future for themselves. If only they could grasp the enormity of what is taking place they might see that major changes are underway. The New Age commenced earlier this year when the old energies started to withdraw to be replaced by the new ones coming in, meaning that for the time being they have both influenced your thinking. However, the new energies will replace the old and bring about advances and changes, that will clearly indicate the path Mankind is taking. It is realised that you are confused by events taking place, but if you stand back and take a good look at them you will see that things are changing for the better. Yes, conflicts are still taking place and peace on Earth seems miles away, yet already the futility of war is being realised. Beings with an understanding of how to bring about peaceful solutions are rising up, and their voices will be heard and taken notice of.

Try to see beyond the present unrest on Earth and know that your future is assured. Many groups from the higher levels are supporting you and using their influence to bring about peace. They cannot enforce their help upon you but are ready to do so when you respond in the right manner. When you first entered the last Age you were given the freewill choice to grow in accordance with your choice of progress. You were however always given guidance when you turned to Higher Beings for help. But often ignored it to go your own way, and consequently you set yourselves upon a path of your own choosing. In accordance with the freewill given you proceeded to grow but instead of working towards becoming one with each other, preferred to go it alone. All along you have been given guidance but in the final reckoning it is you who have decided the direction that you followed. So as you look back at Man’s history you are looking at the outcome of your choices.

Today, you face a much more acceptable situation, as the influences that have kept you in a virtual state of war no longer have the power to keep you in that state. All around you there is a movement growing for peace and change that will become so powerful,  that nothing will be able to stop its progress. The New Age has begun and the more of you that focus on it the quicker it will come into being. Many advances in technology await that moment, and when it comes you will leap ahead at a rapid pace. You will then find peace at last and there will be a great coming together of the people. All needs will gradually be satisfied and with our help at a pace that will surprise you. So we ask you to not allow your faith to ebb away, and know that the future has been seen and you will be lifted up out of your present demise. The end has been decreed and no one can change it, and unlike previous Ages, this one will have a “happy ending”. The majority of you will see that changes in your life time, and already some of them are taking place now.

We are as always looking after you and Mother Earth, as she also is greatly involved in the changes that shall eventually see a new Earth emerge. These are of course changes that will not happen overnight, but it is as well that you know what the future holds and be prepared. Earth has been the place where you have made the most progress in a relatively short space of time. In mentioning it I remind you that you have lived many lives in all manner of different circumstances, and you are helped by your Guides to choose those that have the most benefit for you. You now find yourselves reaping the benefit of such experience, and many of you have progressed to the point of no longer needing to incarnate again in the lower vibrations. No one chooses who is ready to leave them, and it is by automatic selection based upon the level you have attained. Rejoice and be of good cheer as your long journey is almost over, and keep firmly within the Light.

The whole Universe waits for the Human Race to move on, and it is a far greater moment in your evolution than you can probably appreciate. There will be much joy following your Ascension, and old friends and associates from many incarnations will join in the celebrations. We of the Galactic Federation who have closely followed your adventures will at last be able to show ourselves and meet you on Earth. We have much to do together in the near future, and we shall help speed up your arrival into the higher dimensions and assist you to settle in. These are exciting times regardless of what is taking place on Earth, as the New Age is emerging quicker than ever before.

What is being shown to you in these closing stages of the old Age is the extremes of those who still cannot release beliefs that are holding them back. Yet the simple answer is to recognise and acknowledge that all souls are One. In such circumstances what you do to another you also do to yourself, because you cannot be disassociated from anything that happens. The “Oneness” is complete and as a collective you determine the path that Humanity takes. The only exception is when powers greater than those on Earth decide to step in and decide your future. This has often occurred at the end of a cycle when it is brought to a close. However, it does not interfere with your freewill, which you exercise at all times. Naturally there are always influences that will attract you one way or the other, allowing you to make your freewill choice. As an individual you make your own choice as to the path you take, yet there are certain stipulations that apply depending upon your ultimate goal.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and as time passes I note that more souls are beginning to expand their consciousness and the Light is ever expanding. There is a distinct division taking place as those who have chosen the path of Light lift up out of the darkness. It is inevitable that they will move ahead and eventually take their place in the higher vibrations.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey

Gaia connections now require all to access Inner depths of BEing

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf GaiaPortal:

gaia_energy1Sweeps of Light engage all surface dwellers.

Gaia connections now require all to access Inner depths of BEing.

Surface activities decrease as all awaken to the Higher Inner as Gaia collective awakens to the Higher collective Inner.

Transformatives engage hu-manity with full magnitude of awakening Light.

Brilliance embraced.

This time moment is marked.

Original ansehen

The ‘Grounding’ Reiki Symbol from Gaia by Reiki Doc October 23, 2014

Yesterday I sent Reiki while I sat picking string beans for a charitable cause.  I sent Divine Peace Healing too, to all of my readers and their family and place of work.

I will let you in on a small secret:  while doing this I made a wish.

I made a wish for all people to be able to get close to the Earth, and to connect with Her, Lady Gaia, just like this…

I got my wish.

A reader contacted me and said, while ‘doing some very high energy work’ around the same time, Lady Gaia came to her, and asked her to share this symbol with me, so it could be shared with YOU.  It has a ‘familiar energy’ to it, the reader Courtney says. She also advises that it works well with the Flower Of Light Reiki symbol–see below.

Here is the Grounding Symbol, with a little extra for you from my garden, at the end <3
Aloha and Mahalos,
Reiki Doc

Gaia News Brief 23.10.2014 by Reiki Doc


I just read a six paragraph newsletter from Thaddeus at Farm Fresh To You that was in my box of produce. It’s like Christmas to me to get a box every two weeks! I grew up with a grandfather who was an orchard farmer. In his back yard, I always was given a tour on his ‘freeways’ of metal walkways he’d scavenged from work, calling them the ‘405’, the’605′, and the ’91’…because of their layout in the garden.

I knew every plant’s name in both English and Italian. I delighted in touring with my grandfather, because there was always something good to eat waiting, something wonderful to smell, and together we celebrated the success or mourned the disappointment due to pests or disease, in his garden.

Thaddeus’ mother was the first to help–perhaps it was both his parents?–to go to UC Davis, buy some land, and research, begin, and figure out the wonder of Organic gardening back ‘in the day’.

Unfortunately, after many years of expanding the business, and healing from her husband leaving her with three small boys, his courageous mother succumbed to breast cancer.  The boys, in memory of her, kept the dream going.

Thaddeus and his brothers, and all their wives and children, in a way, are part of our family, in my home. By ordering a box every two weeks, I support them in a way that is predictable. In farming, there is much uncertainty. So in a way, I help them to work around that.

I love the boxes!  I am very into ‘seasonal cooking’, so I take the box as it comes, a mystery.  My friend Jean, she enjoys the ‘order what you want’ feature, which includes now other non-produce options, which I think includes milk and other grocery items, for her family.

When you sign up, every time you share with a friend, who signs up, both of you get some sort of discount. I used to publish the generic ‘code’ on my Facebook, to give people $25 off their first box. It’s a little different now. So you log into the website, and get the discount to share, on there, somehow.

String Beans

Yesterday I went to do some charity work at the Incredible Edible garden. It is associated with the Second Harvest Food Bank. We picked green beans–string beans–from little bushes that were very low to the ground.

The soil was soft and very sandy, and hard to get good footing. The kids ran all over, and at the beginning, were competing with each other to see which ‘team’ could fill up the most ‘boxes’ which were really like plastic dairy crates. Later, they cooperated, and pulled their efforts into ‘one’.

I just bent over or sat, talking to the plants, and really searched for the beans that were ripe.

The farm worker, who was Latino, kept telling the kids, ‘turn the plants over–they are FULL!’.

The kids didn’t’ listen.

He walked and turned the plants over so people could see.

People just talked and ran around–the parents picking more than the kids.

We weren’t sure if there were pesticides on the plants? I was concerned about possible exposure to chemicals?

I talked to myself more than anything. In my mind. I thought about the brutal–twenty four hour–shift, with the teenage mom who had kept me up all night. And the frustration. Not only my intuition, but every single nurse on both days and nights KNEW she would end up with a c-section–but no one would call it. ( the mother was exceptionally small stature and the father of the baby normal size). It wasn’t until a serious deceleration that the c-section got called. Another mom had been there all day, not making any progress with labor, but her section didn’t get called until her surgeon said it was okay to go–in the evening.

My work is a part of life, too. I fit well with it. I enjoy it. I do anesthesia for all kinds of patients, but the times I work on OB it’s really special to be a part of the joy and new life.

(Ross wants you to know he is ALWAYS present at a c-section. He gives a special blessing along with me to the child, and we enjoy a brief moment together, as a couple, to witness this amazing miracle of new life coming into the world. He always ways ‘this is one of OURS, Carla’ and I feel his warmth and strength, and I trust in him. You see, I have healed a lot from our past incarnation, where childbirth of our son went very awry. I was told the boy died, but never saw him, and the baby was whisked away to a wet nurse and far away before the first cry. It was political. I blamed Ross for just about every incarnation since, until recently. Ross has learned that the work of the woman is just as important as the work of the man with his ‘seed’. The cooking, the cleaning, the nurturing, the PRESENCE of the mother, particularly if she is happy with her life–makes all the difference in the world for how life on Gaia is experienced! As my son’s counselor says to me–I have to meet for his healing too–‘a mother who cares about your needs and puts them first’ is the best gift he could ever get in his life…

And I did that by going to the farm…

I was bone-tired. I went in my scrubs, even though I had clothes to change into–home. I raced home after a late c-section that nobody relieved me to finish after seven (it started at six, I go home at seven). The sitter, my close friend and single mom, took her son to school because it was their late start day. His high school is very far. And she waited for word from me. My boy had said, ‘Just take me to school early’ but my sitter didn’t want to go against what I had said,–‘I would take him.’. Traffic was thick and slow, and didn’t ease up, too.

We got in a bind, and she left, and asked her fiancé to help by taking him to school. Well, he is an old bachelor, never a parent, and recently with eye troubles so very seriously depressed. He rolled over and went back to sleep!

(I actually did an intervention with him on a soul level last week after a disappointing outcome from the last surgery, and said, her brother suicided and her mom died–she can’t take it if you suicide too. I also showed him how in 5D–perfect vision–no glasses, no retinal problems–and in 3D, it’s like it is. I showed him twice, on a soul level 5D you see, 3D you have disease. His energy shifted after to be more open and hopeful, with the goal of reaching 5D as soon as possible, overall.)

So I had the child stand on the curb, and I arrived just at the last minute. I spoke with the school and coordinated lunch (which was not packed) and the rides.  Our friends waited late for us. We just barely made it. But after all that, the child was an emotional wreck. He didn’t want to go to the fields…

Mom, I want you to go. Will you go?‘  I did. I wanted bed more than anything else in the world. But I got sunshine and fresh air. I picked string beans. Both my boy and I got a rash from the plants all over our arms. We have allergy that runs in the family, and clearly, are related!

When I finally drove home from the school, I prayed to Ross–please help me get home safe, I am so sleepy!

And I thought of how much my son hates string beans, and refuses to eat them. I thought of all those who are without food, who we were told we had helped by picking their harvest…and I wondered how many will actually eat all the food I blessed in the fields, and gave extra blessing to, as I picked it?

Mystery Unraveled

There are two basketball leagues in town. I signed up on one on the computer, thinking there was only one. My ex, thinking there was only one, got emails from the other league from what I signed up for. So at tryouts, I was concerned why we weren’t on the list? I had paid!

‘The computer system doesn’t work’ the coach said.

I went home and looked everywhere for the receipt. I couldn’t find it. So I signed up that day and paid again.

Well the coach of the more ‘competitive’ league called Mana Patrice–and asked why my boy isn’t at tryouts?

She said, ‘you should straighten this out!’.

He’s the head coach. It’s exclusive. It’s got ‘better coaching than dads who help, real coaches, from local high school and college teams’. It’s much better for those who want to play. I was blindsided. My ex is already coaching the team, the ‘less competitive’ one.

Our kid got ten points out of sixteen at the last game, where they lost, the second loss. He’s the tallest of all the kids in his age bracket, in the whole league! I am mom to ‘Shaq’–I smile to myself.

What to do? The new coach buys jerseys and wants the boys to wear them to practice at the first league I signed up for. He is all about self-confidence, respect, appearance and he ‘likes to win’. He is undefeated last year. (note that–his team = him = undefeated). He said first practice was the next day, and we could play two leagues but if there was a conflict with the game times, his team would obviously have to come first…

My schedule is so nice this year. We have help lined up, and counseling. The counseling wouldn’t be able to happen if we switched, because the only day open, Monday, the counselor doesn’t work.

I thought about everything. I asked the boy what he wants? He wants to keep things the same as they are. I used the pendulum that said, ‘Go for it!’…

But it didn’t ‘feel right’…

I slept on it.

And when I texted his dad, Tuesday night, I explained the situation. And I said, ‘I think to let him switch and leave this current team in the dust is not cool. He is going to stay with this one. Are you okay with that?’  He was.

His team is counting on him. And his dad is coaching it. There is no big hang-up over wins and losses. The skills are skills, it’s his first experience with basketball on a league, and it’s going well.

Long story short, when a coach says, ‘Winning is important to me’ the vibe is very 3D.

I don’t want our family to be a part of it.


Many of you are wondering why Carla got so ahead and took a leave from writing these.

It was the eclipse, the solar flares. Part of why I got her out in the sun yesterday ‘picking the string beans’ is for her to get exposed to the effects of them. Carla loves solar flares–she eats them up–I measure them on my monitor.

I also see a lot of you are wondering ‘what’s up’ with the passing of Masaru Emoto and Dolores Cannon? Simply put, their services to anchor and pioneer and ‘light the way’ are not needed any more. Their time on Earth is done. They have completed their service in the assignments that were handed out to them. They had their exit points. After a brief time of ‘readjustment’, which could take hundreds of years in Earth Time but are ‘just a second’ for us, for we are outside time as you know it, altogether–time is very 3D–a ‘convenience’ although I know many of you would argue that point…after a brief ‘rest’ Masaru and Dolores will be on to their next life experience as a soul for their personal growth and development. Will they come back like a buddhist leader? No. They are done with this experience, having done well, will advance to the next level of progression.

So where are you going to find the new round of ‘leaders’ for taking humanity ‘to the next level’? Aren’t those big ‘boots’ to fill? The ones that were left behind by Masaru and Dolores, and also Sylvia Browne?

Well yes but the replacements have been picked for them. Since they are ‘big boots’ there are not ‘one’ in fact, but MANY who will take on a little part of the work, and run with it, and as a collective we shall ‘have those boots filled’.

Who ARE these people? (smiles and laughs gently, opens his arms to gesture) Why they are ALL OF YOU!

All you have to do is look at the mirror to see who is best prepared to carry on the task. Not with the water crystals and the quantum healing techniques.

Each of you has your own special gift to bring up to Gaia, to offer Her, in love and support for Her mission.

All it will require is for you to meditate, feel the ‘nudges’ of Spirit, and to follow it on its natural path!

Are you ready?

I want to tell you about Carla. She is a force to be reckoned with. About two weeks back, I gave her a ring, in spirit, a very important ring she earned through her progress and development. I was shaking, trembling as I gave it to her. It was mine. I wore it for all of my incarnation, and ever since I died.

This ring has the seal of Solomon in it. And it WORKS. Carla has figured out what it can do, and has been using it to ‘clear out’ a lot of things in the path, just like a gardener would use a leaf-blower!
(It has been superimposed on a piece of jewelry she wears on her finger, one that is gold, as gold by its unique properties is present in every dimension at once.)

Well Carla, who is SICK of waiting for help to arrive, yesterday took matters into her own hands! While fighting traffic, and coordinating on the phone between the school and the sitter–she did something that still has all of us amazed up here:  she took the ring, used it to clear Gaia and Her sector in all dimensions and timelines of ‘things slowing Gaia down’–and then rendered every Life Contract NULL and VOID for all beings that are on Gaia at this time.

Further she made it so that the life would continue ON in the current pattern, while TAKING A STIPULATED DECISION ON THE KARMA for each individual on a soul level with their team as to how to advance moving forward as a collective for all  humanity, plants, animals, elementals, and ‘other’ beings.

Stipulated means both parties get a say. The one who owes the Karma and the one who is getting is ‘paid back’. So in debts of Karma, there is going to be a lot of forgiveness going on to keep the whole thing moving forward.

Carla has free will. And Carla, with her spiritual ‘rank’ used this privilege of her ‘rank’ and unique incarnation on Gaia’s surface, to ‘clean up that which is holding everything back’ for the New Age.  Carla took one look at the wars, and the explanation that these horrible things continue for the sake of ‘karmic debt’–and changed it.

As angels we are overwhelmed with this request, and confronted her. Carla countered back with ‘you can split yourselves into multiple, multiple aspects. DO IT!

So no matter what–after giving her all, having her aura weaken to the point of just curling up in a ball with the timer on her phone for three hours sleep–Carla is on watch and looking out for you.

Like the good doctor she is, she puts all of your well-being first…your karma is being reworked with the others on a soul level with our angel advocates for the Highest Good. We are not sure how long all of this will take, in Earth time–but you shall notice yourself feeling ‘lighter’ in the next few weeks.

Not just from the solar flares, mind you.

With all my love and support to you from where I sit in Command in my duties–I am a Commander and Admiral in Chief of the star fleet vessel the New Jerusalem. I look forward to having Carla by my side in a short time.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and the beautiful Carla,
Your Reiki Doc Twins who look forward to sharing our New Golden Age with your hearts…

Sheldan Nidle Update~10-21-14~

The time comes for many changes to appear. You are to experience events which were thought impossible by most. Governance is to change. Prosperity is to be common. Disclosure is to occur. You are to be transformed into fully conscious beings of Light!.

from PAO ~ Planetary Activation Organization


7 Muluc, 7 Tzec, 11 Ik

Selamat Balik! We come with very good news! The legal aspects of our Earth allies’ programs to defeat the dark cabal are gaining successful inroads. Both the common law courts and the statute courts agree that the present de facto US government is deeply in debt and cannot proclaim a bankruptcy to save its remaining assets. Instead, the US “corporation” and its prime ally, the Federal Reserve Bank, need to deny any assets to their largest creditors and go into a special receivership. This action is shortly to put an end to both entities, which have long masqueraded as legitimate federal institutions. The end to this set of shenanigans is finally to allow our allies to take over the general control of both institutions. As a result of these developments, we expect a number of prosperity programs to fund, and the RV and global currency reset to occur. At the right time, NESARA can be declared, along with a total moratorium on government in the US. We have agreed with our allies as to who is to lead the interim US government and the policies they need to enforce.

It is essential to all concerned that the various travesties, which now engulf Africa, be brought to a safe conclusion. It is equally necessary that those in charge of these calamities be arrested. Once these scalawags are properly isolated, then a new political and economic system can be successfully executed. We have had long talks with our various allies on not only the problems happening in Africa, but also those occurring throughout the newly developing nations. The humanitarian projects are designed to alleviate the present difficulties and allow the best-qualified leaders to pursue projects that can begin to solve and creatively permit success in all fields. Water, sanitation, employment issues, and a whole host of interrelated problems, need to be alleviated. Technologies exist to aid these nations in building a complex and modern infrastructure. Prosperity is more than money. Rather, it represents the ability to finish what colonialism barely began.


Your global societies need to be restructured. Each nation requires enough infrastructure for its population to enjoy a sustainable existence. Not only is humanity suffering, the flora and fauna of Gaia is quickly collapsing and its diversity failing. This cannot be tolerated. Long ago, we went beyond this and saw how vital it is to construct environments that encourage both diversity and the sustenance to continue on effortlessly. Your task is to be a solar system’s guardians. We live as unobtrusively as possible in a sustainable and technological utopia. Here, we monitor and assist the ecology to remain viable and sustainable. We perform spiritual ceremony and rituals, make the necessary alterations and ensure that no species perishes. We consult with the elementals assigned to each species. We are dedicated to see our home worlds remain lush, beautiful and sustainable for all Beings involved in every eco-system, which a home world provides.

Our mission here is thus divided into three parts; the first is nearly complete. That is to provide a realm that has expelled its darkness and is ready to prepare for full consciousness. The second part is to watch over new governance and growing prosperity. At the right moment, we are to land and introduce you to your many mentors. Then, you are to look deep within yourselves and prepare for what the Crystal Light Chamber is to give you, full consciousness. The last stage is the actual transporting of you to your assigned spot in a great number of Crystal Cities. Once there, you are to go with your mentor, and when appropriate, to enter your chamber and initiate a transformational three-day journey. When you emerge, you are to undergo a seven to ten day training, to jumpstart your return to full consciousness. Then you are, in essence, a fully conscious Being. You need to collectively apply your talents and forge both a new galactic society and a new star nation.


Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive today with some very blessed news! The dark cabal, which has long been in charge, is finally on the way out. Those associates, who represent the many sacred societies and the ancient families, have reached a point where the dark can no longer sustain its opposition to the Light. These blessed individuals are presently using a number of key legal decisions and proper financial pressures to force the dark to open those financial conduits that they had long blocked. These blessed developments mean that a number of our humanitarian trust monies can now be distributed globally. We intend to instruct our various associates to move forward with those fundings needed to start a number of key prosperity projects. These projects are only the start of what is to follow. We fully intend to use these funds to jumpstart a new financial system for this planet.

This new financial system is now forming. Our associates have assisted a number of nations in creating the financial means to forge new economies, and a system that discourages the fraud and other immoralities all too common across this most sacred orb. This new system aligns with the prosperity which blessed Count Saint Germain is now ready to spread worldwide. This abundance is to end the poverty, starvation, pestilence and wars that characterize the millennia run so wantonly by the dark. You are now to enter a time of rising consciousness and growing awareness of the need to care for this living planet that you so graciously live upon. You need to fully return to your guardianship of Gaia and a daily blessing to Heaven for your life in physicality. You are, my children, to return in grace to full consciousness! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!


Let us look at your future and bless the magnificence of the holy Creator. You are ready now to begin the final steps of a journey that we first began millennia ago. You are awakening and realizing the great abilities that each of you possess. Every day, divine blessings bombards you, enabling you to grow your new and less dense body. Your Spirit is enlivened by what Heaven and her grand servants accomplish. You are building the fundamentals needed for new chakras, and for new, higher energies to flow through you. Take a moment each day and simply thank the universe for your blessings. Heaven loves to be blessed back. It is an energy which the angels can constantly increase. Know this and call upon us to take your blessings and return them with divine thanks. Remember all is Love and all Love is saturated in divine Light!

Today, we carried on with our message! The time comes for many changes to appear. You are to experience events which were thought impossible by most. Governance is to change. Prosperity is to be common. Disclosure is to occur. You are to be transformed into fully conscious beings of Light! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)